Stabilization drone, uh it's, been a few weeks since i did my last review folks and the reason being i'm no longer in kansas, anymore, we're, réellement, ridge, crest, Californie. I got tired of the earthquakes out there and and the heat too it's it's pretty hot there today, but uh i've moved to pennsylvania. Folks and now all my videos will be done from erie pennsylvania, si e uh .. But what i got here again is the mjx bugs 20 electronic image stabilization drone. What is special about this drone is there's, two things that are special and they got them printed on the top here is this: has a true 4k camera on it. Gens, 4k, that records to microsd card at 30 images par seconde. À présent, avec cela à l’esprit, that sd card is located right here and you are going to want to have a high quality sd card. Don'T use your average class 6 card or below um you're, going to need a minimum of a class 10 to record a 1080p, and if you wish to record the 4k video, i recommend getting a u3 card. d'accord, Umm. I tried to use this. I got a class 10 ici. It works fine with the 1080p, but when i try to record uh 4k with this class 10 Umm, it just doesn't keep up with the write speed of the required write. Speed for that 4k. Vidéo, d'accord, so consider getting a class 10 minimum for the 1080p, and if you wish to use the 4k, you are going to need, i recommend a u3 card now.

Dans cet esprit, those cards can be up to 128 gigabytes capacity. d'accord, most uh, inexpensive drones. You know the lower end drones. You know under 200, autour de 200 and below range um. You need um to keep. Normalement, you need to use a maximum 32 Gigaoctets. This one can go up to 128 gigabytes capacity on that card without a problem. So that's a good point about it. Now again it records 4k video. The resolution in 4k is 3840 par 2160 pixels à 30 images par seconde, as i said previously, et encore une fois, it's selectable down to 1080p at 60 cadres par seconde maintenant. The other big thing about this drone is this eis electronic image stabilization. This is the second drone that i've seen in the lower end drones to come out with built in electronic image. Stabilization now, i've seen it done before, with other drones, drones bon marché, inexpensive drones. That does the eis, through your phone's processor, this one actually has a built in uh processor, dedicated to that electronic image. Stabilization so that's, a big point, the only other drone i've seen in the lower price range it has. That capability was the telo okay. Nutella came out two and a half years ago, and nobody else until mgx has since then has actually put on board an onboard, électronique, uh or our processor for electronic image. Stabilization that's a great deal because again you get very laggy camera. If you try to do it with through your phone, okay it's much more smoother, normally is much more smoother.

If you have an onboard processor and that's great, that mjx has not come out with this now. The overall airframe is well above 250 grammes, which means uh that you are going to need to have this registered in most countries that's the next thing mjx, if you're listening. The next thing is come out with a drone with electronic image. Stabilization under 250 grams and you'll have a big hit. d'accord, d'accord, let's go on other things about this drum um. It does have gps, d'accord, with automatic return to home capability on command. On loss of signal or on low voltage, it'll come back. It also has let's look at the bottom of it. Optical flow sensor right here. This enables the drone to fly indoors if you wish, or outdoors, and maintain a stable hover by looking at the ground without the need of a gps system. d'accord, it will automatically maintain its position that's if you don't have sufficient satellites, which is less than seven or less than seven satellites. This will come into play and automatically try to maintain hover of the drone stable hover over the drone. But again i recommend or but i recommend waiting until you have at least seven satellites before taking off. If you are outdoors to provide stable hover for this drone, it also has two little led lights. Actually bright led lights, but these are only uh can come out or turn off be turned on or off.

While the drone is flying um, it won't work, while it's sitting on the ground, at least it doesn't work with mine, while sitting on the ground again going over the 4k camera. We have the 4k camera here. It does have some rubber ball mounts here to help stabilize provide stabilization from vibrations and the electronic image stabilization. As i mentioned again um, it also can be maneuvered up or down via the controller remotely pointed up or down and it's a nice smooth upper down. It'S, not a jerky one, like you see other on other cheap toy drones. This one is nice and smooth and it's up up or down moving so that's a good point too other things about this particular drum. It is brushless motors okay, they are brushless, 2204, 1620 ou 1620 kv motors um. En outre, this comes with a battery 7.6 volt battery that is sized at 34 milliampere hour and that provides up to 22 minutes of flight time now. A special thing about this battery is no special charger is needed. It is recorded using a type c: connecteur, d'accord, d'accord, a type c phone charger connector that you can use through a wall mount now. I recommend a wall mount of at least two amps to charge. This big battery, or else you will be waiting many hours to get a full charge on that battery. From a little, if you used your computer, which normally has about 0.5 heure milliamp 0.

