Uh games workshop was kind of sent along a free review copy of codex tau empire the i still think of them as the newest race in 40k. I remember, i remember a younger. You know, slimmer, happier less broken down by life. Ash um taking pre orders for the first tau codex back in i think 2001 at that woody. When i was a part time employee at a games workshop store in scarborough here in in ontario and um yeah, they were weird for the time they are the the technologically advanced colonialists, uh sort of showing off the hubris of a young upstart race who thinks they Know better than everyone else, but now geez that would have been third edition, so were talking about fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth edition six editions later and probably four codexes they are, they are something else: theyve got a storied history, they have heroes and villains, they Have a gajillion different, miniatures um and have had rescales multiple times so that even the venerable crisis, battle suit and uh actual basic fire warrior now have relatively modern kits. I i got ta say uh up until the next few months, theyre doing better than the eldar whove been around since the beginning for newer model kits sorry, just a slide one last eldar dont have new models joke in there before they all get new models, because Theyre previewing all that cool stuff right now so now lets jump in um.

This is a hefty codex, its actually quite a its almost space marine thick thats, a thats, a good size, chunky codex with a variety of stuff in it, nice big, sexy, color, section uh talking about just how you know their their their um, their technology baffles the Humans, because the humans are like wait, you have to light any candles or hit it or sing to it. First, like i dont understand how this thing turns on um and and theyre theyre basic sort of like expansionist. So we have the first and second sphere expansions when they leave their homeworld uh, go into the damned police gulf and then have a terrible breakdown in society. Because oshova leaves starts his own colony breaks, with the breaks with the uh, the the sort of like the rest of the empire and forms the far side enclaves the only sept to break with um the the rest of sort of like the homeworld and stuff. Like that and of course on va and the uh, the folks who the folks who rule the ethereal cast uh, also some cool background stuff, i didnt realize it was his sword, keeping him alive now and thats. Why hes been able to uh live for thousands or hundreds years, uh, some beautiful color sections on painting the suits? I do like that. The studio has started to walk back kind of the super clean, almost um. I remember when these came out. It was almost the same time as uh the prequels for star wars.

They just started coming out and the droid army was in – and i remember looking at these and being like. Oh its, like the droid army from star wars, theyve kind of the white and red suit has gained a lot of popularity recently and theyve done. A lot of dirtying it up, so you can see here, theyve actually done a lot of its theyve started to apply actual like gunplup painting techniques and um, some sort of like uh. You know mecha figure, paying techniques to their paint jobs in the studio recently, including everything from like dirt lining theyre using you know just more traditional military, modeling painting stuff on these suits and um the just like the chip and damage and stuff on the edges, something You wouldnt have seen in the studio before they would have kept it super clean, but i love that theyre grinding up the suits makes them look more realistic. This is kind of more the old style here where everythings like lined and clean the far side stuff. Here too, but the new white suits theyve gone a long way to making them look, dingy and grimy and actually used and uh. I dont know i dont know who you are studio painter in the in the slave in the salt mines. Basically, painting all these tau, but you did a great job and i love the look of the um, the white and red studio collection for the towel.

Here i dont know if thats an actual sept. It probably thats, probably that stuff right there ash that youre. Looking at that, you didnt actually think about the name of um. If youre lost sorry, i guess his name on sept. That looks like the the name right there, anyway, cool color scheme and great paint jobs. So were the rules color sections over usual kodak stuff battle? Forge rules, army rules match play rules oh, but check out my review of the grand tournament pack. You only get to pick one of these now, no more just picking all three, if theyre good and they go together, crusade, rules, data sheets, work, your points and rules, reference all right, so detachment abilities lets jump in here. The tower empire detachment is one that includes only tell empire keywords: a farsight enclaves attachment because theyre not the same army anymore as one that includes models from the far second class keyword, excluding models to the togxillary online keywords. The talonfires attachment gains, the cadre command ability. Far sonic enclaves gain the independent power ability tower empire units, excluding the auxiliary units in time for attachments gain. The sub tenants and troops in the town board, attachments gained the injected security ability, but, interestingly enough troops in tao empire, but not far side enclaves. So independent power is not the same as town empire, so only troops in taiwan part gain opsec interesting. I wonder if thats a oversight cadre command.

You can include a maximum of one commander model in each attachment. Your army, excluding farsight unclaimed attachments. You can include a maximum of two commander models in each foresight: enclave, attachment army, independent power, no ethereals in your far side enclaves and then sub tenants. If every unit from the army, excluding the auxiliaries commanders stream, commanders and underline units is from the same sept. All talent, programs in uh, with this ability and all models with them, gain a sub tenant. Its a selectable keyword, though so it all has to be the same in the 2021 chapter approved, match play stuff if youre playing open play or whatever go crazy mix and match, but if youre playing as uh match play stuff, if you care about all tournament stuff, You get to pick one uh. Supps are a selectable keyword, uh trade strategy and signature systems based on that sept. So the steps are almost identically laid out to all of the new faction stuff. So you get one of each. You get a tenant which is like your traits, come on the custodies book, a world trade, a signature system which is just a relic and then focus uh, a um, specific strategy that you can do as well, so tau the home world again, this ones gon na Be really popular. I think this is the yellow and black, the og color scheme. If you are lost the other one, each time you get with this ten selected to shoot or fight, you can reroll one hit roll or wound rule when resolving their attacks.

