Welcome to friday night. It is not really an episode of speed dial tonight per se um. This is kind of a hybrid video night tonight we are actually live streaming on multiple platforms and including multiple youtube channels. We are live streaming streaming on, ozby drone. We are live streaming on uh. I think the grumpy vloggers channel, as well as twitch and a few others so hopefully um you guys, can see me. You can hear me. Everything sounds good and looks good, and let me just start the evening off as i like to do on fridays with a little bit of this. Did you hear that that is uh? The dr pepper? The thing that keeps me keeps me going on friday night because im usually uh pretty pretty tired, ready to call it, but i love doing these shows and so uh super happy to be here. Let me take a little sip ill say that smells good too. I really dont drink, dr pepper, that much by the way, if my wifes watching i want the record to show i dont really drink it that much its more of a friday first friday and uh speed, dial kind of thing, but tonight uh, you guys dont know This, but i actually am super excited, were going to do. A couple of things were going to do. Some live flying and im actually going to go out. The back door of my office here and uh live fly some at some point and in the next uh id say, probably in the early part of the show and then im also uh going to were going to invite you to live fly uh.

We have greg from ozby drone hes going to tell us how to do that here in just a second, but before we bring greg in, i want to start out with somebody that you guys all know, and i am so glad he was able to make it Here tonight uh it is my man chris hope. What is up chris, hello, everybody, hey kelly, how you doing man good job im, doing great uh. Can you you can hear me and everything sounds good. Sam sound, like were sitting side by side yeah all right. Well, lets see, uh go, go fab, vids wants to know what is dr pepper, so uh go, go, go fab youre in youre in for a treat. If you ever, you must must like something different. So chris you got your uh flying hat on. I see you actually got to go out to minefield. Uh tell us a little bit about how it went out to binefield. Manfield was great is uh. If you wanted to fly through something something different, some structure buddy he hated and its uh, just like kenneth advertised. It was its pretty awesome, its its a amazing structure, just to look at um this guy for everyone who doesnt know this guy named billy tripp built this giant sculpture out of what what all do you did you see on it, i mean theres, like all these Things, i think you had three rain old ranger stations you put up and some and numerous uh, like old transmission, tires pieces out of it.

Uh, oh its crazy, just just an aluminum canoe hanging from oh yeah, yeah, yeah, theres naked people. Did you see the naked people up at the top and they spin someone broke yeah when the water, when the air blows on just the right parts, they they, they spin around uh, actually and then uh theres a boat theres like a boat thats sitting there. I dont know if thats part of the sculpture but its its all stuff, that is totally billy tripp, is totally cool with everyone flying through it bumping into it just uh having a good time. I got to go last year so about a little over a year ago, and it was. It was amazing how many people showed up this year chris and who were some of the folks that, were there id say between throughout the day id say, between 75 to 100 polls kelly, there was a i got to meet dustin. I got to meet. Of course, kelly, uh sky fox, kelly, green kelly, green came by the evil kelly the evil killer. He flew the karma for everybody, oh nice, it took a little while, but he finally got it yeah mike wright. Was there dustin yeah looking at him got to meet him me and him got pretty tight there at the end of the show, because for some reason i had to do a lot of walking yeah yeah dustin dustin crop dustin, as we like to call him or Dust in the wind, um actually actually im glad you mentioned him, so i dont know, let me see is is dustin in the chat here tonight.

You saw him and what about mike wright was he in the chat i havent seen hes in there? Okay, cool lets see who else we got um of course, zeb meet. Is there joe blaylock uh good to see you, man uh? We got drone shots, we got jody, we got lloyd and, like i said, weve got at least this is on my channel, so other people might be watching, but on lloyd, lloyds channel you can go over and watch over there uh. You could open up all three and just mute two of them um. If you wanted to, we got trevor in in the chat um, but about uh id say two or three weeks ago. I actually had a contest on my uh live stream. I think it was the one where i had geeks fauna on, or maybe it was even before that, but i i never announced a winner for that, and so i owe somebody a prize and um the the question that i asked everybody was in my review of The gep rc uh cinelog 30. There were two animals um. I did you see that did you see happen to see that video chris? Yes, so so, first of all the polar camera did you see how it turned literally turned night into day. I mean mind blowing absolutely mind blowing. If you want to see something amazing, because uh sunrise, water media was there with me flying, he was holding the gopro and its on me.

Flying and all you can see of me is the little lights on my on my goggles and otherwise its pitch black just went real hard to see you then yeah i mean it was just it was night, it was night, it was about 9, 30, 9. 45. At night and then uh and then he takes the the gopro and puts it in the goggles, and it i mean and what i was seeing you know and what i recorded because its kind of hard you see the dvr recording and you think, oh you know It its its uh, it must be sunset or evening, but it was literally pitch black, but in the goggles you could see anyway. The polar camera really really cool for that theres theres, some downsides to that camera. But for me, if i want to go out and fly around my yard now, of course, flying at night youre going to want to be well. First of all, you probably want to not do it, but if youre going to do it, youre going to want to be around your yard or someplace, where its really controlled, but very, very cool stuff, two animals in that video uh. Did you happen to did you happen to notice the animals in that video? Chris uh no ill be honest with you. I didnt kelly: okay, okay, they go by quick uh and i asked several people what those animals were, and i asked for people to to tell me what the animals were and i was going to give a prize to the first person to email me contest.