5 milliamp output, that would take hours, many maybe a day to charge that so again use a wall charger, a good wall charger. Now the range on this drone is predicted to go out to 500 ou 450 meters fpv range using 802.11 ac wi fi. À présent, before we go on let's stress this, as i normally do with these uh drones that use 802.11 ac wi fi, not everyone has this type of wi fi on their phone. d'accord, newer phones tend to have it, but you know if you have an older phone uh, it might not work with this so before purchasing this drone verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 ac wi fi, or you will be very disappointed when you get this drone To find out, you can't connect to the wi fi, d'accord, the way to check your phone. If your phone has 802.11 ac wi fi is simply google, your phone's name and model along with the term 802.11, then look in the results of google and see if in, if your specifications show up to show that this has 802.11 ac wi fi, d'accord, Umm, the Control range through the controller provider controller is up to 600 mètres. So if you lose um, if you lose fpv video, you can still fly line of sight if you can still see this drone up to 600 mètres, uh maximum 600 mètres. With that controller, now um other things about the drone. Is this uses the mrc pro app? d'accord, when you connect with that 802.

1 and ac wi fi, and through that app, it provides fpv real time. Fpv video on your phone, along with advanced features of, follow me where this drone will follow you on the ground. Uh circle position it'll circle around an area. If you select it um, it does have headless mode through the app. Malheureusement, it does not have a headless mode through the controller. If you wish to use headless mode, you have to do it through the app other things this has. Is it has waypoints waypoint capability and the waypoints does or feature does work with google maps and i've tried it already and it works over your data network. So your data network and the um uh app will work in conjunction, so you can see both uh map view or satellite view. If you wish um to set your points with this and again other things you can do with the app is set. The video features such as switching between 4k with image, stabilization and 1080p with image stabilization. Now i have not been able to see if you can turn off image stabilization. I don't think it's possible, at least not what i've seen with the app i couldn't find a feature where it turns off it's it's on by default, en d’autres termes, um d’autres choses à ce sujet. You can also. This can also take photos, but they are screenshot photos of the either the 4k video or the 1080p video, so it'll be the same resolution as the video, but you can adjust features via the app.

You know the photo features such as brightness saturation um. It also has special effects. The a few minor special effects like grayscale, you can go, switch to grayscale and has nostalgic and there's also a feature where you can adjust the saturation very bright saturation, but also you can individually select both brightness saturation. Also iso, you can adjust the iso features of the camera, such as switching between 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 and automatic and under automatic it can have. It does have a potential of going up to 3200. You can adjust the white balance also in the app and also in the app. There is a feature for sd card maintenance such as formatting the sd card in the drone there's. Also a flight log feature and what's handy about the flight log feature. It remembers. The last known position of the drone, comme, if you lose the drone, if it flies away and you lose ityou go to the flight log and there's a little radar insignia. You press that radar, insignia and it will bring up the map and show you the last known position of the drone, so you can go to try and find it. d'accord, other things, let's go into the controller right now, let's start from the top down. On the controller uh, the controller has two antennas. toutefois, the only one that is a real antenna is the one on the left. The one on the right does not have a wire going up inside of it, so this is a fake antenna, but um other things about it.

Let'S position the way you normally would in flight. It also has a nice phone holder now this phone holder, what i like about it is: it actually works with my armor 6e phone. My armor phone is a very wide phone, very thick phone it's like a brick, but this actually holds it. Most phone holders are not capable of holding my armor phone. This one does so that's great too. It has automatic up and down or automatic takeoff and landing through this button. Here after you start the motors, i will go over starting the motors later, but after you start the motors, you press this button and it will automatically take off the drone and bring it to hover about uh two um one meter in the air um. It also has uh you can adjust the rates between sport mode and slow mode by pressing this button here, and i recommend going in low rate slow mode if you are doing video, because the image stabilization can only keep up with so much movement of this drone. If you go into sport mode, it's just going to be too much for the electronic image stage, stabilization to work properly. Encore une fois, if you're in video make sure you're in low rate um, you can also start the camera and or not the camera. The lights turn the lights on and off, such as for night flying or to help see the drone better if it's up high by holding down this button for three seconds and you you'll it'll turn the lights on while in flight and this uh scroll button here Moves the camera up up or down i'm sorry.

