This is the galaxy watch for classic and i have uh some final thoughts, so i dont want to waste any time this. This might take a while. You guys know i like to talk so were gon na dive right into it. This is our galaxy watch for classic review all right. So, as i take this off, the wrist lets uh lets just recap quickly. What this watch is so uh, you guys know galaxy watch for classic theres. Also, a galaxy watch four, so this is uh well its kind of a collaboration between samsung and google. I should say the software is not necessarily the hardware. This is definitely all samsung here, but its a collaboration on the software so where os is relaunching, wear os 3 is the software they supposedly worked together on um samsung has released, wear os, watches in the past when it first arrived, and then they switched over to Their own tizen operating system, so this is the return this is. This is a pretty big deal because theyve separated themselves for years and now theyre kind of coming back. We got watches running android again and you know samsung makes good hardware and is one of the few watchmakers in the android realm that actually pushes uh new technologies and builds good stuff, so anyways its a big deal. The only thing i will point out, though, is it sort of seems, like samsung locked in some sort of exclusive for wear os 3.

0, because uh these watches have it and they just launched with it um theres a whole bunch of other watches out there that are Either capable of running it or will soon be and theyre not gon na get it for like a year im talking like the fossil gen 6, which hasnt launched yet will soon, but it will be running, wear os 2 and wont get this for like a year And theres ma boy watches that sort of thing so anyways uh, if you want wear os 3, this is kind of the only watch you could buy well this or the watch for uh. So as far as the two watches go again, this is the classic theres. Also, the regular watch four, the regular watch four is the one replacing what used to be the galaxy watch active 2 and then this galaxy watch 4 classic is replacing last years. Galaxy watch 3.. I know its very confusing anyway. This one the classic, comes in two sizes, 42 millimeter, which is what i have here or 46 millimeter. This one starts at 349.. The bigger one is 379. for the regular watch. Four and, by the way tim has a full written review of the regular watch. Four in case you want to do that. I have video um responsibilities for these. For this guy uh, the regular watch 4 comes in 46, millimeter or im; sorry scratch that 44 millimeter or 40 millimeter and the pricing there is 249 and 279 for small big.

You guys get that um as far as specs go in these watches. You know, samsung threw everything in here, so they are identical across all of the watches outside of obviously, some sizing display size battery size, but everything else is the same. What youve got is 1.36 inch or 1.19 inch displays, thats, big or small, and then 360 milliamp hour or 247 milliamp hour batteries again big small. So this is the small guy, so 1.2 inch display 247 milliamp hour. Okay, but all the watches have one and a half gig ram: they have 16 gig storage, they have samsungs new w920 exynos chip, wireless charging, wi fi, bluetooth, 5.0, gps and uh. This fancy new health sensor. That does everything i mean it tracks, heart rate, blood, oxygen uh. It can measure biometric data and tell you you know your fat body, fat percentage and things like that. You can also run an ecg and check blood pressure. I think eventually, itll do the blood pressure thing. I dont believe that it actually does that now, um, the only thing is with the ecg and the blood pressure you have to connect this to a samsung phone. It will not work on non samsung phones, at least not right, now, uh just so you know. I ran this on a pixel 5, the entire time. So i have not tested the ecg or tried to check my blood pressure because well im just not running a samsung phone as my daily phone at this moment in time, and so i ran it on a pixel 5.

but outside of those two things everything else Works all of the fancy health stuff um, you just kind of have to run it with samsung health, the samsung health app, which is not really that big of a deal you can run this with google fit, but you dont really get 24 7 heart rate monitoring And it just kind of doesnt seem like the most refined experience, youre better off just installing samsung health on your phone and running it that way, um thats sort of a recap uh. The other thing is this: watch the classic model. Has this thing this is a physical rotating clicky, bezel uh, the galaxy watch. Four, just has a touch bezel around the edge same functionality, this one just physically turns and the other one is sort of a digital touch thing so uh anyway, thats just kind of a recap, so i think uh. As far as just my opinions on this watch, i i think it lives up to pretty lofty expectations that we had. You know it was samsungs first, where os watch in a while, but not only that theyve got a new chip in there. Weve got more ram and storage in this new health sensor. Um weve got four different sizes, a couple of different styles um, its wear os 3, which you know ill show you the software a little bit. If you didnt know it was wear os 3. You would just think this was a regular old samsung tizen watch um and you know its not necessarily a bad thing, but i i would say just generally speaking, though i i really do like this watch.

