This is the thompson a31 i’m, going to press the power button right now, and you see it’s, blinking and that’s, because it’s waiting for me to turn on my controller. All i do is hit the power button and it should link up right away linked up, throw it up there we go it worked and to get the blade started, you have an option. You can either press the auto tick off button or take your two throttles down to the right, and that starts the blades. You have three channels, one two three let’s go and try the first channel to take off and hear the duck calls that’s right. Amazon now does duck cars. All you got, ta do is be behind the truck when he’s backing up okay that’s, where it’s stuck Music, you see how it’s nice and quiet – and i like how the blades um are very. I like how they light up. I love that red light at the back of the drone that’s kind of cool. This is speed, one right here and i’m flying. I love that front. Look at that cool light in the front. This is so cool. I like how it’s nice and steady bring it in for landing. Look at that very very nice now you can also buy this drone from amazon, prime, as a matter of fact, okay, so uh and i got the direct links for you below guys so check that out, let’s go ahead and try the auto take off and land Let’S, try that one there we go auto takeoff, very nice.

You can do flips with this drone you’re going to hit the um the direction here. Hold it down like this press down and there give a flip very nice that’s impressive. So it does great flips Music to do a uh emergency stop hit both buttons. At the same time, at the top like this that’s, your emergency stop it’s going to take off again off. We go very nice. I love the bumper guards. The drone feels really good. It has a very nice feel, as you can see here, it has a fake uh little camera there pointing down that’s, not real. The camera in the front does not work. This is just a drone only it does not have any camera features, but the drone feels really good and it also comes with replaceable blades, which i really like a lot. It fits into my palm and my hands really nicely cute little thing too. I kind of like it look see the little frown in the front that’s from the uh camera isn’t that cool i like that – are the drones on, but notice how the lights are turned off. You can turn the lights off and on here, with this top button there right there hit that button lights off on uh to calibrate simply take your two joysticks and bring them in Music and now it’s calibrated that’s, simple to do headless mode i’m. Gon na hit the throttle button, i hold it down and now it’s in headless mode, so i can come up and up.

We go Music and for headless mode Music, all right holy. I am not very good with hello, smooth Music let’s try this again Music. That was cool Applause, so looking inside the box of the tamson a31, we have our instructions. Now you notice it says the flying pig. Yes, this drone is also called a flying pig drone, but let’s look at the flying pig drone. Shall we also known as the ae31? The drone is pretty nicely made. It also has a pretty good controller. It feels fine in my hands. It also comes with a type c chord for charging. Your drone two sets of spare props and two batteries. The batteries will give you a flight time of around six to eight minutes and take about an hour to charge. The batteries are 3.8 volt, 710 mah batteries, and you get two of them there. We go all right so to calibrate what you’re gon na do is. Gon na hold down this button at the top and you so right now it’s coming towards me. I want to go backwards. I’M gon na hold this button down and there and now back towards me again so calibrating. It is a little strange, but there you go. I got it flying steady now, so now, it’s flying steady, let’s go ahead and try um headless move to heaven’s moon. We hit the throttle button and now, when i, wherever i go left or right now in this case i have to turn around.

This is headless. Move guys, but i don’t think it’s working correctly either or that i don’t know how to do headless mode. Let’S. Try it okay, see what cheers forward backwards right left. So the way headless mode works is wherever i’m facing it’s supposed to like come towards me. First, really right: let’s try that again headless mode here we go ready so right now, it’s a headless move. Oh no guys! I don’t understand headless mode, sometimes i’ve never been very good with headless mode, and when it comes to this drone, i don’t think i like. I don’t, like headlessness Music, look how high up i am. I don’t know how high i’ll go before i lose control it’s up there, pretty high i’m gon na lose control. Eventually, look at look how high that is. Ah, i hope i don’t lose control soon. I got ta bring down i’m starting to lose control so guys this is the a31 hope you like this video. I hope it’s not helpful. I think i’m loot it’s not coming down. Oh there, it is it’s coming down. I can barely make out where i’m at i can tell that i’m coming towards myself, though so as i’m coming towards myself, i can see that it’s coming down and it’s come towards me if it’s coming very slowly here it comes it’s struggling though wow i was Away pretty far just now i got pretty high up, though here it comes guys.

This is actually pretty fun. So this is the thompson a 31., so i told it coming from landing. I did anyway thompson. 831, guys. I’M tom jordan, hope you found this video helpful. Let me know what you think please like subscribe. I got direct links for you below so check that out and come join thanks for watching guys. I’Ll talk to you guys next time so now, i’m replacing the batteries in the controller and something i like about this controller guys is you don’t have to worry about those annoying screws for your controller, you know how to sometimes get that screw. Take it and just slide the lid right in very nice, all right, let’s go and try. It now see if it works yup see. So it was the controller guys. The reason i wasn’t getting connection it was the controller, so it’s controller’s phone. So you make sure you have a new battery here. We go okay, that’s what it was. Look at that controller and look at this fly much better. Now too. Here it comes so outside. This is third speed right here guys and in my opinion, third speed outside doesn’t seem very fast at all. Let’S try this again third speed, third speed, here’s third speed, yeah see oh looks like i lost range already too let’s. Try it again. Look at that. So i lost my range just now. Now i just put in brand new batteries, and you saw just know how it fell and that could be a range issue.

So it looks to me like this. Drone might be best for outside, but we’re going pretty high. Let’S go and try a flip let’s see right! Oh, that was cool. Oh that’s neat, now i’m up pretty high i’m, bringing it down towards me. Uh let’s, see if it’s in front there’s the back see the back. I can use this to the back that helps so i like how i can see the uh light in the front, but it seems like watch us watch them turn around. You can really see the light in the back very easily. Oh wow that flies fast. Okay, so for some reason, so for some reason, the a31 from thompson flies faster, going backwards than it does going forward. Watch let’s do this again watch this one go forward right, so i’m going forward right now right! This is forward see how slow it’s going and it’s fighting now. Maybe i have to calibrate it again could be the wind. It could be the wind. Let me try calibrating it see it’s coming towards us, so it needs to be calibrated so i’m going to hit this button here and until i hit this one see now it’s fixed. So there we go see now it’s working, so it needs to be calibrated. So, oh look at that. Okay, so i just had a crash just a little bit ago and see how it was coming towards us. The drone needed to be calibrated.