So this is essentially all the parts from the modulus 6. same motors, same flight controller, same camera. I believe the same canopy as well so it’s, the crazy x with the built in video transmitter and receiver comes in a fly sky and free sky version um. Basically, two things that are different are the props, so you got a 40 millimeter propeller and the frame so no longer the ducted frame for 31 millimeter props. You have bigger props here now, not a whoop um, and you have this one and a half millimeter carbon bottom plate so basically turns into a like a little mini. Quadcopter runs on 1s. It is a kit. You have to build it it’s, not that difficult. I actually did a quick, little instagram story on the build um. If you follow me on the screen, you probably saw it i’m, not sure, if it’s on there anymore, but it’s, really not that difficult to put together there’s four screws that hold the flight controller and the canopy down. You have to mount the camera there’s some screws that go to this little part in the back, that mounts the camera to the canopy and then, of course, you mount the motors to the three screws there and just plug them in the motors have like a red Dot on them um two for the red. I think these two here check the manual it does come with an instruction sheet and just make sure that they’re opposite of the other ones.

Otherwise they will spin in the wrong direction and then the props go on with props out so they spin like this so here’s the front here. You know flipping around like this here, so the props normally would spin props in like this on this model. It popped. This prop spin props out like this and like that, so you just have to make sure you put the motors on correctly and the props aren’t correctly you don’t have to make any settings changes. It already comes with a picture and everything out of the box. I don’t think it’s anything that’s special um, but yeah it’s all pretty much just plug and play no soldering involved. If you get the free sky version, that’s, probably the easiest to bind up to like a multi protocol, radio and you’re good to go so yeah, not a whole lot there. You know you got rubber band put on the bottom there. I did put a piece of foam that was not included here, um just so that uh the battery isn’t digging into these wires where the motor is going. I did add that myself and let me just show you how much everything weighs so drone by itself. 28.57 grams: this is the battery that i flew within the flight it’s, a 1s 450 high volts from gnb comes in at 33.4 grams. I also tried to fly it on this newbie drone nitro nectar. If you want to go for a lighter setup and a shorter flight time, it’s going to come in at 28.

65 grams now the problem with um well, the advantage is it’s going to be lighter you get, but the problem is, you can have a shorter flight time And the maximum current draw isn’t that much more. In fact, i think it’s less. The voltage tag is more on this one. So in terms of being able to do like acro tricks, you can’t really deal with either battery so um. If you, if you really want to do acro tricks with this one like power, loops and all kinds of freestyle tricks, i would recommend switching out the battery connectors. So this ph2 connector here you probably want to switch that out. Um. Obviously i’ll do some soldering. So if you know how to do soldering, then you know uh might have to have to try and find someone do it for you, but try this battery here, it’s lighter it’s from emacs. It comes with this gnb 27 connector. I believe, and then you do have to buy the other end, of course uh these right. Here it comes in a pack of ten i’ll link, those down in the description i don’t can’t guarantee. I haven’t tested it that it’ll improve the performance, but you will get a better performance out of this battery and connector than the ph2 connector for sure. I don’t know if it’s going to be enough to be able to give you that accurate performance that you might be looking for, that i can’t guarantee that, because i haven’t tested it, but if you want more performance, this is the way to go and for those Of you wondering, with this battery it’s coming in at 29.

29 grams now in terms of spear parts, i believe the flight control roller, the camera and the motors come available as spare parts. Obviously this is an hq prop um. I think there’s one extra spare in the box if you break any of these, but you can buy the separately as well. The frame the bottom plate is not currently listed anywhere on the banggood website that i can see – and i have heard reports that we’re breaking them right here, because there’s kind of a sharp corner here. So if you do crash really hard, then uh you couldn’t have you’re going to be out of luck until they list the bottom plate uh as a spare part, hopefully soon, and if you in the near future, they usually do at some point but uh, for whatever Reason it’s not there and that’s, probably the one, the one part that will break if you’re going to be bashing this around that’s, something to keep in mind. Of course, there are 3d printed bottom plates like this, that you could probably find in thingiverse, and you could just take these words and swap them over to and i’m sure there’s going to be a lot of alternatives out there in the market for a bottle plate. We could just take these parts and swap those over to those plates as well i’m sure that they’re going to be probably under 10 dollars. If you look hard enough in any of the facebook groups or forums, rc groups i’m sure there’s going to be some listed.

If anyone knows of alternative bottom plates that could be used with these parts, let me know in the comments below and i will pass on the word okay that’s gon na.