It is time to go flying and do some reviews we’ve got gt here and he just let on it’s his wife’s birthday today, happy birthday, so there you go happy birthday, travis wife. I said what are you doing here, so i hope you guys appreciate this trevor coming out on his wife’s birthday shopping cheese. I i told her to try not to max out the credit card. Yeah let’s do some drone reviews, happy birthday, trip’s, wife, g’day, you absolute legend stu from uav futures here, i hope you’re having a fantastic day and well. What we’re looking at today is these bad boys are right here. These are the skyzone 04ls and let me tell you if you are into analog fpv you’re after a new set of goggles, that these are definitely going to be up a lot of people’s alley and also you know this is going to be a little bit controversial. Those people already got goggles out there. Those people who, like oled i’m here to talk about, is your oled overrated. You know we could do a bit of alliteration right there, but essentially these goggles they’re, not oled they’ve, got some fantastic features on there. Skyzone’S been absolutely killing it in 2021, so if you’re in the market for some new goggles stay tuned, because this video is going to be the one for you, we’re also going out to the field where the gt, the grumpy geriatric himself we’ll, see what he thinks.

She my impression some dvr all that sort of stuff and just have a good time with these goggles now as a bit of an overview. I guess what they are. They are a top tier, i would say some of the best goggles out there competing with hd02s uh you’ve got the o3os or the oleds as well from skyzone they’re kind of competing with themselves, they’re going to be competing a little bit with the orcas, but one Big difference, like i mentioned these ones, have lcos screens in them, which a lot of people say, aren’t as good as oleds, but we’re going to be putting that to the test. Of course, they come with a rapid mix. Receiver they’ve got a module bay. If you want to swap it out for like a rapid fire, which means you can gon na get some amazing reception off these, the rapid mix receiver that comes in here is fantastic. They’Re, 400 bucks so they’re, definitely not a cheap pair of goggles, but they’re. Not the most expensive either um it’s got the beautiful, skyzone osd, which i think is far beyond any other osd out there and they’ve got some big beautiful screens high res adjustments a whole bunch of stuff. You do get a couple of different face plates, so uh, you know if you want to be a superhero that looks ridiculous. I’M. Looking at myself in the camera like this, if you uh want to change your face plate, you can some of the other extras.

You get a whole bunch of little cords and you know you can power it off a different different doobie lackey willy wops. Whatever these things are, you know you get a whole bunch of little extras, that’s, not the exciting part. If you want to really look at the nitty gritty, there will be a link in the description, so you can check out those parts. But what we’re here to talk about is the goggles themselves, so going around let’s see if this roof cam should be in focus. They come in a range of different colors. Here you can see uh. This is where the rapid mix receiver unit goes uh. These got some really good little control buttons right here, so you can just cycle through your bands and channels, all that sort of stuff. Very, very quick we’ll talk about the screens in just a second, because that is probably the big difference. With these o4ls um we’ve got. You can pair it off. I think it’s a two to a 6s lipo, so it comes with a battery cord you’ll see that in the field anyway, we’ve got a long battery cord. I do prefer putting the battery in my pocket because it means the goggles are lighter on your face. Um you’ve got headphone jacks usbs, of course, dvr. I’M. Sorry, this should say this is your head tracker. Your headphones is over here. Um you can get your. This is for your av input.

Hdmi, a really versatile, goggle sky zone have the best, i would say, interface. Uh or the way it can interface with all your other sort of products, cables and cords all that sort of stuff. Now let’s talk about the stars of the showers. Of course, you do get a nice big juicy band right here on the back of your head, which is a nice little upgrade. It’S got a fan, but this band for me, is a little bit too tight, so i’m going to put that on the con list. But let’s talk about this one now the juicy parts, of course, these big beautiful screens right here you can see i’m going to adjust this one on the right. It is sliding. Not only can you slide it left and right and i’m going to say the fit on these things feels precise, there’s no play when it comes to moving these eyepieces around. It just feels very, very precise, it’s, a precision i should say, and you can scroll it in and out as well. So as well as left and right to adjust your eye, you can also move it further or away. So the screen is going to be very, very easy to focus. I’Ll put some stats on the screen as well. So if you wear glasses – and you need to have some plus or minuses to get it in focus, this is going to make it a lot easier for you and for me, i’m going to say it is very, very easy to get these lined up.

