Ce sont les gars bienvenus de retour à la chaîne. S’il vous plaît ne vous abonner, parce que nous faisons tout sur ce canal, pas seulement les drones de course, but we also do fixed wing, FTB planes, wings and even the occasional toy drone. We just like to have fun on this channel, but today it's all about the xl5. This is the Titan XL 5 HD Edition with DJI on the back hint DJI in the front right there. It has a camera protector on the front, TPU everything all the way around front to back on the bottom. It has bumpers there's a bumper on the back and in the front up here, and this is a pretty wide camera protector and I was wondering if this was going to give us issues. But actually you can't see it at all in the DVR, which is cool or in the goggle view, and today I'm using the DJI goggles here and we're, using the DJI transmitter along with this so it's the full DJI package today. I believe this combo is somewhere with the 360 camera above 1500, so this is quite an expensive package to fly. If you wanted to fly it like this, so it's quite a treat today to see it flown in this fashion. So I want to say thanks to a flight for sending me one of these for review, pour vous les gars, because I knew you guys are going to want to see this one and this quad it's not going to be for everybody.

It is expensive. I will say that I'm a reviewer, so I can be honest about it. It is expensive but you're getting some pretty insanely nice gear on here. If you want to go for the cheaper version, hopefully they will have that 4k version of the tarsier or the runcam version, hopefully or if you want to build up this frame. It'S super beasty. It is six millimeter carbon arms and it is 3k carbon fiber it's. All nicely actually shielded motor wires right here. This is sort of a new option. Ils ont. It has a nice sticky bottom and it keeps the motor wires quite tidy in here two antennas in the very back and look what else is hiding back there? You guys GPS, so now this dropped just in time, because the new DJI firmware update is out and now inside the goggles. We can see the home point and you can see the home arrow so latitude longitude. All that cool stuff is finally in beta flight OSD. Inside your DJI goggles, so now you have the best of both worlds: GPS return to home on this quad. If you have a failsafe, it'll, come back low battery return or on a switch, so you have three different options there for return at home, so it kind of makes this one the best medium range mountain surfer or freestyle quad. It is still 5 bras de pouce, hopefully they'll, come out with some 7 inch arm versions of this, and then we could really send it, but for today, we're just gon na send it out here in the field, and I want to show you some really really awesome Spectacular video, I am so excited to show you the XL 5 HD.

This thing is it's the tits, so yeah it's really awesome, so a great tune on here with the dual s7, the twin G on here, yeah that's. What you guys want it's it's insane it's super smooth and the new zing motors that they have on here. 24 50 kV 4s version. They are super hot. Si vous voulez un freestyle, you can also take all these cameras off here and it will fly even better without this heavy action camera line here, but just to show you guys a unique perspective, I will show you some DBR, some freestyle, some cinema style and there's. Certains 360 video just to make this video fun for you guys. So I want to say thank you for watching my channel again and all my reviews. This is the XL 5 HD. C’est parti les gars, let's go ahead and do a flight test and then we'll come back and we'll do some final thoughts and a the very end of the video right around the end. bien, we'll put the specs up on the screen. You guys can go over all the specs and pause the screen if you'd like, and you can also check out the links down below for the various different pricing options available for the XL 5 HD. Très bien les gars, let's fly here, nous allons, I can't wait. Alright guys let's go ahead and get the XL 5 Édition HD, with DJI everything on there and GPS up in the air got to show you some 360 video from my 1r let's, l’insta 360 un, our Dylan's 360 camera super awesome.

You can see this kind of unique perspective, front back side to side and kind of the whole quad as we're flying around, ce qui est cool, we're gon na chase some RC airplanes as well. But I have to say my first impression: let's just get right into this. À présent, when I got the box and I opened the Box, I was immediately impressed with the quality of this quad for a binding fly. I haven't seen anything quite this nice come along this year with DJI all the bells and whistles they've included all the TPU trimmings. le 2208 upgraded motors for extra power for freestyle, so it is a freestyle beast on 4s, 24 50 moteurs kV, or if you want to get the 6s version they have that as well. I also like the fact that the arms are extra beefy. They seem to work well with the the twin gf7 flight controller that they have on here very smooth tune. It just feels like a quad that I Tunes myself and I've, given you guys a lot of tunes on the channel and this one doesn't, even you guys, don't need my pits for this one. So this is kind of an amazing experience out of the box it's flying beautiful. I have the full OSD for a home arrow now included in the DJI firmware, which i think is amazing. So if I want to send this up a mountain, this quad will have duality as far as being able to have a medium range, medium to long range, quad experience.