I will tell you personally: i would choose the regular four over this. I just dont necessarily love this physical rotating bezel. I think it adds a little bit of height to the watch that i dont love um. The other thing is, i think, most people would be better off buying the bigger watch versions and the reason i say that, even though for the classic, its 46 millimeter thats quite large for the regular watch, 4, its 44 millimeter, also quite large. But the reason i say that is battery life um. I have not had the most amazing battery life on this. In fact, as you can see, ive turned always on display off in order to get through an entire day with the kind of abuse i give to. This thing so ive had to turn that feature off in order to get everything i want done, which is wearing it all day: notifications, workouts all that stuff um and then sleeping with it to get the sleep track. In order to do all of that stuff, i had to turn that off to preserve battery life and even doing that im getting. You know like a little over 24 hours of battery life if i want to, but if you have the bigger model with that extra 120 milliamp hour of the battery you, you should be good, you could probably leave always on and you probably get at least 24. You might even get closer to the 40 hours which theyve sort of estimated at so anyways general takeaway.

Before we start diving in further is i think this is a really really nice watch. I mean its not saying much when you say this is the best wear os watch you can get or the best android smart watch you can get, but it it is like this is a really nice watch, the performance, the display, the set of features, the software. It all makes for a pretty darn good package and, on top of that, its actually not bad price, the the 349 for this guy or 249 for the regular watch 4 small one thats, just an incredible price so anyway lets uh lets dive in further all right. So lets uh lets kind of kick this off just by talking design the sort of fit all of that stuff um. I would say this is uh. This is a really really nicely designed watch now. Now again, i i do prefer personally the the regular watch. Four just because i think its a little bit simpler, but you know this rotating bezel is its kind of fun to play with um just again personal style. I just like the sort of flatness, the simplicity of the other one, but this is a really slick really well made. Watch youve got stainless steel up the sides again. This bezel like, as you click it it just. It has just a really nice feel to it. You got two very clicky buttons on the side here all of the tech packed into just this tight little package that just it kind of blows your mind a little bit when you think about where and how far weve come.

I mean again the galaxy watch three which they came out with last year, just felt so bulky and chunky and heavy, and i just really really disliked that watch. This is just a short time later and i just feel everything just feels so much um. So much improved um, so i, like i dont, have any complaints here. It lays this 42 millimeter size like really fits nicely on my wrist. By no means we have large wrists so thats why i opted for this model for review purposes, but it fits just really. Nice, you know its its still a pretty tall and proud watch um. It is thick ish, but you know theres a battery in there and a whole bunch of other tech, so uh, but i havent had issues like bumping it on stuff. It hasnt run into anything again. I wear it to bed, i wear it all day and i just havent had any issues with that. I never really take it off unless i need to charge it and it uh it just it its its its put together. Very very nicely, the one thing i will say is obviously this is not the band that came with the watch, and so, if you watched our unboxing video youll know, i complained immediately about the band that that came with it. So um the band that came with it had all this extra sort of thick juice up here, and so we wouldnt let it flex and so like it got stuck like here and then it would like.