I was gon na watch my screen to make sure i'm in the picture, so this is for uh adjusting the pitch of the camera up or down this button here is for starting and stopping videos. You can do this through the app or using the controller holding it down for two seconds. Three seconds starts the video remember to stop that video before turning off your drone or your video file will be corrupted so remember to do that and a short press of this button will take a photo. This button here is for return to home automatic or command return rom. So if you want to bring the drone back and have it automatically, land work took off press that button quickly, and it will do such this button here is for arming the motors. A quick press of this button will start the motor spinning and if you want to shut the motors down, you can hold it down for three seconds and we'll do an emergency shutdown such as, if you land in a tree, d'accord, don't, do this in flight? Do not hold this button down for three seconds while in flight, because shutting down those motors will break your drone. It'Ll drop like a rock okay, so remember to shut them down that way. The last stick here is for throttle and yaw pitch and roll. Now you can also switch that's mode. Deux. You can also switch to let's turn this on let's switch it to mode.

One i'll show you how uh, if you want to with the throttle on the right, you know with mode one hold this button down while turning this on and then press this button down for three seconds and it will switch to mode one. I don't know if you saw that so let's do that again: i'm going to switch back to bow two now now the throttle is on the right stick. I want to put it back on the left. Stick so i hold this down. Hold the arm switch down. Turn on the controller and press this button down for three seconds and it switches back to mode two other buttons. On this controller, you can turn the gps on or off, by pressing moving the switch up or down. I highly recommend before you fly each and every time that you verify that this switch is in gps mode. Folks um, i i've had an accident with one of the drones previously from mjx, because i did not check and i was flying in altitude hole mode and almost lost it. So keep in mind make sure you check that this is in gps mode before taking off that's a very common mistake, um other things about the controller it can be. These handles can swivel downwards. So you get a better grip and let's go over the telemetry features. This does have telemetry on the screen of the controller, notably that you can check both signal strength of the drone and the signal strength of the the controller as seen by the drone through these two bars here, you can also check the battery power of the drum Along with the battery power of the controller remaining battery power of the controller, let me adjust this, so you can see that better um.

It also has height, distance and height of the drum from the controller. It also has uh whether you're in gps mode is on or off that's. Another thing check make sure it's on before you take off. Let me bring it up closer see if you can see that i hope that's coming through, probably not also. It shows a number of satellites being received right there. You will need at least seven satellites for a good gps fix, do not take off with less than seven satellites. Gens, d'accord, and also tells you what rate you are in either lower high rate. Let'S switch between the two holding. I guess you got ta hold this down to switch between the rates, so a quick press of this button turns lights on or off, and a long press of this switches between low and high rate. Encore une fois, if you're taking video make sure you are in the low rate and you switch between low and high rate by pressing this button and holding it down, d'accord, so that is the controller. I think i've gone over everything here. Um let's take this drone out into my new flying field. You'Re gon na see green instead of brown desert uh and give it a try. Gens, oh i forgot to go over the other things you get in the package. You get the user manual, you get a quick start, video it's actually reasonably good manuals. Uh you get a spare set of propellers and that's.

What i wanted to go real, quick over is these propellers are a little bit difficult to install. You need to install them. You need to center them first and then put in two screws to install them and there's a little pin that goes on top and then they say spin it in clockwise or counterclockwise. Exactly this pin on the top is more or less for decoration folks. It just slides just push it in there is no clockwise or counterclockwise. You also get a spare set of propellers. I mentioned you get a little screwdriver for installing propellers you get the needed screws to do such and finally, as with all bugs drones, you get the cool stickers. You can get use to uh customize your drone for your particular taste. If you want to put them on there. d'accord, now let's take it out into the field and see how it flies. Hope you enjoy this flight folks good morning, quadcopter 101, here from one of my new favorite flying fields here near erie pennsylvania. Réellement, this is gerard pennsylvania, where i'm at today um for a flight of the uh bugs 20 with electronic image. Stabilization. d'accord, let's get right into it. To start this up the button on the back. You hold it down on the back of the battery for about three seconds. Until you hear the chirp of the esc's, then you place it down on the ground where you want to take off, and i marked the next there folks uh, my landing pads are still in shipment to to get here across from across the country.

