ATTOP WOLVY DroneCamera Test Indoors

This can be a follow-up video to my evaluation of the ATTOP WOLVY Drone. After I flew this drone in sub zero temperatures the digicam froze and confirmed jello.


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  1. Love your videos but of all the drones you have tested which is the budget drone that gives no compromise, stabilzed video recordings?

  2. hi all just got the mavic 2 zoom i used to have mavic air, i will post test footage for all to let me know how im doing
    nice to meet you all. greetings to you and canada great work

  3. Quick to the point! Looks interesting but we seem to live in the artic these days. I thought the welcome sign said Iowa when we came here 3 il y a des années……. tant pis! Bon travail!

  4. I must have missed the first review. J’aime le drone. Checked it out by clicking your link and your right. A little over priced. Bonne vidéo.

  5. I’ve been flying drones for 7 years now and this guy is one of the first I go to for reviews keep on flying mate your input is much appreciated thanks for your time and patience you put into the hobby respect

  6. Alors, who wants to make money? What do drones need
    New camera mounting washers that are designed for cold weather so no 'jello' effet.
    2:44 I'm not an expert pilot, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!
    Prob guards, I have been waiting for you to smack your monitors 😀

  7. That's a big drone ! I'm not a professional pilot but I play one on youtube ! J'ai adoré ! 😁😀👍👍

  8. It's a good looking drone. A good size for a camera drone too. I agree about the price though

  9. That's a nice drone I would love it even with jello because it works,led's set it apart, and the Big W ,well I'm Fond of that Letter! I Honestly think the letter W is better than 93.3%of the rest and My last Name is reason for likening the W. I don't want anyone to think and get made for a bump comment About my favorite letter REALLY it was on Sesame Street today🎣

  10. You got lot of drones behind you. Do you get time to fly them all ?

  11. Agréable, the "I'm not a professional…" reference was priceless! 🙂

  12. $380, I’m sorry but not for me

  13. Capitaine, please have you asked Santa if my name is on the naughty list?

  14. You are an awesome pilot! And though you are on Youtube tv, you demonstrate the skills of a surgeon. Just wish we had a 5g phone in the states!

  15. Damm that would be a aweful big drone to fly inside

  16. Capitaine,, description states 300m control range, are the antennas fake?

  17. Salut Capt ! Bought the Jjrc X5 from Banggood ( after watching your excellent review) après 4 emails and a heated on line chat I still don’t know when am getting a Delivery ?… SO BE CAREFUL WITH BANGGOOD ,

  18. Thanks a lot Captain drone for the review! I really enjoy watching your channel and Learning about the newer products out there, avoir une belle journée. Milan W

  19. Drone génial. You Really Create GREAT CONTENT🔥🔥

  20. That is so gorgeousdoes it come in different colorsI want one my friend..

  21. I find myself watching all ur vids 😂

  22. i love yor videos and your channel

  23. can you also fly the mjx bugs b2w without GPS? Indoors or does it still fly against the ceiling when the battery is at low voltage? , i have heard that even though GPS is off iT still keeps working from the return to home even gps is turn off , is this correct ?, i live in a no-fly zone so I would like to use the battery every now and then, does anyone have experience with this? Merci d'avance, sorry for my bad english , greetings to all from the Netherlands Amsterdam

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