It ready set drone what the animals were, and i um actually got it wasnt a whole lot of people uh. I was like five um yeah five people sent me the right answer pretty quickly after uh and ill tell you who they were. It was ray kelly sent me the right answer. Joe blaylock sent me the right answer. Michael wright sent me the right answer, so you know all the stars that are here tonight with us. Uh charles meyer from canada, sent me the right answer and uh dustin that you reminded me of dustin. He sent me the right answer and the right answer was: let me get to it here. The first animal was my dog um jenga. You can see her down there in the lower right. She, she just kind of walked through the frame for a second, and so she was the first one, but the second one was much cooler. It was a fox, so i dont know if you can see down there in the kind of center of the screen that little thing thats scurrying off in the shadow of my drone on that tree um. This is like a flood light that comes on in my in front of my house and uh that little fox got scared away by by my uh drone, so that was kind of cool never saw the fox until then yeah yeah, i mean it was way at The end of the video, so it was kind of one of those little hidden things, but anyway of those folks ray kelly, joe blaylock uh, michael wright, charles and dustin dustin, actually got me the answer.

First, so uh southern illinois, ariel dustin gable, uh congrats man. You won, i i owe you a prize and so ill reach out to you via email and um, and see what it is you you want me to send you and we can talk about it and all that. So thank thanks. You guys for your patience. Sorry, i i i was supposed to announce that last week and i totally spaced so, oh no, i didnt do a show. Last week i was actually driving back from arizona last friday and so that i didnt do a show so its its been a little while, but youre covered im covered yeah, so congrats dustin. Thanks to the rest of you guys. I know you had to really search for it, but um in the meantime uh. What else do we got going on tonight? Chris uh man, this that and the other uh you pick it out. You name it well, i do. I do have one other thing. I got ta, add uh for everyone who doesnt know, and i only know this because of facebook, because it it always it always uh spills. The beans on this stuff uh, i think last week, was chris hopes birthday. Am i right about that? It was yesterday. Hey happy birthday man uh, i appreciate you very very much chris hope is – is honestly one of the most uh prolific and uh stable pillars of this community. I i mean that in all sincerity – and so i really wish you a happy birthday im gon na you know what my birthday gift to you – is im, not gon na sing, so so uh so happy birthday on that one.

Thank you very much. Man, yeah yeah youre, welcome youre. Welcome one more one more thing i want to talk about before we bring on the next person and start the flying is uh. I understand you had a little bit of a scary moment, uh, where you lost your success and its gone yeah. I left i left a little something in tennessee for the for my fellow flyers up here and uh its the six inch, its the tyro, the one. I built last fall and uh its gone. I got five minutes. I did get the camera back thanks to bill with metro drones. I got the camera to battery and uh. Like i said there while ago, me and dustin got pretty tight because me and him we walked for a while. A bunch of us walked for a while, but me and dustin walked another block after bill found. The camera. Did you have a beeper on it? No beeper, no beeper, oh man, the beep, the beepers a must it uh ejected the battery and it ejected the uh camera and kelly beyonce. I think somebody found it and picked it up. I mean, if i saw, if i saw in the middle of the road id probably do the same thing be like all right, free drone, a couple hours after a couple hours after it went down when bill found the camera. So i i would, i would figure its probably some kids house or probably in the trash now, oh uh, what kind of camera i lost my uh osmo action.

Oh so you had an osmo action on it, but but that one uh that one got lost too. No, i actually bill bill found it. I got it back. The cameras destroyed, oh the camera. Okay, it must have really fallen well, so show us what you got to uh got to replace it. There uh, i got the uh. Actually, this was in the backseat of the pickup. That day i got the iflight yeah five inch nasal a little forest, a little forest better. I bought some uh. Yes, thats your birthday present to yourself huh, happy birthday, chris dude. I will tell you those will change your life as far as fpv goes. I mean youve youve flown with them before youve used mine a couple times. I know um and bill. Let me fly his at the motel. I run three packs through his little little quad. Then i had a ball. What was what was bill uh bill with metro drones? Yes, what was he flying? You remember i dont remember it was a cool little bird. He wasnt worried about it crashing because he had grass all over it. I wonder if that was the rocket, because i think he might have got one of those rockets as well. It might have been the rocket it wasnt, very big yeah. It was a um and by the way, joe blaylock one two three four right back at you. Man appreciate that um yeah, its the rocket is a um.