So you get basically every unit gets one command, cp per turn. Sorry, not per turn every single time, theyre picked to shoot or fight, pretty damn good, add three to the range of abilities or abilities for miles is 10 to a maximum of 12.. So all of your auras go up by three inches and each town model with this tenant and tones the invocation. So your pre stabilities for your ethereals basically or uses an ability in your command phase that specifies a range add three inches to it. So you can shout with your ethereals further and your auras or command abilities versus command phase stuff goes up by three inches uh world trade, strength, condition. Five plus wound shrug okay ill, have my five moon drug robots and then your signature system is a vector maneuvering. Thrusters plus two, your move characteristic and once per battle round uh, when youre selected as the target of a charge, if its not an engagement range, if in any enemy units of any enemy units, you can use this relic. If it does, it can make a normal move until the end of the phase. The bear cannot fire over watch that defend and your opponent now selects a new target for the charge, so there are kens left new target for the charge. So, basically, you just run away and you get plused in your move. Two seed beads for focused fire use the strategy when youre shooting phase when an enemy model loses any wounds, a result of an attack made by a tow set model from the army until the end of the phase.

Each time a tau, sepp core model from the army makes an attack against any enemy units against that enemy unit. Add one to its wind roll. So as soon as you wound, something spend two cps, the whole of your core units are plus one even against it, and lets see whats a core unit. Um. Sorry, all the drones get their own thing. Core units are obviously not characters or commanders theres, so many characters and commanders now, god its annoying or long strike, but strike teams breach teams, not any of the crew crisis. Battle, suits, get to rear or get post on the wound. Body guards get it stealth system. The stealth suits get it not ghost kills not your far uh firesight marksman, not your drones. Pathfinders do get it. Piranhas do not vespids. Do not kurt. Do not. Broadsides do riptides, dont hammer, heads dont sky rays, dont, double fish, dont, razor sharks, dont, sun sharks, dont. Then, obviously, the train doesnt either storm sure surge does not, although its titanic, all right. So basically, all of your actual tau infantry, uh and crisis like like the smaller suits, all do as well, not bad. I like it its meat and potatoes. If i didnt want to have to think too much, this is what i take. I got ta run away and hide commander who shrugs wounds on a five plus. I get to reroll one thing every time i start to shoot and fight, and i got three inches to all my ranges for my bubbles so and i get to add one to the wound: towel steps nice and easy good starter, sept bjorla, so their tenants strike Fast at the start of your first turn for each unit from your army, thats wholly within your deployment zone until the end of the turn add two to the move characteristic of models in that unit, oh god, thats worded terribly at the start of your first turn.

For each unit from your army that is wholly within your deployment zone until the end of that turn add two to the move characteristic of models, not unit. So what if i have 12 units in my deployment zone, i can add 24 inches to the move characteristic of models in my unit. What okay? The wording on that i dont know what they mean. They mean that if youre holding your deployment zone, your units get plus two to the move. The reading of that is for each unit from your army, thats wholly within your deployment zone until the end of the turn add two to the move characteristic of models. In that unit, so, basically my guys can walk, plus the plus double the number of unit times as long as it stands on my unemployment zone theres two ways of reading that, i would just say any units, as opposed to for each unit. Instead of your first turn, any units that have deployed wholly with your deployment zone add two inches to the move characteristic uh for that turn, theres a theres just a much better way of wanting that um. You can really advance and drive trolls frequents for this tenant. Okay, i that needs strike fast needs an faq, its horribly horribly worded um roller trade academy luminary. While this world is on the battlefield each time, you spend a command point to use a tau empire, strategic player or town power, warrior strategy rule one d6 and a three plus the command points are funded.

So get your command points back sweet signature system, this ones kind of neat, actually armored automated defenses uh, as sort of your shooting phase, just roll die on a two to four the close enemy with an 18 invisible, take some more wounds on a five plus. They take d3 within 12. um, so yeah you just got little gun turrets on your stuff. It goes and shoots everything thats nearby on two plus, i i its its definitely stabby and then hot blooded. You stretch them in your shooting phase. Whenever the interference is selected to shoot until the end of the phase, each one, while on that unit, excluding drones makes an attack, it targets the closest eligible unit, unmodified rules of six inflict a mortal wound, in addition to any normal damage. In addition to any normal damage, maximum of six mortal wounds, so you just walk up and you shoot with a big fat unit of fire warriors fish for sixes uh to wounds and do mortals and just on top of normal damage. So good for, like a sprained pray unit with tons of shots, its two zbs youd want to spend on a very big unit, trying to maximize tomorrowland uh sashi, im gon na just butcher. These names just to get ready so sakia sashiya, sasha, sasha, uh, step tenant, master of urban warfare each time a range attack against targets, a vehicle with this tenant. If the attackers more than 18 away, the turkish treaty is having the benefit of dense cover each time.

