Dont i have a canister binding wait. I need. I need to cancel the heck okay. So let me just see uh candyside binding candid site alt. Okay, oh oh, that is sexy, welcome guys. Patch 15.2 for pubg is coming right now, and it is the free to play patch that will invite a bunch of new players into the game by making the game free to play, but also by adding several features that will make it easier to play. Pubg. The first thing to note is that pubg will be going down for about 38 hours. This is the longest maintenance weve ever had it is. Uh is obviously because were going free to play, and i think it has something to do with changing the steam store and all the stores to make sure that the game is indeed free and now for some of the new features. Pubg are adding tactical gear, which low key makes your character into a class like its kind of a system that, by picking up a specific item, your character is no longer an anonymous character, but it kind of becomes a class and ill explain what that means. The tactical drone here is an item you can pick up. It will replace a weapon slot, so you cannot have two primary weapons. Instead, you will replace one of them with the drone. The drone is quite powerful. It spawns on every map its pretty easy to find its uh, something you can use for surveillance.

Mostly, it is a surveillance zone. You can fly it about 300 meters away before you lose signal, but you start losing signal a bit earlier and it becomes a little bit difficult to see whats going on out there. However, it can also pick up items, so you could essentially scout out an item. Pick it up with the drone safely, but you can also fly to places like a roof and check for loot in a place you otherwise wouldnt be able to go to. There are some some of these places on miramar and uh and thats. Also quite interesting. You could also use it to hide an item. Lets say you, you drop an awm or, and you want to fly away right lets say you want to scout on an airdrop and see if someone has looted it. You can also do that safely here, but most of all, i feel, like the drone goes hand in hand with another feature thats coming in this patch, which is the 3d marker or visual marker, which is basically enabling you to fly the drone and then mark enemies From the air which is going to be available in a 3d environment to your teammates, that is very powerful and that makes drone into kind of this recon class. So picking up the drone youre, suddenly a recon class, a great thing, if youre one of those guys in your team that arent the best with the guns, so then you can actually help the team like this.

This is gon na, be a big, a big help when it comes to the specific details of the drone. There are some few kinks there. You cannot put c4 in the drone. Well kind of you can right now, but thats a bug. Its gon na be fixed. Um you can fly away 300 meters like i said it has 35 health, so it dies very quickly, but you can pick it up and repair it very quickly and then use it again. If you take damage, while youre flying the drone, youre no longer going to be able to fly the drone, it will kick you out of drone view and theres also a cool feature to recall the drone where it will fly to you automatically. The controls are also kind of simple and intuitive, and i think most people will pick this up really quickly. So the second new tactical gear is the emt gear. This makes you not into a recon. This makes you into a medic a medic that will be able to heal their teammates with the emt gear, which is this healing bag. You have several benefits that are really really strong. I think every team will want this, its even going to be something i will consider using in solo, because, with this you can like i said you can heal your teammates using your own heels, you can heal them super fast. All your heels will only take three seconds to do.

Even the big med kit will take only three seconds and will boost whoever youre healing or yourself only as well so youre gon na get full boost full health in three seconds thats insane. You can also revive teammates in only three seconds, which is also insane like that is huge and and overall uh. You also move faster when healing and you can use your bandages and first aid to heal to full. So you dont need to be boosted. You can just pop a few bandages, and then you go from 75 health to max health. This is an insanely, strong item, its gon na be something i i see this in every single squad out there. Maybe theres gon na be a few squads that prefer just going all out: uh assault, rifle dmr assault, rifle sniper, very, very skilled gun players. Sure, but let me definitely say that the vast majority of teams will probably want to have this. This is really good and uh, and if again, if youre, not the strongest shooter out there well, this is what you can do again, a great thing for new players, because new players will not only be able to recover faster from taking damage and going down, but Also theres a role here for someone whos, not comfortable, shooting in a game that is difficult to shoot in, like pubg theres, also the new tutorials i already uh covered this in a video where i talked about free to play so im not really going to go.

