SG906 Pro 2 Vidéo 2K non éditée (Pas de son)

Potensic Dreamer 4K – Revue complète

Applaudissements musicaux – all right so just like other uh drone companies out there potenzic has its 4k gps flagship camera drone called the dreamer. Potenzic is a good company. I'Ve enjoyed most of the products i've flown that they make. They seem to make pretty good toy grade drones, mais ce, je pense, est […]

JJRC H95 Infake Plane Drone Flight Test Review

VR009 Beginner’s 5.8Ghz Racing Drone FPV Goggles Examen

3. 4 usb usb kpop, 5 n utp (n utp), d4 (en), 1 cateur, 9, 10, 2 b, mars (mars) 80 de sl sr 4, Stl, 18, i'm, fou, 4 c.

X73 JUMPER MINI FPV – Revue complète – [Unbox, Inspection, Vol / Crash Test, Avantages & Les inconvénients]

Il s’agit d’une mouche contraignante, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, already a little fpv mini camera up top with a VTX built in already video transmitter, and so all we need to do is bind it to a controller such as the trance, which I'm Going to be using here and […]

HUBSAN X4 H501S AVANCÉ – Partie 2 – [Mod double batterie / Échange d’antennes / test Range]

C’est la version noire, comme vous pouvez le voir, et c’est la version avancée avec cette – a little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

Eachine US65 Pro 2S Micro Racer Drone Outdoor Flight Test Examen

That i promised for the um us65 pro now. I have two batteries attached in there. Let me center them here first folks, but this will give us the 2s power i already got one of them plugged in, but i need to plug the other into the bridle and that'll power it up and […]

Bugs MJX 20 EIS 4K Electronic Stabilized Drone Flight Test Review

Stabilization drone, uh it's, been a few weeks since i did my last review folks and the reason being i'm no longer in kansas, anymore, we're, réellement, ridge, crest, Californie. I got tired of the earthquakes out there and and the heat too it's it's pretty hot there today, but uh i've moved to pennsylvania. […]


Cette société a fait micro sans brosse depuis l’aube du royaume micro brosses sur mon canal, donc les gars ces gars-là ne sont pas nouveaux à faire sous 100 millimètre quad cadres et la vigne et les mouches pour vous les gars. Donc, c’est nouveau. Il s’agit d’une nouvelle sorte de type moulé par injection de cadre. […]

QUAD IN THIS BOX?? – NOUVEAU’ ZEEZ Design Capish 5.5 and FC

This is the capisce 5.5 capisce. Welcome back to the channel guys. Can you believe it there's an entire race quad inside this box? When i first got it and i looked at it, i had both of these boxes in stack inside the box, and i thought oh new flight controller, probably some other […]

KFPLAN KF609 Teng Great Learn to Fly Drone Flight Test Review

You Korea was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus was this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, ici avec un examen d’un nouveau drone soignée, the K F or the K F plane, KF 609 mini tang tang mini. What is the tech mini? bien, If […]

Global Drone GW90 GPS Brushless Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

Qu’est-ce que ce coup à? Alors félicitations bonjour, tout à fait copter 101, ici avec un examen de la GW 90 global drone brand new drone just came out on the market. So what is the global drone if you're looking at it? You can see that it is a forum. Drone actually comes with a […]