I am in north lima, ohio, theres, nothing like going to the denver zoo and having a pretzel and a beer and walking around theres only like six dollar refills. In the souvenir glass, its a pretty good deal a good twinkle monkey. Yes, i am taking a few weeks off and ive been having a good time. Ive been going up to the mountains check this clip out breaker199. This is livewire livewire livewire live. We drove across this entire road, like you can just see it like. It goes all the way down around over. All those mountains see the goat taking off. Oh, my god, this looks so cold were on top of mount evans. Half you know like the observatory is like way up there see that. So, if you just come straight down, you get this lake, like your own private little frozen tundra, holy thats, twice thats epic! I just did that im up here in estes park and rocky mountain national park. I brought me a nice breakfast burrito, its still warm, even from the drive all the way from pecos and 36 vivo burrito. They got some of the best burritos. Whatever salsa i figured id come go do something today, so ive been hiking. This is just my warm up. Walking up this mountain. We got so many stops today. Hey everyone livewire here, sorry its been a minute since i did my last video, but i am here at the la cuenta and i am in denver colorado well greenwood, village, dtc area and i am flying the new smart 35 hd.

This has three and a half inch props. It has gr 1404 3850 kv motors and i am flying with an 850 maw battery and this is a four cell, its recommended up to a 1300 mah. I have crossfire on here and i put the zip ties on there to keep the antenna from going into the three and a half inch props. This is digital fpv, its got the vista and it is upgradable to the larger camera. If you want to get the nebula pro or the new solar uh night camera, i forgot starlight, i think thats, the name of it um, which is what im going to be doing. This is a really nice frame, its a one piece bottom plate, and this boasts a 35 amp f4 flight controller. I want you to see how awesome this thing flies now and im going to show you some day footage some of the things that ive been doing with it. Ive had numerous flights with it, and i just really enjoy it im here at the la quinta. I am in greenwood, village colorado, and this is my home. You know i live out of hotels, uh the whole time that im in the truck i live out of the truck and when im home i just basically uh just get to find a good room, and i just go there and im basically right on i 25. So theres a lot of freeway traffic right here and uh its really nice.

I got this huge rei parking lot. I can reach pretty far ill. Show you some of that. The distance that im getting and honestly my meter didnt even drop one digit from where im at thats pretty good. So i havent super tested the distance, but just from going from here to there thats pretty far so normally i wouldnt go that far im. Just by myself, this is under 250 grams im just cruising around im not trying to go high. There is flight paths around here, theres a airport, a few miles away, so i definitely am staying low below the buildings pretty much and just having a good time just going fast along the ground. This thing handles like a dream. I put some really good rates on it. Let me show you these rates yeah, it seems a little high, but you know its real, responsive and uh. It feels really good when youre flying with those rates and uh its just real fast, and i like that. So let me show you this video real quick of me ripping this first pack, the calm before the stall. Oh, you know we on that road riding Music action, baby, Music, Music. They gon na tell you that Music hit the Music Music dont, get scared. Now catch me in your city, big diesel, coming through nobody with me, whoa Music, get it Music; yes, yes, thank you. Music Applause feels alright, Music Applause, Music back to business, getting ignition tan of the interstate on this mission stack my money, didnt get missing all in mine, mind your business live wire.

He on fire. You on my squad, no use a liar Music new tires. Music dont get scared now catch me in your city, Music, yes, Music, oh Applause, Music, isnt that smart hd awesome like that thing was so fast. Did you see the acceleration on it and when i needed to brake, i just stopped like its got easy, maneuverability and um. I definitely am glad that i bought it.