That much into this, but i cant tell you guys that i did play through all the tutorial content now and its really good. I think i think its super strong, the initial and basic training, its very basic, like you, dont, learn how to move and loot and and and use a heal. I mean thats super basic, but its going to be helpful for new players. They will get into the game faster, less frustration, higher chance of the players that are completely new will just pick up the game faster and not leave too early. Also, the ai training match this whole concept is great. This is the perfect use of bots ive been highly criticizing bots in pubg for a long time, because i dont like bots, but this right here its perfect. This is how you use bots, use it to train up new players. Let them learn how to play the game, and – and while you play this, you also get tips and tricks in the upper left corner of the screen. When i played this, the tips scrolled through too quickly, it was not. It was not really possible for me to read the tips, so that really needs to be slowed down or somehow a way to view the tips on the go and like manually, skip to the next tip. Something like that, because this is this is actually a really great way to do it. You also get rewards theres, like this whole new reward system, that players get some cool skins.

They get some bp, they get some g coin. They get some tickets for the contraband uh system like overall. This is just a really good way to introduce new players to the game. I think so its not forced you dont have to do it, but the rewards are kind of cool. I mean you get some pretty nice skins and stuff, so you want to do this, and the same thing goes with. Training mode also got a huge upgrade here, because you get this uh. You get this menu that you we only saw in sandbox mode for pubg partners. So far you can pull this up by pressing the key button for that. That depends what you put it to um, but for me its on my comma button, but make sure you look that up for yourself. You can open this wherever you go in the training map. This is a place where you can just spawn weapons attachments all items in the game. You could spawn them here and and set up your guns and whatever you want to practice with really quick. You can also adjust your sensitivity on the go in this menu, which is really smart, because this becomes this way of quickly, adjusting and and learning how to use the different guns in the training mode. With the sensitivity added, you can also easily play around with vertical sensitivity. I think a lot of people will will benefit from that. Also, you will use this in the new training area, which is a really cool training area, because in there they call it.

The practice range in there you can spray it at a target on various distances. It goes up to 50 meters on various distances and you can get a result on a screen on a monitor. It will tell you how accurate you were. You actually get a reading of how well you control the spray. My only really critique with this is that its difficult to go crouch. So this is mostly for standing sprays, but you can jump on the table and then go crouch in this room um, because i think crouch sprays. Those are the ones you should be doing the most. You should only be doing a standing spray when you cannot go crouch. Remember that crouch spraying reduces the recoil by type its a 15 15 28 like its its a lot. So uh definitely worth to always do when you can another big quality of life. Improvement for pubg is that theyre now adding action queuing? What this feature does and im? I might go into more detail about this in a video. This is something that you should enable right away when you open the game enable this, because this is turned off by default. I dont know why they did this well. I do know why they did this. They did this because it might give you some bugs that that they havent tested yet because this is a big feature, its its uh, its reaching into a lot of other features in the game.

So theres a lot of bug, potential uh, so thats. Why theyre? Turning it off by default, but this is just such a huge feature, because what it does is that when you are performing an action lets say you are reloading your gun. Then an enemy appears in front of you and you wan na shoot. You start shooting before the reload animation is over. Your gun never starts shooting, even though youre holding down the trigger on your mouse. A more common example would be a similar situation where you are reloading your gun, swapping between weapons landing on the ground. After a jump jumping out of a car, something like that and then theres an enemy, you need to quickly engage that enemy. You right, click or hold right click, because you want to hold to ads. You want to go 80s. You want to aim down sight. The gun never aims down sight because you clicked a split second before you could. The animation was still playing whatever you were doing was still happening in the game, and so your input that you want to go ads. So you can shoot at that target accurately. Never got picked up by the game and what what happens is that then he would just end up hip firing because youre going to still be shooting so youre going to just end up hip firing and you will lose the fight. Ive died like this many times in pubg. Now, with this feature enabled your gun will ads when it can, it will shoot when it can.

So that is huge, and i highly recommend that you enable this right away. The win, 94 and dss also gets some improvements in this patch uh. The wind 94, like you saw in the beginning of the video, will now get an ability to flip down its scope. So you can use the iron sight with the wind 94., the vss, the vss. You can now put a candid site on the vss and, yes, that that might sound great, that now youre not forced to always use that 3.5 times scope, but in practice this is not something i will be using im a huge fan of the vss. You guys know this and i got very excited when i read this in the beginning, but just look at this, the vss with the candid side is i i will. I will call this dead on arrival. The scope of the vss covers up such a huge portion of the screen that this is just. This is just cutting away. So much of your information, its going to make close quarters very difficult. I just recommend that you do what ive always done is that you aim with the target mode the targeted, hip fire. You just use that instead in close quarters and otherwise go ads with the scope, i do not recommend using this candid site im, really sad to say this, because man, i i want this, what they should be doing is add an option to put a normal red Dot on the gun, like swap between the 3.