Looking perfect, i usually do one eye at a time and boy, oh boy, is it a nice picture? Now the big one let’s talk about the screens, i think they’re 1260 uh it is. I did have the manual somewhere i’m, pretty sure it’s 1260 let’s see how close i was um. I can’t read the chinese version, but we have. It is 1280 by 960. I should say, as the resolution ‘ degree field of view in its native 4×3 and i’ve got to say it felt like it might actually be a little bit bigger. It reminded me of the dominator hd2s, which were a massive goggle, but these have some lcos screens in them now. I don’t think that they’re as good as oled let’s just get that out of the bat but out of the way but it’s this table squeaky. But it is very, very hard to tell the difference like i’ve got all the sky zone goggles, so i’ve got fat. Shark hd02s i’ve got pretty much every analog goggle, but orca orca, please. I would love to test your google. Send me an email, or at least right back to mine, but these goggles right here they’ve got some elko screens in there and that is helping keep the price down so that’s why they are 400 bucks. A lot of their other competitors are 500, but these ones also come with a module. So keep that in mind it’s, just all in all a great value package.

If you don’t need oled – and i am here to say that truly i think oled might be overrated. I’M still flying around on my skyzone 02xs, which have lco screens in them even i’ve got the oled ones. On there, like i mentioned, i’ve got all the fp analog, fpv, goggles and it’s yeah. They look really nice, but is it? Are you getting that much out of it, especially when you are just using normal analog cameras anyway? Maybe if you’re going the fat shark shark bite oled might make a difference but yeah as far as i’m concerned it’s it’s a very minimal thing. So you need to weigh that up against the price of these goggles for some oled ones out there. If you can get no leads with the same step, same stats, uh yeah – i would probably go these, but man uh, you’re gon na be hard, pressed to really talk about the differences or find the differences when you’re doing these side by side anyway, look that’s. It that’s the goggle on the bench. What i want to do, let’s get out of the field. I’Ll fly it around. I’Ll show you my impressions, we’ll show you grumpy, trev’s impressions. Show you some dvr as well and find out. Are these going to be the right? Goggle for you 400 us dollars, and what do you guys think do you think there’s a huge difference between oleds? I are people just invested in oled, so they’re gon na say that’s the best i don’t know what you call that like when people defend the product because they’ve already bought it.

But let me know the difference: if you’ve got a set of these uh i’d love to know your impressions as well, but let’s do it. Let’S go have some fun with the l cost. The o4ls are from skyzone in three two one, all radio out here in the field with the most handsome gentleman over 80 in fpv, grumpy trev, but we’re going to be testing out these the skyzone 04 anyway. The low cost it’s linked down below some non oled ones, let’s. Do it get you my impression show you what gt thinks as well have some fun and bring you along on the right, and it is very windy. What’S trevor doing oh 4l, o4l all right got it. Okay, thanks who’s the professional reviewer here trevor sub to him. Ah some beautiful white goggles right here, but i got ta say one thing: i love about skyzone. Let me start my dvr. Is they have the best menus in the biz, so intuitive and easy to use and just quick to cycle through? I love it rather than fat, sharks or on weights. Just a pain in the behind it’s got the rapid mixed receiver or whatever it’s called let’s. Put it through its paces. Finally, sky zones have been coming out, making great innovations. You all know how good they are in the past let’s test these ones out, but they are not oled. So we’ll find you my impression, show you some dvr, i guess and uh how they actually fit now.

One thing i would like to say straight off: the bat is i’ve lost, my radio there. It is and the other one these guys don’t like how you’re doing this bigger band here, but it’s i’ve got too much of a big head, big brain or whatever they call it. It’S too much of a buff head it’s still a little bit tight. So definitely let’s do this and zero light leakage, big beautiful screens. I love all the diopters and diopters and ipds and the ability to focus this goggle means anybody can use it. So i would say, if you are someone who even wears glasses, you’re, probably going to be able to get this in a nice focus. Let’S take this for a spin. Dvr is rolling and we’re flying around with the wind five light, because it is a it is a bloody rocket. Yeah mate anyway cruising around shout out to gunners yeah mate right. There i’ve got to focus less on the drone because it is very fun. I should probably slow it down a little bit talk about the goggles, so i am noticing look. It is tight on my face. I if these were my everyday go to goggle, i would have to change out the band or loosen it because for me it is just a little bit. I probably need to loosen it, maybe one or two extra centimeters to make that uh, nice and snug plus comfy without being too tight, like i said, no light leakage beautiful colors.