I mean if you go back and watch the video and i couldnt even get it to really lay flat on my wrist. It stuck out so weird, so i swapped it immediately, and so just so you know all of the galaxy watch. 4 watches were talking. Every single size model color, whatever they all take – 20 millimeter watch bands and yes, you could just buy whatever i mean. This is like a barton sport, silicone elite, whatever band that i bought on amazon a long time ago, if its perfect – and i really like these – but you can put any 20 millimeter band on it that will fit on this. So just so you know you can take the awful one that comes with the watch off and put on whatever one you want stock battery life now just for a second here, so you know i mentioned. I mentioned a couple of times actually already that um, that i would i would recommend people probably jump up to the bigger size just because you get that extra 120 milliamp hour the battery, and i just think it will last longer for most people um, so heres Heres, what my mind has been like when i first got the watch tinkered with it always on display on had sleep tracking slept with it first night, and i i woke up with seven percent left, so you know not terrible for a first charge. Second charge put it on the wrist about nine or 10 am had sleep tracking um.

I think i worked out no gps, though, or anything like that, i was just like a workout in my garage woke up and the watch was dead middle of the night. I think it actually died. Around 6 am so like right before i woke up, but it was dead. I i had to throw it on a charger, so i then was like i i need this to last. While i sleep in order to get the proper tracking. All that so i turned always on display off so the next day, again put it on the wrist at nine, or so i had a double workout that day, um no gps. I think i spin bike worked out um, but i you know i tracked the health on it, so i did all of that stuff, but again always on display off slept with it, sleep dragging nine percent the next morning, so again, thats with always i hammered on It dont get me wrong day. Four same thing about nine a.m. Put it on took this one for a 55 minute run with gps, always on display off still slept with it. Nine percent the next morning, so you can see like that was kind of where i was getting to each morning, was about nine percent day. Five same thing, except i did almost nothing left, always on display off no workouts or anything like that next morning, 35. So if you really started hamming on hammering on this thing, you know its gon na last, just a little over 24 hours.

If you uh, if you dont and youre just using it for notifications and all that, you actually might be okay day, six had it on 8 15 again went for a pretty long hour. Long run gps all that stuff. The watch also had an update. It was down to nine percent or 19 at 7 p.m. I decided i needed to charge it, and a lot of that was just because i had a software update and then day, seven, which was yesterday uh on the risk. 1030. No workouts always on display off woke up 19, so a little bit of a drop there. But who knows what that was uh today is uh day eight, so i have 30 available. You can see that there i did take it for, like a 40 minute run today, ive been using notifications. All that stuff i put on a little bit later about 10 30, but ive got 30 left. It is uh its uh its night time now, as im. Recording this, so i could definitely wear this to bed and wake up and probably have you know nine or ten percent. So this is a one day watch if youre wearing it and using it to get notifications track. Workouts, wear it to sleep, use it for everything that its sort of made to be worn for um and so yeah again thats. Why im kind of recommending most people go with the bigger one? Just so theyre really safe there.

I dont see anywhere where samsung is saying. These watches will get you more than 40 hours, like their estimation, is 40 hours. So my my guess is with the bigger one you might be able to push it close to two. If you dont uh, you know, do workouts and things like that um for battery modes. This is not like fossil, where they have all these different little tweaks. You can make to turn things on and off, at least from what ive been able to find. There is a power saving mode and, if you toggle that on it, turns off always on display and turns off wi fi and limits the cpu, it tells you all this stuff that it does to limit and try to save battery um or you could turn it To this mode, which is watch only – and it will last for days and days and days – and it really turns everything off and just makes it basically a wristwatch on your wrist – it doesnt do anything smart, so anyway, battery life, its been fine. If youre interested in charging every single day, if youre one of those people like me, that kind of hammers on it uh but again bigger, watches, probably for most people, so i dont think i really did this during my unboxing lets. Take a little bit of a software tour here just so you guys can see where os three uh so, where os three you uh your this is your home screen and you know you long, press and itll.

Let you swipe through watch faces change them customize them all that stuff kind of cool uh, not new by any means uh. If you swipe down here, this is where you get to uh your sort of quick settings um you can lay these out. However, you want you just long press on one see if i can do it there we go and it goes into this editing mode. You can hit the minus button right to get rid of stuff theres, also a plus button um, and that will uh. Let you add a bunch and theres like you when this watch first came to me, there was like three pages worth of stuff. I i actually dropped it down right, but so you can, like you know, change your brightness theres, a flashlight mode, theres your bedtime mode and do not disturb and shortcuts for wi fi and to protect it if youre going swimming and airplane mode, all that stuff so And theres, my always on display shortcut, which i was actually using for a little while there so anyway that thats that section um, if you swipe up from down here now, if you, if youre a wear os user, you normally would expect there to be notifications down. Here that is not how this works, so this is where os 3, but you have to keep in mind that google is now letting people take, wear os and customize it. So this actually has samsungs one ui theres.