5 x scope and a normal red dot, pubg is also changing how brutal it is to get knocked, because when you get knocked theres one second, where you are immune to damage that is when youre falling to the ground. The animation of you being knocked youre like out that hurt youre landing on the ground, theres one second, where you cannot get damaged that time is being increased by 50. So it sounds like a lot, but it its being increased from one to 1.5 seconds. Thats gon na make it more difficult to finish someone when you are shooting someone and just hold the spray, and you keep spraying until they fall to the ground, and then you finish them right away. So its going to remove some of these instant finishes similar because youre going to run out of ammo in that time span. So thats thats interesting its its gon na, remove some frustration with that and also when you get knocked its very punishing to get knocked several times, because you bleed out faster and faster and faster. And while i deep down, i think they should just remove this penalty because it kind of penalizes playing aggressively and getting involved. However, im happy to see that the third knock is being increased from 13 seconds to 30 seconds. So you, you simply live twice as long when youre knocked for the third time and a little bit longer from the first and second knock. So i i think this this is overall good, like were just, were just not there yet where i think it should be, but but i think this is good.

Also yeah, you move faster when you are knocked and damaged from frac. Grenades have been reduced by 20 when youre knocked so overall. What theyre doing with this is that theyre, just making it less punishing to be knocked pubg, is not adding a revive feature where you can revive finnish teammates, but theyre just making it more difficult to be finished and now to a highly debated feature. The visual ping or screen ping marker – i talked about it at lipid earlier when i was talking about the drone. This is a marker. You can place in the world by pressing a button and then it pops exactly where youre aiming. This is a way to. Instead of saying guy at the tree, you can say a guy at that tree guy on my ping enemy on my ping. This eases up communication so much especially now im a european player whenever ive been playing in european random squads communication almost always an issue. Now all you got ta do to be able to be helpful in communication with a team you otherwise are unable to communicate with is to press the ping marker and perhaps say enemy thats it. You have to know one word to be much more helpful than before, and this is just a nice quality of life feature um all other battle. Royales have this, and i i think pubg should also have it not because other battle royales have this, but because i think its time for pubg to add this were putting in a bunch of new players into the game right now with free to play.

Hopefully, a bunch of new players, we want those new players to feel welcome. We want them to feel like this is a game they can learn to play. Experienced players have call outs for so many buildings, so many positions, they have trained communication to tell their teammates. Where they see an enemy, they are able to see an enemy, much faster, because theyre, better able to use the sound cues of the game and theyre more experienced as knowing as to knowing where the enemies are new players will benefit. From this. A lot um older players will and good players will also benefit from this, obviously so its going to make older players stronger, but its going to make new players much stronger. I like this feature, i think its good. There are some. There are some things that could be improved like right now. It is really strong in the in the sense that you can still see the marker without line of sight. So that means it makes pre fire um possible and and much easier like you can aim on the dot before you are exposing yourself, and i agree with what people are saying about this – that that should probably not be possible and also i like the idea that It will vanish after some seconds, maybe five seconds, also a good idea, ive seen in the community, so its not perfect, but the 3d marker should be in pubg thats. My opinion.

The map and mini map also get some visual improvements, ill just scroll through them. Right here it certainly looks better. I like the coloring i like i like it overall and and thats nice. The lobby also looks better now. I think they cleaned it up very nicely. It has a more modern and more clean look im overall, a fan in the beginning. I was like hey. Do i like this because its new, or do i like it, because i think its actually better? I think it does look better so very positive about that too, and scrolling through the last few couple of patch notes here: um theres, nothing i want to go into in this video. But again, i always recommend that you read this stuff for yourself its its always uh, something that you can get some cool knowledge about, and i think especially now. This might be an interesting time to come back to the game if you put it on the shelf. For a while and you havent played it, maybe now when it goes free to play, that could be the time you should be playing, and i think, with this patch pubg is making a step in the right direction towards making the game easier for new players. This is how we make sure the game doesnt die by getting new players to play it, otherwise it will die its as simple as that. So thank you guys for watching and uh enjoy the patch remember its going to be down for 38 hours.

Ish, like the game, is going to be down for a lot of hours before you can play it um, but then it goes live and its gon na be very exciting to see what happens ill see you guys next time i like this guy in the window.