You have an affiliate link. Oh Music, welcome, todays uh, totally thought out. Pre planned gon na be super in depth; thorough quality, video on this thing, uh. What the is this? The flywood cine20 or something i got a bunch of to do. I have to do a ton of errands today on top of making this video. So what i think im going to do is im going to combine the things im going to do errands and video at the same time so lets go. We got to go right now, because time is running out. Lets do a review on this. As i run my errands Music, the fly boost in a20 is the newest offering from flywood. This is a two inch propel. The flywood cine 20 is a two inch flywoo uh pusher style quad. This is meant for cinematic flying, i think, im pretty sure its not made for freestyle. It comes in. It comes in at a price of 143 for the cheapest one and more than that, for the other one uh like i said it has two inch propellers, but it looks like a three inch body. This is more like a three inch quad running two inch. Pusher props, though the pusher props are nice uh. It flies damn good, but it kind of flies like a cinewoop, even though it does the pushing style. These are injection molded ducts, not not 3d printed ducts. These are injection molded ducts, so they come in all kinds of fun, colors and things like that.

It carries a naked gopro or it can carry a insta360 go to camera, which is what i prefer. As you see here, it takes 4s batteries and it has quite a little bit of chooch ill. Tell you right now. I have given this thing a little rip around before, and it does fly a lot better than your typical tiny whip will fly or your typical cinewoop will fly being a pusher style quad. This one definitely has better flight characteristics to carry around some cinematic flying whoa. Okay, the sun is going down. We have a few more errands to run. I dont have much time. So what im gon na do is do the flight test, while were in the car going across the parking lot to the other store we have to go to. I know this isnt the best flight test. I should go somewhere super epic, but i tell you im running so many errands. I have such a busy day. This is the only possible way that i can freaking do this. So this is how were gon na? Do it so lets do a little flight parking lot test as we go from store to store running errands today, thanks for watching affiliate link below oh okay, this definitely flies like different than im used to. What is this? Can we go in here? Oh, i bet. I can i bet it can go in here all right, so this thing definitely goes through.

Car washes. Okay, in case you were wondering: how does it fare through car washes? It looks like you can just go right in one and right out the other side. No problem, nothing about these pusher ducks are going to prevent it from going through a good old car wash how about the part oh looks like we might have to be going on the street a little bit and back to the side. How about the beer store? Yep definitely, films, the beer store. Just fine lets. Go this way: oh cool, so im gon na apologize. I didnt put my seatbelt on so this things. Gon na be deepened all right. Its flying pretty nice pretty decent coming in through this corner. Here, look at it cornering. Just fine following the car like a freaking champion, lets see hows the pop going up. I dont want to pop it too hard. Oh hold that beep dont. You worry that beeps going to go away. Oh, the dvr is all weird the dvr was like green. Oh, were going this way, all right were going this way following the car. Now, what can i say about this god? The bp needs to stop okay, hey. Now we can talk about it. So this little two inch props. It flies pretty good. I feel like it gets um the main thing about this pusher quad versus like a normal puller quad. I guess well call it. It feels like it has a lot more power and it feels a lot smoother.

Like this thing feels pretty freaking good, you know what im saying this feels very smooth and locked in im like man. If i want to do some like micro, cinematic stuff, this might be the quad to go with. Look at that look at how corners super smooth look at the dvr, because this uh insta360 is going to have the ftv smoothing on it or whatever, but look at the dvr. This thing is just a corners, nice and freaking smooth. Oh such a cinematic prius ad. Look at that go buy a prius dont run into that other car okay were getting into a heavier more heavily populated area. So im gon na just pop up ask to be safe, a little more, no down low stuff flying under this tree. Am i talking too much for the review i feel like. I need to talk a lot for the review, or else all youre going to hear is my ac, and this is keeping the microphone from just picking that up. We going right here, look at this intersection. Beautiful beautiful intersection, i try to only hover above myself, no other cars. Very nice. Look at me being safe as a oh whats. This trailer, though whats this trailer doing. Hey, oh thats, just a truck thats, not some cool trailer, all right! So so, what im gon na say my initial reactions to flying this thing, ive actually flown it a couple times, but so far so good i like it.

I definitely like this little drone. I think it flies good. I think it might be using it for some, like micro, cinematic stuff. Like say you want to chase some bikes, some skateboards or something just bust. This little thing out, youre not going to hurt nobody with it. If you run into them its so freaking light its. So easy to fly whats this little bank im gon na go through this bank thing right here, because banks are closed now and lets see if we lose signal. This is on crossfire. Okay: okay were gon na lose signal over the roof. Whoops im gon na bring it in for a landing now theres a truck i dont want to go next to that truck. I want to stay nice and safe, nice and safe lets. Do a little railing, maneuver and boom and now were going to land and dont. Read my license plate and call the cops on me, okay, so that was that that was testing out this little flyw cine 20 or whatever i it dropped on saturday. A few days ago. Everybody else already put out the reviews. I just wanted to do mine because i remembered i have an affiliate link for it and i actually do like this. A lot ill get a lot of drones sent to me by companies, but i wont do a lot of reviews because i dont like a lot of their. So if you see me doing a review on a drone legit its not just because i have affiliate link for its because i actually like that one like this one 150 for the cheapest analog version bind and fly, and you have a little like little cinematic.

Freaking thing or whatever bumpers on it, you know what i mean it has a binding fly and i think, being a pusher style is super cool too. This is just parts or whatever id be like not just buy your own parts and build one for like two 250, whatever you know what i mean, but for a buck 50 shipped, while its probably not shipped 150 for a bind and fly pusher that you can Put a naked, gopro and insta360 go to on, i think thats, a fairly good deal. Ive really enjoyed all the flywhoo stuff. Theyve sent me so far, except for that firefly one. You didnt see a firefly video because that things trash oh dont, i didnt say that no, i said that it ill be done in 20 years. What do i care that drone suck everything else you sent me fly? Who i like? I just didnt like that one? It flew like garbage cans, im ending the video now. Thank you, everybody so much for watching. These are the top patrons that give me the most money every month. So i show them extra love every month, even though all my patrons thank you so much for being them. If youd like to be one, you can watch all my videos first uh thats about it. Nah theres all kinds of discord. Well, watch your videos on friday on my live stream become a patron. You know why the not just you need the dollar that sounds biggy, so im gon na get out of here.

I promise and next time well be better. I go on a trip and i hang out with cricket so make sure you stick around for the next video dropping in a couple days. Its a super rip trip theres, some damn good freestyle in there. I just wanted to get out and rip. Do some hardcore freestyle and i did and i filmed it and thats the next video this one was a review money came out here.