Both were first to say first in one of my recent videos and both win a shout out. Alors félicitations bonjour, quadcopter 101, here with a review of another neat drone hey about a month ago, i reviewed the bugs 20 electronic image stabilization drone and i liked it a lot actually, but there was one thing i didn't quite like about it, and that was It wasn't very portable. It was a good sized drone similar to the original dji phantom 3. You know it's quite a big drum okay, which makes it not very portable okay. You know you need to more or less carry that around, not in a carrying case. It wouldn't fit in your backpack to fit outside your backpack, maybe but not in your backpack. bien, not a month. Not a month has not even gone by and look what uh mjx has put out uh this isn't available. Encore, as of the date of the release of this video but it's coming soon folksand this is the bugs 12 electronic image stabilization. So what is the bugs 12 Eis? It is a folding drone about the size of a mavic, but with electronic image stabilization same as the bugs 20.. En réalité, most of the features of this drone are exactly the same as the bugs 20, except think of the bugs 20. Now as a folding drum. d'accord, that's what it is: d'accord, just about all the features that are available on the bugs 20 are available also on the bugs 12 Eis, so let's go over them first off again, this is a folding drone.

Now now we have a flooring drum making it extremely portable, very portable, easily fit in a backpack take with you anywhere. It does have true. 4K video at 30 frames per second that's. A big plus feature of this. toutefois, most folks, especially those who are uploading to youtube, are going to probably use the second feature. You can switch it to 1080p at 60 images par seconde, which is not too shabby folks and that's. What i'm going to use folks when i go flying because um 4k just overpowers my laptop and it's very difficult to upload to folks to youtube so that's? Why i use 1080p at 60 frames per second now um again it takes 4k and we're talking when we do use 4k, that's 3840 par 2160, pixels again true for a 4k. It also records, bien sûr, to an sd card, an onboard sd card now for both the 60 images par seconde, and also especially for the 4k video folks. Don'T get a cheap card, not even a class 10 card class 10 car cards might even have hiccups, trying to record 4k you're going to want at least a u3 card. I don't know if you can see that or not, but see the little? U, with a three in the center there i'm, not i don't, think that's focusing um, i hope it's focusing but that's how you tell folks on your card. Look for the the term! U look for that? U there, along with a three in the center of that! U that'll tell you, you got a third or a: u three card, that's fast enough speed to record uh 4k video! You are going to want that u3 card um! You don't need to get a huge card.

Gens, 32 gigabytes more than enough, but you would definitely need u3. d'accord. Now i mentioned eis. What is in eis, that's electronic image stabilization, this automatically stabilizes the video uh with an onboard processor folks, i i've been asking uh vendors to come out with onboard processors on drones. The only one i've seen do that in uh for the past few years has been the telo a little cheap tele, which does a darn good job folks, but i was hoping others would come out soon after the tele. Malheureusement, mgx is the only ones i've seen that actually put out a drone with a good other than nutella, with a good on board electronic image. Stabilization um this one doesn't release the bugs 20 guys we'll see if the box 12 does the same thing, but the bux 20 did a darn good job of uh electronic image. Stabilization. Keeping the video steady as the drone would bounce around in the wind, normally you'd need a gimbal, un cardan stabilisé, a mechanical gimbal, to get you that type of stabilization, but now we're doing it electronically. Gens – et j’aime ça, i like to see that it does have up with that in mind. Although this doesn't have three axis gimbal or two axis gimbal you can, this can be positioned up or down remotely using your remote control uh. The lens i mean the camera lens, so if you want to look at the ground, you can do such with the remote control and i'll go over that how to do that with a remote control shortly.

So it does have up down view and it actually can be pointed 90 degrees to look directly down or straight ahead at zero degrees. Il a, bien sûr, have gps as good gps system, along with optical flow sensor on the belly here now the gps helps you maintain a stable hover outdoors folks, but this can also be i don't recommend doing it, but you could also fly indoors with stabilization Using the optical flow sensor on the belly here, euh, the optical flow sensor also comes in handy. If you don't have a very you know, if you have just minimum amount of gps uh reception, eight, you need a minimum of eight satellites for reception to get a good, stable hover, but even at eight satellites it could wander a bit. If you did not have this optical flow sensor, this optical flow sensor, what it does folks is, it looks at the ground directly beneath the drone and uses its view of the ground to help maintain steady hover of the drone. This works best when you're close to the ground. When you get up very high, you know above 10 meters or so this becomes less effective and that's. When the gps system really comes into play, then at that point um other things about it. We have brushless motors on the drone. You want brushless motors for the power for the efficiency of a brushless motor and also for the durability of a brushless motor.

