I guess kind of looks like a mavic see if the props flop over Music, so they said that uh. I would be able to keep this too. I kind of hope this is a decent drone, because if it is then yeah either way, im gon na figure out something to do with it. Another box, oh goodness, all right are you keeping count? How many boxes will go on here? Oh okay, yeah some documentation, disclaimer and safety guidelines. Oh there we go theres, something safe about it: flight environmental risks, its got a camera on it. So six am i reading that right. I need i mean. I know my eyes are bad, but 6562 foot is what is listed on the height well, unless im reading that number long, because its so late, um, okay, i might enjoy going through reading some of this stuff here, all right ill get to that later. Of course, Music, i thought it would be bigger, because you know every time it comes out of the box. It gets smaller comes in a nice case. Maybe use a case for something if the uh the drone is no good, oh well, for four hundred dollars. I guess Music, just a gimbal guard. It should be set up in mode two or yeah its one of those springy ones, though okay and im gon na be able to put my phone in it. Stop ensure remote control. Antennas are open antennas back there, buttons doesnt feel too too bad.

I mean im used to what is all those crazy ones looks like you can flop it out or something ill have to play around with that we have holy cow, hey there. It is no. This one doesnt look too great: oh wow, thats, crazy, heres, the camera i mean its pretty heavy in the hands. It feels beefy. You see thats just barely okay, Music. Maybe it would start up if i had it. I dont want to do that. Yet just keep the battery out for now all right, so these things fold out you do that manually or does it do it or do it on its own? You have to check that out Music because i did see oh yeah, oh thats, how you do it? Okay, dont want to force anything, oh its just its just stiff: oh okay, yeah its just it just it just kind of stuck together: okay, yeah all right, not too shabby so far, probably like obstacle avoiding stuff in there its a barometer. Maybe i would guess what those are down there on barometer to gauge the height like that, and then i havent messed around with the camera. Really i dont want to take the guard off yet until there is a guard on it all right. Well, so far, so good um and im not gon na, let that sit there and ill put that right here for now. All right so probably have all the other stuff in here.

Look at that. Oh another battery, thanks just like back in the old parrot days. All right, so what are these usb chargers and such uh Music in here, because it didnt come with any its just a looks like a micro, oh usbc. They said yeah usbc, it didnt come with any any um Music all right! Well, there theres a bit of the unboxing lets, get this thing in the air in the next video thatll probably be tomorrow, because i got it late tonight, um, not too shy so far so good. I hope it flies well uh. I i dont want to look at any of the reviews before i got it, so i wouldnt be biased, but im not sure if the gps is good, um and all the firmware, i guess, is already loaded on it or i have to do that. I dont know all right and i calibrate it correctly. We should be able to just loiter it and let it sit and what im thinking is is i could use it for you know just watching a drone race, maybe um getting close getting. You know different pictures like that. I guess um no ill find other stuff for it to do, but it has to fly well thats, the first and foremost these numbers here, oh probably, directions on how i should have done it correctly instead of how i did it all right well well, get in The air in a bit: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music Applause, so not sure why they sent me.

This drone im, uh im, an fpv pilot that you know builds and programs and flies drones way different. But this showed up at my door and i got ta say i was pretty well surprised. Um, it flew fine. You know, flows flies like a drone uh. The the stabilization is pretty good. Um theres, not much. I can really say in the way of review kind of things i mean its a drone, its got four propellers on it, its got uh. You know the the gps lock its like any other kind of camera platform, drone that you would get um out there between. You know the name brand ones, and i guess this one ive never really heard of this company, but its a stable platform. I do. I do wish that the camera was a slightly bit better. The video that youre seeing is both video off of my phone, because the drone captures video in two places on an sd card on board on the drone, and then it also goes into your cameras. Uh. Your phone uh cameras videos so its not too bad the um, the video again that youre seeing i i didnt color grade or anything like that. I didnt put any any grading on it, its exactly what it is, as it came off from both the sd card and my phone overall, i liked it um. The drone wont go to waste on me, ill put it to work in some project that im im working on the controller felt pretty good.

In my hand, the app that you had to put on your phone was not too bad to use. I mean it was pretty straightforward. I didnt have many issues. The only issue i i did have the issue i did have was: is it took a moment to pair up everything and had to do the dance to get the gps to work? Other than that you know, once you did all of that, the drone flew well and performed the way its supposed to.