The rocket is a little little guy, ducted kind of um, almost clear ducks around it. Right like like a whitish clearish color. Is that right, i cannot remember. I was having so much fun flying being able to see everything well sweet. Well, it was a great little great time yeah. I i i really im. Sorry i couldnt make it like. I said i was driving back from arizona and that would have been another uh. 12 hours, the opposite direction, so what wasnt in the cards for me this year, but i i will be there next year. I know everybody brought up spin up everybodys ready to come to all yeah im so excited about that. And if anybody doesnt know about spin up dronespinup.com go there to get all the info, and i just want to also tell everybody um that the the second tier of pricing uh. So basically i i started with the lowest cost uh through the end of july, and then now were on the second, which is 20 bucks more and then it goes up actually at um im gon na leave. It im actually going to leave it until um leave. This pricing, until first friday and so after first friday, itll go up another 20 bucks and im not doing that to be a jerk im. Doing that, because i want people to buy tickets sooner because its much easier to plan an event when you know how many people are coming and in the past its been like everybody bought a ticket at the last minute and all of a sudden i went from You know a low number to a pretty high number, so you know if you can, if you know you want to come, go ahead and buy the ticket and honestly theres a theres a month, rebate so or a refund policy.

So if you buy a ticket at the end of august, you have until the end of september basically to get a refund. If you find that you cant come for some reason so or you know you could scalp the ticket right, you could stand out in front of the venue with the ticket. Hey anybody need tickets. So anyway, that said oh hold on hold on, i got ta. I got ta hit the um. I got ta hit the uh crickets for that one. Anybody need tickets, uh, so ive gone on a little too long here. Lets bring on the next person that we are gon na bring in and talk about what we got going on tonight. Hey greg, whats up man, hey uh, the show is up were having a lot of fun going out to all sorts of places. I know tell give us the list because its more more than i could, i know its going to lloyd to the grumpy vlogger. I know whats going on your channel and my channel, where else were also going across to ive got a channel on twitch ive got a channel on d, live um and there was one other. I cant even remember, which theres too many were everywhere, nice, nice. So so, if people arent watching us, then theyre theyre watching the wrong thing tonight. So whats whats, going on in australia, interrupt you for one second sure sure, because um alexis has donated 20 on my channel.

Oh nice, joe blaylock, has done your channel and mine, and we also had ben t, hey ben bentee has done 10 on your channel and grumpy is feeling lonely. Oh lets have super chats. We cant super chat him uh, someone someones got to go over and and just say, hi to him, though, by the way i want to say thank you alexis and um. I i also want to tell you that your package arrived alexis donated some stuff from their drone group, um, south austin or south texas drone group that im going to give away at spin up so very cool. Thank you, maam speaking of alexis. She said shes going to be flying today, so shell be flying, live on the show. Oh nice, nice well. So so to that point, greg um tell us tell for anybody who hasnt seen this before uh. How does this work? Okay? So anyone who wants to fly on the show today you get your drone ive got a set of instructions that were going to have a look at in a minute that relates specifically to dji, go 4 type drones if youre flying something else. Youll have to kind of work out how to do it yourself. A little bit. Ive got a mini video that youre going to play in a minute kelly, but the only thing thats different from that video is instead of pasting, a youtube rtmp link in theres, one that were going to use just for today and ill paste.

That back into the chat rooms and all three of them in a couple of moments after you play the video all right, heres, the video so were now looking at my mobile device in the top right hand, corner weve got the three dots click that and at The bottom of the screen, another three dots, click that and go to select live broadcast platform instead of clicking on youtube, were going to click, custom, rtmp and paste in the value that you had previously provided and click next and thats it its pretty easy so yeah Its it is, i mean you just have to type in that rtmp value and greg has put that in the chat for for everyone um. So the the cool thing for me and im, hoping depending on if anybody is ready or not ive got my mavic 2. Pro ready to go – and i really want to show you guys this water tower out back so um – is – is anybody in the queue yet greg? Okay, lets go and have a look at the queue weve got your drone already connected and ive got trevor ready to go after you. So, okay should i go. Should i go first um and, as is trav? Well, i guess trevor what what time zone, because ive still probably got another 30 minutes of light here. Um lets. Do you first because trevors in australia, so hes got? Oh hes got all day? Okay, so let me go ahead and switch over to the uh to this here and start my drone up and i want to make sure, were seeing it here before um before you uh.

Oh, did you hear that uh right im seeing it on my screen here on my phone? What youre, seeing at the moment is the case image from before lets. Just wait for it to reconnect cached the cased image, yeah thats, the one. How do you say it? Chris hes muted, oh chris, youre, muted cashed, cashed, the cashewed image yeah, so im still seeing the cashew image. Do we need to disconnect and reconnect, or what do we need to do? Uh? Let me just double check over here. Im glad i checked before i walked out the door id be fine right now saying: hey! Look at all this weve done that once before havent we yeah yeah, actually youre right! Okay, um tell you what ill go and double check your connection on this um. In the meantime, chris tell a joke. Oh goodness, you know, i get a one armed drone pilot. I have a tree uh you. He uh no go ahead. I dont know you. You wave eddie thats good. I like how you made it a drone pilot uh. I changed it. I changed it from an aggie yeah, yeah yeah, good good. I always. I always like to tell my my favorite favorite joke about um uh lets see now im now. Im forgetting it well, do you know what kind of bird flies straight at your head? Nelson, a duck Laughter? Oh, that was bad yeah. That is pretty bad thats a dad joke right.

