The new drone like this is released. The third party accessory companies kick into overdrive and start flooding. The market with accessories that they think you need, and in some cases those accessories are good. They actually will work with your quad pretty well and you use them an awful lot, but more often than not you'll see something on a website that looks really cool. You'Ll buy it, bring it home, find out that you use it once or twice it ends up on a shelf and you've wasted money. So what we like to do is anytime. We get a new quad. We immediately start searching for all the new accessories that have been released, we'll buy a bunch of them, we'll bring them in and it will test them over a couple of weeks with the quad when we're out flying and we put them through a torture test out In the field to make sure number one they can do with the manufacturer claims they can do, mais, plus important encore, are they durable and do they add value to our flying experience? So all ten of these accessories I'm going to talk about today are ones that are in my kit. Whenever I go out to flyand I really find value in all of these and I've divided them into two categories on this side of the tableI've got five accessories that I consider must have accessories. These are ones that any new flyer that asked me I'm going to buy some new accessories.

What should I add to my kit? These five are always on that list. I feel that these are the ones that would really make it a little safer, a little bit more fun to fly my quad on this side of the table. I have five more accessories that I consider nice to have accessories. Now you can debate whether one looks in the other category or not, but all ten of these are ones that I use on a regular basis, but I thought I'd divide them up. If you can only buy five start with these, and then these five would be good to add later on and what I'd like to do in the clip, because I don't want to make this a two hour. Clip is I'll talk briefly about each of the accessories individually, explain what they are, what they do and why I put them in my kit. You know what value they add to the actual experience of flying and then I've got links below where you can go check them out. If you need more information, I promise you some of these I've done extensive reviews on already others I'm going to do reviews in the coming week. So if you have questions about any of these drop them in the comments below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can so let's get started, so the five must have accessories. The most important of all of those is what I'll call a landing gear kit and I've talked about smaller quads like this on a ton of clips on the channel before I love the fact that the Maverick mini is a tiny quad, but one of the downsides Of having small quad like that, est que, because of the size of the quad, the clearance below it is really really small.

So you can see that the camera is almost touching the ground there and that concerns me now, if your hand catching at hand launching that's not that big a deal but every now and then you want to land your quad. But for me I definitely wanted to add a little bit of height to the quad, so I've actually got a landing gear kit mounted on there right now, this one's small enough that you can actually fold the quad up and you can put it back in your Case with it on there, you don't have to take it off, but when you want to use it you'll fold down the front legs, they snap into position and you'll fold down the back legs like this, and you can see immediately how much more height you've got And that's really important if you're gon na land, this on soft dirt tall grass or even if you're landing it on macadam, the propwash is gon na kick up all kinds of dust and debris that's going to get up inside the camera in the gimbal assembly. Having a little extra height just gives you that peace of mind you're not going to impact that. I also love the fact that I can fold this up and keep them on there. A lot of the kits we tested you had to take off every time, or maybe they fell off when you were flying. Someone were really bad, so we like this kit, Beaucoup.

It matches the colors of the quad, and it just gives me that extra peace of mind. It does get a little bit of weight, it's about two and a half ounces of weight. Alors, to put you over the 249, but for me it's definitely something I want to have on my quad alright. The second thing I want to talk about is a range extender for the remote controller. Now I've talked about these for all the other quads we've flown it's, a parabolic range extender, it's, vraiment petit, really easy to slip into your kit and essentially what you'll do is fold it out like that and slide it over the antennas away from you don't face It so it's curved towards you face paced the curve away from you, and what this does essentially is it's. A parabolic range extender it's got the parabolic effect there. These antennas, on the top, create this 360 degree radiation pattern, which means some of that is coming back towards you by having the parabolic reflectors on there it's, taking all the signal that would be coming back towards you and throwing it downfield. So it's not amplifying the signal but it's, taking more of the active signal and sending it down to where the quad is downfield, and these are not. You know terribly directional. A lot of people ask well gee doesn't that give you like a laser point of a focus for that signal. It doesn't it's about a 120 degree field of vision.