They last a lot longer than brushed motors brush motors. You nearly always have to replace them. After a certain amount of flights, these will go on indefinitely as long as you don't crash the drone and try to keep flying the drone while it's scratched and you can, you can damage motors and especially the electronic speed controllers of a brushless motor but um you'd Have to work at it to do such so um. It is powered by let's. Remove this battery i'll show it to you here by a 7.6 volt lih i'm. Sorry spin on it by 7.6 volt lihv battery 3 400 milliamp per hour in available power from the battery 3 400 heure milliamp. There you go and that is predicted to give the drone up to 25 minutes de temps de vol. So you know that's significant significant amount of flight time for this drone um. It does have fpv capability, bien sûr, and you can you view that fpv through your phone using the mrc pro app and that fpv video real time? Video is good up to about 450 meters and you can even fly beyond the fbv. If you can see the drone that is up to 600 meters using the controller. So with that i'll go over the controller here right now. Let'S do that since we're talking about it, this controller will start from the top. This antenna on the right is fake, there's, no antenna wire going up in here, but this antenna on the left is not fake.

There is actually an antenna wire. I don't know if you can see it right there, Gens, but that's. What gives this that 600 meters of range capability? The other buttons on this include this scroll wheel on the left, normally would be your rates control. I think that was the rates control on the bugs 20.. This one does not have a rates control. You can't switch between low and high rate on this particular drone i'm. Not sure why, but it is stuck at one rate, we'll see what that rate is when we go flying folks see, J’ai eu ta, feel it's gon na be slow rate for to maintain the electronic image stabilization other buttons. Sur ce point, you have an automatic takeoff, an automatic lan button, but first before you press that automatic take off an automatic lan. But you have to first press this arm button and when you press this button that the motors go into idle, so don't press this button. While holding the drone in your hands or you might get hurt but pressing the button, the motor is going to idle and then you can press that automatic, take off or automatic land button to put the drone into the air or to bring it back to the Ground then let's talk about bringing it back to the ground. Just in my backyard here i was just flying testing it out and tried to land it manually. The motors did not seem to want to shut down, so i recommend, when you do a landing use, that automatic land button to bring it down, and then those motors will shut down and mjx if you're.

Listening again, i tried to land this manually and it would it brought it to the ground, but those motors just stayed in idle, so you might want to see about that um, because that could be a safety issue. Mais encore une fois, if you're flying this folks, i recommend using this automatic takeoff an automatic land button do not try the automatic or manual landings, or else you might have difficulty shutting off the motor enough said on that button on the right here. This is for uh lights. Quick press turns on the lights on this. This does have lights on the belly very bright lights. By the way these only come on when the drone is in the air when it's flying these do not activate while the motors are not activated on the drone. So if you're wondering, if your lights are broken, they're not broken, they only come on when the drone is in flight. d'accord, i'm: a long press on this buttoni took ittake it back folks, here's, where the rates is. I forgot that you can switch between low and high rate by holding this button down here on the right, darn that's. Excuse me um the scroll wheel on the right. This is for raising and lowering the camera lens on the drone, so that's that but or that scroll wheel, uh this button here is for taking photos and videos. A quick press will take a photo long press starts the videos and always remember you need to stop that video by one more long press after the before the you turn off power to the drone, or you will lose that video always remember to stop your video Recording or you will have problems viewing that video the file becomes corrupt corrupted if you turn off the drone before stopping it, um other things.