You can put a larger battery on this quad up to about a 4s, 2650 ou 3000. Si tu veux, if you're not carrying the GoPro key you're carrying GoPro you're gon na get a little less like time for your long distance flights. But if you want the longest flight time and you're gon na do some distance with this quad go for the the larger battery without the go on the front and just record your DJI DVR, and this guy right here Dennis one of our sky Knights Club members Is doing some nice flybys inverted this guy's a really good pilot, so props out to Dennis for some amazing flying today and letting me chase him around he's flying mine site and he didn't even notice that I was behind it. This quad is kind of hard to see in the air, but again it's really neat. That DJI now has full GPS, OSD and home arrow in there and he's doing a nice flat spin there and back out fairly low to the ground. He went all the way down really nice, but what's great about this. Also guys is that, with the return to home, we have a basically a few different stages of GPS return to home. Ici. The nice thing is that, if you're flying long range with a quad, you have now have latitude longitude on this quad on the screen. So if you go down, you can go back and your DJI goggles and enter in latitude.

Longitude coordinates of your quad and go walk straight up to your quad and find it, and the nice thing is that you also have it on a switch. If you need to bail out, Vous pouvez, ce qui est vraiment agréable, so I'm coming down the runway here and we have a crash. One of the club members had an extremely hard crash right behind me. So I got a little sidetracked and kind of landed hard here, but let's go ahead and put the GoPro in there. d'accord. Alors maintenant,, you're gon na get to see some hero 7 with hyper smooth footage, and this was recorded from the front TPU mount that comes along in the box. With this quad. It also fits the hero 8, so the newest GoPro can also fit in that TPU. Mount the 7 is just a little bit tight, so I believe it was made for the 8 kind of hard to get my 7 in and out of there. le 8, Je crois, is a little wider, but a little thinner made so I'm kind of cool that it does fit either one in there. But this is the footage you can expect from even a 7, with hyper smooth, it's completely jello free, and this is where you can generally see jello high down low. You won't see as much jello when you're close in and you're flying fast or freestyle generally. Unless you have a really bad tune on a quad, then you're gon na start to see some jitter and vibes, but with this flight controller it's completely smooth 2208 motors seem to be performing really well.

So I have a nice smooth feeling on the throttle. The tune is really clean on here and it's, just giving me incredible, video which ever camera I decide to put on here. I think that the insta 360 video came out really cool if you're looking for kind of a unique perspective, if you're more of a freestyle guyand you want to kind of make moreyou know traditional freestyle type videos to GoPros for you or, if you want To do some cinema style stuff, this is the setup you want to go for so you don't see any props. Dans cette optique, you do see props in the view for the camera DVR, so the own board, 1080p DVR from DJI err model. You'Re gon na see the props and view, and some guys are not gon na, Comme ça. Some guys won't care, some of the traditional freestyle guys don't mind, but if you're looking to do cinema stuff it's best to strap a GoPro in there for the insta 360. My one hour did really really well on here, and I can I can't fit the 1r in the TP you mount that came along with the quad. So if you guys have a 1rand you want to put that singular lens on hereit's too wide it won't fit in the TP amount and that's speaking off the 1r it's, la 360 caméra, so it's fine with the GoPro, but the tune again.

The tune is great and with DJI goggles the neatest thing about DJ cogs, I can get in there and go places in closer than I could before, which is really fun. I can just really see a lot better with the DJI goggles it's, just unbelievable, and what you see here in the DVR that's recorded on the on board DVR doesn't look much different than this. The goggles it's kind of amazing there was a nice shot of Mount Hood, my buddy's airplane down below there, but I'm, pretty satisfied with whichever camera I decide to put on this quad. It seems to to do fine with just about anything you throw at it and it's been my favorite quad to fly so far this year. Absolutely this thing is really nice. C'était génial. So now let's go ahead and show you some of the DJI air module. Dvr now this is recorded in 43 because flying with my OSD on the left and right of the screen and do apologize that I didn't get some DVR footage for you guys. But you can put almost like 36 different options on the screen with the latest DJI update, ce qui est fou, so you can have crosshair in the middle here. You can have your satellite count. You can have your distance to the home plate. You can have your your altitude, vous pouvez avoir. I believe there is GPS speed on there as well, which is really cool GPS satellite count.

