I havent any idea how many uh, how many drones they lost in this production, but i will tell you this is pretty exciting uh when we first saw it they they were our our guy. Here said, this is not for people who get queasy and and thats a fact. This is really amazing, yeah our sandy. So this is a normal bodyside outer line. This isnt that atypical from what you normally see in a plant is that correct, yeah, so laid out in body side ring theres a whole bunch of names for it. But at the end of the day, the um, the fact that you can actually watch whats going on like this is uh. Now what theyre doing is theyre extracting the the rear, uh mega casting so um. You can see there that uh all the rights yeah the runners and the gates and whatnot this is uh. This is quite a re. This is really spectacular, so i stopped it here sandy, so we can quickly talk about. Tell them a little bit about what a body shop looks like in a plant and how the the mega casting or giga casting helps reduce the the size of the body shop? Okay. So if we have a look at this, what youre looking at here is the side of the vehicle. The lay down body side ring, sometimes its called and uh thered be two of these one on each side and uh.

Then this lower section here, um that would usually be called the platform and the platform is basically made of a myriad of componentry and it would have the the front of the vehicle, the rear of the vehicle and the floor of the vehicle. Now, in this kind of a process that doesnt happen because whats happening here is this uh, this lay down body side ring is going to be transported along and youre, going to see how its going to be attached to the um to the rear, uh mega casting Uh that eliminates um hundreds of parts and uh and thousands and thousands of spot welds. So this is a really really uh small um assembly line in comparison to what youd normally see and beyond just spot. Welds, like you, mentioned the rear of the model 3, which we received back in 2017 or 18.. It was a mixed material, rear body, so there was spr self piercing rivets. There was uh two kinds of welds: you had yeah concentric and normal and welds, and a huge amount of uh liquid adhesive adhesive yeah. So having that one massive large part eliminates a lot of the operations in the rear of the car, and you can see that as we hit play here well, not only that what youre looking at is not only do you eliminate the um, these components that we Were just talking about, but you um, you also eliminate a whole bunch of sub assemblies, theres tons of little sub assemblies that disappeared now sandy.

What do we see? What do we see here so these these model y bodies have a floor structure, so we were expecting to see that floor structure integrated into the battery pack, and these are not original model wise, because our first model y had the rear, uh mega casting split in Two, this is the large rear mega casting, but what ive seen is a lot of the stamped structure even up in the front, so we were also expecting a front mega casting which we dont see here. Yeah yeah that uh that front front dash looks a little different than what i was expecting. Yeah yeah. We were kind of hoping that thered be two uh castings, one casting for the rear, one casting for the front, and initially i was under the impression that there was no uh front casting, but i cant tell this things moving too quick yeah and i had watched This over the weekend real quickly, but not in depth and all of the shots of the drone they avoid showing a close up of the front end only very few times as we work through here can. Can you see from the drone angle um the front end of the vehicle and to me it looks like its not a casting which its not a bad thing. We tesla has been shown to to integrate things at a really fast pace, so well have to see. Well, theyre, not shy on throwing out investment if you invest.

Sometimes that is not casting so notice how all the views are the rear of the car yeah and right there. You can almost you want to see it, and then the hood covers it. It they just dont, allow you to see the dash or the front cap. Yeah. Now sandy tell tell people what you see so these people. This is not what a plant normally looks like. Normally, you have thousands of people there right. This is clearly a launch team and a very slow pace, manufacturing right and what theyre basically doing is discussing whatever the efforts are going to be for that day or for um in this probably uh case here were probably looking at about a half a dozen stations That that they, they want to make sure, are ironed out completely. Debug is what you do at the beginning of any any program: launch and theres, always little things that dont work quite the way. You thought solenoids that dont, that dont trip on the or dont actuate properly on the assembly line or um welding equipment that doesnt actually weld so these are. This is the time that you prove this out and so thats that little team right there. That would be a launch team. My guess is the guy with the white gloves on, and the uh, and the marker, in his hand, is the lead um, and these guys would all be um theyre theyre floor people, theyll theyll be the guys who actually make everything work.

You dont see too many engineers on those, so um theres. This is where youre decking, the you know the battery to the body, and i think they went by it real quick, but you could see that the top of the battery pack had four strips of foam, and this would be final yeah. The one thing thats uh – that i think is brilliant about this. This video is um its really lively and engaging well give you a version of what another company put out general motors put out on the lyric. This thing here is captivating. I mean you cant, look away its really really exciting um. You wont see that same um excitement if you like, when you have a look at a at a normal uh drone video that uh that is put out by the the normal um. You know the the normal uh oems oems, even bmws, oem or sorry, even bmws, um drone videos of the bmw i3 being put together. Uh werent would they? This is exciting. I dont know who did that, but maybe some of these other companies should think about. Maybe putting out something like this, this is really a really cutting edge yeah. So i had a few people from the investment community reach out and give my take on what was happening here on this on this video, and i wanted to make it very clear that this is well before full production, yeah um. They they were confused.

Looking at it as as to whether or not that is what thats, how many people would be in the plant when youre when youre pumping cars out absolutely not the case that was very, it looks like it was several months ago. It was filmed yeah. Well, the back end of the plant wasnt, even dodged, yeah and um. One thing this plant will be known for is itll, be able to pump out vehicles every 12 hours, its 12 hours of manufacturing, which is about half less than half of vw. So um a big push for vw. Actually, we should. We should qualify that 12 hours is hours per vehicle hours per vehicle. Um um, as a rule 12 hours is a really especially for an ev is a really low number uh volkswagen. I think 30. they hit. I thought it was higher than that, but anyways minimum of 30. ive heard ive heard a variety of different numbers, but all of them were bigger than 30. thats, a thats, an impossible uh task to try and cut your your uh, your time rate down by 50 Percent or 60 percent you cant do that with the when youve got a huge number of bits and pieces inside the uh inside the car, so a 12 hour car is really kind of amazing amazing. Now thats you can play. Let me rephrase that ev car yeah theres a little games. You can play like whether you count the hours of building up the battery pack in the plant for trim, chassis, final or whether thats a supplied part, because the battery can take quite a long time to manufacture.

But what is your summary of that video just uh? Well, the video is really really quite good if you uh, if you know absolutely nothing about uh about what the inside workings of the factory are, that is a really good primer, so you can have a look at how that car is being put together. How the stamping dies work, the major components that would be associated with putting it together, like the welding operations and whatnot thats, a really good video way better than the original ones that they put out when they first started. Cranking the model 3 and later on the model y. This video is spectacular, all right, great yeah, a little bit of housekeeping this video will most likely be coming out on wednesday uh. If not, this can be cut out, but sandy and i and eric were going to be in texas. So, if youre down in austin for some of the events going on on the 6th, the 7th or the 8th you can find sandy and i and eric around town will be at various different events. So an opportunity for a meet and greet say, hi yeah and i will be bringing a hundred signed laminates with me, so ill be selling them at a hundred dollars off fifty dollars a piece in person. If you can find me im going to be carrying them with me, yeah and anything else, uh yeah, so for those folks who who thought i was going to be going through the through the factory i didnt, i was uninvited, so i wont be going through im.

Not sure exactly why but im sure that uh im sure that theyve got a lot more important people than us, it was really kind of tragic. I was really hoping to see that, but um were hoping that well see you there um when we come by on on wednesday, walking around and by the way, its texas, so i will be wearing my cowboy hat yep all right good deal all right. Well, thanks for watching and keep tuning in to monroelive.