This button here is for automatic return to home and landing. So if you want the drone to come back automatically, you press that button there and the drone will fly back and land again. This is your arm switch and this uh controller is capable of being switched from mode 1 en mode 2 and see. If i can do that folks, uh right now, we are in mode 2. Umm. I think you and what that means is mode. 2. Is the throttle is on the left side and right now, i'm? In high rate, i want to put into low rate um. Let me show you the features that are on here: there's telemetry, on this that's, why we're at here, but you can switch to where you're putting the throttle on the right by holding down this button. While turning on the controllerand i think now we are mode one on the right – bien, maybe i'm wrong, but there is a feat i have to go into manual hold on hold on. I will show you right now come on. d'accord, i read the manual. I was halfway right. d'accord, you hold this button down the red arm button while turning on the controllerand this is puts it into a mode switching mode and to change to mode. One you've got to press this button here. The return to home button got ta hold it time. Maybe there you go, you hold it down and now it switches to mode one.

So now the throttle is on the right. À présent, since i'm, a mode two flyeri'm gon na switch it back to mode two. So i'm, holding that button down turning it on in mode switch mode holding this return to home button, and we are back into mode 2 with the throttle on the left. d'accord, um d’autres choses à ce sujet. Again i mentioned telemetry. It shows the battery power of the drone, along with the reception signal strength along with the uh power uh battery power of the controller. Is that showing up here? Let me adjust this, so that shows up bring it up a little closer battery power. The controller signal, strength of the controller distance and height to the drone telemetry uh gps, whether the gps is on or off. You can turn the gps off folks by the way let's talk about the switch here always make sure to have the gps on. If you're outdoors folks don't go outdoors with this off or you might wonder why your drone is wandering away from you if the drone is wandering away from youand you know you have sufficient satellites, i guarantee you probably have this switch turned off, so you can't Turn the gps off! Pourquoi voudrais-tu faire ça?? If you want to fly it around in sport, mode and altitude hold mode, and just for sport, you can turn the gps off so again make sure the gps is on other things on here number of satellites being received right now, i'm at zero since i'm, not Connected and i'm indoors and again lower high rate of the drone telling you what rate you are in along with what mode you are, whether the throttle's on the left or the throttles on the right again mode two throttle is on the left, so that's, the controller Let'S finally go over uh.

I forgot to mention the this uses: 802.11 ac wi fi, five gigahertz wi fi, my usual spiel here folks. Before purchasing this drone, make sure your phone indeed is capable of receiving 802.11 ac wi fi. Not all phones can receive that type of wi fi. d'accord, if you get this and your phone does not have 802.11 ac wi fi, you will be very disappointed when you find out that your phone is not work. Your phone is not able to connect to this drone. You will not be able to view the video or use the advanced features of the app. You can still record on that micro sd card by flying it with the controller. Mais encore une fois, you won't be able to use those app features and what are those app features? d'accord, the this again uses the mrc pro app uh available on google play and itunes, and with that app it gives you fpv video real time. Video from the drone as it's flying along with advance flight control, features a follow me orbit position where it'll circle waypoints, where it'll go to different points on a map and headless mode. If you want to do crane shots with the drone, aussi, you can adjust the camera settings with the app uh, such as resolution brightness, saturation uh, there's special effects. Euh,, you can adjust the iso settings along with white balance and finally uh. It also includes telemetry on uh via the app you can view view telemetry items that you can also view on your controller.

So what do you get in the box? Réel, quick before we go flying um? You get the user manual, the long user manual. Je recommande. Reading this in an entirely folks, before you're flying uh and along with a quick start guide for those of you that are familiar with uh gps drones and just want to get in the air um other things you get, the drone uh it's available with one two Or three battery versions, it looks like based on the box i'm. Getting i got the two battery version you get spare, set or propellers. You know for uh a and b propellers which which are two different shapes by the way, along with connectors for connector braces for the propellers in there and uh screws. Also for that and a screwdriver for the screws, along with a charging cableand i forgot to mention this 3400 batterie milliamp heure – is charged through a micro. U no it's, not micro usb! This is a type c, câble usb, via a wall charger, do not try to charge this big battery in your laptop or your computer via your usb port use, a good wall, charger uh, two amp wall, charger or larger. If you got one to charge this, otherwise you will be spending days trying to charge this on. Your laptop laptop just does not have the power to charge these big batteries like this so and also, Enfin, you get the obligatory bugs stickers, so that is the mjx bugs 12 electronic image stabilization i'm excited to go fly it let's go.