There thats a dead joke. All right now were seeing the uh little face. The little oh, is that it thats live yeah. I think we can. Okay, you should be seeing my beautiful face. Okay, all right! Well, im gon na leave it to you two guys and im going to before you go before you go im going to double check. Are you connected on wi fi, or are you connected on 4g on your phone, because we remember last time it died. Uh im connected on uh lets see i am connected. What should i be on its better if youre on your 4g, your data? So if you turn off your wi fi that way, if you lose wi fi signal, while you walk out the door its not going to drop out yeah okay! Well, let me turn off. Wi fi, then, and just go on im, get ive got four bars. Ive got five g. Four bars of 5g so should be yeah. It may drop out. While you turn off the wi fi, this heres, the big city uh, have you drowned around yeah? I am moving, it looks like it. It looks like it uh pros for a second okay, so while were getting this reconnected, uh just a quick explanation, anyone whos gon na go and fly if youre connected with your drone um device via wi fi in your house, and then you walk out the back. Guess whats going to happen, your wi fi signal as soon as you walk outs going to drop out and thats what happened? Last time we had um, we had kelly, try to stream, so lets just see if we can reconnect him now.

Okay, now i went back to this shot so ill go back to this one. Okay, weve got weve got zero kilobits per second, so this is a highly technical operation. Here you might need to restart dji, go sorry to say that, okay, its better, we did this its better. We did this before you went outside like last time. It is. It is yeah. I always feel kind of silly. So now, uh wi fi networks not available. Okay, yeah there we go. I want to go to um, so im gon na im, gon na show you guys how quick it is to just start start this out and be able to fly. So i want to go to the three little dots in the top right and then i want to go to select live broadcast platform rtmp and i oh its already there i go next. I go start and we should see it here in just a second and should see my beautiful face uh. You know, i think it might be cached on im waiting for it to come up on my server it hasnt reached. Oh, it says it says connecting it says connecting connecting connecting. I wonder if killing the uh killing the wi fi was a bad idea indoors. It was probably a bad idea and we should have thought about it beforehand. But oh no, wait, wait. It says it says: live now, it says: live there, you go okay and weve got you all right here i go im going outside, you guys are in charge.

Okay, who was that was that i ive got my shop open because its so hot greg and uh. I got a little traffic noise and thatll actually that traffic noise sounded pretty good hes going down the highway yeah. So where does kelly live? What what town is he in? Do you remember he lives in the austin area – okay, not quite sure which part of austin he lives in, but uh hes in, but were gon na go and get to see his backdoor backyard and i assume thats his garage. He went up yeah and he cant hear us unless he cant hear us unless hes got some wi fi headphones by the way, heres heres a a tip for anyone else, thats going to fly today if youve got another device and youre watching youtube, dont play it On speakers, because thatll come back in your microphone and will open up a hole in space and time it will get very confusing if you want to watch the broadcast um, do it on headphones thatll make it much easier for everyone, but certainly kelly was saying this Is a water tower outside uh outside his location there yeah uh, maybe therell, be something i can recognize here in a minute he doesnt orbit should be able to see austin in the background austin round rock area. I believe where he, where hes at you know he moved offices, he moved offices about a month or two months ago, now so hes, not where he was im, not quite sure where this is at uh.

Somebody in the chat might know where his office is im. Just not quite sure anymore, so this is a water tower. You see, thats right, stingray teenagers around here tend to be 40 or 50 year old, oh yeah kelly. I can hear something dripping there. It got leaked kelly. What did you do to the tower? I bet hes out there talking away and he dont know his cant be heard yeah. You know, thats, like ken harris, took that video that bullet hole in that one there where he lives, did you say a bullet hole? Okay, some beautiful flight there from kelly and weve got trevor ready to come in im, going to go and start to set him up and get him ready to come on screen. So ive got so many computers over here, its absolutely crazy today, because youre multi steel oops did. I just do something bad. Oh there we go hes back, okay, Music, just anybody chat, know where kellys at mike right. You know where his new office is at and by the way, um just something um to for people to chat about in the uh in the chat room, heres, a not a trivia question, but a safety question when youre flying lets say youre flying this shot. Now, what do you have to think about while youre doing it to to fly safely? What are the things you would think about as a drone pilot youre asking me the chat there greg um lets start with the chat first and then well get some comments from you im watching im watching about also alexis alexis says she uh.

