Welcome back guys. Here we are again doing another touring review of an awesome campground. This time were in plymouth, connecticut at gentiles, campground Music. This is labor day weekend. This is the only week in the past five and a half months that we didnt book and plan ahead. This was a spur of the moment. Thing were trying to gear up for a surprise, for you guys thats coming up in a couple weeks, but lucky enough. We gave these folks a call and they found a spot for us and it was a nice spot right, gentiles and plymouth privately owned, campground check it out. So far, pretty nice wait for dee. He went in to check in so catch you in a few. This campground is an oldie bug, goodie its been around since the 60s and family owned um ill. Tell you once again ill go back to the customer service. It was impeccable its one of those places where you want to bring the family and kids. You know: theyve got two to three different playgrounds: swimming pool Music park has water sewer and electrical hookups, 20 30 and 50. theres hot showers, clean bathrooms, a massive baseball field, basketball court and check this out; theres, actually a church, a big, beautiful church and um. They do services on sundays. Music are my favorite types of days, Music, like cool but its, not like Music gimbals, so we dont make you guys so dizzy watching us.

This is gon na be fun. Exploring this place, though, theres actually a church here, too Music, all right, everyone walking around checking everything out, see remember doing this in school. Im gon na climb up the gym ceiling. I dont remember the easy. Does it work? Remember this. I dont know im getting dizzy. Im too old remember having to do it really fast and, like hang on its fine, ow Laughter, im feeling dizzy, i cant do it. Oh man, oh no, for real im, dizzy Music lets. Take this tour guys, Music, as you can see so far, most of the sites are level and spacious Music, as in most parks um. You have your seasonal residence and tenting area, um primitive area, and then you have the area we were at, which was right in front of the pavilion um. We had some great neighbors great conversations all night. I like this place, keep in mind while youre watching here. We had two hurricanes come through within a two week span which definitely took a toll on the park, and it also took a toll on the pool which they were very attentive to and trying to get that thing open and ready: Music theres over 120 sites. Here, uh half of them are seasonal, i think theres only around 40 or 50 sites that you could pop in and out on the weekends. So with that being said, we didnt uh want to be invasive and show you every site, especially the seasonal sites, but um were gon na do our best here, as always: Music, foreign Music.

Look at this baseball field, huge Music, Music. The customer service here is bar. None they actually delivered my firewood all the way to my campsite and then actually dropped it off in my fire ring Music, Music, all right so heres, where things took a turn for the worse for us, Music, Music, so Music. I took a drone up to try to get some good footage for you, guys and um right here. Youll notice, the white truck coming at me. I had the drone around 10 15 feet in the air and the car was just barreling at me. There um i tried to get out of the way and you guessed it stuck in a tree. So dee was filming with the drone and a car was coming and he asked them to stop and she just charged for him. So he had to jump out of the way and at the same time, the drone went up into the tree and we couldnt find it now looking its kind of hard but its stuck on a branch im going to see. If i can zoom in – and you can see it now – were gon na try to get the football and knock it out of the tree. Okay, this is gon na be fun. I know its tough to see, but there it is took us around close to an hour to even spot it. I dont mean to brag, but i was a heck of a football player back in my day.

Call me d, bundy, Music, look at that form. Tom bradys got nothing on d attempt after attempt after attempt this went on for a while until yup. Now the football is lodged in the tree sun over Music. Now the footballs stuck in the tree so now im struggling to get the football out of the tree, so i can get the drone out of the tree man what a day laughs. This went on for around a half hour, okay time for plan c nope that didnt work time for plan d, pull the truck over stand on top of the deck and get the football out. Then after another hour, kept her on the football finally got. The drone out of the tree mission complete holy crap. There was no way i was going to leave a 700 drone in the tree no way well time for us to relax. I started a fire. We ate watch the stars for a bite. Music see those lions in the background, its kind of creepy Music, the stars look like we might be able to sisters yeah its time to hit the sack. My arm hurts im tired. So with that being said, were gon na conclude it here guys. We got a couple announcements coming up next week, so um stay tuned, make sure you like and subscribe and um once again respect yourself by respecting others. Lets make this world a better place.