I love the menu that’s gone in here and honestly when people talk about flying around analog and listen to the wind. In the background, this quad is just eating it up, but when people talk about flying analog and the using oled man, i don’t know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be oled might be a bit of a not a marketing gimmick, because it does have then That wind is insane, it does have some better qualities, but i don’t feel like you’re missing out at all, you’d be hard pressed to really notice the difference between these they’re higher res. They look great um, you know and if you can get it at a cheaper price than an oled version of the same size, because this screen is this is a this feels massive. It reminds me of my old school fat, shark, dominator, hd twos, or something we’re going back about three four years now, but um yeah. The screen size is absolutely ridiculous. Big field of view four by three, and i think a lot of people are going to enjoy this. If you’re looking for a top tier goggle, you don’t need oled uh. You want something that comes with a rapid mix: receiver you’re looking to spend about 400 bucks. Well, you’re going to be, this is right up your alley. Actually, skyzone’s been absolutely killing, it i’ve been a fan of them, probably since my 02 l’s, oh no, no, these are the o2xs and they just seem to listen and one of the biggest complaints people said was where’s the module bay that’s.

Why i don’t want to buy them and without a doubt, uh skyzone has risen to the top, listen to consumers and become, i would say, the number one analog uh goggle manufacturer in fpv. I don’t know about digital that’s a whole different kettle of fish, but as far as analog goes it’s uh it’s, definitely i would say at the top now. Are they better than the oled version that’s? I don’t know i don’t think i’d, be i wouldn’t be upset with either version that i was gon na fly anyway. Let’S put this pack through its paces, have a little bit more fun big power loop draining the battery whoa and coming in for a very fast landing Applause. I don’t think you’d break this drone anyway. Oh did you see me almost fall over then tumble tumble there. We are stop my dvr yep. I can feel it just ever so slightly i’ve had a lot more uncomfortable goggles in the past um yeah, i think just a solid choice. Uh 400 bucks. You can’t really go wrong, especially if you took these to the races using the rapid mix receiver, zero problems with terms of reception, nice colors. The only thing i really would change, like i mentioned um, that that band is too tight and i do like how you get this goggle cord as well. I think that’s better than a battery, because you can use your drone batteries huge voltage and you actually get some antennas, although i don’t think they’re very good ones, but anyway let’s hand over to gt and see what he thinks.

Oh, my gosh. They call him grand tornado that’s what gt that’s what’s happening today in the field, it’s trevor’s birthday, so let’s give a thumbs up for her and for him for coming out flying you. You just said trevor what that’s not trevor’s birthday, it’s trevor’s wife’s birthday. Please, okay! Happy birthday lee let’s do this trev. This is the pair of sky zone. What do you think of sky zone in general, you’re still rocking? Look at this, some antique goggles right here, yeah still rock travis, the original enways? Oh, my god, this wind, i love my enways, yes um, but look every time. I’Ve done a review on these they’ve all been pretty good. So uh, these look nice. I love the adjustments. You’Ve got on them. Can you be still it’s a bit windy out here? Yes, it’s, like blowing a gale, everybody it’s terrible, stop so we’re gon na come out flying. He says we don’t need a battery just throw the truck up in the air. Today, all right, okay, let’s go we’re gon na stick these things on! Oh, hey, i’ve! Just got static, what’s going on here, it’s a picture how’s the picture that’s stupid because you haven’t plugged the drone in okay. Perfect. All right here you go! Oh look! I can see turn this off. Yep go bit tight on the uh nose on your noggin, no nose. Nice. Nice are clear: i’m, just gon na adjust the thing sure there’s ins and outs and uh up and downs or left and right there’s all rounds.

Some fancy pants actually yeah, see these little weather no they’re, underneath your nose they’re, both they’re all under under here right, oh, are they yeah right under there two different ones, there’s one, oh there’s, your eyes so once in front of the other? How cool is that? So even your bariatric eyes can focus that’s, bloody beautiful. That is good. I love that all right let’s see here. They point yep, so you’ve tacked it into your eyes. You’Re all dialed in yeah, it’s, uh fighter pilot trevor ready. You are cleared for takeoff 10. 4. Big trucker i’ll, let you get used to them and i’ll. Ask you some questions. Well, they’re, nice and clear yeah. I can fly with these. Ah, what do you know? I am flying with them: uh yeah. They are very clear: Music he’s, not oled. You reckon no pretty good that it’s windy Music i’m, not even the things going forward in the wind, that’s whitney all right yeah. They see these goggles look they’re, they’re, clear, they’re good, just a little bit of tight on the top of my nose, uh reception’s pretty good. What do you think? I love the color? What about uh the size that you’ve got there at the screen? Four by three? A little bit different to your own one yeah a bit different but it’s. I like it like it, doesn’t, not much to get used to at all it’s uh, uh it’s. All right i just uh – did want to hit the tree.

