This three channel fighter jet does acrobatics quite easily. This should be a great beginner's plane to keep young fliers interested. Old fliers should like it also 😉 Note that its 3.7V 300mah battery needs to be purchased separately. Find the plane here and batteries here

Nice looking model of the Chinese Shenyang J-11 fighter jet.
Includes auto stabilization making flying in beginner rate very easy.
Three channel aircraft with servo for elevator control.
Somewhat fast flier making it good for outdoors in light wind, but not so much for indoor gym flying.
Great flier. Does basic stunts quite easily.

Les inconvénients
Minor assembly out of the box requires glueing on both of the vertical stabilizers. Malheureusement, glue is not provided.
Does not come with advertised 3.7V 300mah battery (probably due to shipping safety issues). You'll need to purchase separately, although it's a very common and inexpensive battery. Here are some examples
Uses motor differential thrust to turn. Counter-intuitively, you will need to increase throttle if you wish to turn in a shorter radius.

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