A range attack targets an infantry unit, thats more than 12 inches away. Then the target is treated as having the benefit of dense cover and vehicle and bottle suit. Models in this tenant do not suffer the penalty to their hit roles for firing. Heavy weapons at enemy units that are within engagement range, so theyre street fighters, world war, trade, strategic conqueror in your command phase, select one friendly sash to that unit from within nine inches of this warlord until the server next command phase, the unit gains obsec. If the unit already has stability models, count as two additional one additional model um for controlling a vector marker signature system, grav inhibitor field as sort of the fight phase, all enemy units within engagement, range of the bear are not eligible to fight until after all, algebraics From your army have done so and each time a melee attack is made by the bear subtract, one against the bear subtract one from the rules, so minus one hit melee and you make people fight. Last then orbital uplink one cp uses strategy in your shooting phase. Select one enemy unit until the end of the phase each home model is the unit for your army makes a range stack against the enemy unit. The target does not benefit from cover this ones, not that bad dallas, uh sub tenant trading partners uh its a good trade. Each time a range stock is made against the infantry unit with this tenant.

If the attacker is not with an engagement range of that unit, models, not universal benefit from light cover, and if you select a tactical philosophy at the start of the battle towel auxiliary units that are in the same attachment benefit from the army side of tactical philosophy. So youre, basically good at trading with your your alien partners, uh warlord trade unifying influence. He gained the following abilities: diplomatic excellence, its an aura when a friendly dallather talks, their unit, excluding characters within sixth world plus one leadership to the unit and then integrated command structure and aura, while a friendly tag zillion within six of this warlord that units treat us Having the tale auxiliary keyword as sorry is not having it for marker lights, so basically you can use your marker light points on the non tau axillaries or on the top, as well as if they were non to auxiliaries. Signature system, dynamic, mirror field, get a five plus involved, and the bear cannot be selected as a target for range attack unless its the closest eligible target or the firing model is within 12 of it and then out flank one cp use the strategy at the end Of your movement phase, select one friendly, dallath core unit or tau auxiliary unit from the army thats within none of any battlefield edge. If the mission you are playing is using strategic reserves, you can remove that unit from the battlefield and place it in strategic reserves.

So you can hit and run and change sides. All right, then, were into borkin youre corking for abortion, sub tenant, superior craftsmanship, add four to the range characteristic of your range weapons and each time attack is made with a weapon that has a strength of 7 or less against a vehicle or battle suit. With this tenant, its minus 1 strength, thats pretty cool, so that basically means that you know strength. 4 guns become strength, 3. strength, 5 guns become strength 4.. That can be a big deal for talking to 7 and 8 stuff uh world trade seeker of perfection. Each time this world makes a range attack, its ap is improved by one and an unmodified wound. Rule of six inflicts a mortal wound on the target. In addition, any normal damage to a maximum of three per phase, and then your signature system, overdrive power systems command model, only select up to two range weapons, thats models equipped with each time. The bear makes a range attack with one of those weapons that targets unit within half. Add one of the wound. Rule so plus wonder wound for your close up stuff. This is the craftsman to the earth cast bros and then experimental weaponry for two cps, its an epic deed use this in your shooting phase and a boar can unit for your army selected to shoot, select one model and one weapon that theyre equipped with until the End of the phase each time models make an attack of that weapon no involves, i mean theres enough stuff in this army that ignores envelopes anyway, but thats nice that you could just make other things ignore involves too, who needs invulnerable, saves i mean theyre, the shooting Army theyre, basically tinned fish, otherwise, and you can just stave their heads in so they need to have really scary guns and then far side enclaves the theft that is not accept their septenant devastating counter strike.

You show a model with this its because they they hold the knife when they run. If you dont get it, you dont get it each time a model. This tenant makes a range tag that targets the unit within 12. The target is treated as having a marker light token, so free marker lights within 12. and each time youre in this tenant selected the shooter fight. You can reroll one wound role in resolving these attacks, so they get half of the basic tau one, but they also get to get free marker lights within 12., so make them up close fighters, and then your willow trait master, the killing blow uh. When you make an attack, unmodified mutual of six uh improves the ap by three and the model attack is allocated to cannot use any rules to ignore the wounds. It loses so thats pretty cool for killing certain characters, certain gaza thrakkas and then your signature system and actually uh theres, a bunch of theres a couple things now, actually that that screws over signature system, talisman of arthas moloch uh in your opponent phase, the bear can Attempt to deny one second power and add one to its, neither which tests so yeah thats a pretty cool killing. I mean the master killing was a pretty cool trait, because your roller could be in a suit with like fusion blasters, and you could just walk over and annihilate all right, because you can be a wound, roll and also you have a free marker light and then No ignoring wounds and on a wound, roll of six, you also get to be a ap, almost infinite, with pretty much everything uh and then uh.

Your one stratagem drop zone, clear use, trajectory movement phase when a far sight enclaves battle suit unit from your army is selected. Uh set up on the battlefield using the manta strike ability or the homing beacon action until the end of the turn. Each battle suit model in that unit makes a range attack. You can reroll the hit roll and you can roll the moon roll. If this unit contains four more battle suit models, the stratagem class three otherwise cost two, so yeah yeah by model. So, each time a model in that unit makes a range attack. You can reroll the hit roll and the wound roll. So reroll everything when you show up oh thats, pretty great big fat battle suit unit, rerolls everything all right. They make your own sub rules im, not a fan of this. A lot of these theres been a lot of takes on how to do this. I get why this has been done this way its to make for a flavorful experience in creating your own sept. Basically, the further you are from the home world, the you have to chain off, basically how you take your rules. So if your chosen sub doesnt have an associated sept, you can either select the allied world subtenant opposite or select. Two tenants from the sector list shown in the following pages, due to the slower migration of ideas and technologies across the town. When selecting your second one, the following rules apply.

