This is built on the shendrons thick frame, its a coaxial octacopter. So we got eight motors, spinning seven inch blades. This can lift quite a heavy payload. You can get a workout lifting this thing you can see on top of it, weve got a really nice. Camera has volunteered his red komodo. This is a really next level, camera capable of some beautiful shots, and that is exactly what this drone is built to do. We have it available on, i mean you should probably know what youre doing, though, because this is this is like the next. This is a very pro grade: cinema flying we did in a previous episode of flight with this, where you flew a dummy weight yeah, and i was kind of giving you some tips and tricks on flyings heavy cinder lifters, because they fly a lot different than your Normal fuv drum they do im gon na get to see how you fly. The komodo were gon na talk about different lens choices, framing up the paramotors tips and tricks for flying the komodo. I think, by the end of today, youre gon na be nailing your foot, but today i actually started off a lot longer ago way here, weve been up for a long time. This is what its like to be on a filming set. Man ive been telling you this its not like just getting up at like 8 in the morning and doing normal day job.

This is uh. This is the real behind the scenes, life of an fpv pilot. You flew a dummy weight which youre holding right there with the gopro on it rather pretty light, which is pretty light yeah. I want you to feel with the komodo with the lens and payload thats a lot heavier right, so remember how you were kind of flipping. It around and then doing all these crazy tricks. You can do it, but its going to be a lot heavier and youre going to drain the battery a lot quicker as well. So just kind of keep that in mind when youre flying this thing. It is heavier now we got the camera angles pretty much dialed in with each other and ill go into the dji headset im going to turn on the framing lines, because the height on the lens is a lot shorter than that of the the dji camera. Also, its a lot less wide, so were going to create some little framing lines and well match them up visually, as well as in the goggles that way. As long as you keep the paramotor inside the framing lines, youll be framed up on Music, Music, so Music. So, Music, look at this. This is the golden light, its my turn im so ready its gon na fly heavier okay, so really small movements, dont really touch the sticks. Dont even touch your stomach im gon na touch the sticks, ill watch your flight time for about three minutes all right.

You got this also youre gon na notice, more prop wash too so. Try and not when you notice more proper, wash oh yeah cause its heavier. So heavier quads will always have more proper if its the kids arent compensating yet okay, but the pits are really good right here, its just its heavier the prop cant spin up as fast, where are they at? They are to your right, theyre straight above us, almost bubby there you go, you just flew through their weight, beautiful all right, hes on him, remember really small correction. This is difficult. I dont know why remember small movements, small small small movements, yeah everything shows up on camera Music, real smooth, make those small movements really tiny Music Applause. My heart is like pounding out of my chest: batterys good. You got about another minute and a half really having about 30 seconds bubby theyre. Turning right, all right, bubby turn around just cruise it back your batteries. The hardest thing is keeping the throttle at a consistent speed, yeah, weird, no yeah its a lot different with the heavier weight wheres. The im switching right here, yep its right here, im going to help you with it once youre done arm it ill disarm it. Okay, cool all right, good job bubby, that was scary like it is scary, it is scary, yeah, whoa howd. It feel flying to komodo. Just you know: 15 000 drone in the air. I i was probably more scared like, even if it was with my 5 inch squad.

Id probably have the same feeling but like it just feels like a quad so like once im up there, its so normal. So its really funny, because watching you fly, you did a really great job, but it made me so nervous, just watching you around the paramotor and the guys i work with they always get so nervous. When i fly im like guys, whats the big deal, i know what im doing just like you know what youre doing youre in control, but when youre watching it, especially when you just know the payload and how it can pose a big risk. Ah, it makes you so nervous, like when im flying im, not nervous at all im sure you felt the same, but like man when i was watching, i was so nervous. What was what made me nervous was multiple subjects and having to keep like my bearings of where they are was really difficult. So what you have to do when theres two in the air is, you need to be always know where the other one is start by having both of them framed up and then maybe focus on one, but at least when youre doing that. You know roughly, where that other one was and is gotcha and then try and look back every now and then just to make sure Music yeah real, smooth and cinematic beautiful, keep them in the center there beautiful bubby nice real smooth. So when he turns around like that, hes gon na see the way he accelerates.

Oh yeah thats. What thats whats like killers like so like right now, youre not in his wake, is the way hes going real small movements, real small movements flow with him. Real gentle hes gon na come like right, yeah Applause. His movements are like interesting, hes doing a bunch of uh clove release Music, so Music yeah, once he gets to us youre gon na have to land, because i dont want to put any more on me. Okay, i actually cant come in come on. Where are we uh right right, right? Yeah? I dont i dont like how much it sucks yeah yeah. I got you good job bubby straight for the pavement nice smooth, landing ill help you with the disarm, so just get nice and stopped dont land it fast, because we have props coming down and nice job bubby nice job man really good when hes descending, like that, Too its easy to fly in that prop wash so try and dont try and just stick like right behind him. Try and go a little bit out. Okay and then really small corrections still youre, just making youre just making big stuff yeah just dont, even let it flow so youre, switching to the nine millimeter lens. Yes, this is a really wide angle. This would be more like the gopro, though oh big time, its also. A lot lighter, like 500 grams, lighter, really drones. Gon na fly a little bit longer and be a little bit more responsive Music, oh my god, Music, oh thats, so cool.

Well. That was a lot of fun, so much fun, guys being able to share the skies with you. Guys is next level when youre flying along aj and i and they are all stacked up and all of a sudden. I got this giant octocopter soaring past me its like, ah theres, a camera yeah, so awesome so bubba you went out there and your first flight. You know a little bumpy. It was a little bit bumpy. One thing that i was telling you was: you need to be smoother on the sticks. This heavy drone has a lot more prop wash than the smaller drones do so when youre descending as theyre doing their aerobatics youre starting to fly in all that prop washing youre kind of jerking, all the controls yeah. So you started to smooth it out, and then you went up the second time and you were much much smoother. You also had them framed up a little bit better. You were kind of hunting for them across the screen, so we put the framing lines in our goggles and i was telling bubby keep it right in the center and theyre going to be perfectly center framed, and then your second flight was just really really good cool. Thanks man, i really appreciate all the tips youve been giving me. I will say this is like the most challenging thing: ive ever done, hands down just being in 3d space, and you guys go over, though its like.

Where are you guys going and like for me with a new drone and doing something new is really challenging and im talking to rhys after five seconds watching you guys fly im like so? How much does it cost to learn to fly a pair of motor? It looks like a lot of fun its about like buying a motorcycle. You guys can do it too. Contact us,, youtube.comshave, eater hashtag fly all the things. We really appreciate you guys watching this video shout out to these guys for letting us come out and fly these scary drones around you guys and you guys are just awesome. We appreciate all you guys watching be sure to subscribe hit that bell be sure to check out our store too.