I thought, based on my conversation with my uh, contacted banker, that this would somehow work with express lrs modules in the back here and theres um. This is the upgraded version and they have this uh setup here, where you can actually put these pieces in the back and they have. Another part goes on the other side here for the pins for a jr module, and so based on that, i thought this was going to have some sort of express ls compatibility and while those modules are the same size and they will they would fit in there. If you have that adapter attached to the back, the system does not currently support those modules, its actually only for a jr module from flysky. For the, i think, its called the af hds3 protocol, which is kind of similar to express rs, so maybe thats, where the mix up occurred. However, at the end of the day, currently its not supported um, this has a sort of an updated version of the fly sky, um, radio transmitter system which is – and basically, if you look at this overall, this is kind of um sort of a modern upgrade refresh Of the old i6 and i6x radios that you that theyve been building for years, they look like kind of like this. Is the iran x clone of that? The build quality is similar, maybe slightly better gimbals seem a little bit better, although theyre still potentiometer gimbals but yeah.

They basically, i think, introduced a whole new protocol with this radio as well called the ant protocol, which is a 2.4 gigahertz based protocol, its not one of those like long range protocols. The max range is about a kilometer which is not any better or worse than the um, the af hds 2, a protocol, which is what the i6 and i6x used so im, not really sure what theyre doing here with this it doesnt really give you a whole Lot of additional functionality now they have basically uh sort of brought everything to the to the current standards. Like you can like, for example, you can add additional sensors to their receivers. This is the receiver that it came with uh. They do have smaller receivers, which i would did not receive that work on that amp protocol as well, and i will have a video later on the g7p. This is their ground vehicle transmitter also on the ant protocol. Ill have a video on that one later, but yeah this. If you look at their current lineup from fly sky, this is like kind of slightly better than their. What theyve been putting out on the two way protocol, but not as good as their one radio. The thing is called paladin that uses the three protocol, and then you can actually put a module on here that will use the three protocol and thats what that module based for now, i dont know if theyre going to be upgrading this to any kind of open, Tx or htx compatibility in the future that i dont know um, currently not supported on those open source um projects, although you know who and who knows, you – know the uh pieces of people that made open open, tx uh available to work on these older radios.

So you never know what might happen in the future. This is priced around 75 dollars. I believe for the standard version 85 for the upgraded version and the on the upgraded version gives you the um gr module bait compatibility, um the batteries again, they still use the uh four double a batteries. If you want, but now you can use a 2s battery here, which is with a gst plug, which is what im currently powering the radio with and youre just looking at the whole radio. You got these two momentary switches here in the back. You have a couple of dials here. These are centering dials that actually they center on their own. On the shoulder, you have a non centering dials here in the front uh, you have your scroll wheel and your screen and you have your menu and exit buttons here. So this just runs like there are proprietary operating system im not going to go over everything here, its pretty pretty similar to the way uh. The old uh system works on the year i6 and i6s480, as they just kind of updated a little bit. Now you can do firmware updates via their pc software and the usbc port, and this is also works with a simulators via usbc and they have a trainer port here on top this antenna here is not collapsible. Just kind of sticks out like this, but you can. I guess you could use it as a handle, thats, pretty strong, um the switches here.

You have uh two position over here two position over here: these little shorts and a long switch. Another long switch here, three positions here and two positions there um and you have your trim buttons here: uh thats, pretty much it um its pretty scanning gimbals. These have these transparent plastic here, but it doesnt look like it light up at all. At least i havent. I didnt see anything in the menu in terms of leds and then you, i think you can control these leds in the menu to change the color uh long press of the button to turn the transmitter on and off so yeah its a you know its 8 Channel radio, pretty basic, not super long range, its sort of targeting uh the entry level sort of beginners that are out there and theyre pushing this new ant protocol to replace their old 2a protocol, and i think its. So they can add additional features which they couldnt do on the older uh receivers, so you have to so. If you do get this, you have to get all new receivers and uh this isnt open source doesnt work with anything else, so youre basically buying into a closed ecosystem here, just the fly sky ecosystem. So for those of you that, like your fly sky system, you know its going to be right up your alley for those of you that are not familiar with it, then you have to get all new equipment to get compatibility with this system so yeah.

For me, its not you know something that im going to be using im, probably going to give this away on my instagram at some point ill see if im going to be using this at all. Let me know in the comments: if you want to see additional content on this radio, i i did hook it up to betaflight, just to see how the sticks felt uh on the screen, and i did use it as a simulator seemed to be okay. I mean stick felt good. I was able to fly. You know nothing really to write home about nothing, amazing or anything like that. Its a you know, entry level, uh radio, but you know you can use it with simulators if youre getting started. You know. Let me know if you guys want to see additional content on this uh radio transmitter in the comments section. You know im, probably not going to uh use this for anything else. I may do a giveaway on this one down the road. If i end up just if this ends up just sitting in the corner ill end up giving away so um yeah thats about it for this one, you got any questions. Uh.