The tenant cannot be chosen from the same sectors. The first and the tenant must be selected from a adjacent sector. So, basically, you have to go adjacent and sure um if a character, mod with a tenant gate and then an allied world select one of the following steps and use the tenant from the step listed on page 5661. If a character model from this uh tenant gains a rollo trait uh, they can have the subpolar trait if they dont, replace all the keywords with your own name. So, basically, you meet allied world to one of the major sects or so sorry, all right so make your own steps. So if youre in this one it basically you can pick red and then pick your second from any of them its in the middle. So your first one, if its from red, then youre freely able to mix these if youre blue, you can only take red or yellow. So this one can only take from these if youre, yellow same thing, red or blue, if youre green, red or purple and then, if youre, purple, red or green. So basically, these are locked out from each other theres, no combined theres, never a way to combine blue and purple or green and yellow. This is gon na get screwed up by people, guaranteed theyre, gon na mix and match wrong. This will be one of those things where someone makes a mistake and yeah. I liked the way they did the g star cults, where they just assigned them values, and they could add up to four.

It was just more cut and dry. Its thematically neat, i dont know that it adds anything other than making it slightly confusing um, but yeah. Basically, these plus this, these plus this or these plus each other thats it, and you pick one of each so sector a strike swiftly and start the first battle round before the first term begins infinite from your uh. That start, the battle round wholly within your plumbing zone can make a normal move to six inches. They cannot end this move within nine of the enemy deployment zone or enemy models. Well, that would have been a better way to word that other one, if youre allowed one uh play their part battle suit models this time and have a win characteristic of nine or last count as three models when controlling an objective, every ten, ten or more, they Count as five models and then adherence to the teaching add three to your auras uh and three to your command phase stuff the same as the tau one and then comma, under pressure hcl model. This time it makes a range like with an assault weapon that targets it within 12. Add one to its strength, all right, sector, b, camo experts, if youre more than 12 away from infantry, you get dense cover and youre within a trying feature. Sorry, uh defensive doctrines, when your melee minus one or minus two ap is allocated to a model this time its true to zero.

So you ignore minus one: minus two ap when youre in melee uh blocking tactics each time a core infantry familiar with this tenant makes a charge move until theyll serve your next charge. Phase core models in this union have obsec. If such a model already has this ability, it counts additional models, so its a way to give your models offset when they charge and then firecast marksman each time, while this tenant makes a range attack with a pulse weapon uh on a wound, rule of six, its Ap is improved by one sector c evasion: maneuvers uh, when a model, this tenant advances until the server your next movement phase, if mazda can fly, have a five plus involve against range tax, only pinpoint targeting each time. A model in this tenant makes a range attack that targets unit within 12.. They dont get light cover, disengagement, protocols, each time, infantry, uh. You know in the senate something to fall back, select one enemy unit, with an engagement range of that infantry and raw die on a two to three. They take them, one aluminum six, they take d3. What on a two to three? They take one mortal wound on a six: they take g3. What happens if i roll up four or a five? Oh, my god. Okay, so im guessing thats a two to five: they take a mortal wound and on a six they take d3. But right now, if i roll a one, a four or a five, nothing happens: yeah, okay, fire saturation.

Each time i model this ten. It makes a range attack with a burst weapon. The targets within 12 add one of their hit roll. So you can get a plus one a hit or a plus one strength, and you can combine these so you can go calm under pressure, fire saturation and, if youre within 12, and you have an assault, weapon, uh or a burst weapon. You have, plus one hit and plus one strength, sector d, reliable weaponry. Each time i unit uh, with this tenant selected to shoot, you can reroll one wound role: defenders of the cause uh each time a model with this tenant would lose a result. A wound is uh as a result of a mortal wound on a five plus, not loss, to get a mortal wound, shrug reinforced armor minus one strength. If your characteristic uh attack is seven or less against the vehicle battle suit and then hardened warriors sorry hardened warheads, eshell model, this tenant makes a range attack with a missile weapon. Uh target does not receive the benefits of cover and then turbo jets. Uh, you get to add two to the move characteristic of models that can fly well to the end. Add two leadership characteristic models. This tenant ill show, you add one sorry any show a morale test. Uh is taken for you this time you can reroll the test. Rapid retreat and you fall back your plus three to your move and enriched reactors each time.

A model of this set. It makes a range deck with a plasma weapon. A modified wound, rule of six uh does a mortal wound and the attack sequence ends, but you lose any additional damage which is interesting and thats it. You could be like reinforced armor, rapid retreat or reinforced armor turbojets or you could be reliable weaponry and then play their part. So you can i mean you, can combo these up and make some interesting sets, but you dont get a relic. You dont get a bespoke roller train and then went to stratums and again many stratagems, so breach and clear uh using your shooting phase, when a breacher team is selected to shoot until the end of the phase each time, a core model that unit makes a range Attack no cover and reroll the wound rule for one cp thats, pretty cool for big fight unit breachers release fuselage for one cp use a in your shooting phase when a strike team from memory selected to shoot until the end of the phase in uh. Instead of the following, the normal rules for rapid fire uh, your unit, shooting pulse rifles, make double the number of attacks, and you should have a core model in that unit makes range attack and perfect ap by one. So for one cpu. Basically, you can rapid fire out to your full range or just double your tax at the full range and you get plus one ap, so something for both types of um, your what you might call its your basic fireworks onboard sensors for one cp using the start.

