Uncomplex. Sorry for the lack of videos. The past few weeks, um new south wales recently just reopened their borders, and i just had to take a bit of a vacation. I had to go out. There hit the ocean, you know dunk my head into the sea because i just really needed it, but in that time i was able to fly these two drones rather extensively, and now i can tell you why give you some reasons why this drone is the next Drone to get after the dji fpv before he goes any further. I need to tell you the main reason why we had to buy a new drone, because this guy crashed the fbv drain again. Okay, look, i dont know who put the tree there, but suddenly there was a tree and then there was the ground, and just this is the second time where to send the drone back into dji to get it repaired and it just gets its just very frustrating. Granted it is his fault as the pilot for crashing the drone, but every time you break an arm, it gets annoying financially. So i needed something with a bit more grit, a bit more durability, something that wasnt afraid to go in the ring or something that wasnt afraid to just get bashed and crash, something that just said send it, and that is now why we have the nazgul evoke. F5, i mean just look at those just look at those arms.

Look how thick those arms are. Can you even can that focus on the arms beefy like ultimately, this drone has made me a better fpv pilot overall. So if you think youve got an understanding of flying fpv and you want to take it to the next level to you know better that flight experience look into this drone, its abandoned fly, so all you need to do is buy the drone already already made you Just need to have the controller and the goggles link them together and its ready to fly. I do intend on making a review on this drone, so if you havent already subscribe for that, but listen to the end of the video for my findings from switching from the dj fpv to this drone before i took the nascar out on its maiden flight, i Had to do a bit of programming in this program called betaflight. Essentially, all i did was turn off or disable angle mode and angle mode is just something when youre flying it will just go back to horizontal every time. You do a turn and it will just automatically go back to horizontal. I had to disable that so i was able to do like flips and turns and rolls and all that and its just a safety reason. Iflight does this so that to the beginner whenever they take the take the drone out from their first flight. You know they wont crash it quite so easily, but yeah while the drone was being shipped.

I also bought the dji remote control as the the flight controller. The flight system inside the nasgo is a dji hd system, so it was compatible with the dji remote control and the v2 goggles that already came with the dji fpv. So i had. I was able to save some money there. Didnt have to buy an extra pair of goggles. I also learned how to read: charge discharge lipo batteries like when i was searching up online, how these batteries work. I had this impression that it was going to be a task and a half to actually look after and maintain those batteries, but over time like once, i got used to it its actually pretty easy to maintain and keep the batteries healthy. So the charger i brought for my lipo batteries, it was just a local one. I bought from australia and its i dont know. I feel like it streamlined the charging process pretty easily its charging and discharging process, and once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite simple to look after and maintain your batteries, as there have been cases where lipo batteries have blown up yeah. I just have to put that out there, but at the same time, just make sure youre keeping within the same vicinity when youre charging the batteries, but so far i havent had any problems with them. So the charger i bought was the sky rc 2200, which is local, australia. I believe like i did.

I was about to get the one. Everybody has the that grey box looking one, but it was very expensive on amazon and this one came a lot cheaper and was local. So i decided to get that one so yeah. If youre looking for a battery charger, try see whats local to you. You know. Look at a couple reviews because they could work pretty well with charging lipo batteries, but just make sure you look into it, because there are some that arent that great at charging the lipo batteries so yeah bought the battery charger and two extra 1300 milliamp hour batteries. Now for the flying experience okay made in flight new drone lets do this? Am i in frame should be a frame all right im going in. I thought i had a good understanding of what fpv was that was until i flew this drone and actually flying a properly tuned drone that was made for acrobatic flying is just well from the start. I just felt like i had more freedom and control with this drone, like the nazgul feels more precise and more agile than the dji fpv like bear in mind like this is my first time flying a drone, an fpv drone that is not a dji fuv, but That transition from the dji to the nascar – it was just very noticeable and it was very comfortable like, even though the rates were a lot different to what i was used to.