But then we turn on the controller and we hear the beep and we see that we are bound because we have signal from both the drone and signal from the controller, so they are connected and in the upper left corner we notice the compass rose, blinking that's, Telling us we need to do the compass calibration. You need to do this. Every time you put a new battery in the drone and i hit unlock it ain't going to unlock while i'm holding it folks. I accidentally hit that button, but it's flashing, Jaune, i don't know if you can see the lights on the belly here, but they are flashing, yellow left and right, and we need to go three times until they switch to green clockwise i'm. Turning okay, they just changed the green. Now i put the belly or the nose of the drone straight down and hold it out horizontally like so, and we do another two turns until the front lights, i believe the front lights change to red. One of them do when we see red, we know we're done and the lights will stop blinking, they go solid, d'accord, they're going solid and the front lights are red and the backlights are green, but they're both solid. So we were done with the compass calibration and i think i messed up my no there's my x, so we'll put this down on the ground and point it off in that direction, because i want that to be the headless mode direction.

d'accord. The next thing i need to do is connect the drones: 5g wi fi 802.11 ac wi fi. Let me say that 802 don't don't confuse 5g with 5g data networks, they're two different things, but this has 802.11 5 gigahertz wi fi and i need to connect it to my phone so hold on folks. d'accord, this is the mrc app available on google play and uh itunes. Now to start up, we obviously need to hit start and then hit next, and it shows you the overview of the app and its features and you hit click and there we go okay. À présent, before we take off there's one important thing: um i mentioned that you need to use a u3 card for 4k. bien, the thing is this: drone defaults to 4k okay and we are going to need to switch to 1080p for my class 10 card here, because my class 10 card will not keep up with 4k and unfortunately, my 4k sd card is in shipment from california. So the one that i normally use so i'm selecting 1080p at 60 frames per second we want to. I want to fly that and normally, if you uh upload to youtube, you want to use 1080p anyways to avoid the nightmare of overnight uploads. Alors voilà. d'accord, we are set to go now. Uh first thing i need to do is uh i'm, going to start the video camera so i'm going to do that with the controller by pressing the controller button photo button down and we are recording now and i need to unlock the motors.

I actually let's turn that video recording off, because i want to take a photo once we get near, but let's unlock the motors and they are spinning and hit automatic takeoff and send it up a little bit higher and turn it slowly toward me. Now we are in low rate, so that's why it's flying so slow, okay and say how do you like my shirt today, Gens, Pardon, my tie dyes are also coming via ship, a shipping container from california, d'accord, but let's. Try the camera let's. Do a quick! Take quick press, okay that should have recorded a picture, one more picture, that's two and a third picture, and it says tf photo okay, so it's recorded now, let's start the video camera, video camera's recording and it should be recording at 1080p 60 frames per second and Syncing up the cameras, i do this to sync up the camera, so my lips are moving at the same time as what the drone is showing now let me put on my uh glasses. Réellement, let me keep my glasses off. I can see it better without my glasses, but go up a little bit higher, pas trop élevé. Now i have a seven mile per hour: vent, steady wind from the lake. Réellement, lake erie let's go up and see lake erie i'm going straight up to about 50 mètres. 16. 18.. I just want to go up until we see the lake to show you that there's lake erie off in the distance.