Only one ui watch on top of wear os. Three, so its a samsung skin and it looks like samsung, it looks like there are other smart watches which are ties so anyway. You swipe up from here – and this is your app drawer and theres – this scrolling list of your apps. You can long press on these and drag them around, and so you can rearrange this. However, you want this is sort of the layout. I have this top one in case youre wanting that is, is just a recent. Its just a recent app shortcut is all that is um but yeah. So this is your app drawer and when you install everything and youll notice, theres google play so you can get into google play and just find. This is sort of the big deal about these watches right. You can get into google play, find apps that are on your phone and install those. You can search and add things like thats how we refine google fit, and i installed gboard and you can put google pay on there and things like that. Some of these things dont really work just yet like google pays broken um, at least at the time of this um, but so thats why this is so important, like all the watch face, apps and things like that on google play are now accessible on here. Of course, you have other google google apps, like google maps, is on here, so lots of lots of cool things there, just because thats thats sort of the the big importance here go like sams like had there an app store it just had nothing really on it.

Um, okay, so after that, if you go this way, so im actually twisting the bezel or you can obviously swipe over. These are your notifications and again, if you uh, if you ran any sort of samsung watch in your life, youll know that this is how tizen watches worked as well. If you want to interact with something you can tap on it and itll, let you then interact. This is obviously a message to me. Um, you can type use your voice. Try to write with your finger. Emoji, send it to your phone theres, quick shortcuts to reply to things stuff like that, and you can clear notifications block them. You have all sorts of stuff here. You can also just swipe up and that gets rid of it and that gets rid of it. On your phone as well as the watch see, so i now have no notification, so thats the simplest way, but when those come in theyll pop up on your watch, if you want them to, you can interact with them right away, pretty simple stuff. If we go this other way, this is where we get into tiles. So wear os has tiles, which are like little widgety sort of shortcuts right, um, samsungs ties and watches also have them. I think they just called them widgets or cards, or something so its again. Its very much the same um system there, but theyre now just called tiles, because this is where so, you can add plenty of these things that youll see there.

It says tiles and theres a whole bunch of different things in here that you can add and thats sort of the basics of it. I can go into settings theres, just not a lot of interesting stuff in here, but this is where you manage your connections and how you want sounds and vibrations and your display to to work. Um theres your samsung health connectivity, the advanced features there isnt really much in here, theres your water lock and your bedtime mode and theater mode, but those can all be shortcuts. Um theres battery access theres – actually not a lot in here, but this is where youll find software update and, of course the same thing applies with this watch as every single smart watch, which is so obnoxious. But if you attach this to a new phone, you do indeed have to uh factory reset it. So one thing i want to show you is uh well on my on my phone here so im just going to pull up the galaxy wearable app, you can see theres the galaxy watch for so in this app. You can control a bunch of stuff too. If you dont want to do any of that stuff on the actual watch, this is where you can. Change watch faces um and it comes preloaded with a bunch and you can even customize them right from here, which is super handy. This is where you can manage your apps um, your notifications, your tiles, your quick settings panel.

