SpinUp SpinUp 2020 – Événement pour la communauté drone en ligne

It is spin up 2020, alors restez à l’écoute. bien, first follow me. Je vous remercie, everybody for coming out here, it's. So great to see all of my digital friends spin up this year because of the pandemic and everything is going to be virtual. I see this as an opportunity for us to grow this […]

Speed Dial Ep 6 – Nurk FPV?

Tu sais ça.. Ce spectacle par la suite, donc tout à fait un changement de rythme trop, parce que c’est super facile. All I have to do is hit a button on my phone and start talking and I'm on live versus, setting up cameras and setting up drones and setting up all that kind of stuff. […]

FPV Drone Racing – 10 Défi de jour sur le simulateur DRL – Comment pouvez-vous entrer 10 jours?

So when my dad introduced me to the DRL simulator, I thought it would be a blast. I tried it out and I've played about 45 minutes and it's super fun. So over the next 10 jours, I've decided that I'm gon na play one hour each day. Just to see how good I can […]

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drone examen – Air Hogs DR1 FPV Racing Drone

drone examen – Furibee Racing Drone

Today I have the Farabi fpv racing drone, just called the racing drone got it from gearbest, so stay tuned and we'll check it out again, Merci à gearbest. For sending this guy, I will post a link if you want to check out the price and the specs and everything but I'm gon na […]

drone examen – Holybro Shuriken X1 FPV Racer

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