Anatomie d’un drone Flyaway – Partie 2 – Principaux problèmes mécaniques que vous pouvez éviter

That could cause your quad to misbehave when it's up in the air. Maintenant, avant que je m’enfonce trop profondément dans cette, just like I said in part 1 flyaways are an incredibly rare thing. It'S, probably something you'll, never experience if you fly the rest of your life but for some reason, flyaways get a […]

Air mavic 2 – Retour aux tests à domicile

2 I've had a lot of questions about it on the channel, so I thought I'd head outside on a beautiful day like today and show you exactly how it works. Now a few things to keep in mind around the Mavs, the gear 2 and return to home, because it behaves differently than most […]

Air mavic 2 – Premier vol et impressions – Incroyable!

Maintenant, dans la boîte ce gars il ya quelques jours, but it's been raining like cats and dogs and I haven't been able to get outside and start flying it so today's the first day that actually is pretty decent it's a little overcast so I'm sure the video Is not going to be the […]

Air mavic 2 – Sticker LocationsI’m betting you missed one

Why are you spending time doing a clip on something as simple as me, peeling stickers off my drone. Now this truth is, I was shocked at how many stickers were on this drone there's an insane amount of stickers on and it's like DJ, I went sticker crazy and, as I was going through […]

Air mavic 2 Déballage et vue d’ensemble

Lately we have thunderstorms in New Jersey, so I can't go outside and fly and there's nothing more frustrating than having a brand new toy that you can't play with. But I promise you if I get a break in the weather today, and it stops raining even for 30 seconds I'm gon na have […]

Une banque d’électricité pour charger tous vos appareils portables! – Engrenage Drone Valley

That we're incredibly proud of. We call it the evolve triple port power bank and we think it's the last portable charging solution you're ever going to need to bring along with you to charge all of your portable devices. Maintenant, ce projet a commencé il ya un an. We spent a lot of time out […]

Sont DJI Drones Espionnage pour la Chine? – Ne croyez pas le non-sens

Je veux me concentrer davantage sur la technologie parce que, en tant qu’ingénieur, what I love so much about technology is that there are facts in technology it's the one place in my life, where one plus one always equals two there's, pas de débat en débat, there's, no arguing it it's, Not going to be two and […]

Anatomy of a Mavic Mini FlyawayHow Not To Lose Your Drone

Talking about certain situations that you can get into, that might put you at a higher risk for a flyaway and how to correct for those now before we get too deep into it. In case you're wondering a fly aways a situation where a drone is doing something different than what the pilots telling […]

EVO Autel 2 Séquences de vol – Download and Judge For Yourself!

So you can compare the brand new Evo 2 pro to the Mavic 2 Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro v 2.0. Now I'll film. Everything at 4k 30 frames a second because that's a common format for all three of these and I'll post those files on the web and there's a link below […]

The Ultimate 48-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set – Engrenage Drone Valley

Now the kit includes all the common bits you're going to use on a regular basis, as well as several specialty and security bits that are really difficult to find. Now this project started a few months back and it sprang from my frustration of never having the driver I needed to work on a […]

DJI Air Mavic 2 – Tout que vous devez savoir

It looks like an incredibly cool drone and it's got some compelling features that really separate her from a lot of drones on the market. So I couldn't wait to put a clip together to talk about it because I know a lot of you are out there. Looking for a new drone with the […]

Quick Tip To Recover Corrupt Drone Footage From Your Quad

In your drone now here's the scenario it was a beautiful Saturday, you've been out flying all day. You'Ve captured some amazing footage and you can't wait to get home and see what it looks like on your computer. So you race, maison, transfer the files to your computer and sure enough, but one file […]