A fan of iron hide always loved this rough and tumble vibe and clean chunky square style, and these shelves have long been aching for a certain as yet unproduced on model. Nice quality fully functional, ideally deluxe class figure of my number one, tough boy to chill with his auto pals, which you wouldnt think would be too much to ask. But apparently theres a problem. Now weve come within frottage distance of perfection a few times, weve had a bunch that werent amazing but were still neat, and god knows, ive had some stinkers so were still yet to land at that mythical goldilocks ironhide that truly nails it in every sense, and today, Im here to tell you that i give up in a nice way its a good thing well get there anyway. Allow me to introduce this slick. Black cracker jack from transformers legacy generation selects a legacy who comes to us under the seriously sus tag of dk2 guard and serves us a racy repaint of the frustratingly scarce earthrise ironhide in a dope ass, dia cloney deco. To fill that collection gap. You didnt quite realize was there, but it makes sense and in a bizarre counterintuitive consumerist quirk, this aggressively nerdula collector targeted online exclusive is weirdly way easier to source than the fan fave characters. It was intended to be like its the only version of the earthrise vanette that ive been able to get my hands on and im few. I get everything like what a bizarre backwards business move to have cast members as integral as ironhide and ratchet secreted away and creepy amazon, only two packs that were overpriced to buggery and sold out immediately, whereas this one, this dark ass, faux prestige, pre, import, homage piece Of piss mate got it off pulse 22.

99 next day delivery bosh. So here i go finally checking out the earthrise ironhide mold 18 months late via some weird backdoor loophole and im honestly only kind of mad about that. No, then, who is dk2guard is that a character is that a name? Even i mean it, doesnt super matter what we call this box. It exists solely to look like the original diaclone number, two mech figure before hasbro turned it into somebody, and it does do that. So it kind of doesnt matter who it is its just thats, exactly the strap behind like road rage and spin out and exhaust and like a dozen others, not the best names, but they do at least have a pinch of cybertronian spice. So dk2 guard just seems so bureaucratic, flavourless placeholdery sounds like a bar code. I mean what is this a generic on like the dcs army drone? Could we not at least have gone with vanguard too obvious to gobotty hardware, autobot hardware download, remember download from spotlight hot rod starts with a d ends with a d bit like a weekend with me. You know what just dk decay, autobot decay, maybe its just super emo but listen. Stellen skarsgard here is simply on the scene to wear black and look fly same and we are serving with the subtle, ruby red innards bonus, golden jps, livery and bewitching sapphire gays. Setting off that, oddly lively black top coat, like i know, were doing a diet.

Clone thing, but im honestly getting more than a whisper of movie versus iron hide in there got me thinking id kind of love to see a bright, green, snot, goblin ratchet version just putting that out there, but whomsoever big r2 dk2 may be or turn out to Be the toy does make pretty nice company, it looks cool as its nice and big for a deluxe, its got swagger to spare and it kind of rules just as an object to mess with. But i love the way, the shoulders and back pop apart with a tremendously satisfying tactile snap. There is perhaps a lightweight air to the limbs like the forearms are horribly hollow and the legs are a flimsy facade of flaps. But i cant look at those shins and not want to transform them definitely fond of the weird roundy pointy gun based off the diaclone battle platform. But i cant love the gigantic graceless roof slab, presumably also based off the battle platform, but with none of the panache. Like is it a shield, is it a knife? Is it a cannon, its kind of all of those and none of those except a shield? It is convincingly a shield peripherally garnished with some other its fine, but god is it clumsy again same but its kind of a partner piece to my real problem, because physically big avant garde here is dishearteningly similar to the sea giant. Hide, i mean sure we got a new chest, sure and sure im into it sure its very evocative of that 80s cartoon model that i loved so daily and long to hold as an object in my hands, and it does look super sharp and nicely novel in This color combo but come on so much of this thing is just copy.