I didnt change the rates at all, but those rates in the tune of the nazgul is just it just makes the flying experience so much better. The nasa goal with this dji hd system already feels great, so i could only imagine how good it would be flying analog, maybe one day ill, try that, but at the same time my gripe with the dji fpv was that his camera. So i had to mount a gopro on top of the dj fpv, but in doing so it hampered the maneuverability and the agility of that drone, so thats, why? When ive put a gopro on this drone, this drone is like made with the intention of putting the gopro at the front. So it already feels smooth handling all that weight and, at the same time, with the dji fpv i wasnt as comfortable flying through objects or beneath objects. So when i put a gopro on top the cap, the gopro is sitting on top here or the camera. My field of view, my point of view, is down here so its about that length of a ways away when flying. So, if im flying underneath an object that i have clearance from the main camera, the gopro might not have clearance and actually just hit the gopro off with the nascar. The distance between the two cameras, its a lot more closer. So what im seeing in the goggles is close to what the gopro will be seeing so im more inclined to go through gaps without hitting the top of the gopro.

So the nasgua is a lot lighter than the dji opv, even with a gopro and the battery on top, like heres, a clip of me going full throttle and then cutting it off, and you can just see how much hang time this drone has, which is a Factor of its light weight, but also its powerful motors, i mean this is expected because the nasdaq is more catered towards acrobatic flying and i did buy the dead cat version, meaning the front arms are more spread apart, so that the propellers arent in your field of View when youre flying or in the gopros view, apparently this does affect flight performance, but i havent felt anything that says otherwise. Dont get me wrong. Im still going to keep and fly the dji pv, because, if im doing anything a bit more long range ill have more ease of mind using the dj, fpv so say, im flying long ways away. Um i fly behind an obstacle if it loses signal. I know the drone is just gon na pause me there and start flying back towards me if i lose signal with the nasal, its just gon na drop out of the sky, and then after beginning my two kilometer trek to find it is going to suck. Also, i would prefer to use a dji fpv when its slightly raining its a bit more sealed off than the nazgul, which actually is pretty sealed off with the side walls that theyve recently incorporated, but at the same time the dji fuv.

I still prefer to fly that when its slightly raining, which i dont recommend to fly in the rain, but at the same time it is a bit more sealed off and i have flown it in the rain and it has survived. The nascar can handle more weight. More efficiently, like it doesnt its not phased as much whenever i put a gopro on top like it would phase a dji fpv, and i have to mention the durability of the nasguard like the frame and the the arms are just very thick and rigid. So its going to be very difficult to break and to break the frame of this drone and its funny since the dji fv has all the safety features, im, actually more daring on the nasal doing more flips and stunts, and all that type of stuff in the Air, especially when i take off the gopro, and it becomes very light, its just amazing – to fly like the tune on this drone that its shipped with it is. It is very great for flying acrobatic flying and it just handles like prop watch and um coming out of dives and spins in the air and turning is all just much more smoother and just much more seamless its just something that dji apiv cant handle very well. I just hope the next fpv drone dji makes its they make it with a great tune and durability in mind, because to me the most important thing is the flight experience, since i am the one with the controls and in the drone, so one i am in The air i want to be as comfortable as possible, knowing i have full control of what this drone will do and thats what the nascar does for me.

So the main trade offs really is the safety features so like the ability to hover or the pause function or the challenger battery like dji, does facilitate a lot of the handling for you. So you know the clip and battery the clip on propellers and the just plug in, and the battery will charge by itself, and it will know when to stop and all that, like its all very consumer friendly and at the same time, if you crash the drone, You can just send it back to dji and theyll, have it repaired and sent it back to you with the nasgu, its all very diy, so that the nasgo does have the better flight performance. A lot of the processors is manual so say like the battery to keep the battery in place. You actually need to use straps or if you want to put on or take off the propellers, you use a socket driver and if you damage or crash the drone, its really up to you to learn how to repair it and switch out components. Still, i hope to be true that this is the next drone to get after the dji fpv its, not something you have to do, but i believe its a great stepping stone to entering deeper into fpv anyways thats. All i have for you today. I hope to see you in the next one, because i actually have some mad clips im going to be uploading and working on in the next few weeks, so definitely like and subscribe for that and always just deeply appreciate it thats all we have today adios amigos, Peace out fan see you in the next one: Music.