You get extra parts and tools, bon, construire la qualité, and i love how compact it is it’s, a really great first drone. J'aime ça, but i am glad i already have the basics of drone piloting down, because it’s rather responsive granted. I just read far enough in the manual to start it up and fly it, but i was just planning to take it for a brief spin to test it out very cool feature, though it folds up and fits into the transmitter. It will charge there in its little den or it will charge with a usb cable. The only reason i didn’t go with five starts as because battery cover on the transmitter won’t stay on Music. It came with some little screws and a screwdriver, but i can’t get the screws to work. I can’t tell if it’s actually threaded, but the hubs couldn’t stand not to take it away from me and try to fix it and he couldn’t get it to work either. I just stuck black duct tape on the bottom, a nod to occam’s razor, i charged it up, put everything together and went outside where things were going just fine until the neighbors got home and well it’s trash day. So sure why not everyone gather around and ask me a lot of questions while i was trying? I wanted noted that the hubs was zero help during this time and in fact, standing by with a mocking amused. Look on his face watching me struggle in fabulous multi task fail.

I was showing off and hit the return button only.