Some drones are easier to work with than others. This one is really cool because it has a bunch of different settings that just make it look like you. You know what you’re doing, even if you don’t yeah it comes with an app that can make it take off, they can make it land, d'accord, and it can do a bunch of other things too. One of the things is facial recognition, Logiciel, where it will recognize a face and follow a face. Euh,. Another thing is point of interest so that it will actually show you a google map, and you can. You can plot up to 16 different points on the map and it will um follow the line and do videos um there’s, a follow me. Uh uh configuration so uh and what was really cool with this? This drone is the is the ability um to change the angle of the camera and the fact that the camera is uh really nice, la caméra. It has a camera that can can do a 180 degrees or 90 degrés. It does um um, you know forward and as it’s above you, it can look down on you. Alors, comme vous pouvez le voir ici, um it it can change its angle. The the cool feature is the is the app so um when you turn it. On the first thing you need to do is then sync it with the app, so it requires either a android or a iphone to be able to connect to the app so that it can then so now we can see that it’s connecting connecting it is just Now connected to gps, it is actually connected to this.

My phone is now connected to this. So now i can take my phone and i can come over and and launch the the app okay and now we can see that it has automatically selected this device. Alors maintenant,, we’re gon na take this and we’re gon na yeah it’s already connected. It has found the specific f 11.. I just got ta get stuff ready so that we can do this. d'accord, D'accord! I think you’re gon na do a face. Recognition i’m going to try girls, not too close stay right there. d'accord, make sure that you get a good angle of the cameras. d'accord, dada, La musique, salut, say hi to the camera. Up there, easy hi, salut, say hi, facile, dire: hi there’s, a camera right there, Music it’s going so fast, Whoa, careful, dada, La musique, slowly, dada come down gon na land on mommy’s car, all by itself close enough Laughter, pretty cool Music, La musique. Now we’re rotating look there. I am controlling this thing: it’s actually very easy to apply it stabilizes itself really well um. It also uh has a vr mode, and i i hadn’t. I hadn’t tried that out yet i’m gon na try that out next, but you can actually right now. Je suis. Looking at the f app on the phone um to to be able to fly this around um, but you can actually put the vr helmet on and watch while you fly so here was a landing.

Follow the girls follow the girls run. Girls run here. We go ready. d'accord, it takes the self off. So i can see you so one of the really cool features with this uh drone is obviously the quality of the camera um flying around our neighborhood showing off but yeah. It was a really cool christmas gift. I would recommend it to anyone. It uh it’s got a 4k ultra camera. It’S got gps um. Vous pouvez, comme, J'ai dit, direct the different angles of the camera. You can see how dirty our pool is Laughter but it’s winter, and we are going to paint it. So too much information flying around our little cul de sac, yeah i’d recommend it to anyone. It’S it’s easy to use it’s easy to navigate. Um it’s got a a bunch of uh options that you, you really don’t even have to to know what you’re doing it’s got a button. You can press it. It’Ll take off it’s got a button, it’ll press uh to land.