Can do a lot of things, and this is the second drone made in the mini series. This thing is 249 grams, so you do not have to register it with the faa. This thing comes with lithium ion batteries which are in the pack here and then a controller. So what i’m going to show you guys today is how to set it up and how to fly it? Okay. So here this we have the the pack here, we’ve got this little guy. You can see how small this this guy is. I can fit it in the palm of my hand, so again this thing’s about 249 grams. You do not have to register it with the faa. It is the second um the dji mavic mini. This thing is really powerful, and so what i’m going to show you here is how to set this thing up, so you can see here a couple parts. This is the gimbal camera. It’S got a 4k camera shoots 1080p at 30 frames per second, so it’s got this little guard right here. This thing right here is the propeller guard, so these are very powerful, they’re, just they’re, pretty pretty thin they’re, pretty uh flimsy they’re they’re very fragile. So you just want to make sure that you, you know, take care of these guys really well. This is part of the fly more package really recommend getting that what that includes is extra propellers. It includes uh three extra batteries here again these are lithium ion batteries and it’s got the propeller guard.

It’S also got some extra propellers, so recommend getting that only cost about 60 bucks on amazon i’ll put that down in the link below. So you guys can go. Take a look at that so now i’m going to take this off right here: okay and then what we do is just pop that off just like that. Take this off here, i’ll put it back in the case and then what i’m gon na do is this thing’s got a couple of uh it’s got you just pull these out right here? Okay, just like that, it’s got little levers there little handles and then these rotate downward, so you’ll just push down on that. One and they’ll come out like that pop down like that, this sd card you just pop it right in there charging port. So, when you’re charging this guy up, you’ll just place it in the back there, okay and then you’re gon na pop this back up right here, that’s where the battery goes in the back there and then i’ve got three lithium ion batteries. Okay, these each have a charge of about 30 minutes. So when you get that up to 100 charge, you’ll you’ll be able to fly for about 30 minutes. So okay. So i got my battery right here. I’M, just gon na pop that right in the back and then what you’re gon na do is just push that in you’ll hear a little click sound it’ll pop it in there and then you’ll just pop that down snap it shut just like that again is the Camera right here, um so i’m gon na take this off.

Okay uh! You can fly it with the gimbal protector. Don’T really recommend. It just adds a little extra weight. It’S gon na decrease the performance in your flight just a little bit so i’m gon na turn. That down and then just pop that up just like that, okay, take that off phone is ready to go now um. I just got to set up my the remote controller with my phone i’m going to show you how to do that: okay, okay, guys! This is the dji controller. This is how you’re going to fly. The drone you can see here. It’S got two little sticks: okay, that’s. How you’re gon na fly it so you’re gon na pop these out and it’s got this little rubber thing right here. You can just kind of put your thumb right on there and then just pop it out like that. You see that top end you’re just gon na screw it in a clockwise rotation, and then it will just go in there and then same with the left controller. Again, just rotate it right. I’Ll show you quickly how this goes here. So this is the on button right here, so i can turn it on there’s, a couple different uh modes, so there’s a cinematic mode, normal and sport. I won’t really get into that today. I’Ll, just kind of show you the basics of how this works. This is your home location right here and then you’ve got the gimbal right here.

So this is how you’re going to rotate the camera up and down. So if you’re up flying and you want to take shots, um down downward, say you’re looking at a car or you want to just photograph some of the landscape, you’re just going to push that down, and then that goes down to almost a 45 degree angle. So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to pull my phone out and then you fly this and then i’ll get my iphone 11 out here. I’Ve got the dji fly app downloaded on my phone, so i’m, just gon na press that and then it’s got my altitude. It’S got my fly spots. It’S got some tutorials there, we’re still rolling. So now what we got to do is connect our phone to the remote controller, so there’s this little cord that comes here. So what you’re going to do see this right here, you just pull that up just like that. This pulls up so quite a ways. Um one of the things about this. You can’t connect an ipad. You can connect an ipad to it, but it doesn’t fit in here, like an iphone, does um. So what we’re gon na do is just take this little cord out right here. We’Re gon na pull this up and then we’re gon na leave this attached right there. Okay, this is what i’m gon na use to connect my iphone to it. I’M gon na.

