I dont know the exact name, but its flying nova. It looks very cool and from the videos online it looks pretty dang sick im excited to check this out and lets get straight to it. Okay, so we got a little desk view here. To give you more up close, looks im going to unbox. It here see what we got its pretty sick im excited for this. All right lets see. So we got the drone here, as you can see about the size and palm of my hand, pretty small, very lightweight, very lightweight, like it feels like a feather im, not even joking. Its got blades on the inside as you can see, but then its got a plastic outer protective layer, so you wont get cut by the blades. So we got the user manual. Well, read that later, all right guys were back and the drone is finished charging its got this um right here, i dont know if its gon na focus okay, im just going to focus, but its got an on and off switch. So we turn that on and look at these led lights. Man theyre insane, so you start it up. You can either flick it or you can go like this and it starts up and lets see how it works. Look at these lights! Man awesome all right. So i think you just tossed it up in the air and you catch it. Thats awesome all right. I think you can also at different angles: itll launch in different directions.

So if you just do it straight up like this im gon na put a glove on because it hurts, if you hit the plastic in the wrong spot guys, so i think it also. You can, if you toss it at a certain angle. Itll fly right back to you kind of like a boomerang, so were gon na try that out. Hopefully i dont hit anything in my room. Thatd be bad. My mom would not be happy all right lets. Try it yo, thats sick, alright, guys so im gon na try making it in this trash. Can here and well see how it goes. Hopefully, it doesnt shred up any of the paper. Yes got it, i got it. I got it. Oh. That was a second try. The first time it hit the camera had to redo it. Alright. So after testing out the fly nova drone im going to give my full review and tell you if i think you should buy it: okay, so starting off with the pros, but the pros theres many pros to this mostly pros to this. The appearance is awesome. Has the led lights, multiple different designs, you can pulse it and come back to you like a boomerang, you can throw it up in the air, you can catch it and you can play catch with your friend and you can try and make it into trashcan another Pro is the size. The size is amazing, you can store it.

Super small super lightweight. Now, moving on to the cons, cons, id say theres, maybe one or two um. My main con is that it can hurt if you hit yourself in the wrong spot on this. If it hits you kind of like, in the full hand like this, it doesnt really hurt. But if you hit it like, if you hit your tip your finger and these that hurts like thats, why i had to put on glove because that happened? Okay, so my for my overall full honest review, i would give this a give it the eight out of ten. I like it its small, its lightweight, but it does hurt. If you hit your finger, i think i would recommend buying this. You might just want to wear a glove when youre doing it, but it is very fun. You could sit doing this for hours and hours hours. You guys. Thank you again for coming to watch one of my videos. Um. If you dont mind, please give the video a thumbs up and if you dont like it, go ahead to give a thumbs down.