Together with my lovely wife karina. We created the content for this channel car astrophotography. Our aim is to give people who dont get a chance to see some of the magical and wonderful parts of australia to sit back in their lounge room and offices and still experience some of the magnificent scenery that we get to see every day. Having lived in brisbane tananara port hedland weve been able to put some clips primarily captured by our drones, the mavic mini and the mavic air 2. Some of the things and places weve experienced ive also captured video from broome carratha at the coral coast and onslaught and from times ive done from times where ive done some working in future. I think we might be filming in perth in the surrounds and damping and maybe even nargo river weve also used video and phones from our phones by samsung and apple, as well as our gopro tech black. You occasionally might see us in some other videos. My wife appears in a couple other videos i appear in a few as well. All video content we have on this channel is our home filmed by me, tom moore. We put together the video with adobe premiere elements, along with audio from subscriptions to adobe stock, audio epidemics and its that news. I usually see something that makes me go away and then think about how to best present it scout out the area looking at light, how busy the area is, etc.

Then its a matter of flying and depending on the weather, thats, sometimes a little bit more challenging than others. Thank you for joining us. I hope youve learned some of the content on this entertaining and, if you, and if it does so, please hit the like button and subscribe, so you dont miss out on any future videos. We may present you thanks a lot. So this is me. How am i doing my typical editing process? Ive got my lovely video footage here on adobe elements, premiere and and ill add some music that ive got from epidemic sound that ive already downloaded, in which case i might get i dont know i Music might uh, might bring this over here and add it in Here, open it up there, it is, and were just going to bring it down here now in this clip well have to uh, obviously shorten it, so we just bring that around here. What were looking for here is music that actually matches the mood and well just do that. Um go through that lovely video as we go and see how we go and see what we can actually put in it. This is actually one of the videos thats already up on youtube um that was captured with um. This little wonder here: the mavic uh two air, beautiful machine capable up to 65 kilometers an hour and uh. This is its predecessor, which ive done a lot of the videos on uh, the original mavic mini beautiful, but only capable of about 27 kilometers an hour um, which, when you see some of the footage that we have.

You can see that particularly vehicles that we just couldnt do it. Okay, im just going to use it. It is me editing at my desk with the programs that we have got a following. I think im doing the community service by providing stuff uh video footage form of things around the strap. So please, let me monetize, please please let me earn from my my work.