The name is skydio scadio drone. All right, don’t leave me anything else. Let’S see here all right, Music. We got okay, here’s the video you uploaded. Ah, this feels like dmca to me. It flies on its own wait. Is it following you like, because you have a certain, because you have a phone on you or because it recognizes you, this might be the very and i’ve. Never had a drone impress me so much like this one seriously. Dji’S tracking and obstacle avoidance is nowhere near this drone. Let me try my best to show you how the skydio 2 is a total game. Changer it’s, using its 6 4k cameras, three up top and three on the underside to build this real time 3d map of its surroundings, then mixed with some ai and algorithms object and scene recognition, motion planning, maybe even a little magic sauce sprinkled in there. This baby hauls through the sky flying fully autonomous tracking its subject and avoiding all possible obstacles that it approaches it’s, honestly, a beautiful mixture of terrifying and exhilarating. I toss this baby up in the sky, zip off racing on my electric scooter and it’s rated to go up to 36 miles per hour. Flying alongside me, not skipping a beat it’s zipping in and out of trees, shrubs poles and all these other awesome. That might come into its flight path. It autonomously navigates around them there’s a hundred percent already a drone ai with guns on it in the military, like a hundred percent tracking me with that gorgeous 4k camera and here’s.

The rub with a drone like this i’d expect. It to have some awesome tracking tech, but then maybe skimp out on the camera, maybe that’s a shortcoming. Well, absolutely not! I was so impressed with that 3 axis gimbal camera that can record up to 4k 60fps and hdr. Its footage looks insane and has been capturing. These impossible looking shots that i would have never been able to shoot before you see normally, when i’m out shooting a scooter review. Let’S say i have normally when i’m hello. This is. This is just three axis toy story with that three axes that can record up to 4k 60fps and hdr. Its footage looks insane and has been capturing these impossible, looking shots that i would have never been able to shoot before you see. Normally, when i’m out shooting a scooter review. Let’S say i have to get my buddy to jump on and ride. While i pull out the dji mavic, maybe and try my best while flying smooth, stable and safely avoiding all these trees and other obstacles, this is a very difficult task. Even in the years of flying experience that i have, and i was never able to capture these skydio like shots now as a one man, film crew, i can just jump on my scooter toss the skydio up in the sky and capture these beautiful aerial shots. Oh, and did i mention all of this – can be done with just the drone.

No controller is even needed. I’Ve always been a little skeptical. I wonder what would happen if you would have like 100 people like an area and they all have their self flying drones and they start running in the direction. Can they avoid other drones? We’Ll have drones controlled with a phone app over wi fi in the past? They’Ve usually been spotty, laggy and dangerous. Not with this quad let’s go down to the lake and fly the skydio2 comes with this nice hard shell carrying case one battery two spare props charging cables and power adapter. They also sell optional accessories like this gps, beacon and controller more on these. In just a minute when i get to the lake i pop in the 4280 milliamp hours battery that magnetically snaps securely into place. I just love magnets, hold the power button to turn on launch the phone app connect over wi, fi and we’re ready to take off the app is well designed and intuitive to use as soon as it’s in the air. We see these little trackers just tap the plus icon. The auto motion track the subject from there we can adjust height distance, auto track me from the sides front or back. This mode is one of my favorites because to auto track the subject from the side or even harder, let’s say from the front, while we’re reversing and not seeing the objects coming up behind the drum. This is one of the most easiest ways of crashing a drone.

Now, i’m also able to control the range or distance between the subject and the drone from close, close like right up in my grill, and it looks crazy awesome while i’m racing around on my scooter. All the way up to their new extended range distance of 40 meters or 130 feet away, and on top of all this, the flight time per battery is rated for around 23 minutes, and i found that was plenty sufficient for capturing lots of fun, aerial shots and Max top speed is 36 miles per hour. I was thinking either autonomous a little bit the same, but at the same time this drone probably flies better than any friend could fly. The drone so it’s, like just an improvement now i’m telling you when i was trying to lose this drone while racing around as fast as i safely could go on my scooter. Nothing, i did, could shake the thing loose for me. Even in those crazy high speeds. It held on strong another favorite skill i like to utilize for capturing those impossible. Looking screenshots is orbit mode, we choose a rotation direction and speed, and the drone will auto rotate and follow and track your subject while creating these really impressive cinematic looking shots. So i can have the drone spinning around me at a certain speed, while i’m flying off road, while it’s avoiding all sort of obstacles it’s just crazy. This one is cool. The skies were looking really pretty reflecting off the lake, so i use fixed track mode which keeps the drones nose, pointing in the same direction, say north south or east or west, all, while tracking a subject and flying.

So this way, no matter which direction i was scooting around the lake. It tries to keep the sun going down in the camera frame, there’s a couple, others like virtual cable, cam and hover like tripod mode under one shot. This whole thing i’m because uh that much of a drone person – but i think it’s uh, i think, it’s cool it – looks cool, not knowing anything about drones really, but that was it’s pretty nice. Pretty nice, i must say, enjoy those things. Thank you very much. Nievel knievel, rather, i will assume all right boys it’s time, no more stalling, all right, we’re stalingrad, it’s time to get this uh record once and for all advice.