drone examen – UDI RC Predator U842 Wifi

Purchase UDI RC Predator on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2xoV3tM Low cost Code: KWNK5AAY The UDI RC Predator U842 Wifi is a reasonably large brushed motor


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  1. Thi is a SKY EYE HC632 clone!!

  2. I own this drone and after carefully trimming the joy sticks, calibrating it on a flat surface, etc. I have found my DBPOWER U842 PREDATOR DRONE to provide a much better experience than you had. To be fair, I wasn't shooting a YouTube video with the stress and distraction you may be induring while flying it, sans doute, pour la première fois. Et, to be clear, I am not biased toward DBPOWER or UDI companies. Aussi, because of it's price point, my good experience with it and all the positive reviews it's garnered, I recommend this drone to beginners. I welcome your feedback!

  3. It's unfortunate that it's not as stable. Bonne vidéo. I think it would be cool to get a drone like this and seeing if the controller can be tuned so that from the firmware side (the code has to be opensource of course) to improve the stability. That is assuming that the sensors on board are quality as well.

  4. Bonne vidéo, J’adore cette chemise!

  5. At first I thought your young bloke had let his hair grow really long, but got that sorted after a minute.

  6. I think this drone is an accident waiting to come true. Not a toy, just a motor with big flying blades.

  7. Like the review don't like the drone

  8. Drone Set prêt, Can I get a shout out in your next vid?
    EDIT: Do not forget about the drone school suggestion I commented in your video of the water-proof spark case!
    BTW: My Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 finally arrived!

  9. Its huge for a toy drone i think

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