Youre, shooting phase select a devil, fish model from the army and one enemy unit within 24, invisible until the end of the phase that double fish model gains. The following ability sensor link when a friendly fire warrior team within sixth, this model each time a model night. It makes a range attack and then select i mean it. Reroll rolls a one, so you could basically buy a re roll of one as an aura for your fire warriors around a double fish makes double fish, actually kind of useful theyre like little baby captains dynamic offensive each time you unit attacks. Sorry advances do not make a um; this is for crisis battle, suits in your movement phase. Each time you did advances do not make an advance roll. You just add six and models that you do not suffer the penalty to hit rolls for filing assault weapons when they advance so for one cp, plus six inches of movement and no penalties to your assault. Weapons pulse on slot use it for your fire warriors in the shooting phase uh, when theyre selected to shoot until the end of the phase each time a core model in that unit makes an attack with a pulse weapon, a modified hit, roll of six automatically wounds. So again, i dont think this the drones arent core, so basically when it keeps calling out the core models in these units its because you attach drones to them, they dont get these benefits.

Basically, so worth noting point, blank volley use the strategy when youre shooting phase select a fire warrior team thats for the engagement range of any enemy units. Until the end of the turn, uh pulse, blasters, pulse, carbines and pulse rifles are pistol two, so you can just shoot into melee for one again. All of these are one cp, theyre, all nice and cheap ways of shooting, but again its once per phase right. So like that unit in combat, if you have three fireworks there, you got ta pick one to be able to shoot with uh three or two for drop threat acquisition using your movement phase when a battlefield, uh, sorry, a battle suit unit from army set up in The battlefield using manta strike or homing beacon until the end of the turn each time a battle suit model and that unit makes a range attack. You can reroll the hit roll if the unit contains four or more costs, otherwise it costs two. So, basically, you get a light version of the um farsight one you dont get the wound. Roller roll, though save your protocols for uh, tell empire, use the strategy in any phase when a saving throw has failed for a model. A subunit from the army select a friendly set drone model within three or within six of that unit. If it contains a model clip of the drone controller, the drone is destroyed. The damage characteristic of the attack has changed to zero, so basically savior protocols is once per turn.

One drone is destroyed and the damage is when you fail. One save that hits damage goes to zero, so you wan na roll like if the. If the knight hits you with the harpoon make that save fail, it then spend your cp and have the drone eat the harpoon for 10 damage um but youre, getting it once per turn. So, once the saver protocol has been popped, you cant use it again. A branched nova charge for two cps use trajectory your command phase when a riptide battlesuit model from your army uses its nova reactor ability and it burns out that models, an overreactor does not burn out and you can select one of its reactor abilities. This strategy cannot be used to prevent the same models reactor from burning out more than once per battle, so basically you can for two cps. You cannot have your known reactor burn out on each of your riptides once per game, combat disembarkation or debarcation one cp. You just start your movement phase. If you select the monk tactical philosophy at the start of the battle and its the first second or third battle round selected to three double fish from your army, if you select the kion tactical philosophy, uh tactical philosophy, uh um at the start of the battle and Its the third fourth or fifth battle round, i select three double fish, otherwise select one double fish until the end of your uh end of the phase each time, one of the models makes a normal move after its moved any unit uh embarked within the transport canister Bark any unit uh that does so cannot charge this turn.

So, basically, you you can get if youre monica then youre playing um. I guess defensively so sorry offensively so its first second or third turn guys can move and then get out if youre playing as kion youre playing defensively. So, third, fourth and fifth turn, then you can move and get out a great way to like push onto objectives because youre, basically getting that like double fish move, plus the range addition bark or just a mark, plus your normal walk. So you know eight inch extra double fish plus eight inches. You can have guys flying 20 inches across the board for cp, um and timing. It will be when its the most important wisdom of the many use astronomy at the start of your uh of any of your faces other than your command phase, select one ethereal unit from your army. That is not in tone and invocation. This turn that model can tone one indication that has not already been intoned by a friendly model. This turn that invocation is automatically inspiring and takes effect until the server next command phase. So basically, two cps dont have to roll fail, safe detonator, one cp use transmit any phase when a battle suit model firm is destroyed before moving from play, uh any rules that would trigger the explosion. Uh roll a d6 for each unit within three of that model. Adding one to the rule, if the destroyed model has a win characteristic of twelve or more on a three to five, they take d3 model moons and a six.