She said she should be live now as well: greg okay, yep, kelly, kellys, safe hes, good to go youre muti, greg cant, hear you buddy sorry, im im here: okay, im, just moving around doing the stuff ill, just get alexis configured ready to go now. She lives. If i understood right, she lives in uh corpus, christi texas, which is on the lower end of the gulf coast. Ive been there one time and i got to go, see the lady lexington, the blue, ghost the uss lexington cdn. I cant remember the number but uh thats, where its retired at and the state of texas has a big saltwater kind of a fish hatchery down there. Its got a great great aquarium down there get a chance to go, but she called alexis and shed give you a hookup im sure she knows what area will we had fun with down there about 10 years ago? Northwest austin okay good deal. Thank you, doc. Yeah doc uh seventies, i got ta. I got a five inch this time, my friend, but you know now, then i got the. I got the digital stuff, so uh. Just briefly, i got um both of them there. Now we got alexis and weve also got kelly. Obviously, there ill focus on the us based people at the moment to get more of them in and uh well cut over to the aussies once weve got some of that out of the way, i know its just clap its clouded up here this evening, too, kelly Got some clouds down there as well yeah the weathers changing lexus yeah hurricanes coming yep were gon na get some clouds off of it.

Is that your yard lets just see your boat yeah? Well, wait for alexis to take off and well um bring that up in a couple of moments. There you go back to kelly there at the moment, so alexis were receiving. Oh there we go its better. Now it was showing zero before oh third eyes in chat. He was up around close to temple texas. Are you doing this scene to my friend a couple of things in the meantime? Thank you. Artco drone solutions for your contribution to my channel and weve also got artko in kellys channel, saying he cant wait to be at spin up, and that was a member for four months balanced charger. I dont know what that is, but im sure its a membership change or something i dont know balanced chargers for uh, fpv batteries, yeah yeah, but thats the category of membership or something i think about. I im with you now yeah and who have we got over there in grumpys channel, look heres a question to everyone. Grumpy is um hes, not a drone guy per se, but hes um, someone whos got a drone and he also happens to do youtube stuff. So people go out and subscribe to his channel. If you can and weve got alexis coming in now lets oops yeah. We did have a second, you never know what youre going to get with lloyd, so yeah look go and subscribe to him. Well, get him up over a thousand and help him too be able to do some stuff.

He feels it like it is. He does sure copy that lord im gon na copy and put in your kellys link here. Okay, please tell me that worked that worked well. That did work perfectly and you know what im so glad that we spent the time to get you off. Wi fi did. Could you could you hear me too? No, unfortunately, not no, oh okay! Uh i was, i was narrating a little bit, but pretty cool water tower isnt it i mean thats, like you, walk out the door and its just right. There, oh concrete water tire looks like so is somebody else in the air right now. Yeah absolutely weve got alexis. Oh hey flying live now down in uh. She shes in corpus. Christi, i think, is that right. Another texan this whole show yeah ive been to corpus a few times. Uh there is a really cool there used to be a really cool restaurant. There called the light lighthouse. Have you been there chris uh cant say i have ken or or ken i mean you know pretty much. If you say ken, though its right about 80 percent of the time it started with a k, yeah yeah, i got a. I had a text message here from uh that kid i was telling you about a while ago, so my mind a little preoccupied. I understand uh, so alexis is uh, but we cant, we cant, hear alexis huh. No, i can see it coming into my computer.

Let me try something over here. Do you need to hop off for a minute chris, or are you good for no? No im? Okay. Okay, uh there theres theres the two shot of of uh, her uh flying and chris and greg um. It looks like just a quick just a quick interruption. While you were flying um. I asked people just imagine youre the pilot going and flying around that water tower and the question is: what do you need to do to fly around and do the flight that you just did safely, and i encourage people to put answers in the chat rooms. Lets see what people said: uh shout out, tequila shout out to kayla and a dr pepper uh, hey artco, drone solutions. Thank you. Thank you for the super chat there thats thats very cool uh. Like i said, i see the grumpy vlogger in there and uh alexis. So alexis is still flying. Um lets see if anybody else said said an answer to that. Did you get some on your channel any any answers to your question im just about to go and have a look through trying to work out where it started. Uh joe said there was some echo uh cool gunshot, echo over three uh drone shot says, put a sticker on it. You, you missed the bit of fun. While you were flying um. Let me show you what i did. You were getting close to the tower and Laughter thats awesome, and then we had a reminder about ken herrons his when somebody when somebody shot the uh shot, the water tower and the water came leaking out almost almost like it was uh almost like it was going To the bathroom for about 15 minutes yeah i mean i, i would say the biggest thing, the biggest thing for me in terms of doing that flight uh its its nice because theres a business next door, its like a garden um like they do lawn care and Garden and stuff like that and generally after five oclock theres nobody there.