All that good stuff is now gon na be shown on your OSD in your DJI goggles, which is really really cool and it's been in beta fly for quite some time since GPS was introduced, but everything was already set up on here inside beta flight as well. So I have to let you guys know that when you go to get it set up for the first time, there's, not a whole lot to do. One of the things that you have to keep in mind is that you need to be at least 300 feet out to activate the return to home on a switch if, if you're in closer, the quad will drop to the ground, there's been some complaints about that. But there is also, Je crois, a command prompt that you can put into the CLI to override that and make it not do that so that it will return to home within the 300 foot range, which will be kind of nice, for a close in freestyle is For some reason your receiver came off, it would come back now. I want to try a little bit of super tight flying here. It'S just wanted to see if I could make it down this row of trees, I've never flown down here before, but the south. Again being able to see so good with DJI, this clod is almost touching the trees left and right right there. That was crazy, but super satisfied with this quad and I have to say this: quad is absolutely probably gon na, be the quad of the year.

Les bons gars sont les bienvenus de retour de l’essai en vol. So what did you think about the footage from the 360 camera that's? Pretty awesome isn't it. This is the insta 361 R. It is a modular camera. So you can take this 360 lens off here and put a singular lens on and slap this in the GoPro mount and fly it like a GoPro. It also has hyper flow on here. It is stabilized video for the 5.7 K, 360 video or the 4k singular lens video, so either way you go you're gon na get really sick video footage. De là,. I also feel like the colors on this camera, or even brighter than my GoPro Hero 7, and it just has more of a vivid look, and I know you can change the different presets in the GoPro. But this video on this camera looks fantastic and a lot of people on my channel been really liking. Celui-là, y compris moi-même, it is a higher price point, but you can also get the version. That is just the 1080p little tiny stick. Camera it's called the go. I think that one's around 200, but you can stick that on micros and stuff, so let's talk about this XL 5 HD. Now this thing is a beast: it is super beasty, 6 millimeter arms. I love these new sort of motor covers that we have on here. The wire covers on the frame. The carbon looks a little nicer grade than what I've seen on some of their other previous frames, and the TPU mount in the back is also ready for crossfire back here.

If your Immortal T is on the back, you want to send this quad make it a like a medium range quad. You can also do that. I like the fact that they put TPU screw nuts on the end of these caps for screwing these antennas on and off as well and go ahead and stick a zip tie around your xt60 back there. I didn't do that, but you want to do that when I first took off with this club for the first time, I noticed how quiet and smooth it was, and there was zero vibes in the tune, the tune on here it's like a hundred percent. Like super cartoon on here and and you you wouldn't know it unless you flew it, if you have a friend who buys this go fly it and if you don't like it, send me an email, because I would be interested that you thought this tune was trash Because it is, it is spot on. So I want to say congratulations to the team. I flight for a really nice tune on the xl5 really worth this airframe and also the twin G is really nice. It also has an upgraded flight controller with the USB C port on here, ainsi que, no longer rocking the USB, the micro USB, ce qui est agréable. You don't have to fiddle with the cable to put it in there, and I believe this was 45 amp es es on this version, and so this stack could honestly take 6 s.

So if you wanted to upgrade the 6s later, you might be able to swap out these motors and just put some 6s motors on there. Something under 2000 kV something like a 1750 comme un 1650 is my preference for sending it up the mountain you get a pretty nice long flight time. Also I'm wondering if I flight is, is gon na extend the arms on this. I want to see a 6 pouce et un 7 version de pouce. How about you guys? Because this this is a nice looking quad and I have to say, I'm, a little bit partial to this one as well, because this looks like drone camps colors guys. This is black and green. These are my colors since the very beginning so I'm. Heureux de cela. I also like the fact that we now have OSD and all the bells and whistles there are like. There must be like 40 different options now inside the DJI goggles. Absolutely worth the money for this quad, I think if you spend the money on this one, you already have the DJI goggles. You will have a fantastic time with this quad if you want to buy the entire package and you're the kind of guy who doesn't mind. Spinning the money, then this quad will make you happy if you spend the money for this quad and you already have some kind of action camera to you. You'Re gon na have a fantastic time. Avec cette.

There will be parts and kits available, bien que, as of the making of this video, it should be available in all countries around the world, so this has been the I fly, RC DJI edition, HD Titan XL 5 gars. Thank you so much for watching the channel I'm. Justin Davis take care guys and get out there and fly if you can. Hopefully this Cova thing is going to end soon, I'm, so sick of it. I want to fly and I want to see you guys again and I want to do some fist bumps guys, like the old days, let's hang out and fly and burn some packs guys. Prends soin.