If you havent ill link those videos in the description, but otherwise this is sort of my final setup, video showing the settings changes i made from back when i did the build video uh sort of a final discussion on how i think this thing performed and then Yeah a couple other little build notes, so lets get on the bench and have a look. So the only physical change to this quad since the build video is the capacitor is now held on. Basically like my js ones. I just have a small bit of motor wire going from the capacitor to the esc. This just makes it so it has some wiggle room, so in crashes, mid airs, whatever sort of sudden jolts there might be, or any vibrations theyre just less likely to damage this and break the connection. One thing i did forget to do actually, even now that im looking is secure this to the xc60, so ill, just use a cable tie around it just to make it wobble around a touch less than what it is now um. I havent actually flown this since last time i got it repaired. Just did a quick test hover and thats it for the actual software changes. However, what well do is go into presets. Look under authors for ct snooze grab the 4s 3 inch to 5 inch race tune, and then we want to use rpm enabled normal build im using tracer, so 250 hertz default rc, smoothing full side compensation, no dead band if youre using an accelerometer im at any Angle, and if you want to try his rates, you can try his rates there.

Normally, you would then choose pick and save and reboot in my case, its already done so im just going to close. It then for the next changes under pid tuning use, these sliders ill just hold the camera still, so you can pause the video and grab that and then for the next change over here, its a small setting throttle boost on all my quads. I set this to zero its just how ive learned to fly, so you can sort of think of throttle boost as like feed forward for your throttle. Uh, in my case, i just leave it at zero because its what i know but yeah feel free to have a play around with that the default is five percent and, to be honest, i actually fly totally fine with that im. Just stubborn and choosing to stick with zero. My rates are also there as presets, but if you want to see them here, they are and thats the throttle. Experience that i use so as far as any recommendations id make as far as potential upgrades or changes to this build, the easiest one i can recommend is give the r42s a go. Admittedly, i am quite biased to these, because these are the main propeller. I fly also they would develop the same time as the bms v1 line. So in the case of the v1s and v2 bms motors these two, this motor prop combo, is really optimized for each other.

So there is a big chance here that, because of the murder choice that ive picked for this build that this is simply the better option. Uh, what i suspect is happening is these are flexing at high throttle, which causes a little bit of inconsistency at the upper end. It also means that your top speed is significantly handicapped. What i did find in the little testing that i did, and admittedly it was only maybe 10 or 20 flights – this led to a consistent 5 improvement in lap time with also 10 more battery left in the tank, so that is pretty significant um, especially over smaller Tracks that can equate to entire extra laps, so this could be a case of the optimization of the murder to the prop. It could be a case of this kv being a little bit much for this propeller. So if i just run a throttle limit, maybe i would get those efficiency gains back um regardless. I did find that i did perform better with these and i would recommend it for the time being. One thing to keep in mind, though, is: if you do like the r38s or the mck props. You may actually find yourself better with these, simply because these have a similar sort of feel um. If you fly these more precisely, if you have more control, then youre gon na fly more efficiently. So in that case yeah you could net gains back um.

In my case, though, i was straight out quicker with this and using less battery. At the same time, another possible change would be maybe switch to a tbs, vtx and vtx antenna. This one im sort of putting in air quotes because ive only ever used. One of these boxer antennas and ive only ever used one of these foxier vtxs. So when we were at the race uh straight away, timmy the guy running the whole event said: hey your power up, thats, looking a little low and sure enough. I was having some video issues. We ended up finding a channel where i could fly with no issues, but im, not sure if this is isolated to just this vtx and vtx antenna that i got or if its actually a problem with the rest of the gear. Im inclined to think its an isolated issue and me practicing on my own, never picked anything up, because i was just on my own but yeah with eight other quads and using an rf explorer. This was outputting less power than other 25 milliwatt vtxs. So there you go thats all the changes that ive made since the last uploads about this quad hope you guys enjoyed it.