So i can fly over that. I fly over one road and then im in the space where the water tower is the one that i flew around and its actually a fenced off space. Its pretty big id say its probably two acres of land that surround that water tower and so, when im flying over the water tower, circling it and stuff im pretty much over that um that area thats fenced off now, if my drone went down in there, id Have a hard time getting it because its its uh locked up and its got uh barbed wire and all that stuff. So its not not a place. You want to lose your drone for sure yeah, but i will look at the comments from a couple of people. Um clear airspace is one comment. Obviously spatial awareness knowing where you are working out, whats around you and there was another one that i saw. Where was it um? Obviously, battery just make sure how your batterys going thats, not rocket science, yeah thats, good advice, yeah its good advice. The other thing personally, for me, is if youre flying close to a metallic structure is um understanding, the impact of metal on your compass and your imu and all of that kind of stuff. Now its going to affect different aircraft in different ways, but certainly just keeping that in the back of your mind, is always good well and its funny. You say that i actually got a warning that said: um wow, look at that sunset by the way that alexis has going um.

I got a warning that said: uh uh that i was getting some interference. It said strong, strong interference and its. It is a huge, huge piece of metal that youre sitting in front of, and so i got it twice when i rotated did a loop around it um both times. I was on the opposite side of it, so it was basically between me and the uh drone and so that that happened to me at the kings this weekend, uh flying the phantom 4 around all that steel. It did not like it had to back off. Quite a ways yeah, i guess if you tried to put a gps drone through minefield that would be challenging a because of the wires and stuff but b because of the interference. Is that right, yeah, absolutely and the same kind of thing going underneath um metal bridges? Those kind of things can have the same kind of challenges as well and theres alexis sitting next to her yeah sorry ive got i ill ill ill use. The aussie turn next to her. You her ute is that, like a sport, utility, uh utility vehicle yeah, that looks huge, that looks more like a pickup truck right. There thats a gmc, a pickup truck, no thats a thats. A ram is that a chris is that a ram or a gm? Its a ram thats, a ram; okay; okay, sorry, sorry, alexis, nice flight, beautiful flight, very cool, thank you for joining and doing that tonight and just to share um what alexis has told um in some discords i mean shes, traditionally a um uh, a pilot who flies Real aircraft yeah yeah – i knew she was affixing.

Oh weve got the slow motion there. We go um yeah shes, a traditional general aviation pilot and one of the people in her flying club got her into flying. Drones and shes got hooked on the hobby and absolutely loves the community that weve got here on all of the different channels where um, where she participates. So thanks to all of the other people that have made her feel welcome. Thats awesome that is very, very cool. Um, so so you guys uh obviously know that um shes in texas, im in texas weve got sunset going here. Um, do you have anybody else that is currently flying thats in a different time zone? Greg okay, lets go and have a look at. We can lets. Try this so chris that um that new, that new quad that you have is that a uh air unit in it or a caddix, a vista in it, its the caddys vista, okay, uh. I got it from race day, quad theres a package ill tell you! Oh, did it did it so it came with the goggles. No, i bought the guy. Actually i got uh people need to remember this. Uh best buy usually knocks ten percent off uh your birthday month tonight. Oh, i did not know that and uh i went in and looked and put it in my cart and they knocked ten percent off 569 bucks. Nice nice. I got just a little over 500 out the door, so so uh also one just a quick little interruption.

This is um a video feed coming from trevor hes, one of our regulars and he said, look weve got some bad weather happening, but he happened to get some vision, um prior to being live. I think that was oh. No here we go. That was just his little test pattern so that what do we got? Oh there was a giant clock in this guy thats thats kind of cool, so is trevor trevors in australia. He comes from a land down under. I think i was thinking you know when i was going to put this picture up on the screen. I was thinking of putting it upside down just to make it interesting is that man from snowy river? Is he Music? Ah there we go Music. You come from a land down under where women go and men blunder Music. You should put yourself back up on the screen somewhere, yeah. Okay, let me let me work on that so um. So this is where what city is he in? So trevor comes from south australia, um location where he is flying today. I dont want to comment because i dont ill, let him type it in after he flies today. Oh weve lost chris, oh chris, chris come back to us chris uh, i dont. I dont see him in uh rendezvous either all right, but yeah hes gone black and rendezvous. So hes definitely its not your end. So you can still hear me here: okay, okay, im gon na im gon na put myself in chriss spot here, real quick uh.

Just just to and and video blackmagic add and im getting so good at wirecast. I dont know why ken has all that trouble. Uh. We have someone else getting ready to fly cloud hopper ill, get his video feed up; okay, well, so uh trevor! This is beautiful. That water is is uh. Super blue looks really good. I would i would love to love to know where that is. I really want to go to south south australia. I really want to go to um perth ive heard that perth is is really beautiful. Greg is that your is that your understanding as well sorry, say again: perth is a beautiful area. It is the only time ive been to perth is in transit many many years ago, when i was young going over back then to south africa. So how how how far from uh perth are you i mean if you were to drive like how many hours would it take um more than a day? Okay, so more than 10 12 hours yeah no another end of the country yeah, so its thats, like driving from texas to new york or something like that, probably not well actually, texas to new york is three three days its about 32 hours, because ive done that Many times um and then also texas, to uh uh texas to california, is about the same going. The other way and weve got chris back all right. Let me add him into this shot.

