Yes guys it is autumn and we have such kind of weather. So sometimes we have foggy weather, sometimes rainy. So my idea was to climb and penetrate the layer of the clouds the clouds were holding the light from entering the ground surface. So lets try to do it. My friends, i did some kind of editing, so i will shorten the way up and you see the drone is climbing already and we entering the clouds. Those are the stratus clouds and i hope that soon were gon na see the song guys. Just look at this. Wonderful picture i was able to enter the top of the clouds at 270 meters, so its quite okay for my drone and the drone announced me that the wind is hide this altitude, so i stayed there for like one minute and continued the descent for the sand. I didnt indeed the videos so well see the full descent and you can see at the end how fast the drone actually flies: Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music and here tested the anti collision system. So the drone just stopped. However, the propellers touched the branches a little bit Music. I dont, like my draw my friends and im sure it will help me to improve the quality of my content.