SpinUp SpinUp 2020 – LiveLearn, Laugh, Win PrizesTune In For The Fun!

SpinUp SpinUp 2020 – Événement pour la communauté drone en ligne

It is spin up 2020, alors restez à l’écoute. bien, first follow me. Je vous remercie, everybody for coming out here, it's. So great to see all of my digital friends spin up this year because of the pandemic and everything is going to be virtual. I see this as an opportunity for us to grow this […]

Unboxing Subscriber of the Month Vidéo de Jenna C – Mai 2020 SOTM (EN)

Sometimes you see me as Jenna see in the chats and I'm gon na do an unboxing video for you. Kelly Shores made me subscriber of the month and yeah, so I thought I would thank him doing. Thank him. Do a little unboxing, video and yeah let's go from there aren't you supposed to […]