We might have a good answer. It is the gnarbox 2.0 drone edition weve been testing. It out were going to tell you more dont, go anywhere Music, hey guys david here from aerial influence. Coming to you from our little makeshift aerial influence studio, i have a little halo around me, kind of which makes a lot of sense. Today we wanted to talk to you a little bit about this little device. Is the gnarbox 2.0 now its not just any gnarbox 2.0? This is the gnarbox 2.0 drone edition its the drone edition. Everyone uh gnarbox did send us this unit to test it out. So one youre, probably asking yourself what is a narmox, so a gnarbox originally was supposed to be just for like backup, so you can take your little sd card ill use, one right here. If you can see there its got some ports in there. So you take your little sd card when you are out in the field and youre shooting and what you can do is automatically back it up directly to the snare box. So you see there theres the sd card slot. You pop it in here close that up. It is one button you hit right here, say backup now so now its working to back up what was on that sd card, pretty great right, pretty interesting! Uh just gives you a backup for all of your files, so, along with that sd card slot, you are also getting a little micro, hdmi port right there.

So if you wanted to after you put everything on here, if you wanted to hook it up to a television screen, you could do that. Look at all your files, um. You also have a usbc here on this end and you also have a usbc on the other end, the gnarbox pairs up with an android or ios app. Where you can go in and you can change file names. You can make folders to keep everything organized. It really is a handy little app where you can actually even watch the videos and look at the photos just to make sure that everything did actually transfer so lots of different ways. You can connect from this gnarbox. You can hook it up to your computer. If you wanted to drag those files over its a one, terabyte ssd, so its going to be relatively fast and if youve got a good computer, you could probably edit directly from these files itll. Actually, when youre doing backup, you can actually do proxy files as well. You can take everything and it will convert them into proxy files, so pretty great, so youre, probably asking yourself. How is this exactly going to help me minimize my workflow as a drone pilot? Well, here are some of the cool things about the gnarbox. So if youre, somebody that does a lot of mapping like accident reconstruction, like a lot of our customers, do especially for police departments, you know youre taking a ton of pictures.

So, at the end of the night, after youve done your mapping youve taken all of your pictures, you can eliminate the laptop altogether and just take this little box. This little thing can do the same thing. Why? Because it is now able to connect to the cloud. The pix4d cloud specifically so you can take something like this netgear hotspot, which you can see right here. You can connect it to the gnarbox wi fi and then you can upload those pictures while youre out in the field. Now it might take a while over 4g or 5g, but if youre out in the field say youre driving a long way back, you can get the process started before you even get back to the police station or your office. You can connect it directly to your wi fi, which is probably going to be faster than a hotspot and upload the rest of the pictures you get back to your desk. You open up pix4dcloud and all of the pictures are going to be there for you ready to construct your map and its not only for pix4d. You can also go to dropbox, so you can take your files and upload them directly to dropbox the exact same way. So the amount of tech that is in this little device is really really impressive, especially now because it can connect to the cloud pix4d dropbox theyre, going to be other services as well coming up in future updates and by the way, this drone edition uh of the Gnarbox 2.

0 is going to be available later this year, possibly early next year. Uh well update you when that comes, and were going to do some more videos. On this i mean this thing. Look at this its rugged totally rugged rubberized not going to break so thats a great thing: its got a removable battery, which means you can get several of them. If you want to see right, there, yeah battery removes pop it back on youre, ready to rock uh. So this thing is really really cool: uh, not gon na be for consumers. So if youve got a mavic mini and youre looking for something youre not gon na want this, because this is more expensive than your mavic mini, but for professionals you could be a videographer. You could be someone doing mapping you whatever youre doing, search and rescue uh. You could use this gnarbox to back everything up and now you can upload it to the cloud. So we love this technology, the little gnarbox 2.0 drone edition again. This is for professionals uh. This thing is around 900 for the one terabyte version, so its expensive, but youre getting a ton of technology packed into this little box, thanks again to narbox for sending this to us and letting us test it out and use it uh. They did provide this for us theyre, not seeing this video before its published uh. This is just our opinion of using it. We think its a cool little device.

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