Do it so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and a somewhat breezy day here at pleasant ridge park, uh wind's about nine pop nine miles per hour. Gens, aujourd'hui, so it'll be a good demonstration of the stability of this drone, especially its electronic image stabilization on a breezy day. I hope the wind's not making too much noise on the microphone, but let's get this started. d'accord. The first thing we need to do is turn on the drone, and you hold down the switch here until you hear the beep and put it on a relatively flat level surface now, i'm, taking off from uh moving pad here, because the grass has come with somewhat Wet todayand i don't want to get my drone wet, and i also don't want it hitting these propellers let's make sure the propellers are not clear. We'Re gon na have to redo this folks, oh hold on okay. We have it started it's on the pad i'm. Turning on the transmitter and connecting it to the drumand we notice in our lcd screen that it that flashing compass there, that means we need to do the compass calibration so that's. The first thing we need to do and for compass calibration notice that the lights are blinking, Jaune, yellow and light green all the way around. That means we need to do horizontal turns of the drone like so until those lights change, color to green there.

We have green lights when we got green lights, put it nose up and rotate again until the front lights, changement, color to red, and we got red lights. d'accord, compass calibration is complete, so next we need to do is connect to the um phone, the wi fi. To the phone, and also i need to uh connect my or turn on the app and wait for sufficient satellites to fly so hold on folks. d'accord, this is the mrc pro app available on google play and itunes. What are folks where i adjust my improvised landing pad uh moving pads, réellement, d'accord, we are ready to go. Actually we have 17 satellites and uh. We should be good to go so first thing i want to do is start the video recording and remembering that this button here we're going to hold that down, and we check on our screen to make sure that the drone is recording. Maintenant encore une fois, i have this set to 1080p at let's. Double check that so i do have a set here. Let me hit stop recording but here's. Where you check. You know i had it on 4k, it defaults to 4k. We want to be on 1080p folks at 60 frames per second for this first flight and i'm back there, okay back to 1080p, so let's start that recording again and recording and to start the motors we hit this red button here that lock switch and then to Take off we're going to hit the take off switches here so i'm.

Opening the starting motors, okay and they're, hitting automatic takeoff let's check the stability of the drone very stable, especially with that optical image. Stabilization. Let me get in the picture and say how do you like my shirt today, folks straight from california, d'accord, A la première heure, we're gon na do is okay. We got a good wind here, i'm gon na go out for it a bit plop it there and then we're. Gon na go up higher in the wind and see how it withstands this wind. Until we see lake erie seems to be withstanding, the wind quite nicely very stable up there very stable and there's lake erie in the distance i'm, not going to go too much higher because of the wind but i'm going to push forward and go forward into the Wind i'm, going to head down toward the um bean field down there and we're going down there, let's lower the gimbal. But oh there we go. You know it's it's, relatively smooth gimbal as compared to others, but this is doing really nice folks very stable. On my screen looks well and when we get down to the road we're going to do a turn very breezy today, look look at the clod coming. bien, look at the cloud going across the bean field, freshly harvested bean field, but i got to tell you, bien que, folks it's, really slow and the reason it's slow is for the you know to aid the image stabilization i'm, going to turn to the left.

Let'S see how our left turn is on this. d'accord, let's, give it a little more left turn now notice how it tilts, because the wind coming from that direction, let's let's, stop it right. There hold it right there and see if the level's at, i guess not and that's becau again because of the wind folks, d'accord, let's turn it again slowly toward me now and push forward again and the sun's going behind the clouds and while we're going forward um Let'S, try i'm gon na long i'm gon na stop it right there and i'm gon na increase the rates folks holding down the rate button, and we are in high speed right now and then pushing forward let's see if it increases speed a bit. Oh oui. It does quite a bit. This is high speed i'm. Just going to this end of the field, Ralentir, slowing down and then i'm going to go back into low rate. d'accord, see it bunching around because we were, in high rate, been going back to low rate and from that point there i'm going to turn away from the sun, so the trees are lit up a little better and going back up from that direction. There i'm going to turn it toward me and i am down in the ground here. Let me see if i can lower that. d'accord, lowering the gimbal let's, bring it uh back toward me and lower it at the same time, turn to the right a bit and trying to keep myself in the picture as i'm coming back pushing forward i'm doing a good job of keeping myself in picture here Comes in comes up to me.

