This is my first vlog of 2020, and so much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I couldn't wait to sit down and start talking about it now. Some of these things are incredibly exciting, while others honestly are terrifying and I'll. Give you my thoughts on all these topics in a minute, but just know that we're working on a batch of clips that we're gon na be posting on the channel over the next couple of weeks that go into a lot more detail about the technology and the Legislative changes proposed by the FAA because I think both of those areas are incredibly interesting. So if you're curious about any of those topics, make sure you stay tuned to the channel and watch for those clips being posted now also, I want to encourage you to comment because, especially around the FAA legislation, I've got a few things in the works where I Want to respond to that in a big way and I've got a call to action coming up where I think you can help with that, because the public comment section is open right now, it's kind of interesting. They snuck that through and here's Eve, but the public section is open right now, so you can comment on that up until March 3rd. I encourage everybody out there that watches this channel to go to that website and I'll, put a link below and comment on that legislative change, because I'll get into in a minute, because I like to start off with good news and that's terribly bad news.

I will comment that I think that that's a really bad thing and I'm coming out publicly in saying that I'm sure that's not a surprise to you guys, but I think the way they're implementing that is very draconian in so many ways and I'm going to talk About that second, but I can't stop myself because I'm so upset about that. But let's talk about the good news. Premier, all right so there's been a bunch of drones, released in the last couple of weeks. Réellement, for drones have hit the market DJ eyes kind of quiet right now, so maybe we'll see something coming from them very soon, but two of the drones were released before CES and two of them were announced at CES. The two that came out before CES were the sky. Do two which I've talked about in the channel before I've got that I've been flying. It I've got a lot of clips coming and I'll show you how that quad works. I think it's really interesting quad because they built this sort of follow. Quad that's, incroyablement, intelligent it's got artificial intelligence and neural networks built into it, and its purpose in life is to find you and follow you wherever you go. So if I'm, in the woods like this and I'm gon na fly it around here in a little bit, I'm gon na duck behind these trees and in and out of these trees, and that drone will avoid the trees and follow me.

So I think it's a brilliant drone. I also think it's a new class of drone and I've said that before it's too corruptive technology that all the other drones do, a really good job of crash avoidance, it's, not the same thing as autonomous flight or a ton of his flight is the drone has To make a decision based on its environment, where it's going to go to follow you it's only purpose again, is to follow you through this complex environment and that Scottie o2 from all the testing I've done, is outstanding and following you now, the other drone that was Released before CES was from a company called zero zero robotics it's, the V copter now what's interesting about this one to me, and I have one on the order to the minute they release them and ship it to me. I'Ll be doing reviews on it, but the V copter is a two blade drone, so I guess it's a a bi copter, not a quad or a Penta. Copter it's a hit it's, a bi copter, which is an interesting concept, but by tilting those blades in different directions. They can fly around I'm very, very interested in this technology, because the IMU got to be different. The balance things got to be different: the weight distribution so there's a lot going on inside that drone. As an engineer, I can't wait to get my hands on it and play with it, so the V copter is something we'll definitely be going into depth.

On reviews on the channel so stay tuned for that now the two that were announced at CES, one of them I was lucky enough to get sort of an NDA on which was the Evo 2 from wotl, which is a phenomenal drone and I've raved. The battered already in a couple of clips and I've got a lot more clips. Coming on that we're finishing up on a couple. We did flight characteristics and showed it against the Mavic and a couple of other products out there. I think they've really nailed it with this drone. This thing is beautiful: it's got a swappable camera, it will fly five point. Five miles will be up in the air for 40 minutes. I'Ve done some testing against that I've gotten a solid 33 35 minutes of flight time out of it, which i think is phenomenal and that's landing it with like 15 left at a battery. But I love that swappable gimbal and I know we've raved about that before. But what I'm buying is one flying platform, that's extensible, which means I can keep that for three four five years and just whatever camera comes out, maybe it's a camera with optical zoom or something on it that I can pop in. There were a 360 or a thermal, je pense, that's a brilliant concept, so I think what they've done with that just like what Scott has done with the autonomous flight is they've set a new standard for all the drone manufacturers to pay attention to.