Je le vois maintenant: 30 meters up there's lake erie, d'accord, we're, going to rotate slowly. Ah, the other way. I want to go the other way because the sun's to the right, but and right now the image stabilization seems to be working well because that's. That drone is bouncing about quite a bit up there from the wind but we're going to turn until we're facing away from lake erie at 30 mètres. Now i see a little an airplane up there coming into uh i'm gon na come down a little lower, but he's way up high and we're fine. There he's going into erie international airport, which is about seven eight miles from here. Alors, d'accord, now i'm gon na push forward and heading toward the other end of the field, and the first thing i want to do today, Gens, est: do the return to home and land and test it out. We'Re, just gon na fly to the other end of the field. Now this thing flies in low rate very slowly, and the idea being is to aid that image stabilization. d'accord, you can't fly very fast in low rate and again that's to maintain uh the bouncing of the drone so that it doesn't uh exceed what the image stabilization can. Uh just can stabilize so i'm going to go a little higher. I want to be above those trees, so just in case i get to the other end of the field.

I don't want to hit hit those trees, so let's climb a little bit higher 33 mètres vers le haut 81 meters out and let me lower the gimbal a bit. Oh not that much, but just enough there we go. I want to see the edge of the field i want to get to the edge of the field we're going to turn around from there and do return to home. Réellement, let me fly off in this direction. A little bit there's the bay there should be a baseball field there, somewhere we're 116 meters out go to the other end of the field flies nicely smooth but again, it's in this real low rate, 138 meters at let's go toward there and 164 meters at i'm. Gon na go to the edges of the tree line here, so nice smooth flying with this particular drone, 183 meters now since i'm, here in pennsylvania, they're not flying in the desert anymore. Malheureusement, i can't do those extreme long range flights anymore, but my flights are going to stay within about 200 meters range i'm. Sorry folks, but that's, one of the trade offs i get from living in pennsylvania, d'accord, i'm, gon na turn. It back toward me from there raise the gimbal up: d'accord, um i'm at that far baseball diamond over there that's, where matt's there's lake erie, again okay from there let's, do a return to home and landing, and i noticed a little bit of a tilt in the Drone that's because of the wind, we got some uh good wind up there, but let's do return to home press the return to home button and it's coming back from 221 mètres, decreasing okay tilt it a bit let's raise up that gimbal to counter that and let's See how close of a landing we get as it flies back toward us on its own on its own, and we want to see how close it lands to that x on the ground.

Where did i put that okay, it's right by the pitcher's mount there? It is overhead 30 meters up directly overhead and descending okay. It comes back at a height of 50 mètres, 50 meters um. I think you can adjust that in the settings i'm going to do that, one when it lands but uh. le 50 meters is more than enough to miss the trees in this area. j'imagine 50 meters is a good i'm going to leave it at 50 because looking at the trees, when i was flying over there, i guess those trees go up to close to 50 mètres. So this is a good altitude for return to home altitude and there's. A big bean field behind me see the bean field is descending 21 mètres, let's uh believe it's soybeans. I think i could be wrong, but here she comes down on this guy all on her own okay. It does a final check before the final descent and coming down and stops again, and then it does the final. It stops together about two meters that's the final drop and darn that's close nice and close landing; d'accord, good job now, i'm gon na. Stop that video recording make sure i got it okay and again pointing in this direction here and restarting the video recording. The recordings are started: unlocking automatic takeoff going up a bit higher turn the drone toward my position. This time rotating nice, slow rotation, you know i'm giving a full yaw that's how fast it rotates at the slow speed.

Let'S go up a bit higher and lower the gimbal down a bit. Go up a bit higher yeah right by trying to get it just the right angle, because what i want to do now is in the upper left corner. We are going to click. Those four bars and select headless mode. Drone is entering a headless boat. À présent, if i push forward it's going to fly backwards and keep me in view and i'm going to do, a crane shot is what i'm going to do so pushing forward and giving it throttle and climbing climbing climbing and lowering that gibble a bit as we go. Outbound cool that's, the main use of headless mode folks, à présent, unfortunately headless mode on this drone here, i'm gon na do a rotate as it's going out like um easy rider, the ending of easy rider let's, stop it right there, okay and then we're going to come Out of headless mode clicking that button again, the headless mode is off and flying back to let's turn it back toward me. First on the fpv screen and do a reverse a descent and a zoom in, en d’autres termes, pushing forward pushing forward it's coming in we'll. Bring it right up to me descending here it comes so this is bouncing around a bit from this wind, but it is staying stable, nice and steady and bringing it up to the camera and say i'm off. Oh oui, let's! Stick it up again: d'accord, Umm! The next thing we are going to do is uh.

