What'S, the guts with the new free sky, AC, CST, update, I've, been saying there's a bug in the protocol, that's used in the free sky, pre access, RF systems and that people need to update because otherwise they could encounter uncommanded servo movement. So what's this all about. Do you need to do it what's the cause, what's the problem, and you know, basically, is it with you well well, I got ta say that the facts are pretty thin on the ground. I'Ve followed a few forum postings and a few bits and pieces, and it appears that in the EU and where they use a different version of the software in the EU, there have been some issues with. I don't know if it's an command, some people say: it's it's, a licensee, some people sass and I commanded servo movement and this fix they've been asking freeze, guard to make it and free sky made the fix and they've rolled it out. So you might think on the Facebook – well, hey yeah I'll, just upgrade my radio guess that I'm not going to experience this particular bug, but there are other aspects to this whole situation. You should be aware of. Firstly, I've been flying free sky with the ACC ST system for well since 2000 and something I figured what it is. Let'S have a look. I'Ve got I've got a tread butter here. I can tell you since win, because this is the original trenyce.

I got from Frisco many many years ago. It'S stuffed let's let's, see where the let's go to the menu and let's go to page page let's see what the firmware on this is: i've, never updated the firmware 2013. This firmware came out and i've never updated its version 1.0.0 zero and why haven't updated it because it works, and one of my philosophies in life is if it works, don't fix it. So this was 2013 and not been using the modules. The the replacement modules for junior transmitters and feet our transmitters and the receivers for well over a year before that so we're, looking 2012, so you're, looking at getting on for 10 years overall, not quite 10 years I've been using the ACC ST system and I can Honestly say hand on heart: I have never encountered the bug this supposedly fixes. Now some of the forums say it doesn't happen on the d8 series of receivers. It only happens on the D 16. So if you like me and use a lot of the old d8 protocol stuff rather than the newer D 16 protocol stuff, then don't upgrade, if you don't, if you don't, need it don't do it. If you are running a lot of x series or D 16 receivers, then you have to decide. Have you had any of these uncommanded servo movements? I don't know I haven't heard of people complaining about it until this until Frisco actually published this this new software version.

I hadn't heard of anyone complaining to me about some problems with the free sky system so and when you think about it there, for many many years, a lot of people have been running, especially in mini quads. The x series receivers, the XM plus the XM, the exes for our or exes our with whatever is, is 4 B or whatever. So many x series receiver that people are in running in mini quads and you would think with all the hours people are reckon up on mini Cod's and with the the obvious effects of any kind of uncommanded server movement or channel movement. People would have been complaining about it for the Hammond, so I tend to think that this this. Maybe this is a legitimate bug. Maybe it only affects the EU version of the software and that's what I'm thinking it looks like? It only affects the EU version. So if you're running the FCC version, I I don't think I would upgrade the software and, if you're flying fiames let's face it if you're flying a foamy and you have a momentary glitch on your elevator you're, a derailleur and it's unlikely to kill anybody. It'S unlikely to be the end of the world, you may be you won't, even notice it. So, unless you're flying really high performance models like I'm, you know Jets or or really really fast, maybe gliders or large models with dodge gas engines really seriously. I would think if it's working do not fix it, so why would you not want to fix it? Well, as you know, a while ago, free sky rolled out a new system called excess it's, a new protocol and they said to everyone.

No, this gives you a more reliable, Lincoln it's been arranged in the telemetry works better when in fact, access was not for the benefit of the consumer. Access was for the benefit of free sky. There'S been a lot of third party receivers and now the third party transmitters coming out which are compatible with the free sky, ACC ST protocol and that's costing free sky money, for example, and this model here this is the the Zod nano tell an Evo which follow Up review – and this is do very shortly – yes, no, it was earlier this week. I flew this to the limits of visual line of sight, which was almost 2.5 kilometres nearly 2.5 kilometres. The receiver in here is when I reviewed recently, which is the motive RC and so on the others review on this channel for this receiver and during the flight out to 2.5 kilometres. I didn't get a single RSSI warning as I turned the model to come back. I got a few warnings because the orientation of the antennas was changing. That was to be expected, but it was rock solid, all the way and I wasn't using my Tyrannis. I was using my jumper T 16, so using two frsky compatible products. I got perfect performance. Amazing results to be fit to tell you what happens if I use one of these Xers receivers, I start getting our ssi warnings in the same model because i've used them in this model.