I wouldn't be shocked if you see the new Mavic product have much better autonomous flight and probably a swappable camera. So I know I'm going on a limb there. But again we don't know what the Mavericks gon na look like all right, so that's, the Evo 2. I think it's a fantastic drone and again stay tuned to the channel cuz I'm gon na be flying that thing like nuts over the next couple of weeks, I've already flown it for three weeks, and I just love it. The other product that was announced at CES was the ex dynamics evolved to now I had to evolve. One I've done some reviews on it, and I know the market is kind of split on that. The original evolve was really built for cinematographers and a lot of drone guys like me that are hobbyists. Looked at it and said man. That price point is way up there, but if you're a cinematographer and you're filming professionally. That drone is right in your sweet spot, because they've tweaked it to give you a swappable camera. So you can put a bunch of different cameras on it and you can also control it. A little smoothly so it's more cinematic when it's flying any other drones, and it has a lot to do with the EF CS and the way they've tuned it, but that drone in the air is buttery, lisse, it's, just a sexy flight when you're up in the Air it looks like a Hollywood movie when you're flying that thing, it's, tout simplement magnifique, so the evolved they've actually taken it to the next level, so they're putting a Four Thirds camera on it.

They'Ve extended the distance extended the flight time and our good friends from ex dynamics we're supposed to be sending us one for review on the channel. So if you guys are watching this clip make sure you get it the mail really quick. So I can get it up in the air and start doing some reviews of it. So those are the four drones again. Dji has been quiet. Our good friends over at parrot they've been sort of updating that airframe as they went. The unique folks have not really talked a lot about drones lately, I know they're doing a lot of stuff in the commercial space, so maybe that's, where their head and we'll have to say. d'accord, before I get to the terrifying part of this vlog, I did want to talk about a few new drone valley products that we just released in case you missed them now. The way we work is when we're out flying typically in environments like this. If we find something about the drone that we can improve, making it a little bit safer, a little bit more fun, maybe a little easier to use, we'll sit down, put our heads together, we'll, develop a product and then we'll release it as a drone valley, product And we've done that for other quads before we've got a lot of Mavic mini parts and a bunch of them having two parts and we've got some Evo. Two parts come in well.

The last couple of months we've been focusing on the sky. Do two drone because it's brand new and there's some things that you're probably going to want in the field that we can help you with so the first thing we released was this two port car charger it's a 45 watt car charger it's one of the few Car chargers that supports both PD power, delivery and qc3 charging capabilities, so it means it can quick charger devices, so this works really well with the new sky do so, if you set the sky, do with the battery and on your passenger seat, you plug that USB C, cable into the charger it'll fast charge that sky do not a lot of car chargers will do that in addition to that, it's got a full size USB A on it that'll charge any Q C compatible device. So if you've got any other Android device out there, the chapter charge or any Q C compatible device in there and you can charge that device, so it's really unique in the space again. UNE 45 watt car charger is pretty pretty rare out there. Most of the car chargers are 5 volts and they're really low amperage and you can't charge your sky do drone with it. So this one will charge your Sky DL it'll charge your smart controller, a fast charger, Mavic mini if you've got one of those we're. Just really proud of this product, in addition to that we've released, a charging cable for the sky do as well.

Now this is a triple head. Cable it's got three USB C connections on it and what's unique about that is you can use it to charge, the sky do beacon, the sky do remote and the third USB see you can use to charge your phone you're thinking. bien, quelle? If I don't have a USB C connection on my phone Ric I'm using an iPhone or I'm using an older Android phone, bien, we thought of that. We included connections that convert that third USB C to microUSB and to a lightning connector for your iPhone. So you can charge any phone or device you've got out there. If it's a tablet. You can charge that as well and then, if you're thinking well gee Rick that's a USB a in the one end. I can't plug that into my sky. Do charger that I've got at home, so it's useless for me? Encore bien, we've thought of that! So we've included a female USB a to a male USB C. So you can plug this into the USB a and plug it into your sky. Do charger and still charge your beacon and all the other stuff, so it works pretty. Eh bien, alors, the last thing we came out with wasI talked about this when I first did the overview of the sky. Do two I'm worried about that charging port in the back, parce que, if you're flying that horizontally, all the dirt and debris that's falling ahead of these trees, Où, if there's mist from rain and things are gon na work, their way down into that that little hole in The back and it's gon na get on the printed circuit board and caused you trouble over time.

So we developed these. What we're calling charger port covers and they're full metal jackets they're the exact color, pretty close to the color of what the sky do looks like now. I know you can use rubber ones. I'Ve had people say: I'll go on Amazon and I'll buy a bag for a dollar and I'll get ten of them. I tested a lot of the rubber ones and I found was they work? Okay for a couple of flights, but over time putting them in pulling out putting them in they get worn, and then they start popping out when you're flying and the whole point of having it in there is to protect that port. So this metal one will sit in there. It matches your drone it's, not popping out when you're flying and they're not that expensive. I think we put two of them together for like eight bucks, which is pretty good for metal connectors. If you check these anywhere out there, you're gon na find they're a lot more expensive than that and the cool part is we made them special. We had them designed specially to match that sky do colors so that's all I wanted to talk about today, but if you're asked I do fan these, are things you're probably going to want to look at all right, let's get into the bad news so recently? Réellement, ironically, Pour moi, I was having a really good New Year's Eve, only to find out that fAA came out with the legislative changes that they're proposing for the hobby, and I say ironically, because I was in such a good mood about drones.