Suis moi. Let'S go back, let's go uh. I want the sun at its back, so let's go up a bit higher and head toward the sun and start off with the sun at its back, and i need to go out about 20 meters or so for following me to work properly. You need to give it a little bit of a distance and the reason being there is going to be an error between where the drone thinks you are where your phone is reporting your position and that will show up. If you are too close that's. You know you'll just you could walk off the screen. Okay point it back toward me there i am, and from that point there right here, an airplane just double check, it's, not in the area, but we are going to hit the up those three uh four boxes. In the upper left corner and select, follow me and then we slide to the right and follow me is activated okay notice, i'm, not in the center of the screen, that's the error between my phone and where the drone thinks i am i'm a little bit far Out for follow me, but let's, voir ici, follow me is activated let's, see how well it works. It'S bouncing about about a bit it's getting hit with some wind let's come down a little lower for it that might help it and raise up that gimbal uh. Let me stop that and bring it closer let's see.

Follow me we'll work a little in a little closer we're a little too far out man far out man. I want to bring it to my 20 meters coming down lower too and getting closer and lower let's. Try it up close okay, hitting that bar four bars up on the upper left corner, hitting follow me again and sliding to the right. Okay slide to the right. Et voilà. d'accord, follow me activate again now. The type of follow me this has is like the dji style of follow me and that it's like being pulled on a string. Okay notice, see the difference here. I i went off screen there, because the difference in uh, where my drone, where the drone thinks that i am and where my phone thinks i am but let's see if it keeps up with the old man, walk running across the uh grass here it's trying it's Trying to run around it now it's turned it slowly turns to try to keep up with me but that's about that's. The follow me folks. It works interesting one sideways here: let's go toward it see whenever recognizes i'm coming toward it. So that's follow me. Let'S come out of follow me now. The next one we're going to try is circle position i'm, going to send it up higher right about there. Lowering the gimbal just a little bit and going upper left corner and orbit flight is what we want and sliding to the right there.

It is orbit position i'm trying to see where it's, where my position was. I guess where it originally was that's. What it's orbiting going up a bit higher with the angle of the camera i'm just going to stand here? I think its orbit position is right there. Now you can adjust the radius of the circle. A larger radius would be recommended if you wanted to be more uh accurate of what it's pointed at right now. This is a short radius, i'm saying about five meters, so i am going to stop orbit position. Next thing we want to. Try is waypoints now to get waypoints to work. You have to hit that lower left corner there that map and bring up the area, and let me see if i can switch to uh there we go uh. What do you call this satellite view? d'accord, there's the satellite i'm going to set a waypoint over. Permettez-moi d’aller un peu plus haut aussi. I don't want to hit the uh the field over there, but i'm going to go to first base wait a minute. You got to hit this in the lower right corner and select these points track and let's go to first base second base. Actually let's go over here. d'accord, i guess i picked the wrong one to use. Let me try the second one. There okay first base over here to my right i'm, not going in the trees and then back to me or near me and then submit setting draw a fly.

You should go to first base go to first base that's, my wife and dog over there. Okay it's at first base, then heading toward the tree line. Let me zoom in a bit. It doesn't show where the drone is on the screen, malheureusement, going over there. So waypoints actually works rather well on this drone there it's going over there and then it should come back toward me. I'Ll tell you what let's go over first base on the other field over there let's see if we'll go to there. d'accord, that flight's over this time, let's go selecting the second one again, we'll go to the center of this field center of this field and then back to me back to my general area, Allez, J’ai eu ta. Do it again there that's good enough and then hit submit? I want to go up a bit higher too for this flight right there and then slide and have it fly, let's watch it go to the two fields and then come back to me. Two baseball fields. After the first one, this is working really well folks, i kind of like it. It works well. The first field then turn go to the second field. d'accord, it's got a nah. You hear that beep beep beep it's doing a return to home because it's low battery um this is an mjx low battery. What it does is, it comes within a 100 meter circle of your position and you can fly around within 100 mètres.

