First of all in terms of packaging inside the box, along with the quadcopter youre, getting the user manual of the ajrc zeus, 10. All in one flight controller, a sheet of hdrc stickers and another one which will enable you to mould your quadcopter two 15 centimeters long battery velcro straps, a total of three sets of imax avant two inch: propellers a hex screw and a knot for securing an action. Camera on the top of the quadcopter spare empty screws and foam bumpers in different colors, along with stickers, for attaching them to the sides of the quadcopter in terms of features and specs. The kt 20 is available in both analog and digital versions. Ive got the analog version, which is bundled with the codex and nano sized fab camera and the ajlor c zeus. Nano vtx and the digital version is bundled with either the randcam phoenix hd nano or the codex polar nano, hd camera and the vista digital transmission system. Both digital and analog versions are available with multiple ready receiver options feature the agrc ios 1303.5 kv motors, which can handle up to forest batteries when pushing these two inch, propellers the agrc zus10, all in one f4 flight controller, which features an integrated 10 amperes blles 4. In 1, esc on the back of the frame, you can find a user controlled, led strip. The battery is mounted on the top plate and it is using an xt30 battery connector with a pre, solid capacitor.

As for the frame, its wheelbase is 90 millimeters and it features a truex pattern. The thickness of the top unibody carbon plate is 2 millimeters, and the thickness of the bottom plate is 1.5 millimeters. Without a battery, the quadcopter weighs 85.7 grams, including a gmb 600 million. Pr 4s lsv battery it weighs 141 grams and including a bigger 900 million pr forex lf battery. By flywheel. The total weight is about 176 grams, including an insta360 go to camera and its appropriate mount. The total weight is 115.6 grams and including the go to camera and either one of the batteries that i just showed you. The total weight will be way under 250 grams. Now, after this quick introduction, the next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the kt20 and overall after testing it out. I can tell you that, in my opinion, its going to be a good option in case youre. Looking for a small platform that is going to enable you to carry a lightweight action, camera such as the go 2 as it seemed to handle its weight without any problems, and also in case youre beginner, as the frame provides a substantial amount of protection for the Motors on that note, i highly recommend to use the included foam bumpers as they are not only going to make your build more colorful and unique, but also protect the frame and make sure that it is not going to break easily in case of a crash.

In addition, as for flight time, with an onboard insta360 go to camera, you can expect between two to three minutes using a 600 million pr forest lr battery and up to six minutes using a 900 million power forest electric battery in case youre. Looking for performance, i recommend to use the lighter battery, and in case you just want to cruise around, i recommend to use the bigger one. As for camera performance, i think that for its size, the codex ant is a pretty good camera and it performed quite well, especially under low light conditions. However, for daytime flight, it is not an amazing camera, especially if compared with the codex retail, 2 and thats a limitation of this frame, as it can only accommodate nano sized fpv cameras. So, overall, in case you are looking for something unique or, as i mentioned before, something which is going to be suitable for beginner or for capturing hd footage both indoors and outdoors. The kt 20 is something that you might want to consider and by the way. One issue that i had with this quadcopter is that out of the box, the led strip, didnt work and thats, because it was simply put on reverse so in case it doesnt work for you simply remove. The zip ties reverse the direction of the led strip and hopefully its going to be okay anyway, now im going to wrap up this video with some flight footage and, in its beginning, youll be able to hear how this quadcopter sounds out in the open.

In my opinion, its not very loud, but on the other hand it is not very quiet. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this video and, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.