So you can see you can actually customize that if you dont want to do it from the phone – and you can see all the different things down here – theres so much stuff, but youll find your watch settings in here. Its all that stuff you saw on the watch just it might be easier to do it right here. So uh, one thing missing again is the ecg stuff, so uh. If we fire up the watch again, so we fire up the watch and, as i mentioned the ecg stuff, so see this, this little samsung health app right in the middle there with the little heartbeat. So if you tap on that, this is where you get into the ecg stuff and it says uh. Well, you need to download the app on your phone, so you tap this right here, download app and it tries to load it over here on your phone youll notice. If you had a samsung phone, it would open the galaxy app store and you would be able to install the samsung health monitor since im, not using a samsung phone. It pulls up a web page and it will not. Let me install that so thats, the limitation. There, but you know, for the most part, this is uh its gon na be pretty familiar. I i think where less people will understand it? Uh because you do have your tiles and then you have your notifications over here and you have your quick settings shortcuts up here.

The only difference is now your app drawers here, instead of and and and this used to be, you know on on where os its like a google assistant panel, so youll youll get used, but if youre running a samsung watch all this is going to look so Familiar um, you can long press the buttons to do stuff. So this one is your power button and i believe you can have it do your assistant at some point but im not running bixby and google assistant doesnt work at this point um this bottom one. If you long press it opens up samsung pay, which is fun um. You can also have it just be a back button where you can set it to be different shortcuts and things like that, you can customize your watch faces. I dont know its a its its everything is run um um nicely so far. Um im used to samsung watches im also used to wear os watches. So none of this stuff is that foreign to me, but um. I i think the new wear os 3 looks good because samsungs done a nice job, sort of skinning it and making sure all the features are there, and so you get like the nice polished experience that we had with samsung watches, and then it just happens to Be running where os so then you have access to all of the google play apps, so you kind of get best of both worlds here.

One other thing, though i guess i should point out – is im using samsung health im tracking all of my stuff through samsung health people have asked me like. Can you run google fit and you can certainly run google fit on here? The issue is, this: watch is made to run samsung health, so like 24 7 heart rate tracking, all of the the the blood oxygen stuff, thats sort of that sort of pushes you into samsung health. You run google fit. You can manually do your heart rate every so often it wont constantly track it. You can still do activities and things like that, its just not quite the robust experience, because again its a samsung product they want to use samsung health and the samsung health app is. Can be installed on anyones phone, so lets actually dive into there and well just show you some of the uh some of the health stuff. Now, as far as being a health tracking watch, i i think this watch actually does a pretty darn good job so took it on several runs, ran it on my spin bike, uh just wore it during workouts things like that, i found the heart rate monitoring to Be pretty accurate, i wear a whoop strap most days and when i throw this up here on the on the forearm during workouts and stuff, i thought the heart rate from my wrist on the watch versus that actually tracked pretty closely.

I was actually impressed by that um and thats. Most of the comparison i did, i have other heart rate monitors. I apologize for not going even further and checking those, but i i thought it was fairly accurate. I did have some issues and ill actually show you um like first couple of workouts. I think it might have been this one. You can see like see this gap right here. This was just a like a weight, training, workout or something theres like a 10 minute gap where it just stopped monitoring or recording my heart rate. I have no idea um and i noticed it was doing that and went please dont. Do that you can see here was. I was actually on my spin bike same thing for like five minutes, it just stopped recording um. I also went on a run where i believe it did the same thing. No, it was like the start of the run there. You go, you can see there like the first like five minutes of the run it just wasnt recording and you know i tried to toggle it off and on and nothing i i couldnt get it to do anything it. Just all of a sudden kicked on so um, while it seems to be pretty accurate compared to at least this um. I did have those issues, but i ran today no issue. I havent any issues since it was updated either so anyway, but it tries to give you a pretty big health profile.

You know it does this like daily activity tracking thing right where it shows you your steps through it a day and itll remind you like you need to get up and move around and it tracks your active time and the calories youre burning, and things like that. So um it does. It does a pretty good job of giving you a profile of your health. You know it tracks your sleep, so it tracks your sleep. Um and itll give you a sleep score and how long youre awake and your rem and light and deep sleep and all that and it breaks those down into categories and percentages and all that stuff and it tries to give you a score. I i dont think im a great sleeper, and so this seems to reflect that, although this seems to think im a decent sleeper and so does my garmin watch. So i i dont know if i should trust this or not probably need to do more, more testing there, but it does track snoring. So if youre a snorer – and i do happen to purr a little bit – itll record – those in 30 second bursts and you can listen to yourself snore its very weird im not going to play im, not im, not gon na play you by snoring. That would be weird anyways. I actually think this app is fine and i dont typically love samsung software. I think this ones totally fine again, you can use google fit its just you dont get quite the the same experience.

