Would it look as good as dji, but in order to do that, we would need to put the same camera on both systems and then compare them, but you cant do that. Can you im joshua bardwell youre, going to learn something today: Music, Applause, Music? The cameras that im reviewing in this video were sent to me by fox here for the purpose of this review. I have not received any cash or any other form of compensation in exchange for this video and no one has had any preconditions or approvals or the contents of this video before it was released. Heres, the camera thats made it possible for us to do the comparison that were going to be doing today on the left. Weve got the fox here, apollo digital camera, for the dji fpv system and on the right. Weve got the foxer digisite v3 for the hd 0 system, and you might have been thinking when you heard the intro. You cant put the same camera on both dji and hd 0.. In fact, the connector isnt even compatible, but the digisight is actually the exact same camera as the apollo. So this is the closest that were going to be able to get to running the exact same camera on both dji and hd0 and its going to. Let us get a sense of like the inherent differences in these two systems, so lets not waste any more time. Lets look at the results now in order to make sure that this test is as fair as possible.

I am not going to label these cameras so that you will not know ahead of time, which one is which obviously youre going to know immediately, which one is which this is clearly the hd0 camera, as evidenced by the fact that it has canvas mode. A full d uh osd full beta flight osd, which dji still doesnt support to this day, even though cadec said they were working on it well see. Here we go its on the test stand, it is pointed at the color chart and the scene is the same between the two cameras we about to switch to dji in three two one and right away. Uh, i see something that is going to annoy some of you. It is annoying me right this minute, so ill just apologize for it right off the bat. There are two versions of the apollo camera. One is a night version with a extra large wide angle lens and one is a standard version with a standard lens, and it looks like the apollo clearly has a much wider field of view than the digisight so thats. What we got to go on, though, so lets go ahead and compare them as meaningfully as we can, and i cant think of a better way to do that than to focus in on this good old color chart thats its whole purpose in life is to have Cameras pointed at it and compare their. The results here is the hd0 camera, and here is the dji camera uh its a big, a big difference and heres a side by side image of some objects on my desk, some actual real world details.

Instead of a test pattern, so you can get a sense of how the cameras behave, one more side by side comparison. This is a hyper zoom on a label on one of my little drawers and if you can read what it says, tell me what you think it says down in the comments, but i bet you that youre going to have a chance of reading it on the Left side, which is dji and essentially no chance of reading it on the right side, which is ht0, i have to admit, im disappointed. I never expected the hd0 system to match the resolution of the dji system. For everybody who says ht0 is just as good as dji: it just needs better cameras, thats just thats, just clearly not true the hd0 system. Just doesnt have the resolution of the dji system. Thats, i mean theres still plenty of the dji system. Doesnt have the latency of the hd0 system, so you know theres, pros and cons to both and this shouldnt be the one thing that makes the decision for you. But i was hoping that with a good camera, it would get closer and its just clear that it cant okay, so be it now, we know and we can just get on with our lives and the getting on with our lives is to answer. The question is the fox 3 digisight v3. How does it compare to like the runcam, the runcam micro hd0 camera, which so far has been the best camera available for the hd0 system, although its out of stock all the time so lets do a flight comparison where we compare those two cameras and then well Come back for the conclusion and as we go into the flight testing, one thing you should keep in mind is that that bench test is the best that dji is ever going to look because as the quad gets further away from the goggles, the bitrate goes down.

This image gets blocky, whereas hd0 it will get breakup in its image, as the signal gets weaker, but the pixels that do get through are going to look just as mediocre as they ever did. So, under some real world conditions could sharkbite or hd0 look better than dji? Well lets fly it and find out. This is the digisight v3, and just a little bit later in the video were going to compare it to the runcam hd0, which i have previously judged to be the best hd0 camera. You can get my first impression, though uh and i havent flown the hd zero in a little bit at the time that i flew this. So i got a sort of a clean first impression. My impression was its pretty good uh. I have uh just a gut reaction when i first look at a camera, whether i go man, this is okay or no. Its bad and mine was yeah. This is okay, it doesnt look over contrasty it doesnt look over saturated the color balance is a little on the red side, but not in a necessarily unpleasant or distracting way lots of shadow detail good dynamic range. Overall, i am pretty happy with this. One thing that you should definitely keep in mind is that oh here we go into the branches were going to see some of the detail in the branches. One thing you should keep in mind is that the the night time version of this camera has a much wider angle lens a larger lens, and it gets a lot of lens flare.

We saw that on the review of the cadx apollo. So keep that in mind. You may want to order it with the standard lenses, which is what youre looking at here finally were going to go and do my pure scraggle test, where i try to fly through the scraggle in these trees. Just using the visual reference of the camera and the short version, is i cant at no point do i feel confident enough that i am seeing all the little branches that are there to actually enter the scraggle and, as a as you saw on my review of The cadets apollo youre just able to do this kind of thing. With the dji camera you can just fly into the trees and, if youre, if youre, careful on the stakes, you can feel your way through. As i i just always felt like. There was a branch somewhere that i wasnt going to be able to see, and i was going to have to go out in the snow in the woods and recover my quad and i just didnt do it so i just went and flew some freestyle and finished Out the pack okay freestyle may be too strong of a word lets move on, and here is the runcam hd0 camera, except it kind of, looks like the lens is a little foggy hold on a second. Let me let me clean the lens and see if it gets any better. Well now the lens looks clearer, but i cant help but notice that the bottom part of the image looks a little bit out of focus.

I ive flown this quad and ive crashed this quad and i have to acknowledge that maybe something has gone on with this camera. It may not be in brand new condition, but its the only one i got, and so that is what we are going to use. Uh and taking off uh. The first thing i noticed about this camera is that it has a more contrasty image. It has darker shadows and thats, also resulting in sort of richer colors. Some people are going to like that better because it is more visually appealing. Some people are going to like that. Worse personally, i prefer a lower dynamic range, less contrasty image with more shadow detail, but that is a matter of personal preference. We are were seeing a lot of breakup here. I got ta wonder if somethings going on with the antennas on my goggles, but hopefully youll, get enough clean images to get a good sense of how the camera is looking and its looking pretty good. I think its gon na be purely subjective. My my take on this is that its going to be purely subjective, whether people like the digisight v3 or the runcam hd0 camera better, i think either of them. I would be completely happy with one thing to keep in mind, while youre, watching this footage is that the hd0 camera is much shallower than most cameras of this size. So many frames, ive put it in you, see standoffs in vue or something like that.

It has to be pushed way forward, whereas the digisite has a more standard form factor so that may play into some peoples decision detail flying through the trees. We can see the branches, but i dont think its significantly different than the digisite and uh in just a second well go: do the scraggle test and see if it can do any better there, and the answer is no. I dont, i i didnt feel anymore, see see how its so its kind of blurry at the bottom of the image. I got ta wonder if this cameras been whacked a little bit, i its not any better, though i dont think its any better. In terms of resolution uh and ability to sort of enter the trees, maybe like just slightly better, like i kind of felt like i could almost get into this area – was like no, no, no, i just cant. Do it uh, so there you go and thats going to bring us to the end of the video if youre interested in picking up one of these cameras, there are links down in the video description. They are affiliate links and you can help support the channel by clicking those links and making any purchase at an affiliated vendor ill also put links to my review of the foxyear apollo and my original view review of the runcam micro hd0 camera. In case this one got screwed up, you can get a better sense of how it looks happy flying.