So when my dad introduced me to the DRL simulator, I thought it would be a blast. I tried it out and I've played about 45 minutes and it's super fun. So over the next 10 days, I've decided that I'm gon na play one hour each day. Just to see how good I can get over these 10 days, I'm gon na be using the Tyrannis from frsky and it's connected to our Mac here, so let's fire it up, and this is day 1 I've played this for probably 45 minutes total and basically I Only play in beginner mode, there's, three modes, beginner intermediate and pro mode, my dad really likes Pro Mode. I really like beginner mode, but I hope by the end of these 10 days, I should be at least comfortable in pro mode, but we'll see okay, so our first map is gon na be walking the park I'm on beginner mode. I need to rename this map because it is not a walk in the park. This is beginner mode with a pretty small and not crazy, fast drum, and I am somewhat comfortable, I would say, with this map and difficulty level. So one of the things I really like is how they have a feature where, if you mess up – which I often do you can just hit this button right here and it will take you and put you in a perfect position for the next obstacle. It'S kind of like a reset button, so as far as the first race goes, I would say that was pretty rough but we're here to improve so to keep track of my progress.

I'M gon na write down on every race and every time that I get to see how much I can improve over these 10 days. I'Ve done three races and walking the park on beginner mode, so I figured I'd try intermediate mode and just see if I can go slow and steady and make it through this course so let's go. This is stability off altitude hold off and angle limiter, but the angle limiters on okay, okay, okay, just miss that there you go Music, so I've been playing an intermediate for probably like 20 minutes now, and it is a lot a lot harder than begin. Just tell me straight into one of them getting any better yeah, okay, so day one is over. I did about 40 minutes in beginner mode in about 20 minutes and intermediate mode, and I would say that overall I've made a pretty big improvement in intermediate mode. I used to just turn it on and crash immediately now I can go through trees go through bigger obstacles, but I would say I'm still a ways off from being comfortable and yeah we'll be back tomorrow, see how much better I can get that day too. Music. So yesterday was day one of the ten day challenge today is day two and yesterday I got a bit more comfortable in medium mode and today, I'm, just gon na try to keep working at it and see if I can finish the race in medium mode.

Here we go so I'm doing a walk in the park to start off because it has a lot of wide open space. I probably won't crash into anything, but it also has some trees that I can use as obstacles. So yesterday, when we started this challenge, I would put it in there intermediate mode and basically just immediately crash now I'm able to jump in and fly around these trees without crashing too much and that's just after 1 hour, so hopefully, by the end I'm. Gon na have some real skill. They too is over. I spent most of today down in freestyle mode. Just getting better at intermediate load. See you tomorrow, for day 3 welcome to open TX, 20, all righty we're, here for day 3. Yesterday I got 424 on the field, so today, I'm gon na see, if I can improve that score, and that was an intermediate mode too so, Music, now nice, Music, all righty it's the end of day three and yesterday I did the field, which is a an Easy course in four minutes and 24 seconds, but today the last one I did 3 minutes and 17 seconds so definitely improving this we're. Both an intermediate mode let's see what we can do on day. 4. All right, let's get started with day for today, I'm, just gon na focus on getting my time down in medium and then see if I can work my way up to pro tomorrow: Music, okay, we are officially halfway done and I think my improvement has just been Crazy honestly, I didn't think in five days.

I would be able to complete a course on intermediate mode without crashing once, but we set some new personal best in intermediate mode and um yeah same thing tomorrow, let's just see we can do it so it's day. Six and today I think I'm gon na spend most of the time in Pro Mode getting used to it. Just trying some new courses. It has really cool scenery and some of the obstacles are more difficult and some of them are easier. It'S, like the beginning ones, are easier, so you can kind of ease into it. Music, I think flying through these crates is really fun all righty day. Six is over. We went for an hour and 20 minutes today in a pretty much completely pro mode, and I feel a lot better about it. So I'll see you on day, seven all righty y'all it's time for day seven and today, I'm gon na spend all day in pro mode, just doing different courses doing different races, trying to get faster and pro so let's go Music Laughter, Music, okay day. Seven is over and as promised, I spent the entire hour in the Pro Mode and I got a lot more comfortable in Pro Mode set. Some new records and I'll see you on day a day eight. Yesterday we did a ton of crow mode flying set a lot of new personal bests and let's continue the Pro Mode and see if we can get more personal bests on some maps we haven't tried yet welcome to open TX Music.

