I want to kind of slow things down and talk about some things that have been happening in the last few months in 2020, it's kind of a crazy year. I know a lot of you guys are doing the stay at home order and we're getting kind of stir crazy, stuck in our houses, and I know there's. There seems to be a split right now between people saying that they're gon na go out no matter what they're not wearing masks. They are wearing masks so there's. This huge debate for that, but we're not gon na get into all that, because I know some of you guys have that opinion or the other opinion which it's totally fun. You are subject to. You know having your own opinion, of course, but I wanted to touch base on something today, because every once in a while I'd do these kind of videos. I have one of those thinking minds when it comes to wellness and spirituality and psychology I'm. I I think that FPV and wellness go hand in hand, and so many people that I know in the FPV community have used FPV as a tool for getting out of some type of depression or ruts that they're in or even drugs or a divorce. A loss of your wife or children, things like that this little machine right here is an amazing, an amazing transformation device, it's, not just a quadcopter. It puts you in a different realm and for three minutes, while that battery's running generally you're, not thinking about anything else, and I could compare this to a type of meditation device.

If you will, because all those thoughts that are in your head just leave for three minutes of your time per battery a lot of times, you're, not thinking about your problems, you're, not thinking about you – know how much gas is in your car you're. Not thinking about the bills that you have to pay you're, not thinking about all these obsessive thoughts that we have during the day that kind of give us high levels of stress and anxiety and bring up the cortisol levels in our in our brains. Whether it's dealing with some arguments with your wife girlfriend or maybe disciplining your kids we're just dealing with a bad dog, I mean there's all kinds of things that can give us stress during the day, but one of the other things that is so great about FPV Is that that little device, many people start out with something like this? This is the anger, 75 and I'll put the link down below for this one. If you want it's a 4s whoop, I have a review coming out for this one tomorrow, but and the reason that I didn't do that review today is because all this was on my mind, and I wanted to share this with you guys, because you guys are Important to me – and I talk about this – all the time – wellness and FPV it is it just they're, just like this, I mean when you fly a pack after you fly that pack, you feel good.

You feel a sort of a stoke factor and I used to get the same thing surfing and I had this guy. I want to say his name was: maybe Dan from Australia last week make a comment that he used to ride motorcycles, and now he flies fpv and he's a dad and he wants to protect his body and his brain. So you know, hitting the concrete at 100 miles. An hour is bad for your head, so now he flies to fpv and when he crashes now it's not a big deal. He doesn't have to go to the hospital and get some broken bones. Fixed sport bikes. They are rush, but there are risk to your body so and it depends on what level of stage in life that you're at maybe you're older and you ride a sport bike and it's no big deal so maybe you're younger either way your your path and your Journey is up to you I'm, not telling you guys what to do, but I I also have some sad news that a good friend of mine in the FPV community, Doug crasher aka BOC Rinder lost his brother to suicide this week, and that is a very traumatic Thing for his family and his he mentioned that his brother was stoked for him that he was doing so well with the drone thing and that dunk now had something to hold on to that makes him happy and keeps him less depressed and keeps him off hard.

Drugs and all those many trenches of depression that a lot of us can get sucked down into without something in your life to to really hold on to, and you know after a bad breakup or some personal trauma in your life. One of the first things that a lot of us do start asking for that. That thing that one thing that you can hold on to that will make you happy again and it might be walking riding your bike jogging camping, whatever just some way to have some type of escape from this, because the problem with personal trauma is that you can't Escape this, you have to take this wherever you go, and the thoughts never stop and it's so hard to escape negative thought patterns. So you have to kind of retrain your brain and I think that the best way to retrain your brain is to engage in activities like FPV or surfing or biking, or even just going and walking with a friend. You can do a social distance, walk I've, seen people doing this out on the street. Recently you can do a six foot apart, walk down the street and walk in the middle of the street. You know just talk to somebody and getting out of the house. It is a major major thing, so I have to you know, say: I'm, sorry to Doug that that happened with his brother, and I fear that in my own family, at times for certain family members that have mental illness in my family, so I'm very concerned with That, but you know, I'm, sorry that that happened, Doug and I wish you the best in the future, for your family and for for yourself and your own wellness and anybody else out there who's going through this type of event, especially during this time with kovat there's, Been a lot of breakups and split ups around the country and around the world because everybody's quarantined together and things are getting kind of high anxiety.

So, hang in there guys keep flying and do what you can do to stay happy and the best advice that I've gotten in the last couple weeks. I got one single word text message to my phone from a friend and that said, happy and that's it. So that is part one of FPV and wellness for today. Hopefully, you can go out and take this little transformative device out and fly a pack and find that happiness for yourself. And let me know down in the comments below if this is a great way for you to find happiness and find some balance and some some centering in your own life or whether it's flying fpv or yoga or whatever. Yoga also works for me once a day. But anyway, guys thanks again for watching I'm Justin Davis, and I hope I honestly hope you're doing well during all this and soon we're gon na get out and fly again together. So virtual fist bumps guys love you guys and take care fly safe and I'll.