Chris im going to add you chris. Can you hear us? Yes, sir? Okay, im going to add, we lost you for a minute, okay, im going to grab im going to add you into this shot, real, quick uh. So let me see here boop and boop thats. My sound effect for boop is my sound effect for working on a shot, probably getting some echo now and get rid of this get rid of that uh and go so here we are weve, got two shots now: weve got trevor continuing and weve got someone by The name of cloudhopper going for a fly now as well, now im going to try and work on the audio. I dont know if i can make it work, but ill, try, um all right, so chris great tip about um about best, buy giving you 10 off. Thats thats huge, i dont, know if uh, i think you probably got ta have a. Of course. You got ta have an account with them: yeah yeah yeah. I have the rewards, the reward zone account and – and there have been years where i bought like new appliances and stuff like that and ill say honestly, the the the payback for that is is not bad. I mean ive gotten, you know several hundred dollars worth of coupons just because i bought like a refrigerator, and you know maybe a couple of things that year. So it works out pretty well, i i think they have a good reward program and you can.

You can get a lot of things from zero interest for like 18 months yeah yeah. Well, so are they selling the fpv? Oh, you got the v2 goggles. Is that right, thats right, oh okay! So so those are v2s um. They sell those by themselves by themselves, because i thought they, i thought you had to buy the kit to get them at best, buy no, they sell the they sell the goggles by themselves and they sell the uh the comp package, but as well. Okay, okay, um youve, youve flown the dji fpv a little bit, um whats your thought on it, wow wait, wait, wait was that was that real or was that a sound effect, no thats a real deal, thats a that looked like about a 2018 mustang just come Up to highway so so youre in your workshop right there right im out here in the shop: okay, okay, oh the doors open i was like. Why is that so loud man, it sounds like its right there. Man were getting some really weird um kind of cross. Uh, like reality on the on the video feed too, we got a city on one side in the ocean on the other side, um greg. Where is where is uh cloud? You said cloudhopper, where is cloudhopper located im not familiar with cloudhopper, but just out of interest. I think ive got audio for him coming up so cloudhopper. If you are listening on youtube, if you want to tell us where you are that should hopefully come in, i can hear the the background, birds or whatever it is in the area.

You can hear a little bit of uh cloudhoppers ambient sound yeah cloudhopper earth to cloud hopper. I will say one thing that i love about wirecast when you do a transition and you move a shot, it just slides everybody along really smoothly. I like how it does that cloud hopper. Can you hear us? You hear the background noises? Ah there we go. We can hear him hello. There is a delay. There is a delay over auckland auckland, new zealand, very cool auckland. New zealand were definitely multicultural. Today, weve got um south australia, weve got new zealand. Weve got a couple of people over in the us. Weve had alexis and weve had ready, set drone whos going to be next, which part of the world are we going to fly at next? Yes, i can hear you awesome well cloud hopper that is auckland new zealand that is really cool. It is a very uh, looks like a very populous area. Is there some water? If you go left a little bit? I feel, like i see some water on the edge of the frame. Oh there it is theres a river nice river yeah, its got a big big opening there kind of sit on the gentleman bank with a fishing pole. I dont know where i dont know where auckland is in new zealand, if its like north south or closer to the equator greg. Do you know that being from a few imagine australia its where australia is its further south, oh and trevor trevor said hes at billys light point south of port lincoln thats, where trevor is yo trevor fuss there we go um.

So so chris have you flown that new one yet or is it literally literally you just bound it nah bound it up while ago, and then i i did find how to make a copy on my radio and now then i got to figure out how to Bind it so tonight before i go to bed ill, be itll, be flowing out here and shop. If itll fly you, you know, you got to get yourself um, you got to get yourself, one of those you probably already have one – or maybe you have better eyes of me, but to bind anything like that. Ive got this big magnifying glass that i hold it under to look for the button and then on the magnifying glass theres, a little tiny diopter that makes it even even closer. So if you hold it up there, its like you can see exactly where you know. Usually itll say bind or you can tell its a button, but some of those things are so tiny. I was looking while ago i got, i got ta find it um. It didnt already jump in yeah, sorry kelly, im just watching in your chat room and theres. Someone your ass on oz, whos, um, talking about um, a bird that he crashed and hes got to do some soldering and that kind of reminded me of something we were going to talk about today and i just said: oh yeah yeah. Do you want to you? Want to talk about it or you want me to um ill, let you start and then ill join in well mix it up and yeah.

