Take some more pictures get up out of here, yep and thats, pretty much how it goes, and this is the second part um of that day. I recorded two videos that day – and this is also the second part of the cool grade 11.. This is the first video i did with comax pretty fun. Video um had a very, very intense basketball game, but today we have a pair from lisa, so shout outs at least for getting these took a while to get here, but i think there are some issues. Shes super busy so um, i dont think it was. Any fault of hers might have been customs who knows, but we got nine and a half this time and this pair was really different thats. All i could say is theyre really really different. I didnt really know until i got them in hand and the differences seemed to be more in the leather. I thought the leather was a little lower cut. It had like a little speck on them, so i dont know what that was could have been from the box who knows, but the overall shape right out of the box i can tell it is, it has been revised and bottoms are the same. I think that has to be on the third lace: loop um, the back looks good. They fixed it from what the issue was on the other pair that i had. If you watch that video, if you have not, please go ahead check that out, but there were some issues with the 23s on the back um.

The jumpmans look good and i think the leather cut is a little lower. My mind can be playing tricks on me, who knows toe boxes, look pretty crispy and of course the bottoms look pretty crispy. You can see the toe box through the transparent part ill show you that here in a second, but lets bring the other pair out real quick. So we can just compare them and right when i seen them, i was like: oh okay, the upper is totally different and thats. What i mean you can see on the right thats, the lisa shoe. You can see it. I dont think its supposed to be that way, but i dont know well have to wait until around december, but this is the old pair and yes, i did play basketball in them, but the color is noticeably different. Its like a whole different shade. I know thats all not dirt from basketball, but the jumpmans look pretty similar. They both look good again. This this pair from lisa has a nice higher cut, and this one had some issues with the back and i just laid them flat here. So you can just look at them. I think the one on tops patent leather cut is higher. I just cant really tell, but you just got ta look at it, but its totally different shoot totally different shoe. I dont think they had the materials ready on the first pair they just kind of threw something on which was really good, which was really good.

This is kind of a different. I dont even know how to explain it that ones suede and then the leesa pair is like a more leathery type of softer its just a different type material and look at the collars too. The collars were totally different. Lisa pair had this paper inside, which was kind of surprising, and the other pair had the plastic, so im im betting. My money on the plastic for december well probably get that plastic 11s usually have that without a doubt, they both have the polyetherine insoles, which i love and theres a peek of that and no black light. There is really nothing to find so lets just jump into the on feet, because its long, its beautiful man beautiful, thank you lisa. Thank you lisa. These are amazing its like an early christmas gift, dang, it thats what i get for, trying to be cool Music. Thank you. Thank you, Music, all right, all right, all right! I did something silly. I did something silly. I left my phone somewhere. I think i left it in the car, but i left it somewhere and i cant do the drone without the phone i got to get it. It kind of makes me paranoid. When i dont have my phone. I know i didnt set it down somewhere because i didnt stop anywhere to shoot, but here so i got to go back to the car real quick and i only have about 10 minutes left on that meter.

I thought i was gon na get the drone up and be back before that time, but it looks like that im not so lets get walking lets get walking, damn i actually havent walked and vlogged in a minute like this is the most like standout thing you Could do is walk in a city and uh have a camera pointed directly at your face and youre talking to it, and people are like people know what it is at this point 2021, but its just interesting because theyll just watch you, like i hate when i Leave my phone anywhere, i should probably backtrack Music. Thank you, Music. My baby got it Music. That was a lot of walking im gon na. Take some quick pictures again for this wall, its not that fancy, but being that im wearing dark against the dark and the scorpios are going to pop out a little bit thats going to work for this photo shoot. I was thinking about this nasty piece of wood right here and that could work. Ah that might work. Actually i could take point against this, but mostly theyre going to be done. Against this backdrop, when people start walking by i try to act like i really know what im doing the depth of this uh canvas is going to bring me a lot of texture to this video and my composition, and then i probably will get the drone up. Im running out of time, im running out of time, i did a rain video out here.

There was a rain video flashback, see that rain video was dope theres a puddle over there. I might be able to use all right. Let me just get this done. Let me get the drone up real, quick one. Two three well do another one lets see one two three well do one more. Do you have an account or something to see on instagram? Oh really, can i have your instagram you guys from im from mexico? Oh, is everybody friends yeah, oh okay, okay, thats me, the little pink one. Look like im, sad im, not that sad and i make youtube videos too. So you guys will probably be in the video. Is that okay, yeah okay, take care guys. Take i care a couple of them. I subscribed that was pretty dope, though i was pretty dope, though so um i gave him some good pictures too. I took some good pictures for him, so i tried to make sure the whole canvas was back there. He said i tried to make sure i got that all in there for him like its like an iphone 8 or something like that, but it doesnt matter it doesnt matter, Music, all right, yo, yo, finally about to get the damn drone up all right. So uh last time i got a drunk last time. I got the drone up in these like alleys, it crashed. It was bad, like i dont think my drone has recovered since that crash.

So im gon na be really careful in this alley. Right here you know what im saying one more solid, droney, all right: Music, a Music um, Music, nice nice – that was dope – i had to uh – i had to tip the guy that was playing the flute. I havent tipped anybody in a long long long long time. The guy across the street that was playing a guitar would have tipped him, but he stopped playing as soon as i pulled up on him. Hey hows it going. What are they doing in there? What are they doing in there painting? Whatever? I just saw a ring light and i was like somebody content creating in there, but theyre doing some couples, painting stuff like that, but yeah the guy with the guitar he stopped playing as soon as i pulled up on him. So i couldnt tip him. He got scared or something my dude playing the flute. That was from the spirit and that little kid man, i told you, man, colo color, got love for the kids, the kids love color man that kid pulled up on me he was like. Can i hold your drone, i said no, you cant hold my drone man, its very expensive and he ran to his parents. He was like, i want a drone and his parents were just looking at me like whyd. You do that to my kid and im, like hey, hes gon na be bugging their parents about that.

Damn drone until christmas time, hell probably get one though, but im out guys its been adventurous day. Im kind of like got the sniffles now ive been out here too long. I didnt get the shots i wanted with the drone. I wanted to do it over here, where all the trees were, but im gon na have to come back like tomorrow. It didnt work out so off to the car.