Um performance on it has been really really nice. I i know in my unboxing video some of you saw some stuttering during that setup process and you clowned on it and said: ah its just another crappy wireless watch. I promise you. None of that stuttering is here. That was like the initial setup. I think i had maybe factory reset. I dont even know im not trying to make excuses for it. Im just telling you, after that initial setup, where you guys saw some jank. It was absolutely fine. Okay, so please do not do not worry about that um. I think the designs nice, its just a personal preference which is over me, liking the regular watch for, but i think thats whats so great about this watch right – is that samsung gives you this classic with this physical rotating bezel or the sort of flatter sportier or More minimal model, so you get choice and theres two sizes of each price points to meet whatever your budget is, i think, thats pretty awesome and then the other thing is the health stuff, and i think samsung, at least in in on the wear os or the Android side, i think theyre leading i mean theyre putting new sensors that track everything i mean. I just found out how much percent my body fat is. I have no idea if its accurate were hoping thats, not accurate, okay, but um being able to just track all those things from your wrist is pretty cool um.

I i know theres some worry about like well. If you dont have a samsung phone, you get like half the experience, thats, not true. Anyone saying that has no idea what theyre talking about the only things missing are the ecg and blood pressure monitoring that thats it. Those are the only features missing. Everything else is here: i just showed you all, the the the body composition, stuff, heart rate, um, gps, all the health tracking, the access to samsung health, all of thats here, its everything is here. So if anyone tells you that this is only a good, if you own a samsung phone ive been running it on my pixel 5, the entire time and have completely enjoyed the experience. So dont listen to anyone who says if, if somebody says that tell them theyre down and tell them, i said so: okay um so yeah. I think overall, this is a. This is a really nice watch. I am very excited to get the 44 millimeter regular one on just to wear and see what that battery lifes like and ill probably do like a mini write up on that. No video or anything like that um but yeah im im excited. So if youre wondering, if im gon na be wearing this watch going forward, probably not this guy number one its a review, you know im assuming i have to send this back. Uh number, two, its just the i i dont. This is not my style, so i will switch, but i am going to switch the other one and give it some run as well um.

So before we get out of here. I just wanted to show you this guy up against a couple of other watches that you may have around. So here is uh. Well, the galaxy watch active 2, the old legend that i used to love. This is actually the smaller version. I cannot remember what size it is like 41 mil or something like that. So the the galaxy watch 4 is gon na look much more like this different pushers, but this sort of style with that touch bezel thats, the smaller one, and then this is the bigger one. In case you just want to see what these look like next to each other. How this was such a great watch. Did anyone own this thing. It was so great. You can see it there um. Also this one might look familiar. Anyone know that one two three yep fossil gen five, so theres the fossil gen five weve got a gen six coming um somewhere soon, and it should be fine. Its just not gon na have wear os three for a long time. So anyway, i actually like the styling. This is sort of that that sort of chrono racer styling on this watch. I actually like it better with the rotating crown. I actually prefer this style versus samsung styling, but whatever uh, and then this is the uh, the ticwatch pro three so kind of the king of wear os watches because it has the snapdragon wear 4100 in it.

Um the fossil gen 6 will have 4100 plus. We believe so itll be great um. This watch is really nice, though, but again not going to get wear os 3 anytime soon. So anyway, apologies for such a long ass, video uh. This is the galaxy watch, 4 classic really nice watch so i mean samsung did a really nice job. If you want to get an android smart watch, one of these either the watch four or this one is going to be the watch to get it. Has the new wear os has samsungs full support the pricing on it is incredible, i think, for what youre getting there will be deals on it whatever this is just this is gon na. Be it so anyway, comments questions.