Alors, as you turn as long as you're pretty much in the cardinal point of the compass like if you're 90 degrés, you're gon na get it's 120 degrees of radiation down field and what these will do for you is really increase. Your signal strength now it's, pas gon na. Let you fly twice as far, but because it's, based on a modified Wi Fi, you want make sure all that valuable signal is heading down towards the quad making that connection so testing these extensively and all the quads we've tested them on I'm. Finding about a 50 signal increase on these, ce qui signifie, when I'm in crowded environments or on buildings or trees, and maybe there's a lot of Wi Fi noise. These really ensure that I've got a strong signal to that. Quad they're inexpensive, they're, easy to use and when you're done for the day just fold them up like that, throw them back in your kit, you're good to go so there's, no modifying the remote control or anything else. The third thing I'm going to talk about is an extension cable for the controller, if you're using the controller with a phone in the bottom you'll plug the cable that came with it here, it'll slide down inside the handle and connect up to your phone down there. Le défi est, if you have a bigger phone or maybe you're, using a tablet like an iPad Mini for the connection, won't reach it's, not long enough to reach.

So we come out with this customized cable that's, going to micro USB on this end that plugs in the other end has, in this case that's a USB C, but it could be anything could be. An Apple could be USB C or micro, depending on what you need. We have all three versions available, and this allows you to plug into the side of your tablet. It'S also really good, if you're using a tablet adapter above it, some of the bigger tablet. Adapters will put your tablet up here. You can easily plug it in up top, so that's a really nice little accessory to have and actually use that with my phone with a case on it. Even though I could use that connector on the sideand this is a little bit deeper herethat can get through some of those thicker cases, so it just gives you an easier way to connect up all right. The next thing I want to talk about is the car charger. Now this is a drone valley product as well. Essentiellement, what we've built here is a 45 watt car charger. That'S got both a USB, a connection on it and a USB C connection on it. What makes it so magical is that it does both QC 3.0 and PD. Now this drone fast charges over PD so be used. This in your car, it's 45 watts you'll plug in the cable to this side, or that side connect that up to your drone and you can fast charge.

Your drone it's also powerful enough that if you're using the multi battery charging hub, you can fast charge on that as well. So it's a really really handy one. What I like so much about it and again we designed this in the ground up to be sort of ahead of the curve. A lot of other chargers out there is that it works for both Android and Apple, so we've got QC. Three and it's got PD on it, so you can charge your drone at the same time, you can charge your phone. Your tablet, your controller, whatever else out of that second controller, really easy to use really small and that again it's a drone Bella product. Bien, the last thing I'm going to talk about our lipo bags. Now I've talked a lot in the channel about the dangers of lipo batteries. You'Ve got to be really careful with them. If you make the battery there can be this a chemical reaction inside that can burst into flames spontaneously combust. So what these light bulb battery bags do is number one their fire retardant. So if you get the battery inside there and heaven forbid something terrible happens with the batter and it goes nonlinear it's going to contain that to a certain extent. But more importantly, if you're travelling with a battery loose like this in the back of your car, pretty good chance, you're going to get dings on the side of it or maybe even worse, you're gon na get fuzz and debris up inside the connections.

By having these battery bags, you can slide it inside there throw this, in your case, your backpack or even in the back of your car, and know that the batteries protect it. If something does happen, it's contained inside that bag in your really good shape. So we have these available for single batteries or dual batteries. You can make the choice between them again. All of these accessories are not that expensive to add to your kit, and they really do enhance your flying experience. So those are all the must have accessories. I wanted to talk about now: I'll move into the nice to have accessories, and these are a little bit a little bit more interesting, but they're, not something that you need to add day one. But there are things that will really help you when you're flying the first one is a multi headed charging cable, and this is another drone valley product we designed. Essentiellement, what you get here is a USB a connection on this end that you can use with any standard charger. On the other end, we've got three adapters. Three different connections. Two of these are micro USB. So what that means is with one charger I can charge my drone, my controller or it can charge my drone and my battery bank and the third one is a USB C connection. So you can use that to charge your phone and, if you're not using phone with a USB C connection on it.

We also include an apple adapter and a micro USB adapter that pop on the end of this USB C. Ainsi, vous pouvez charger, par exemple, an apple product, your drone, and maybe your batteries or your control with the other one. Now this won't fast charge just based on the nature of three heads but plugging this into a single charger, allows you to charge a bunch of stuff at the same time, in a really quick fashion. I use it a lot with my car charger when I'm travelling. D'accord, the next thing I want to talk about are the motor covers now. I'Ve got these already installed on my quad I'll. Do a close up of this, so you can see it a little bit better, but essentially, what you get are these aluminum motor covers that fit over the top of the motors? The reason those are important is because, if you're flying there's going to be debris in the air and that's got to get on those motors it's going to fold down inside the windings, if it's raining or there's any kind of mist out there that's going to get On the windings that's, Pas bien, these completely cover that make it weatherproof so there's something I use on my quad all the time. I think it's a really nice little attachment. They go on really easy. A couple of screws. You put them on and they're protecting your motors underneath any ventilation in there, not a worry about getting high all right.