You know this is impressive. This drone here um it is doing a good job of that image. Stabilization, especially with his wind, very good job. I got ta say: d'accord, raising the gimbal back up again now, look how it's still folks, because of the wind, d'accord, so that's! You know a limitation of this electronic image. Stabilization um, especially if you got wind okay. Alors, just to let you know, there are limitations with electronic i'm, pointing it toward the wind now and you don't see that tilt anymore, so that's the limitation of electronic image, stabilization um, it's kind of hard to counter that wind let's turn it. Par ici, you'll see it bend again: d'accord, see how it tilts again, how it's tilted and see how the video is tilted in the video. Let me stick that up, while we're doing this so again the limitation of electronic image stabilization on a windy day when the drone tilts like this, you will see some tilt, malheureusement, but other than that so far, it's, nice and steady. You know stable video, even though that drone is bouncing around let's go forward again forward and up back up to see lake erie you're, raising the gimbal up camera lens i'm heading out toward the curie just to see it one more time from over there, we're going To do a return to home going up a bit higher, so you can't see lake erie there. It is okay from there i'm going to activate return to home and landing let's see how accurate the return to home is coming back beautiful day.

Look at that sky today, huh huh folks, clear blue sky over the lake okay, it's, going to start to descending here shortly, still recording coming down coming down i'm, not going to let it go all the way to the ground because the grass is wet today. Folks we had rain last night, so i want to stop it before it gets to the ground. We'Ll make an estimate of how close its return to home and landing is. I want to limit the time that this might be in wet grass coming down coming down? It looks about about a meter meter off okay, i'm, pas gon na. Let it touch dad turn the home button. I press it one more time and that slaps the descent so not too bad, pas trop mal du tout. Okay um before we i forget, let's, stop the video recording here, because i need to take a photo so see a photo one more and one more okay and one more for the giver so that's his photos, let's try those advanced features. Gens, first off everybody loves to see, suis moi. Let me step back a bit and select. Suis moi. Camera keep pointing at throws relative distance activated. Follow me activate it and start in the video camera. Video camera was not started. Can you see me? d'accord? There we go okay, now keep in mind, there's always going to be some error between where, where my phone thinks it is and where the drone thinks i am okay, where drones thinks that position is and that's.

Why you're seeing me off to the left of the screen? Folks that's the error that's induced by uh gps, follow me there's, always a slight bit of air noticing a little bit of lag here. Folks too, and frozen frames let's go toward it. Let'S start running toward it. If you call this ready, okay running toward it, it bounces a bit how about running away from it now it's smoother coming away, but going toward it bounces a bit too. Comme vous pouvez le voir, there let's see if you can see that up close here watch this see so follow me. Has some limitations so coming out of follow me next thing is circle position for that let's bring it over toward me and hit orbit flight and swipe to the right, and this does a 10 compteur. I got it set to about 10 ou 11 mètres. I forgot but notice how it goes down as it goes into the wind and then coming away from the wind. It should actually climb, as that barometer thinks it's changing altitude because of the wind yeah. It goes up a bit so yeah. I got to set the 11 meters circle position. I guess the center of that is over here, but it's doing a good job of circle position. So that is the circle position, stopping it, and next one i want to try is waypoints see if weight points were actually headless mode head of smoke, bring it over toward me.

We point it that way, so i had this mode direction. Is that way so? I'M? Going to have to pull back but headless boat is activated and lowering the gimbal a bit going up a bit higher i'm going to pull back on the stick. That should go backwards and up and away the river flows flows to the sea. The ending of easy rider i always like to do that, showing it up and away and wherever that river flows coming back down: d'accord, that's, the headless boat folks, i got to turn off headless mode before i forget coming back and lowering the drone and the next Thing we want to try is waypoints, bring it down a little bit more about that height there. I am going to click the map in the lower left corner there's pleasure ridge park, we're going to select satellite view zoom out a bit, so i can see it first thing i want to do. Is let's fly or select the points. Point selection let's go over toward that field there and toward me and then there's another field over here and over here and then back to home. bien, four points i guess is about the max it'll do but let's hit submit in the lower right corner and let's see if it does that double fly preset and there we we have just activated waypoints, going to the first waypoint over by the baseball diamond and Turning wood to the second waypoint heading toward waypoint number, two halfway there by these trees.