Do what i like to do a little technique is i just pull this up, use my index finger and then hold it just like that. Okay and then my phone is gon na snap in here. Just like this, so we got this all hooked up. I just popped that in just like that. Okay, i take this thing off i’m gon na press this right here: okay, i’m, going to hold this, take off button i’m, going to hold that down and then i’m going to hit, take off it’s going to fire up. It’S just going to sit there and hover over it’ll go up about three feet and then it’ll just sit there and hover just like that. So then i can. I can turn it around, be a 360 degree rotation by turning the thumb, stick wet. So now you can see the camera in view there and i’ll just rotate it back around. You can see the propellers, i mean they turn pretty quickly, um and it’ll. Just if this thing’s pretty easy to fly, i mean they’ll just sit there and hover so i’m. Gon na push it out now and i’m gon na go, fly it and then what i’ll do is i’ll. Just what you’ll use is you’ll use the right thumbstick or push it forward. Okay, so i’m going to push this just like that and it’s going to go forward, stop it there it’ll just sit there and hover. If i want to increase the altitude, so you can see on my phone here.

We’Ve still got it at about uh three feet off the ground, it’s a little bit higher than that, but um it’s roughly about three feet. The distance is about 42 feet away from us and then, if i want to increase the altitude see i just press up on the left thumbstick just like that, and then this right here is going to give me my camera view of what that camera is seeing On the aircraft, so i can fly it up just like that. Take it kind of slow we’re up to about 20 feet right now, it’s just going to sit there and hover at about 20 feet and then, if i want to move it side to side i’m gon na i i can move this right here and it’ll go To the right i’ll, just kind of sit there hover again see my hands are right now or not on the joystick, so it’s just hovering right there and then i’m gon na move it over to the left and just sit there and hover just like that. So guys here’s, the mavic mini it’s just sitting here, hovering. Okay, and you can see this one does have a little sensor right here. So, as i kind of push my hand up, this thing is just gon na push up just like that. It’Ll just kind of sit there and hover okay and then what i’ll do to rotate it again i’m going to use the left thumb stick to rotate this thing around Music, all the way around and then to increase the height i’m going to use.

This left thumb. Stick and just press it up and then i’ll just go up just straight like that rotate it in a 360 degree angle. I just move my thumb to the left there and you can see everything that the camera’s, seeing just like that now you can see everything that it’s looking at out that way. So, in order to move this thing, uh forward i’m just gon na push i’m gon na push push this up to gain a little bit of altitude, just like that. Okay, so my altitude is, on my left hand, side so i’m, going to move that down. Just like that and then i’m going to move that up and then, if i want to move it to the left or if i want to rotate it just like that, rotate that now to move it forward, move it side to side, move it back i’m. Going to use the right hand, uh, thumbstick, okay, so to move it forward, pretty easy, just like that and that’ll go out and it’ll just kind of sit out there and hover and we’ll keep it back. There we’ll pull it back, we’ll, get it closer to us and just pull it back. Just like that guys. This one does not have sensors like the um, the dji phantom 4 or the mavic uh pro 2.. So one thing to watch out for just be a little bit careful if you’re, you know if you can’t quite see it if it’s coming at you, it does not have sensors, so be careful with that so i’m going to move it just very so easy back To us here and just come and just kind of sit there, and if i want to move it to the left or to the right again, i’m going to use this uh right.

Thumb stick so it’ll just hover over to the left. Music move out. That way and then we’ll bring it over to the right Music and then again, it’ll just kind of sit there and hover just like that: okay guys so we’re, almost at the end of our flight here and uh again, i’ll just rotate it around let’s, see on My phone here so this thing’s down to 20. it’s, going to give me a low battery um warning. Okay when it gets down to about 20 percent, so it’s going to tell me to return to home promptly so there’s one setting. You can press this it’ll automatically! Uh go rth, which is return to home, got a sensor where we’ll just take it back there. For you, i’m going to manually fly this back to kind of a small little landing area, so i’m gon na kind of rotate. It back just like that, and then i’m gon na just go right over here. Follow me over here kind of move. It maneuver it this way, i’m gon na set it on this table i’m gon na rotate it around so on here, i’m gon na press. This little button right here, it’s gon na, give me a land icon, i’m good there. So i’m, just gon na hold that this thing will automatically come down Music.