The unbox, if you want to check it out my uh, my last video i posted about a day ago, you can go back. Look at that review. Tell me what you think and today we’re going to do this quick flight review, for you guys and um yeah man. This drone was pretty cool two batteries, la caméra. bien, the two batteries takes about 20 minutes of flight time and it took about an hour and a half to charge. So i think that was pretty quick, assez impressionnant, drone right here. J'aime vraiment ça. je, like the color of playing white on it, ses, not too heavy it’s, pretty lightweight, so hopefully it does well on um. You know in the wind or so it’s, not too windy right now, it’s pretty pretty cloudy, but it looks pretty clear right now with the wind wise, D'accord. bien, anyways let’s get this bad boy up in the air. We got it all set up with the camera on it already everything let’s check them out, let’s check it out yeah. Alors, like i said you guys did a pretty quick review on it for the unbox on my last video. So if you have a chance check out the other video and tell me what you guys think um well yeah, so we got the the takeoff right here. Pretty quick takeoff button and uh let’s get it up in the air. Let’S go whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.

d'accord, then i don’t know what that happened. There Laughter let’s, get it up in there. J'ai compris. I got the calculator right on it: La musique, homme, La musique, Je suis, not sure what’s, going on right now having some pretty bad situation right here, not really doing what i wanted to do. Messing up a lot well, let’s check it out and just take it back up there. One more time there you go: d'accord, pretty decent fly right now: nice and steady, pas trop mal. If you guys check it out nice and steady up there. d'accord, now it’s going to the left a little bit Music. There you go recapital later in it, pretty cool drone man, not sure what happened with the led lights. Pretty solid flips got some pretty solid, flips right there. You guys seen that okay let’s take it out for a little bit. Oh, i like that check out the camera view, assez solide, pretty solid right there, not too shabby what’s up deuces on that check it out you guys pretty awesome little drone man, it does pretty well got some flips on it. Sideway flip crashed that one it’s pretty steady, not too bad crashes. Un peu, let’s check it out one more time. Almost bad boy is pretty lightweight on speed. Man looks like she wants to take off on me. Doesn’T want to come back, though i don’t know what the heck is going on right there, d'accord, we’ll come back this way: Music just crashed it over there.

You guys can see it’s all crashed up all right. Vous les gars. I hope you enjoyed the quick flight review. This draw wasn’t, so bad did pretty good a little bit in the air.