I was talking a lot of friends at the party about it and we were all gon na go out and fly the next day. I wake up and I read the legislative changes they proposed now, we've kind of known these things were coming. If you listen to the working group already in the details that were coming out of those working groups, it seemed like we were heading in this direction. I really honestly had no idea they were gon na go this far. I thought they were gon na. Take a couple of steps: what they've done is basically started up the engines and driven all the way down the road. So what we're looking at quite honestly is a change that, À mon avis, will pretty much end Hobby flying and I know, that's a dramatic statement to make. When you look at the rules of proposing, if you're a hobby flyer, your drone has to identify its serial number and its physical position in 3d, space it's coordinates 24 par 7. So if you're flying it's got to be broadcast than that, if you're a hobby flier in addition to that, your controller needs to talk to the Internet to pass that information along. So second by second you've, now got to contact some third party to tell them where the controller is and where the drone is in real time, that's an expensive proposition. Now I have a lot of thoughts in this and I have a couple of proposals that would have been, je pense, easier to implement that wouldn't put the burden on the hobbyist, but as a hobbyist flower.

When you think about that. Even if you find a drone that can do thatand there are a lot of drones out therethat can do that today, over Wi Fi the controller's not set up to have a sim connection to the network. Now you can use your phone and you can probably tell it or the phone and do a sim connection there, but just think about that, for a second you've got the expense of the drone. If you don't have one that can do that today. In addition to which you're going to have a very expensive plan to make that connection, some kind of you know broadband Clint plan that'll, let you connect to the Internet to actually transmit that data in a regular basis, and I don't get it. I just don't understand it now. If you don't want to do that, you can still fly our hobbyist drone within 400 feet of you in a horizontal fashion, Jusqu'à 400 feet above you so a bubble around you at 400 pieds, but even in that circumstance the drone still has to broadcast its Serial number and its location so that's not as bad but it's still 400 feet is. Tu sais. I fly visual line of sight from these a couple thousand feet, probably in a good day in a clear area. Foreigner' feets gon na really limit my flight. If you're not happy with that one, the final is: you fly at an AMA field, so you're limited to an AMA field and again those same restrictions are in play.

Il 400 400 les pieds en haut. So to me I just don't know what they're thinking they're like. I totally agree that there needs to be some kind of identification system out there and you're. Probably thinking wurzel is coming from. Is it a big government thing? I don't think it's a big government thing. I think what you've got as in most times in life when these things things happen is you've got commercial interests on the one side that have a really good lobbying group and I'll talk about them in a minute that are talking to the FAA and they're they're Playing the game of we want to fly commercially. Forget that we're gon na deliver packages that's a small part of what we want to do. What we really care about is saving lives, so we're gon na deliver blood, we're gon na deliver drugs, we're gon na save lives by putting commercial drones up in the air, and I believe that's true. Oui, but I also believe that that commercial interest, that side of the house that wants to deliver packages and eliminate people driving cars around, because it's more cost effective to put a drone up and send it to your house, then put a UPS driver in a Truck and have him come to your house, I don't your commercial. You should be taking the burden of this on. I think it's very unfair that they're putting the burden of this legislation on the hobbyists, parce que, honestly we were there.

Premier, our purview is from ground to 400 pieds. That'S been the hobbyist space, so if you're gon na come into the commercial environment and start flying commercially, why don't you fly in the commercial airspace above 400 pieds? The planes are already up there, that's, where the commercial activities are going on. Why would you have to come down into the hobbyist space to sort of make that make that a bigger deal for me and also I'm thinking, if you're, a commercial operator you're entering the market, isn't the burden on you to sort of prevent your drones from running Into me, why are you making me responsible for letting you know where I am so you're not going to collide with me if you're, a commercial operator and you're gon na make millions and millions of dollars they're predicting it's, going to be a billion dollar industry or Multi billion dollar industry in ten years you guys have the burden of producing a drone that's not going to run it into a hobbyist drone that's flying under 400 pieds. That just makes sense to me because the analogy I'm looking at I don't know if you know this or not, but Tesla's working on self driving cars right. They already do it already in some of their models today, but their big push is going to be in trucks. They want to get into the commercial truck space because when you think about truck drivers enough to drive, they have limitations on how far and how long and when they have to sleep when they have to be off the road but let's wasteful for the trucking company.