Turning going to third white point over by the baseball diamond, just south of the baseball field, with those weight points at rather nicely folks rather nicely, i kind of like it. One way point four: over there and what's it do at 1.4. Just come back to me or just stay. There let's see what it does. Plops, okay that's way points so now, let's turn go go back to normal view and point it that way. Let'S turn it toward me twisting back toward me and fly back toward me. Alors, oh no everything seems to work on this and work nicely um. I kind of like this one it's good, it's, floating um nice, stable imagery, agréable, bleu, imagery uh. The battery on this is, i still got tons of battery. You know what i haven't done. Let'S demonstrate the 4k camera folks and how i'm going to do that right now, you're seeing 1080p 60 frames per second camera let's bring it in okay sticking up the cameras right now, you're seeing the 60 frames per second video uh. I am going to switch it to uh 4k. toutefois, you might not see it in this video i'm going to upload the 4k video separately so that you can see raw 4k video from this first off i'm, going to stop the video recording next thing, i'm. Going to do is go into uh settings camera settings and select 4k. d'accord. Now we are in 4k, video folks, again i'm going to upload this separately.

Si c'est le cas, look for a separate upload, starting recording of 4k 4k recording has started and going up again to show lake erie one more time up up and away in 4k. So there we go a little battery so right now: we're restricted 30 meters up and 100 meters out that's, okay that's more than enough range for what i want to do so. We'Re 30 meters up and there's lake geary let's do a slow rotate from up there. Slow rotate it's going to tilt again because of the wind and showing the area i don't want to show too much of uh. The sun see why dynamic range on that camera is not that i don't know if it's good or not i don't know if i have it turned on or not maybe there's an on off setting, but as we point towards the sun it gets. You know it gets dark as we point toward the sun and then, as we move away from the sun, it brightens up again the sun's really low in the sky, though folks i fly early in the morning and that's kind of a problem right there, so let's Bring it back down now coming down from up there in 4k that's the 4k video folks, you got to show me in 4k, bien sûr, coming around slowly coming around and rotating toward me, so yeah again, i'm going to upload this separately as a separate upload. So you can see the pure 4k video from this drone coming down and hitting stop, stop recording so that's 4k.

Okay uh. We are almost out of power almost, but with that in mind, let's try what haven't i done! Let'S put it in a higher rate and also let's switch back to 1080p 60 frames per second 1080p 60 images par seconde, so we're there, and i want to go to higher rate. Oh non, i hit automatic landing. I don't want to automatic land automatic raid. Is the right button and am i a high rate, or did i just turn it? Non, i turned the lights on. I haven't showed you the lights yet folks, but there's the lights on this thing so coming down and lowering the gimbal starting the video recording, getting underneath and doing it up and away in 1080p 60 images par seconde. So you should see that and coming back down from up there and raising the coming back down, look at those lights, Gens, those are bright, bright lights on this thing, return to home and landing automatic and that takeoff pad is over here. So let's see how the final low battery return to home and landing is adjusted. My camera and let's turn those lights off lights off. Quick press turns the lights off this time. I let me see if i can stop it and land on the uh oil. bien, it's pretty close yeah. I can't stop it stop at the video recording, so that is the mjx bugs 20 electronic image stabilization, actually not a bad drone which works very well.

So i hope you enjoyed this flight. C’est quadcopter 101 signature salut quadcopter 101. Ici encore, Hey, si vous voulez obtenir votre propre cri dans un de mes futurs, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, il suffit d’aller à ma page de canal et cliquez sur qui s’abonner et aussi assurez-vous de cliquer sur ce bouton cloche à droite. À côté du bouton abonnez-vous de cette façon, vous êtes informé quand je libère une toute nouvelle vidéo immédiatement et vous donner une chance d’obtenir ce premier coup de feu à alors donnez-lui un essai.