En plus de cela,, I wanted to talk about the sunshield, which is something else that we're using on the drone. Donc, en ce moment, I've got the lock on it. Here'S the Sun shield. Basically what the Sun shield does. Is it acts like a little miniature baseball cap? So when you put this thing on your quad, let me just get it on there right come backwards when you pop this on the quad it just snaps on the front like that, you can see that what it does is sort of protect your camera. It gives you this sort of blinders on the side and blinders above them below it. So you've got like a baseball cap where it's looking out and if there's Sun, to either side of you, it's, not gon na wash across your lens and sort of you know, flare out your video it's, a really good thing to add it'll fit on the quad. You can power up the quad with it on there, it's gon na go through its power and self test and move the camera not impact it. It also doesn't restrict your movements either side or up or down, but for me that's, a really easy way to sort of make sure you're getting the best possible picture, it's sort of like what you'd use on a DSLR when you're out shooting and in the outdoor Environments and it pops on really easy. You can pop it off really easy and put the gimbal lock back on it.

Bien, the next thing I want to mention is the prop stabilizer. This is something I like an awful lot when I'm, putting my quad away, because one of the challenges with these smaller quads is that the props are always at risk. So when you fold it up, you've got these props flopping around there and if you throw in the backpack and these get pulled out or bent like that, you can crack them or you can crack the motors, which is even a bigger deal. So what this prop stabilizer does is allow you to sort of flip it over you'll slide the two bottom props into the slot like that and then once those are in there, you can flip it over the other way like this, and you can fold those two Props in then, basically or close this buckle, and then it holds all four props in place. Now the advantage to this I know there's a couple other models out there. Dji it's got one on their website, but the reason this one's different is because number one it's less expensive but more importantly, it's small enough that if you have that Mavic mini fly more kit, this will stay on. You can put it right back in the kit, whereas the DJI one is just too big, je pense, to fit in that kit. So we like this one, an awful lot again inexpensive, but it does protect your props and you can see that what those props are locked in there nice and tight they're, not going anywhere alright.

The last thing I want to talk about is a landing mat and I use this landing mat every time I land and take off, and I know if you're a hand, catcher and a hand, launcher you're thinking why don't we need a landing that I would recommend A landing that, even if you do hand lanch launching hand cash, because if you put a quad up let's say it gets really windy. When you're flying you got to land that quad, so not having a place. That'S dry and safe and flat means that you've got to land it somewhere else that you've got to quickly find a place to go. This also lets other people around. You know that you're flying a quad now this is going to flip open and go crazy in a second. But essentially what this is is a nice round, 75 centimeter landing mat with a steel ring on the outside. So when I open it up, that's gon na open, like that and it's gon na maintain its shape where a lot of the lining mats are just sort of nylon or cloth, you throw them down, they flip up corners flip up. This thing is really gon na stay in its shape and it's got two sides: it's got the blue side, there's an orange side underneath, but in essence what this will do, for you is provide a really nice landing area for you to take off and land and It'S big enough for, if you're flying a bigger quad, you can use it as well.

Parce que encore une fois, I know you can hand launch and hand catch. But for me personally, I think one of the most basic skills you can acquire as a pilot is taking off and landing your quad and for me, it's kind of a fun way to end my flight. Alors, if I'm flying all day I'm really having a good time up there in the air, the fun part is how close can I get to landing it on the H when it comes back so it's a really nice way to end the flight, but the landing That'S really important and again it also lets. People know that you're flying in the area sort of like if you were a diver and you put a diver flag up when you're in the water. This lets people know that there's a quad up in the air. So I like the landing that a lot and that's something that I would recommend, adding to your kit and that's pretty much it now. I know I've taken a little bit of time to go through each of these. Some of these again I've got more extensive clips, showing you how to use them, how to assemble them, et vous savez, check those clips out, but definitely ask me questions if you need to on any accessories, because I love flying this Mavic mini and I use all These accessories in a regular basis, and I find that they really help to enhance the flying experience and that's something I'm really after so.

Hopefully you found this clip helpful. I love doing these kind of tests and we've been spending about two months with each of these accessories out in the field, and I know there's a lot of other brands out there, a lot of other places you can find them all of them are available on Our website and as I say every time you probably can find them a million places across the web, but if you buy them from us, you're supporting the channel and we'll be here in case you ever ever. Questions later on or problems with the product will be there back you up so that's pretty much it for today. Thanks an all fly for watchand I hope you guys are enjoying these clips until next time.