Now several more coming out from foxier and runcam. I i think i tested the mipi camera from before. I dont know if theyre still making that theres some other new ones from run cam like the phoenix and some other ones that i dont have yet and well. Let me know in the comments below, if you want me to test those or not im, not really that interested in testing those im, basically im noticing that theres not a lot of differences between these newer cameras and the ones from cadets. Basically, it comes down to firmware or firmware differences in how they their sensors work and how the colors rendered and stuff, and so it really comes down to things like um image, quality preferences and whether or not you like the lens that kind of thing um ill Get into all that here in this video anyway, let me just tell you a little bit more about the camera itself, so this is the one with the regular lens micro sized. They dont have a nano size one yet for dji and its a pretty big lens. You know, if you look at this, you know the similar in size to the polar it kind of sticks out. This fact this is where the pull this the cat explorer camera sort of came out of its a little bit shorter in terms of the nose length than the polar camera. But its got a similar sized lens.

And if you look at the lens itself, its very similar, looking, not 100 sure if its exactly the same glass or whatnot, but you just look at the lens. It looks really really similar. Obviously the lens ring is different. They are using a different sensor in this one, theyre saying its about a half inch sensor. It is a 16 by 9 sensor, not a 4×3. It is a 60fps camera, not a 120 fps camera. So i already know that theres, probably guys that have rushed down the comments and are have clicked off the video already and theyve put their comments saying dont buy in a 60 fps camera. Why are the people still making s60 fps cameras, etc, etc? Um and theres? All sorts of hate on these 60 fps cameras and im not really sure why people that only love the 120 fps cameras would want to click on a video about a 60fps camera leave a comment about that. They dont, like the 60fps cameras anyway, im pretty sure theyre going to be doing that and you know for those people that are um wanting the ultimate latency whatever for their because everyones, a professional eraser, of course, and in the top five in the world they, you Know you know theyre gon na have to have the 120 fps camera, of course, but for the rest of us that are just normal casual flyers and maybe a little bit of freestyle 60fps is fine.

I have no problem with the latency. Personally, i feel like i can fly normally and not have any issues, but you know i fly 60 fps or actually i fly high quality mode, not low latency mode and um yeah. I fly high quality mode, pretty much all the time, with um out focus mode on on my dji camera, so im used to the latent the long, the higher latency of these cameras. Anyway, i think if i flew like the nebula pro or the nebula pro nano or the dji camera, you know those three f: 120 fps cameras. If i flew those pretty much all the time and got used to the lower latency, then yeah, i would probably hate flying the higher latency cameras. So really kind of depends on what youre used to when you can. You know sort of adjust yourself in terms of your flying now in terms of the this camera itself. You know its a micro size camera like the caddix um polar 19 millimeters across the weights, a little bit less its about 8.4 grams and the polar is about 8.8 8.9 grams. So the polar is a little bit heavier in terms of the field of view of the cameras they are fairly similar. In my opinion, now i actually um ill show you a little comparison between this camera, the apollo versus the field of view on the polar nano camera and the reason im doing. That is im going to compare im just going to talk about this.

In terms of the low light performance and compare this to the nano, because that smaller lens has got similar performance to this uh apollo version – and i dont have the starlight version with the uh – i guess its got a bigger aperture lens, its a different lens. In this one here and that ones got supposedly a little bit better low light performance than the standard lens, but i dont have that version um and i dont plan on testing it or requiring it so um. If youre asking me to test that ive already seen from some other videos, i can tell you that the difference in nighttime performance or low light performance isnt that huge between the standard version and the starlight version um you get a little bit better low light performance, But its not a huge difference if you are looking for much better low light performance out of a dji fpv camera, the standard, cadets polar camera, in my opinion, is still the best. It still gives you the best low light performance out of all the cameras. So, if thats, what youre looking for, if thats your goal, then get the polar and the polar nano is pretty similar to the apollo standard lens. So if you want a comparison that way anyway, comparing the field of view to of this of the apollo standard lens versus the polar nano lens theyre pretty similar, you might see some slight differences in the vertical field view, but i think what you see a little Bit more in this lens is a slight bit more distortion in the far corners its not that much different theres, still a fair amount of distortion on the um catex lenses as well.

The biggest thing that ive noticed on this sensor – and i think it is a slightly different sensor – is maybe the white balance and it could be that theyre using a similar sensor or maybe they are using the same sensor but theyve tweaked their firmware, where the color Balance or the white balance is, is different so on the polar cameras, theyre kind of more leaning towards like the browns and the yellows in the image um quite a bit, um well warmer in that sense, its like, but the uh apollo camera seems to have uh More shifted in the red area, so you get sort of this like red lens flare, occasionally when youre flying into the sun thats a little bit distracting. But overall, when youre, looking at the image like just like the ground and the trees, everythings sort of you look at the color or the white balance, thats sort of leaning into the red area, so you may or may not like that. I personally myself, i prefer colder colors like more in the blue and thats, why i kind of prefer the the nebula pro or the nebula nano, or maybe the pro nano uh. Those have much colder images and um less action camera looking. So it looks like it. Doesnt look like an action camera, whereas the apollo camera is going to look more like a more. It looks more like gopro footage like its in terms of the saturation and the white balance um yeah thats, in my opinion of that.

So, if youre more into that, if youre, looking if youre looking like oh this looks more realistic again, this is very subjective, then yeah, maybe the apollo might be a better camera for you in terms of the image quality, its the same, in my opinion, as all Of the other dji cameras, um 60 frames per second, the output of the image is, you know, 720p, when youre recording on vista or 1080p on the dji air unit, its no different than any other camera that that is using the dji system. So really the the main differences come down to the lens, the sensor and the firmware, and so each of these vendors, whether its foxy or cadx, or run cam there just making little tweaks to the firmware and maybe some different choices in their in their lens. To give a less slightly different image, whether you like it really it kind of depends on um. You know your personal taste and your its very again its very subjective. So you can look at this footage. You can look at some of my older videos on the other cameras that ive already reviewed and sort of you know. I fly these all at the same place. At least i try to so. You can get an idea whether you like some of the cameras that came out before or whether you like this image better. This is, of course, assuming that you are okay with flying the 60 fps cameras, of course um.

Otherwise, you know i dont know why. Youre still watching this video go, buy the nebula pro or then maybe the pro nano or the original dji camera. Okay, thats gon na do it for this video.