Today we have something a little bit different that were taking a look at now, this isnt directly gopro or drone related uh. It is a little bit and well kind of get into that here. In a minute, but this here is a power station, a portable power station, some people refer to them as a solar generator. This allows you to power and recharge equipment when, on the go and not around traditional power, these portable power stations are very important to me and how i run my youtube channel and well get into that here in a minute as well, and why theyre so important? I have featured a few in the past on my channel uh being a youtuber. I actually get quite a few emails um every week. You know different companies wanting me to feature their power station, but i usually tend to pass them just because thats not really what my youtube channel is about. However, when i got an email about this one, it did really pique my interest and i did want to take a look at it. Currently, this is running as a kickstarter and it comes in at a really good price ‘9 dollars and as we talk about it, a little bit more youll see why that is a really good price compared to some of the competition that is available currently on the Market now, this video is not going to be over technical im, not an overly techie kind of person.

I just like things that work and are convenient for me to use, but just a quick little rundown about some of the important specs that you do need to know. This unit here is capable of powering up to 600 watts with a peak wattage of 1200. So any device in your home or multiple devices that would take less than 600 watts can be powered. If we take a look at the top here, you can see we have an lcd screen, we have some led lights and some different buttons up here to control some of the aspects of the power panel. We can power the unit on Music place. A nice little tune and on this side here we can turn the ac on and off and the dc on and off at the back. There is how we turn on the flashlight thats built into the back and well take a look at that here. In a minute you can see here when we take a look at some of the power ports on it. We have a 20 watt usbc. We have a 100 watt usbc, we have four usba, we have two ac outlets and they have different options depending on what country you live in, what kind of socket is needed, and of course here we have a dco. We also have a dc 12 volt out there, and then we have our input. This is how we charge it up either by a car plug a wall plug or you can even charge it up with solar panels.

If we take a look at the back here, you can see it has a built in flashlight, and this is something i actually really like about this unit. Most of these power stations tend to have built in lights, but theyre fixed, and if you want to move the light around, you have to carry the whole unit around which these things can be a little a little heavy to carry around with this one. However, its a little magnetic light, so if youre, camping or road tripping, you can take this light out and move it around to where you need it. The little removable magnetic light has a stand on it, so you can stand it up if you need to. It. Has a usbc charging port at the top? So if you need to charge this independently, you can otherwise it will recharge when mounted back in the unit and as mentioned when its time to recharge it. It just goes in and is held in magnetically and will recharge. You can see at the top there on the lcd screen. It gives us a lot of information. It shows us our wattage out our wattage in when we turn the light on itll show us that as well. So, as i mentioned at the beginning of this video, these solar generators or power stations are very important to me in my youtube channel and the reason being. I have so many devices that, when im out need to be recharged and im, not always around traditional power, where i can do that, we have drone batteries, controllers 360 cameras gopros.

All these things need to be recharged, whether im out filming for fun or for my youtube channel or for business and bringing a power station along with me helps me, keep everything charged up and power it up for when i need it so theres. So many great uses for them, whether youre going on a road trip a day at the beach camping and youre, not around traditional power. You can power, cooking equipment, coffee makers, pure flashlights, cameras, smartphones tablets and laptops, charged up all from one unit. You then add a solar panel to the setup and now youve got perpetual power ill. Show you, the solar panel, here a little bit more coming up in a minute now i just want to show you a quick demonstration on how well these things work. So lets start right here i have a battery for the dji fpv drone and i have a battery for the dji air 2s. We will plug them into the power generator here and what im going to do is im going to turn the ac on Music, and you can see there and youll see here in a minute its now going to start charging both units. So you can see there its now charging both batteries simultaneously. If we take a look at the screen here right now, we are drawing 136w watts. So remember we can charge up to 600 watts, so we can keep continuing. We can plug in more stuff here.

Lets plug a controller into a usb, a port. You can see its now charging lets also plug in the charging hub for the dji mini 2.. Well plug that into usba and again you can now see that that is charging as well. Well, take a look at the top here. You can see that were only pulling 141 watts. We have lots of wattage to work with so lets keep going now because were using both our ac plugs. Why dont we charge something in the dc plug right here. I have a car charger for the mavic 2 pro well set the battery off to the side and we will plug it in so again we have to turn that on as well and youll see here in a minute, thatll start charging and there we go there. Its now charging ive got a gopro max here. Lets go ahead and well plug that in weve got a hero; 9 black lets go ahead and plug it. In now, ive got a hero8 black here now all the other usb ports are used so lets plug it into a usbc and youll, see that start charging as well, and we still have one more usbc port, so we could charge another device if needed. So lets. Take a look at our wattage here were only pulling 256 watts, so lets take a look at everything. Thats charging here simultaneously weve got a mavic 2 pro battery, an air 2s battery, the dji fpv battery dji mini 2 batteries, two gopros and the gopro max.