They take three flat model ones. So you kind of oh you. Basically, you dont auto trigger, but you you blow up back up ai uh one cp use the strategy in your command phase. Select one talon bar model in your army disturb your next command phase that one is considered to have its full wounds remaining for the purpose of determining the characteristic on its profile. So come back to life or come back online thats. Any talent part model in your army, one cpp for emergency dispensation. You stretch them before the battle when youre mustering your army. If your warlord has the town park, key word, select, one town bar character model in your army give them one relic. Each relic and army must be unique and you cant give a model, two relics so twice if your strike force three for onslaught. So extra luck by promising people extra roller triple same thing: uh orbital ion beam. So this is your strategic ploy for two cps use. It in your command phase place two ion beam markers anywhere in the battlefield within 12 of each other, and the serpentine x, command phase draw an imaginary line between them and then roll d6 for each model, adding one if theyre a building on a two to five. They take three different, mortal d3 mortal moons on a six. They take three mortal wounds. Then the ion beams remove so youre, basically shooting a laser thats. The hammer of dawns online when you shoot a laser across the battlefield for one cp, the wall of mirrors.

You stride them at the end of your movement. Phase select one stealth battle suit or ghost kill battle suit; unit from your army, thats totally within out of any battlefield edge, remove them from the battlefield and the reinforcements of your next movement face up anywhere in the battlefield. The toy within nine of the battlefield and more than nine for the enemy. If the battle ends and theyre not in the battlefield, theyre destroyed, you just just disappear and show up again. The grizzly feast use this strategy in the fight phase when an enemy unit is destroyed by an attack made by a model like crew unit. Until the end of the battle each chamber model that created would lose a wound. On a d6 on a five plus and whens not lost so for one cp, when you destroy any unit with an attack made by a crew unit, then they just got to fight last wind shrug because theyve theyve now eaten theyre feeling better about everything. Um were into coordinated engagement for one cp, you stretch when youre shooting phase before selecting unit to shoot, with its like i mean, and two subunits from the army theyre within 18, invisible the enemy unit uh until the end of the phase, each model uh in one Of those sub units makes an attack, the attack can only target that enemy unit, improve the ap characteristic of the attack by one, so its pretty cool, youre, picking a uh uniform within 18 and then just explode them uh.

But you get plus one ap and then a trap well laid for one cp use it in the heroic intervention. Step of the opponents charge phase select a crude unit from the army, its not an engagement range um until the end of the turn add one to the attack characteristic of the models in that unit uh. That unit can perform a heroic intervention and that unit can perform within six and move six reconstruct for one cp using your shooting phase, when a pathfinder team unit from the army successfully completes the fire marker light action. Each time you roll to see if the enemy unit gains a marker light token, as a result of that action, completing add one to the roll and that unit can then make a normal move, thats pretty cool, so you can move and you can basically marker. Like move shocking firestorm for one cp using your shooting phase and accept unit from your army selected to shoot, select one enemy unit with an 18 thats sept until the end of the phase, each channel model in that unit is destroy the result of the attack made By a model not sub unit, it counts as two destroyed models for morale tests. So yeah make an example out of them. We need to shoot that guy. We shoot that guy, like uh, like we shot robocop in the beginning of robocop, i mean clarence bought occurred that guy counter fire defense system, one or two cps you just trade him in your opponents.

Shooting phase when an attack is thats. The name of my town firework, my town commander, now, is going to be clarence, blottiker, the worlds greatest villain, red foreman uh. You distracted your opponents shooting phase when an attack is allocated to a counter fire defense system model from your army. The damage characteristic of that attack is changed to one uh. If that model wounds, a character has a wound characteristic of 14 or more, it costs two. Otherwise, it costs one. So basically, your if someone has counter fire defense system, the attack of the damage of the attack air strike is changed to one. So whos got counter fire defense system. Who does this actually get used for its usually big boys? Is it going to be on the rip tie or the ghost kit? I think i was killed. The big guy hes got nope doesnt. Have it whos got this whos got this stupid role, riptide, maybe counterfire defense system. I dont see this keyword anywhere broadsides. No! No! Ghost kills got the ghost kill, keyword, um. Does anyone have this counterfar defense system? I just dont, see it maybe its an upgrade. I dont see counterfire defense system anywhere. It must be an upgrade unless done one of the drones nope infantry first of interact with train features. The model does not have the infantry keyword. Um doctor, they dont get the keywords of their units: whos a counterfar okay. When thats allocated to a counter fire defense system model for the army, i dont know i dont see anybody that actually has that keyword.

Thats gon na thats gon na break my brain. If its, not in here unless its a relic, maybe you can take, is it a special system uh looking at the prototype systems? No alternating fusion monster. I see sensory negation. Countermeasures counter fire descent, its its bolded, like its when an attack is allocated to a counter fire defenses tomorrow, with your pre army, its its clearly bold, like its a key word Applause, the drones dont. Have it, oh, my god. This is killing me drone shield. Marker light chassis, doesnt, commander, farsight doesnt, interesting how she has supreme commander, but he doesnt crazy, uh commanders dont counter fire defense system. Oh there, it is okay, you gain the keyword so its there. It is its a its an upgrade. The commander can have. She doesnt have it so she cant buy it. He doesnt have it either. So a commander can buy counter fire defense systems. Uh, sorry, not a cold star one, a just regular crisis bottle suit can buy that keyword, so you have to take an upgrade to get it and then does anybody else get it. How is anvi not a supreme commander either? Oh, my god, i think thats. It can anybody else buy it. No marker lights, marker lights, i dont see it its just for that. Oh wait, uh the crisis bodyguards can buy it. So just crisis suits basically get counter fire defense systems. Can the stealth teams get it? No ghost kills cant.