I mean think of all the other things like it looks good at if I just didn't our day Music. So just in my first race back on, I got a 215 something and now second race back on. I got a 146 and set the new personal best. So yeah number 512 still have a long way to go. I bet the difference between 146 and 145 it's like it's a hundred spots. I think I've gotten to the point where it's actually hard to break a record. I actually have to have a good run to break the records you know and the amount that I'm breaking them bias a lot less like yes, sir egg, I broke a bunch of records by 10 20 seconds, and today, if I broke one, it was by 5 6 seconds or less all right, everybody, it is day 9, second, to last day of this 10 day challenge and today, I'm gon na just put it in Pro Mode and go as fast as possible: Music, okay, so day 9. Today, I just I did some different courses. I set some new records. I got a 105 on Shipyard. I tried some different drones actually today, which was a lot of fun. I haven't experimented a lot with different drones in the in the game, but yeah. This thing is almost over and I really can't believe how far I've come already everybody day 10. Here we go okay, so one thing about this game is even when you feel like you've mastered it there's still somebody that's higher on the leaderboard.

Then you still somebody that's challenging you and if there's not, then you have yourself, you want to beat your personal best and right now, that's, the phazon min I've basically got got most of the tricks up. My sleeve I'm just focused on beating every personal best on all of my favorite maps. Like you see what I'm saying, how do you do that quickly? Ah, by the way we kept a log of every single race we've done over these 10 days, so yeah we've been well documented if you're planning on playing the sim and you're trying to get better at fpv. I have 5 tips to share with you number one. Take it slow at first in the beginning. I just wanted to go fast. I was like this is a racing game. Why would I go slow by going slow? I was able to master skills that I could never have learned if I was going fast, such as using the yaw and the world together to more effectively turn. My next tip is go into freestyle mode and just try to hit big gaps. Don'T worry about going fast. Don'T worry about squeezing your way into little tiny gaps, just aim for gaps between trees, gaps between buildings. Anything you can set your mind to and say I'm gon na fly it in between there. As you do that you can make the gaps progressively smaller and smaller and then put it into race mode and see how much you've improved my next tip is pick one course that you absolutely love and do that one.

Every single day, mine was shipyards, and I was able to see how much better I was getting, because in the beginning it took me like six minutes to get around and by the end I could do it in under a minute. Another nice part about that is that you can concentrate on your flying instead of what's coming around the next corner, because you already know the map. In addition to the racing, there are tons of things to do in the DRL sim, such as a workbench to build your favorite drone. You can tweak the settings on your favorite controller, there's training, there's, free, styling, there's, tons of hours of content in the sim. For you to try out – and I highly suggest you try out everything you can in the beginning, I had no idea that you could change the drone that you want to use, and I was stuck on one that I really wasn't too happy with. So then, when I discovered you can actually change the drone that you race with. I was thrilled and I found one that works for me and I never went back. My next and final tip is get out of beginner mode as soon as possible. The first time I tried it, I started off in beginner mode and I was pretty comfortable in beginner modes, so I really saw no point of changing to intermediate or even pro as soon as I would put it in the intermediate.

I would just crash straight away. So going into pro mode at first is not fun at all. Honestly, you just crashed and you have to restart and yeah it's, not a good time, but after about an hour an hour and a half when you get the hang of it, it is super fun and you'll never want to go back to beginner. So some advantages of pro mode are that you can dive straight down or straight up. You can flipped, you can roll, you can do pretty much anything your heart desires and it is way more fun than beginner once you get the hang of it. So, in conclusion, my five tips for you: if you're applying the DRL simha, are to go so it first take your time get better. Then you try to go fast, hit big gaps in freestyle mode and pick a course that you love and make that your favorite course play it every day, track your progress on that course and become a master at it. Try different drums and setups tweak your settings tweak your drone, do what you got to do to find what's right for you and, lastly, get out of beginner mode go to pro as soon as possible. In the beginning, when my dad told me about this challenge, I wasn't so sure that I was gon na, like the game he's really into drones. I was never super into them, but after about two days when I started getting comfortable in Pro Mode, just a world of opportunity opened up and it was so much fun.

I fell in love with the game and after the 10 days, I'm definitely gon na play. It more and now that I can beat all his times, maybe he'll.