So, as you can see, this is a valuable tool if youre a content creator, if you have multiple devices that you need charged up or if youre a person who just likes to spend a lot of time outdoors but still need some portable power to keep some Of your devices connected lets, take a look at some of the stats here and what it can charge. It says here it can charge an iphone 12 50 times. You can do a macbook air 12 times says it can charge a drone battery 14 times, and i do actually have a test ill show you here in a minute showing that gopro 70 times smart speaker, 20 plus hours, nintendo switch 37 times. You can power a tv for five hours, projector for eight plus hours, car refrigerator for 10 plus hours blender for nine plus hours, a usb c dc light for 60 plus hours, and there again you can see cpap for 11 plus hours now, as mentioned. You also have the option of recharging the unit with a solar panel. This is a 100 watt solar panel and you can actually daisy chain two of these together to give you a total of 180 watts when charging the unit when charging at 180 watts with two solar panels in ideal conditions. You can have this recharged in about five hours. I have not tested that yet, but thats what the manufacturer claims when plugged into a wall, you can recharge it up to 80 in three hours, so thats pretty good.

The solar panel here folds up for easy portability. It also has legs on it, so you can angle it properly towards the sun. In the back here we have a mesh pocket that has three connectors in it. It has a connector that you plug into the power station to charge it up. It has another connector that you use when daisy chaining two of these solar panels together and then it also has just a regular usb a so. You can charge devices directly from the solar panel. You dont have to use the power station at all just plug a gopro or something similar directly into the solar panel. The solar panel is an optional purchase when you go to the kickstarter campaign, but definitely something if youre going to be out and about a lot camping stuff like that, i do highly recommend them. When you purchase the unit, you get a wall charger to charge. It back up, you also get a car charger, so you can charge unit back up in your car or vehicle. It also comes with a nice little dust case to keep it protected when in storage or transporting it around now another optional accessory for it is this insulated carry bag. This carry bag, will carry all the cords and equipment itll keep it protected. Has a nice carry handle and a shoulder strap, but this also doubles as a cooler because its insulated. So if youre, camping and youve brought this along to carry your unit but youre going to take a beach day, you already have a nice little cooler.

You can throw some drinks in there and keep them cool as well. So ive got a little clip here im going to play now i recorded this about a week ago. I wanted to see how many air 2s batteries we could charge on one full charge of the solar generator, so lets go ahead and well take a look at that now. So lets go ahead and do a little test here. Ive got my mavic air 2s charger and ive got three batteries so were going to plug it into the unit. Here were going to see what kind of power it draws and itll give us a rough idea of how much charge it uses to charge three batteries up so well. Get them all plugged in here. Well, then, plug in the power cord power, the unit on and now well power on the two ac ports and there we go so we should see the unit the batteries, i should say, start charging here in a second once it does its reading of the batteries. So there we go there its now starting to charge the first battery – and i just want to mention here that all these batteries are at 20 lets bring the unit over here. So we can see what its drawing i dont know. If you can see that there, but we are drawing 38 watts, you can also see that the units at 100 full charge so well check back and see whats left once all three batteries are charged now im not going to time this test, because when youre using A unit like this, its going to charge them at the exact same speed as if they were plugged directly into a normal wall outlet its not going to charge them any faster or its not going to charge them any slower.

So well, just let it do its thing and we will check back in a bit. Okay, some time has passed here and, as you can see, all three batteries are now fully charged and if we take a look at the meter here at the top, you can see were sitting at 76 percent. So, just with some rough calculations, you can assume that with the mavic air 2s batteries anyways, you can charge about 12 batteries now, of course, thats going to be different from drone to drone, depending on the battery size. Just keep in mind, though, if you do have this plugged into solar, while youre charging those batteries, the total amount of power left in this unit is going to go down a lot slower because, if youre drawing say 75 watts but youre feeding, 70 watts back into It or perhaps even 80 watts the power level may not even change at all, so yeah folks, just a quick look at the fremo x700. I cant remember if i mentioned this at the beginning, the video, but you can buy this in two different versions. You can buy the 600 watt version or the 1000 watt version. The x700 is a nice size, they use a vertical design, so it doesnt take up a lot of space and the interior. The way they stack their batteries is very efficient, so the overall footprint of it is fairly small. Well folks, hopefully you enjoyed this video and got some value out of it.