Pasted wholesale from the siege release same feet, same thighs, same arms, same shoulder, assemblies, possibly the same head aside from a few superficial, swap outs and a minor detail downgrade. It may as well be the same object and, like i dont, usually mind a repaint or a re tool im all for rinsing the out the work youve already done. Why wouldnt you like piping, doo, dee, doo, bumble beans, but gardevoir here is just landing all wrong. I feel like they got me just like they did with earthrows optimus prime, but ironhide is not optimus. Prime there arent already 15 good ones as we covered in the opening gripe. Gripening weve had enough frustratingly off base ionized iterations, to make a guy justifiably impatient, not to mention the amount of drama required to get the ironhide version of this version of ironhide, and on top of that, its almost insultingly clear that these were designed simultaneously. The intent was obviously to make an earth mode boy that everybody would want and also a space mode, one thats kind of whatever and then hoodwinker said to buy in the secondary space version. By releasing it first well, if earthrise would come out first, i never would have bought siege. Nobody would same with optimus and sound wave and honestly, eighty percent of siege, i guess on some level, you got ta respect the hustle, but it stings man and the fact that it was easier to get this weirder repaint just feels like saying the quiet part loud Thats still alright, though, in it its quite good, it looks cool, it does look like the diaclone toy and it does bring that proto character comfortably into the transformers fold its a nice.

What, if, with an aftertaste of you, transformations passively, predictable, very panely, very partsy, but the tummy twelves mad fun and everything lines up and locks in lusciously? I mean its clearer here than ever that its just the siege toy wearing a long hat. But you know celeger poor cybertron and this van mode is, regrettably, very scrappy, the shapes there. A lot of the hallmarks are right, but its patchy and unclear and rickety as it feels like a photocopy of the classic cherry vanet benning lets check it out. You got the windscreen and headlights looking solid, but theres kind of too much empty philtrum space and this horrible ugly cheapo inset red square nose right in your face. The wheels feel rotten and rattly the side. Windows are a scratchy, inconsistent, blocky nightmare youve got this uneven. Undercarriage line and the feet are right: there like right there, this isnt so much a vehicle mode that has its flaws. This is a floor that occasionally breaks out into a vehicle mode, but here i go again busting out the classic apologist escape key line. I like its vibe – oh god, here we go because i am kind of into it im all about a big van vader. You know this its a juicy chode of a vehicle mode and the colors are so cool man, its like somewhere between trailbreaker and the 18 van knight rider and the mask outlaw with the city at night, stylings and the racy red and gold stripes.

This is a pure black light party bus. You know what i mean the van veneer just about holds, even though its ropey, as even though i know half of it, just lifts right off the top. It works for me because i want it to but look im, not gon na sit here and tell you that donkey kongi two guard is good, although i do love it in many ways. I feel like im doing a lot of the work. If were looking for perfect this aint it i mean the war for cybertron trilogy was so gratifyingly full of finally moments, a good galvatron, a spectacular skylinks, an eight phase that exists, so the ratchet fan ending up with another figure, thats less. Finally, and more ugh really just hurts all the more you know and it sort of spoils what i liked about sea giant height. It was just a nice, clean toy fun, take on a familiar face, and then they dropped. This revised version that kind of fumbles the bag at its own job and makes the other one feel like a scam man. It really only takes one weird sequel, huh, just another iron hide that didnt nail it chuck it on the pile, and i do find myself asking. Will i ever attain that ideal iron hide experience that i so crave nah cause. I no longer crave it at this point. Ive rubbed shoulders with enough sevens that the positive points of each of them have congealed, in my mind, into an imaginary intangible ironhide pork joint recovered piecemeal from the freshest flesh of several disgusting animals.

The mechanical audacity of the masterpiece, the siege simplicity, the eye gear attitude, the adorable fun factor of hot soldiers, the novelty and new age, and now the almost their approximation of earth rise. Theyve allowed me to micro dose my vision of what a perfect iron height might look like and honestly. My needs are met because its a hobby, its supposed to make you feel good. It doesnt always have to be about grasping for perfection. It shouldnt be its a journey man, its a trailer discovery and if the road doesnt lead you where you wish it would thats okay cause look at the bounties we found nothing here is without floor. Everything works well enough in its own way. On its own terms, i mean i could see here and get mad at hasbro for not doing it exactly right. I could be bitter at all the other versions for being slightly off in various ways, or we could appreciate them for the ballpark bangers they are and dk2 guard is okay, too god it does the trick as a direct clone or as a third rung room filler Or both and im happy to welcome it into whatever my collection is these days transformers legacy dk2 guard embrace Music? Oh love defeat, weird one off episode: why not a cheers for watching hope you didnt hate it! Thank you, everybody for watching my silly videos and supporting the channel and clicking like on all of them im sure you do huge love to the patrons and a special shout out this time to toy box hero 95 good year.

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