So actually um. We have a great thing going tonight and because were on so many channels, im, not even sure what the total view count is. But weve got a giveaway that greg has offered. It is a device that is going to allow you to enhance the um capability of your video transmission and your radio transmission on your drone, and so it, however uh greg. You correct me if im getting it wrong, but it is something that requires a bit of soldering in order to put uh put it in sorry. What was that soldering? Not soldering? Chris chris help me out here. I im im listening im, just not im just trying not to repeat yeah. We got to do a bit of a soldering. I got to do some soldering s, a w d e r, i n g. So so, whichever you d, whichever it is, there is a uh, a device that will enhance your wi fi and it requires some soldering and so uh we are going to give one away. Greg is going to give one away, it is worth um id say about 300 us dollars. You said about 250 euros, which is about 300 to 300 dollars 275 euro, and it was, i think, 350 u.s ill check it. What is that in australian dollars? Let me tell you right now, its 323 us or in australian dollars for those down under its 446 australian. So this is a substantial giveaway yeah.

One of the regular guys that um i have on my channel is a guy by the name of cold flake. From no limit drones, they traditionally do software stuff, but this is a piece of hardware. So imagine youve got your drone. Youve got your controller, you put a new little board inside both ends and its a signal booster, but you do need to be able to solder. Solder saw dirt to do some modifications to your birds, so youve got your existing um rf output. It goes into this thing and it goes out. The other end of the antennas and youve got to get power to it as well. So youve got to do that in such a way that its going to be appropriate for your drone, so probably not not super difficult to do, but something that does require. You know something that if youve never done this before, you may not want to try. It is that a fair way to put it thats a fair way to put it if you havent got a soldering iron. Now then, you dont want to enter this competition, but if you have one – and you know how to use it, then this could be for you, so we we came up with a way for uh, for you to win and greg uh is going to announce the Winner on his show next friday, which will be an hour later than this one itll be starting right about now in about six minutes.

Is that right, greg six minutes from now in a week a week and six minutes from now? So well, actually, on that show the guy who is um giving it away is actually, if i remember correctly, my guest next week so its a oh, perfect, perfect week too yeah yeah. So so, in order to win uh what we are, what we have come up with uh and greg, do you want them to send this to you directly? I think it would make more sense for them to send it directly to you. Is that sure um just send it to me, send it to um upload at greg cooner.com, which is the standard video that a standard email address that i use for people to submit stuff to me ill paste that into the chat all three channels. In a couple of minutes, but what you need to send is a photograph of a project that you have worked on, where youve used a soldering iron to complete the project and the simple reason for that. We dont want people um, you know entering this competition and not able to use the product because its a high dollar value price. We want to make sure someones going to take advantage of it. All you got to do send a photo and ill put the email in the channel soon of you and a previous project, and you can win this thing and what did you have to use on the previous project greg? So, basically, if you can take a piece of wood and solder it in half, then you can win this contest.

All it takes man. So so that said uh all all of that said, oh goodness, uh find the project find the picture. Send it to uh. Upload is it upload or uploads with an s upload, upload, upload, singular at gregcoonner.com and uh. Then next week greg will announce the winner on his show, which takes place right after first friday, um uh and i just want to say too um. I dont think chris. You dont know this, yet i did tell greg this yesterday, im actually going to suspend my weekly show for a period of time um i havent been able to do it regularly enough ive been sort of inconsistent with it and just right now. Dont have the time to do it every friday, so the speed dial thing was was was fun uh. I think im gon na go back for a little, while probably at least until spin ups over, because because thats keeping me fairly busy um with just uh first friday. So i will do a show next friday, which will be the first friday of september uh. And i will promise that one will have some giveaways and some some uh excitement to it and then, after that, itll be first fridays for for a little while until i can kind of figure out, if i want to do every week, its its um, you know Greg – and i were talking about its just a lot of week – a lot of time – commitment to put on a show every week you know um, but i appreciate everyone who has uh tuned.

In i mean i, i see uh, lloyd and brad and well lloyd and art in there. Both those guys do a weekly show and thats. You know us by drone. Does a weekly show its just its a big, its a big time, commitment to do that, and i just id rather stop doing it weekly for a little while then do it poorly and i feel like lately just because of my inconsistency i havent been doing as Well, as i could so monthly, it is uh thats, a quick catching for ben t. Whos been a member for 12 months of the flight crew. One hole, hey benty ben bens from here another texan. We got alexis, we got yeah, we got lots of texans in the in the house tonight, ben ben and i also funny coincidence we used to both do kind of a similar um job. As far as uh video went, we were both sort of technical video people, so hey thunderbird, six good to see you buddy thanks for joining um. So what if you get that thing up tonight, chris, you think youre going to fly it this weekend. Uh lord willing yeah, if that hurricane doesnt come through huh, i think well think were okay. Uh people like johnny drone flyers right dead center yeah. I also want to say something about johnny drone flyer, something awesome and speaking about uh live shows. He put together a list of all the live shows and what nights they go on and all that sort of thing um, i i have it and ive referenced it several times to kind of see if theres something going that night or whatever so really cool thing.