The same model at about the 1.7 1.8 kilometer long ISS. I will this receiver, I didn't get a lower ssi until I was out at 2.5 k and turned around to come back so it's. Maybe it was just the conditions on the day, but it shows that this stuff is as good it's, not better than the original frsky and it's hurting frsky, because they are encountering this competition and there the response seems to be well. We won't make our products bitter we'll, just make them proprietary, Morlock people and will encrypt things so that these other companies can't can no longer make compatible products it's, not the way to do it if you're in business – and you want to be in business for the Long term, the best response frsky could have made was to say: okay, these these things are pretty good. That t6 seems a pretty good radio and these receivers they work pretty well. Maybe we should make ours work even better than they do so. People have got a reason to keep buying our product that's. What I would have done if I was in charge of frsky that's the attitude. I would take see attitude that I think most businesses would take, but no frsky it's grown it's like most companies. Do they reach a stage where they think we don't have to worry so much about the customer anymore? We own the customer. The customer will just take whatever we give them, because we are free sky.

We are the big RC company and when you start reading your own publicity, like that you're headed for a fall so that's. What makes me think, maybe the the importance of this tiny little bug that may produce uncommanded servo movement in the EU under special. You know very very unusual circumstances that may be the use now to try and scare people into updating all this software, and there is a reason you don't want to update with software is once you switch to the new version of the ACC SD protocol on your Transmitter you have to update all your receivers. Well, they won't work and I'm not going to go into it, because if you go up at a link in the description of this video to Prince pebbles, channel that's pebble – and I can't say his last name – cuz I'll murder – it – which I mentioned in a video Just a little while ago he did a very good video on this whole thing. He explains what works, what doesn't work? What'S compatible what's, not compatible. If you go to the new update, so go and have a look at his video I've linked to it. Go there and while you're there subscribe it's a great Channel, it has some really good content. So do that and you'll see what I'm talking about, but I'd say I'm not going to upgrade because for a number of reasons, firstly, I'm flying funnies, I don't care.

If I get a monetary glitch on my elevator it's, not gon na, not gon na really kill anybody or cause any problems. Also I've never had those glitches I'm, not flying the EU version of the software I'm flying the the standard, FCC version and from what I can gather. As I said, it looks like this is only really affecting the EU version, because the EU version of the D 16 it's only D 16, because I don't think D 8 can be used in the EU anymore. So it's, really down to the D 16 software and D 16 and the EU is kind of strange. The Europeans they're a bit crazy because, whereas our transmitters just blast away and send the stuff out Scindia their signal, regardless of what else is going on, because we're spread spectrum, you can do that in the EU. The transmitter has to listen first to make sure there's. No other signals on the band before it transmits they can't sit being that would you don't want to interfere with other users, but the reality is the actual reality. Is that with spread spectrum, you can afford to clobber other signals, occasionally it's, because you can spread spectrum. Can pick out the signal from the noise so it's not going to hurt if you accidentally stomp on some other signal. The worst that will happen is that a packet gets lost and gets recent it's, not the end of the world, but if you've got a transmitter has to listen first, as the frsky protocol does in Europe, then, if the channel is busy, there may not be any Available time to send your particular signal to the receiver, so you can end up with very long latency times.

You know if you're sitting in your transmitters listening for a whole second and it's and the the ear waves are clogged at that time. Then you're not gon na be controlling your receiver for a long time and it could appear to act like a glitch. A lot of things could happen, so the EU are they're. Just really strange, just run the FCC version of the software and you're good to go. I think well that's it people asked I've, told you what I think now it's just si, mainly its opinion. I'Ve told you have effects that I know I've told you what I'm unsure of and I've told you my opinion, so you can make your own choices. If you do upgrade to the new a CCSD system, you can forget, at least for the time being, about using a multi protocol module like the jumper users, so you'll only be able to use a frsky transmitter, and maybe that is not important to you. So if you're, just totally a free sky shop – and you don't think you'll ever want to run third party receivers and save yourself a bit of money, then go for it. If you think you want that extra little bit of protection go for it. If you're. Like me and money, money is very important to you and you can't afford to go. You know you want to take advantage of that with cheaper options and in some cases up the jump other much cheaper options.

Then don't go for it. So there you go. I hope it's been a value to you. Put your comments in the comment: e place I'm sure some people will come in and say: oh you've got to have this. Otherwise, you'll kill people, yeah that's an opinion too, but that's it from me, and I you know if you've got questions or anything to ask me, you can always you know, put them in the in the comments on this video and I'll. Try and answer them in the future one.