They really want a truck to be on the road 24 par 7, Si possible, if you have an autonomous truck that can drive from here to Los Angeles, without stopping that's, a really cost effective way to go so Tesla and other company working on self driving trucks Right, which i think is a great thing, but if you're gon na develop that truck and put it on public highways, you better make darn sure that you've got the artificial intelligence in that truck and the systems that detect cars around you so you're, not driving guys. Like me off the road right, that's the burden that they're putting on those self driving cars, why is it any different for autonomous drones? Why are the drones some kind of special case where the commercial drones get to say? bien, look we're gon na fly up here and if a hobbyist is around, we want you to identify where you are you want. We want to make sure that you know that we're coming like that to me it's just nonsense, so I've got some really hard thoughts on this and I'm gon na spend time because I'm ramble a little bit here. Cuz I'm so upset about this. But I've got a clip coming where I'm gon na explain what I think would have been a better approach and actually have three different suggestions on where they could completely implement it today without major changes to the hobby industry, I think DJI know I'm.

A fan of DJ technology, but I think DJI has done a wonderful job of showing them that today, with the technologies on the market, they can identify where that drone is that that that would be okay, I don't have any problems. I totally understand. They have to know their drones up in the air. I don't like the fact that they want to know where I am 24 par 7 it's like I've, got an ankle, monitor on me, like I'm under house arrest or something and there isn't any hobby out there. That requires that kind of identification and tracking, so it's. Just lost on me, but anyway I have three suggestions that would use. I think the DJI technology that's out there today and they've already demonstrated it to sort of help. This problem go away for us as hobbyists, but I think we really need to be one voice when we get in touch with the FAA on that site and again I'll recommend you go on there up until March 3rd. You can make those comments public when you post your comments, think about them don't be angry because they're gon na read them and they're gon na dismiss you immediately if you're angry so think about it, beacon template if that's passionate but it's logical, don't just start cursing At them, it's not going to solve any problems but think about it and then, before you post, it read it a couple of times to make sure the Spelling's right and everything's good with the grammar and then post it and I think, as a voice.

If all of us stand up and say, look we're, hobbyists, we're citizens, we pay taxes, the airspace is as much ours as it is the commercial interests. So why are you leaning in a space of commercial interest? I get that they want to fly probably going to save lives, it's going to get packages to my house faster, but figure out a way to make those guys responsible for the costs and burden of that don't put it on the hobbyist and that's. How I'm going to approach it but stay tuned to the channel, because I'm gon na go in a much more detail about the actual rules that are proposed right now and three of the suggestions that I've got that, je pense, are reasonable suggestions to help them sort Of move this along so that's all I wanted to talk about that. Tu sais, might upset about this all right. So the last thing I want to talk about, which is good news. I like to end on a good note. We had our 12 days of drone Valley Christmas over the last couple of weeks, and I know you guys are anxious to hear about the winners, but the honest truth is once somebody wins that contest. I have to send them an email. They have to read the email they have to get back to me if their address so that I know they're, ok with me, sending the package to them and you're, not gon na believe this, but I sent out all those emails already and in some cases, I've Sent them out twice three times four times and I had to move on.

I just can't wait for somebody to get back to me because it's, probably in their spam folder. So what I had to do is actually pick another winner, notify them so I've been working through that over the last couple of weeks, and the honest answer is: if you won something you'll know: you've won something. If you have, if you haven't, got an email from you, didn't win anything yet, but I have a clip coming once I hear from the last two guys that haven't gotten back to me yet I'll put a cliff together all now. So all the winners and everybody know what's going on now. Ayant dit cela, we had such a good response over Christmas with this, and I felt so good, given those prizes away that we're gon na continue it. Alors, probably once a month, I'm gon na run a contest on the channel we're gon na pick something cool that we're reviewing or somebody sent us for review and we're gon na give that away. So if you're, a fan of those kind of giveaways stay tuned to the channel, because we have a lot more opportunities this year throughout 2020 to win stuff on the channel, and I don't want to do that to seem like we're trying to get subscribers it's. Just we're really lucky that we have manufacturers that work with us and I can't fly everything we get so I'm gon na keep a lot of that stuff back to the community, because nothing makes me happier than hearing somebody for the first time.

Send me an email and say Rick I bought a drone. I watched your channel. J'ai acheté un drone, I put it up and life is good that's. All I care about. So the more people like to make happy and introduced to this hobby, the better I feel so that's pretty much it and that's all it really had today. So thanks all for watching sorry, I got a little rambunctious there with the FAA stuff, but I'm sure you guys are as frustrated as I am by these rules. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me that they would change it that dramatically and only give us a couple of months to respond.