3 5g folded has a 6.2 inch display and open. It has a 7.6 inch infinity flex display new on this. We have the under display camera, which, personally i cant wait to see what that looks like, but lets open it up and find out. This is the phantom black. We do have a sim card ejector as well as a usbc to usbc, cable and, of course, no charging brick. This is pretty lightweight. It actually does only weigh 271 grams. I actually really really miss this. The fold 2 was one of my favorite devices. Okay, im. Not gon na lie the under display camera with the white background is actually hurting my eyes its giving it a weird feeling im, not sure how to feel about that, but maybe ill get used to it. We have 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate. We have three cameras in the back. We have the ultra wide wide and the telephoto, and in the front we have the under display camera, which is the 4 megapixel camera. You can get these with 12 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of storage or 256 gigs of internal storage. This does have enhanced durability. The last ones felt pretty durable, but theres always room for improvement. We also do have s pen compatibility, which is the first unaffordable device as well, so lets actually go ahead and take a look at the s pen, bold edition. So we have the pen itself as well as this nice little case, and this also comes with it.

Now this does only work on the main screen. It does not work on the front screen. Lets go ahead and make a little note shall we lets do yellow im, aware thats, absolutely trash handwriting, so lets go ahead and make that uh into text. Hey thanks for watching my movie thats a great little feature, because my handwriting was in fact trash. So some of the cool things that you can do is over here you have the s pen, so im going to select it and you can do some screen right, live messages a or doodle translate pen up magnify. I actually have magnify selected right now. So, for example, say youre reading the news. I pulled up a news article if you hover the pen over the screen and you have magnify on. It then makes the text bigger, which i think is a really good feature to have, because sometimes the text is just very, very tiny, or maybe you only want to magnify something, but i love having that option. I think thats really cool. Now we can go back here to the shortcuts and we can actually do a bunch of things we can do translate so say i want to translate into spanish. So then, up here we have spanish to english, so im going to switch it from english to spanish and you can then hover over any words, and it will tell you that word in the selected language and if you wanted to do some screenwriting, you can of Course do that so ill say i want to do you know some underlining some circling some exiting out.

I can do that. Lets. Take a look at the case. Looks pretty great. These devices are really good for multi. Tasking like having this big screen is just so nice. Well, i guess its gon na take my photo howd. I do. Oh, not bad, actually minus all the mess in the background, but you can just ignore that lets check out the front display and on the front display. It also does look really great. I am pretty excited about the 120 hertz refresh rate, not gon na lie and, of course, on the front. We also can use the camera to take pictures and theres. Also the feature where you put up your hand. It knows you want to take a selfie, its great, so lets go ahead and open up youtube, and here we can watch my video and i can reply back to the comments or you know, scroll on some other related videos, so flex mode necessarily isnt new. You could do this on the previous one, but it is, you know, improved and theres different things that you can do depending on the app so thats pretty cool lets see what this looks like on full screen. This looks great. This is basically like a tiny little tablet closing the phone. I can actually then continue to still watch it on the front. If i want im gon na go ahead and go take this on a hike and take some pictures of where i will show you guys the pictures and videos now Music, Music, the one thing i will say about galaxy devices is: whenever im taking pictures.

It always looks on the screen like it is the absolute best picture and the best video ive ever taken in my life, because the displays on samsung devices is so incredible. The true chest is always to me when i put them onto my computer and into my final cut timeline and then export them into a video. Does it look as good without this incredible display thats the true test? So let me know in the comments what you guys thought about those pictures and those videos, but this video was just an unboxing and first impressions of the new samsung galaxy z, fold. 3.. There are definitely some improvements to this line and i really really like the phantom black. I cant wait to test this out more. Let me know also in the comments what you guys want to know or see from this device, and i will include that in the follow up video. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you want to watch my video about the galaxy z, flip 3, make sure you guys check that out, and i will see you again soon for a new video. I just told you guys to do a lot of stuff.