Yep i’m talking a little bit nicely because they’re really pushing out of my nose. Okay, yes, uh yeah! Look! Fine! 400 bucks cheap! You reckon 400. Bucks is cheap. All right, they’re from the horse’s mouth trevor’s saying 400 is cheap. What do you mean for what we get here for what they are yeah all right? Would you get these over uh say fat sharks, trevor’s, head of trees? All right! Would you get these over say? Uh, i think fat sharks about the same price, maybe a little bit more expensive. This one comes with a module yeah look. I would i’d uh i’d buy these over any fat chuck at any time. To be honest, okay and we haven’t ever tried orca that’s, something we should probably say i would like to, or you brought your drone in yeah all right, i’ll get that in a minute. I know where it is. They are probably the padding just needs to be a little bit thicker for me, because this part it just can’t, breathe properly through my nose. Okay, i should say two: it does come with a second face plate if that one doesn’t fit properly. Okay and it does come with a different piece of foam – you can see another piece down. There. That’D probably fix the problem, but uh. Oh it wasn’t real, a real problem. Actually i do like them they’re quite comfortable and no light leakage that’s. What i liked about it too, so yeah.

What do you think about the way you can adjust the eye pieces and everything the idea is brilliant, so does anyone else do that yeah yeah they’ve been done a few times. I think it’s very similar on the fat sharks and some others. It feels very refined here, though it’s very nice there’s no play in it at all yeah. Well, i do i like them and i reckon that’s for what goggles cost these days. I reckon that’s good entry level, what about the no oled, because that’s going to be a big one, that’s that’s, how you cycle, through your bands and your channels? Oh, how good is that so just scroll it left and right and oh yeah Music. I like that. Oh that’s, that’s brightness and contrast: oh yeah, you press it again, yeah yeah yeah, then you press it and oh cycle through very quickly all right. What did you think about the no oled couldn’t tell okay? Oh i’d, be really really happy with the set of these. All right and the module did you get any break up or anything like that. How was the result only when i went behind that big tree, but uh that’s a big tree guys all right, i might stop the dvr. Sorry excuse me yeah Music done. I like how easy it is yeah i like him. I don’t all right value for money performance as well performance out of ten. Oh look, i’ll, give him an eight and a night; okay, all right, double eights there.

We go two what’s that two fat. Ladies actually darius two fat gentlemen here playing with drones anyway, thanks trev, all righty guys, so there it is there’s my review with the skyzone, oh four, l’s, and as far as i am concerned, if this was your only pair of analog goggles, you are going to Be completely happy just because they’re not oled is not, i would say, a huge deal at all they’re relatively similar, i would say almost identical to some of the other goggles out there. They might not be as bright in terms of the luminosity, as i hope that lumens the amount of lumens that it’s pumping out into your eyes, if you crank the oleds, but look, i think for 99 of the people out there you’re going to be very hard. Pressed to tell the difference for me, i would be more than happy to fly these around as my daily flies big beautiful screens, great resolution, fantastic interfaces, gorgeous adjustments, uh comes with a whole bunch of uh extra little cables cords. All that sort of stuff skyzone also has a pretty good warranty. I’Ve done some blind tests with them before and sending them emails asking about how to respond to customer inquiries and repairs all that sort of stuff and overall you can see where skyzone really has taken over and become probably dare i say, the number one analog gon Na say analog here: uh fbv, goggle producer, so yeah, very, very good stuff from them, i’m gon na say thumbs up i’d love to know what you guys.

What do you guys think what you think about oled being overrated? If you’ve tried both? Do you really think that it’s worth the hype that people are? Is it oled all that sort of stuff? I might be making some controversial comments right here? Please let’s, keep it civil drop. Your comments down below the link for this is down below huge shout out to trevor, thanks for coming on on the show again it’s great to have you here, subscribe for more fpv related content, most of all be kind to each other and the number one thing I want to do out of all this video it’s, not even fpv related. If you’ve watched this far, please be kind to yourself. Why? Because you are awesome, you deserve it other than that uh subscribe for more fpv, related content and, as always, happy flying. Oh, i can’t believe you said: oh let’s, overrate it. No let’s, let’s downvote.