Anybody else any of the big boys, because the big boys, the ones that would want it, the broadsides cant the riptide – can buy it. Okay, so the riptide goodbye thats, pretty cool, being able to make something damage. One uh with a counter fire defense system, thats like thats, a huge deal against certain guns and then can you buy it for the storm surge can buy it as well. Okay, so thats who can buy it? So you just try to mean your shooting phase when attack is allocated to them. The damage characteristic attack is changed to one and its gon na cost. You two, if youre a big boy, its gon na cost, you one. If youre not does the riptide of 14 wounds, it has 14 wounds, so its good cost two for your big boys to get it. But basically you can make all of the damage characteristics of the attack. Dont won yeah its when an attack is allocated to a counter fire defenses to model from the army. The damage of that attack um. So does that mean all the attacks, all the guns being fired, or is that just being the one attack i dont know i would say the attacks a model makes because not after a failed save its when the attack is allocated. Interesting lets reread the core rules to try to understand a little bit better, but it sounds like when you are attacked. You can just reduce the damage characteristic of that attack to one so everything in that attack, roll or just the one weapon being fired.

I dont know uh designated testing tasking for one cps, you just trash when your command phase select one tau empire unit from the army, its not with an engagement range uh and contains both drone and models with the drone keyword. Uh split that unit into two units. One containing all the drones and one not so. Basically, you pop off your drones if any of those drone models are docked with another model set them up within one inch uh and before splitting the unit. Those drones are no longer docked to that model. So, basically, you can pop your drones off your your your ships strike and fade for one or two you use to start your shooting face. Select one tau empire jetpack unit from your army that you can shoot sorry, you can shoot with that unit and then make a normal move up to six inches. The unit cannot shoot again this phase. If that unit has five for your models, excluding drone models, it costs one. Otherwise it costs two. So jet packs. That means your um suits and stuff can shoot and shoot, and scoot frequency lock one cp. You can charge them in your shooting phase when a towel impart model from your army, its likely to shoot until the end of the phase each model that uh that model makes an attack with a secret missile secret missile rack or destroyer missile. The attack can target units uh with one or more marker light tokens that are not visible, uh and add one of them attacks wound role so when youre, shooting secret muscles secret muscle, racks or destroyer muscles, basically just shoot anything even if its not visible thats, plus One wound neural web system jammer for one cpu, you stretch in your shooting phase, select one enemy unit with an 18 invisible to a neural web system.

Jammer unit from your army roll a die on a three plus into the server next shooting phase each shot model. In that enemy unit makes a range attack subtract one from the attacks hit roll repulsor impact field, uh its uh use the strategy. When you pronounce charge phase and a battle c interference selected. The target of a charge minus through the charge hole for any units declare charges against them. Uh ionized shock field for two cps. You stretch me a shooting phase when a model in an enemy units destroyed as a result of an attack made by an ion weapon from a set model in your army until service shooting phase and the unit is not affected by the oral abilities of other enemy Units, so basically you you dont, get your auras on that unit if they get hurt by it submunitions. One cp weve seen this on our community. Your railgun turns into a exploding, railgun uh pick it. I mean it within 36, uh and visible, and not with engagement of any ants from the army roll d6 for each model in that unit, adding one to the rule if it has eleven or more models for every four plus, it takes some more wound to a Maximum of eight, so you just explode a big unit and then photon grenades used in your opponents charge phase when a photon grenade unit from the army is selected as the target of a charge by an enemy unit, excluding vehicles and monsters.

Till the end of your next turn monster to charge rolls hm model. That know makes an attack your mass, when they attacks hit role for cp you flash bang them all right were under prototype systems. If your armys battleforge, that includes any talon bird attachments, you can use these and you can give them to the following models: commander models, any crisis, chas ray models, crisis, bodyguard, chas, remodels and ghost – kills shaz remodels. So no giving these to the super big guys. Now they cost either power points, and the points are for your alternating fusion, blaster 25 dominator fragmentation launcher 25. dw02 advanced burst cannon is going to cost 15. an eh disruption. Suite is 30. internal grand racks are 15. nova surge. Plasma rifles 20. resonator warheads are 30., sensory negation. Countermeasures are 15 star flare, ignition system is 20., stem injectors are 10 thermonutronic, projectors are 20 and wide spectrum scanners are also 20. now heres. My question did any of that already change. Other things. Dont even have points in here, wait no thats turning tau. I dont see the point values for any of these things in here at all. Oh no wait! They are in here. They are no search possible. 20. 30. 15, 20. 20. 20, no theyre the same theyre. All the same looks like its the same hooray consistency. So the star flare, ignition system, cold start commander only once per bottle when the bearer starts or ends a move or when it uses its high altitude maneuverability.