d'accord, so we're gon na have to call it quits on the um continuing the uh waypoint flying we're gon na come out of that. But let's see what it does. d'accord, i was outside of 100 meters there from its take off position. It seems to be going back to its take off position. Does it land or just floats let's, see if it lands? I think it will just float up there. From now on, we've got to stay within 100 meters of our local position, so um it's it doesn't, seem to be coming down. Is it no? It just comes back to work where it's take off position was just letting you know, and that bp is letting you know that we are low battery, so i'm coming out of waypoints and going back to view fpv view it's tilted again because of the wind, but Let'S come down lower and what i want to do next, let's go over to this field. Over here let's go into sport mode. We haven't shown what this can do in sport mode. I can fly within 100 meter circle of my takeoff point, ce qui est bon. You know that 30 meter circle was that others use is kind of ridiculous. You know for the the geo fence 100 meters is, is appropriate, d'accord, alors, right now let me stop or no i'm going to keep the video recording but we're going to hit the rate button, and i think i got to hold it down.

Yep you got to hold it down for two seconds and we're in high right now: let's just fly it in support mode, see what it can do and i'm gon na fly low and fast coming toward me, it's a max turn radius or max um turn. That was max bank angle max yaw, trying it this way. Let'S go toward my wife and dog over here. Come back toward me, so sport mode, Oui, it's fun, but in sport mode expect uh more jerky, video it's. You know that electronic image stabilization is not going to work as well going this fast, keep that vibe, okay right there. I think we're getting low it's going to land itself. Now one thing about this: it will land itself wherever, when it's low battery within that 100 cercle de compteurs, it's going to position itself and land itself wherever it's at and i'm going to stop the video recording right now, because i want to make sure that i get Video recording it's going back to low rate, non, it still says high, but i want to show you. What i want to show you is. C'est: will not return to home and land okay on low battery. What it's going to do is land itself when the battery gets down to the lowest point. d'accord, so let me land it for a second here. I haven't landed it manually yet that's. Ce que je voulais faire: d'accord, d'accord, arrêter! The video recording and 30 meter altitude and 100 meter range so see that folks, you can only go 30 meters high in 100 meter range now i'm, going to switch back to low rate.

My right button pressing down the right button and then starting the motors again. This is our new takeoff position by the way and automatic takeoff and for the remainder of our flight. Encore, remember i told you this is going to land wherever once you know, within this 100 meter circle and low battery, but let's go up and show lake erie one more time. Oh, you know what i haven't done yet let's bring it over. While i still got battery power is lower the gimbal all the way down, put an overhead and do a rocket rock it take off, go ahead up and then raising the gimbal okay. I did my rocket i like to do this. d'accord, hear that folks it's coming down it's up there in the air let's lower it that's full low battery coming down, and this is the final part of its flight. The long beeps means i don't got any more battery power to fly anymore. I got to come down and land and it will land itself again wherever it's at within that 100 meter circle from your takeoff position. So when you're hearing that low battery beeping, when you hear that low battery beeping bring it in close, otherwise this might land in some trees or or because it's going to land wherever it's at on that little battery and it's coming down. Oh i'm, not recording anyways! This last part here, so it don't matter so let's turn off the drone i got.

I got my video recording turning off the drone and turning off the controller and final thoughts. This is a nice flying little drone uh the bugs 20 with electronic image. Stabilization again, you know the advantage of electronic image stabilization over a gimbal. Is you don't? Have any mechanical uh features that could go bad? You know um gimbals get damaged, they do easily can get can get easily damaged. This does not have that, except for that up done, remote ability do not force this up or down. You will damage it. Otherwise this does fly nicely, a very slow flyer and low rate. But again the idea being is to help that image stabilization uh. So it can work a little bit better, so overall nice drum, i kind of like it so quadcopter 101. I hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signature salut quadcopter 101. Ici encore, Hey! Si vous voulez obtenir votre propre cri dans un de mes futurs, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, il suffit d’aller à ma page de canal et cliquez sur qui s’abonner et aussi assurez-vous de cliquer sur ce bouton cloche à droite. À côté du bouton abonnez-vous de cette façon, vous êtes informé quand je libère une toute nouvelle vidéo immédiatement et vous donner une chance d’obtenir ce premier coup de feu à alors donnez-lui un essai.