Now, if you're, a fan of the Maverick mini, you're, definitely gon na want to enter the contest today, because we're giving away some incredibly cool accessories. Now before we get to the technical stuff. I know why you're really here it's, where the jokes in the singing so let's get to that what's, the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular alphabet. The Christmas alphabet has no L on the sixth day of Christmas. Drone Valley gave to me a bunch of accessories for my new Mavic mini absolutely right, we're, giving you all three accessories that were sent to us by our good friends over a DJ. I it includes the charging base, the snap adapter and the propeller holder. Now, if you don't know what these accessories do, you're not watching the channel enough, because I just did a review of them but I'll, give you a quick rundown. The charging base is a great way to charge your drone between flights, it's magnetic, which means there's. This tiny little connector on there you pull that off, plug it into the charging port. In the back of your drone fold, it up put it in the base and magnetically it snaps to the base and starts charging, but the cooler part is. It also comes with a globe that you can slide over top of it to protect it from all your friends, grubby fingers trying to get at the drone it's a great way to display it as well, because it lights up so it's a really cool accessory.

This is one of my favorites it's, the snap adapter. What it does basically is there's a little TV set here that has like a dry erase board on the front of it. Now some of you, younger kids, out there probably don't, know what a TV looks like but that's what a TV looked like when I was a kid anyway that snaps on the top of the drone, and you can write a nice little message on it and then Fly it somewhere so say, for example, you're, hungry and you're right on there hey honey. Could you make me a grilled cheese sandwich and you fly it into the living room and landed on the coffee table for your wife to see now chances are you'll, never see the drone again, but you might get a grilled cheese sandwich out of it all right. So that's that and then the fidon't one it's a propeller holder. This is a really important accessory and I probably should get more serious about this. Essentially, what this does is it protects your propellers, because, with this drone and a lot of the drones would fold up, the propellers are flapping all over the place when you try to put it in your bag, nori to get bent or broken. What this does is gently, hold those propellers against the body and make it really nice and streamlined. So you slide it in a bag, there's no chance of damaging the propeller.

So all three of these accessories are included. They give away today, there'll be one winner, and the contest is exactly like. The other contest we've done below you'll find a link just hit that link enter your email address after seven days. We'Ll pick a random winner, we'll notify that winner and then we'll put all the stuff in a box and we'll ship it to you again. No shipping charges anywhere in the world. We don't care we're just happy to give this stuff away and there's no shenanigans. Like I say every time we just picked the winner and ship, the stuff to you, you get to use it and we're happy for giving it away so definitely enter that contest and I don't care where in the world you live, you could live in Timbuktu. Probably a nice place to live, I've, never been there but I'm. Guaranteeing you. I can ship this stuff to Timbuktu so definitely enter the contest, and I want to thank you again for all the support you guys have shown us throughout the year. My favorite time of year is Christmas. I love Thanksgiving too, but Christmas to me is the best time of year, because it gives us a chance to give back to all the people that are watching the channel they've been supporting us throughout the year and we're lucky enough that we have relationships with manufacturers Or maybe they send us something we put it aside and we give it away at Christmas and here's a good example of the way DJI supports this channel from time to time, so we're very happy to be working with them anyway.

That'S it for today thanks an awful lot for watching and please subscribe to the channel I'm telling you you're, not gon na, believe the prizes that are coming up in these last six days of Christmas they're unbelievable.