It can use this prototype system if it does roll a 1d6 for each of the others other unit within three of this model and two plus take two throughout the wins. You explode as you as you take off. Basically, oh and sorry name: characters cant have these and its theyre all one priming sensory, negative negation countermeasures its a commander of crisis model only once for battle to start the fight phase. A bear can use this protein system if it does select one enemy unit. With engagement range of the bearers unit until the end of the next turn each time a model in that unit makes an attack subtract one from the attacks hit, roll, which you must want to hit alternating fusion blaster its for commander crisis models only and they have A fusion blaster already um, it is range 12 assault, one eight minus four, d6 plus two. Each time attack is made with this weapon. If a hit is scored, draw a straight line between the closest point of this models base or and that of the closest mode of the target unit, make a wound rule against the target unit and every other unit. This line passes over what so yeah line up some dreadnoughts line up some, i dont know uh individual small units that are multi wound and then just nuke them uh, definitely line up vehicles within 12 and just shoot the furthest one and go a dw02 advanced burst Cannon commander crisis model equipped with one or more burst cannons.

Only this prototype system replaces one burst cannon. It has the following profile: uh and same with the alternating fusion blaster. It only replaces one. It is uh range, 18 assault, eight, six minus one, one damage uh and you cannot use any rules to ignore the wounds you lose when you take them away from this model, so thats, pretty cool uh, again gas, golds gon na hate that Music, a nova surge Plasma rifle uh its a commander crisis model only with a plasma rifle its range 30 assault, one, eight minus five, three damage, no invulnerable saves well thats, uh thats, going to be a terminator killer right there, a thermonutronic, projector commander crisis only it is going to replace A flamer, its range 12 assault, d6 plus 2, 4 minus 2 2 damage and then in melee, 4, minus 2, 2 damage and each time you fight you make d6 plus 2 additional attacks this weapon, but you do roll the hit with it. So its a flamer that rolls to hit, but you get it in melee, which is kind of cool, and you get additional d6 plus two attacks with it: a dominator fragmentation launcher a commander crisis model equipped with one or more air bursting fragmentation, projectors only uh its Assault d6 24 inch range five minus two one damage blast uh this american target units are not visible and each time it shoots this weapon if any hits are scored until the other turn.

Your minus four leadership on the target unit holy moly because its scary internal grenade rocks, so you open up in your robo tech muscles out of your shoulders and stuff once per turn after this model is moved in your movement phase, you can select anything that moves Across and roll a d6 on a two plus, i think d3 model moons. So once per turn, you can fly over a new people: resonator warheads, commander crisis model, workplace uh, equipped with one or more missile pods. Only. It replaces the missile ball as assault. Three. Eight minus two two damage each other shoots this weapon if any hits are scored against infantry booster, cavalry until certain shooting phase have their move characteristic and then eh disruption suite its a go. Skill bottle suit model only once per bottle in your command phase. The bearer user can use this prototype system. If it does, the bearer can use this prototype, um uh until the start of your next command phase. So you get the following aura: each disruption well enemies, units within 12 inches of this model. Each time your opponent selects that unit to shoot or fight increase the cp cost of this ration by one sorry, each time your opponent uses astrology when that unit is selected to shoot or fight the cp gossip, it goes up by one, but not for any future Uses of it so basically like lets say i wanted to use whats the one for marines uh rapid fire for my bolters.

It would cost three instead of two or four instead of three, if its a big unit stem injectors commander crisis model only once per bottle, when a saving throw is failed for the bearer, the bear can use this prototype uh if it does until the end of The turn each time you lose a wound on a four plus its not lost, and then wide spectrum scanners, a model with an early warning override only and serve your reinforcement. Step of your opponents movement phase of the bear is not within engagement range of any minutes. It can shoot as if it was the shooting phase. We could only target a single eligible enemy unit that was set up as reinforcements within 12., so basically shot nearby. He shoots you all right, warlord trades, uh, precision of the hunter uh each of the world makes an attack. We roll the hit roll and reel the wound: roll thats, a pretty pretty solid trait for a suit commander through unity, devastation well its core sub unit. Within six, this warlord each time a core model uh, and that unit makes an attack and im gon na find one rule of six improves ap by one, a ghost walks among us each time. This attack is made by this roller subtract, one from the attacks and its already made against this world thats nice one to hit any time this world advances, do not make an advance roll instead, add six to the move through boldness victory in your command phase.

Select one friendly sept core unit within nine until the server next command phase each time. A core model in that unit makes a range attack and im offering to hit role of six automatically wounds and an exemplar of the kion. After both players have deployed their armies and determined, who has the first turn select uh up to one friendly sub unit and or up to three friendly subunits? If you select the kion tactical philosophy and redeploy them if the mission uses strategic reserves, any of those units can be placed into strategic reserve without having to spend cps. Regardless of how many hits are already in strategic reserve and the example are the montca in your command phase, selected from the sept core unit, with the nine of the warlord until the end of your next command phase? Each time a core model not even makes a range attack uh, if you still just monk tactical philosophy, um, then its within 12. Instead, with a nine, you can really wound roll, so you can be a reroll wound, aura and then crew warlord traits master of the hunts. I can get my my anger, proc out and finally have some rules for him well from the crew units within six. In the warlord each time, a model in that unit makes a range attack the targets unit within twelve. They dont get cover pack leader, well, a friendly crew. You know its within six of this warlord each time you make a charge roll for that unit.

Roll additional d6 and discard the die and then uh nomadic hunter. Well, the friendly crete and its within six of the swirl load. Each time a model in that unit makes a range attack if that unit did not fall back. This turn it counts as having to remain stationary in its previous movement phase and now actual relics that we dont pay points for a pure tied, engram and neurochip.