Now this episode is gon na, be a lot of fun, so go get yourself, a coffee, a beer or some popcorn and sit back and enjoy, because in this episode i had a mishap and a big one. Youre gon na love this, and it involves this. The swan k1 pro now thats, not what this episode was all about. This episode was to show you this new little feature. So if you buy the swan k1 pro, it normally comes with something like this to put your gopro on its a gopro mount, so they have a new mount uh that you can order right here and thats for the dji action, 2 camera, so thats. What i was out here trying to see what the video would look like with the dji action too, and where is my action here here? It is right here so, if youre not familiar with an action too its a little square camera like this, with a display on the back and its by dji very light, and it fits in this little box up front. Youre gon na see it in this video. The wind is blowing. I was also trying out the freewheel filters because, since its so bright out here, i wanted to put an nd16 on top of the dji action too, and see what the video looks like. I havent seen the video because im out in a different location, im out in a location thats about a mile farther than where i normally fly, because this ended up out in that corn field back there and yeah in this video youll see me searching for it.

As well so uh enough of me talking because its really cold out here enjoy the video. Now, on a very cold sunday morning, i went to my local field to fly the swan k1 pro, as i have done in the past, in many videos that youve seen here, ive flown this with fpv dji, goggles and ive flown it just looking at the controller With the display so as im assembling the swan im noticing that the wind is picking up there wasnt a lot of wind when i first came out, but now the wind is picking up and its gon na cause some serious problems. Now, as i already mentioned, its pretty windy today and cold, and if youve ever seen, this thing fly in the wind, it kind of flops like this because you know its getting buffeted by the wind everywhere. So i dont expect it to be smooth filming. But i want to try it out with this action. Two camera fits in this nice little hole like that, and then you have this little cover that goes over top theres a little little elastics on either side, and this just hooks in the elastics and holds it in place tightly now. Ive set the action too to super wide view. I want it to be really really wide, like big fisheye, so thats what were going to get a big fish eye view on the first flight, so lets see how it does in the wind here we go here.

Is the point of view from the dji action 2 so heres the camera? I pick it up and i put it in the swan and then i put the securing cover over top being a very experienced drone pilot. I can fly pretty much anything in the wind. It doesnt matter what type of wind is blowing, so, as i take off, you can see im pushing the swan into the wind. This is the direction the wind is blowing, so its pushing it away from me on the swan. If you want it not to be affected by the wind, you just shoot it up in the air really fast and turn it into horizontal airplane mode, and then it just flies with the wind or into the wind. So this is what ive done and lets check out that video from the dji action too its flipping, and here we go yeah baby. It looks pretty awesome check this out now you can see here as i head into the wind. My speed is drastically slowing down, but i can still control it because i do have a throttle control on my remote and i can speed it up now. As i fly over and im gon na go with the wind watch, the speed so now im going with the wind and look at my speed, pickup im actually trying to slow it down because its going super fast and, as i turn back into the wind, i Almost come to a standstill in order to get the swan back to me, im using an old sailors trick.

In other words, i zigzag into the wind this way im sort of on an angle of the wind, and i can keep on zigzagging till i get closer to my location here. I am moving with the wind and im going super fast, so in order to slow it down, i pull back on the throttle, but that brings the nose down and look at how close im coming to the treetops. I have to be very careful. This is full throttle into the wind and you can see im really not moving that quickly. As i approach home, im gon na put the swan into vertical mode, which will bring it down into a landing mode. So as we do that, you can see it here, the nose is gon na go up and then all of a sudden were gon na come straight down and as its coming down im trying to film this with a camera. But the wind is blowing my hand around, so things are moving Music, all right for flight number, two im going to try putting an nd16 filter over top im going to leave it wide angle, but put an nd16 filter over top free. Well, sent me these really cool filters. Ive never tried them. What happens when you? Oh this things talking to me now its saying youre not doing anything with me. Anyways ignore the beeping in the back. What happens when you put an nd filter over a camera? Thats bouncing around in the air is, it slows the shutter down and when it slows the shutter down you get maybe a little bit smoother so well see how that works now so lets.

Try it all right to put these filters on. I have an nd16 here. Theyre magnetic so lets plop it down on there and it fits nicely, and then we just put the included case over top and that is going to hold the camera in place for our flights all right, its cold and windy out here. So lets get this thing going fast here we go motor start and take it on up blast off in the wind sideways. Oh, my god, the wind has got a hold of it. Look at it. That is the wind blowing it all over the place. Thats. Why? You dont fly these things in the wind, because oh theyre kind of crazy, so what im gon na do is take it up and fly it Music. There we go get her up. There hit the a button on here there. She goes baby whoa. It did some weird thing there thats for sure i get how many satellites do i have. I got 16. lets hit the a button again see if i can get it to go into airplane mode lets. Take it out its getting farther away. I got to put in airplane mode the winds blowing it its the only way to get it home all right. I got it turning trying to bring it back. Dont wipe out on me now its coming back its coming back thats, why i say whoa its flopping out of the sky.

Again it saved itself. Thats too far were gon na land. It all right. Dont fly these drones in the wind. The wind just took my away over there, its probably a few, its probably a kilometer away or farther. I could see it on the map, thank god so uh we have to go, get the uh swan because it landed about a kilometer away in this wind. Oh, this is insane now the only saving grace to find in it is on the map on this here display. It shows me exactly where it is so thats where were heading and my nose is running all right lets go now, as i was flying this thing, and i could see the road when i was landing it. It was like, oh, my god, dont land on the road. A car is gon na run right over it, so i purposely landed it across in a farmers field which im gon na have to go trudge out in the snow. To get so uh were on our way. Here we go now that beeping sound you hear is coming from the controller saying that theres no signal its lost, reception and signal, so hopefully, as they get closer, maybe it will reconnect if its still in one piece well see if it landed im sure its fine. These things land really nicely most times most times lets go down here and according to the map its around this curve in the road.

So i have a curve in the road here and then when it makes a curve again its over there. So i got ta cross this highway, so not this curve, but right up ahead. Oh my god! On the other side, its freaking trees, thats, where i landed it then so i landed it right over this curve. Here, oh theres, a road right there. Maybe i can turn into this, so its someplace out here. Yes, i can turn. This is perfect. All right its in this farmers field, someplace out in there all right well have to do some walking. This was supposed to be a relaxing sunday, apparently not so heres. How we find it if we look at the map, we see uh im the little looks like little eyeballs right there, its probably out of focus and then the drone or the swan is over there that blue thing over there. So i just have to walk from there to there and, as i walk these little eyes, the controller which im holding my hand, will get closer and closer to the swan. So i started a way out there on the other side of that corn field. Uh, probably one kilometer, a thousand meters away or a lot farther and were over here and theres my jeep and we got ta trudge this way according to this here map. So lets go so on this screen here its telling me it flew 1.4 kilometers, so thats, almost a mile.

It flew a mile from over there to over here in the wind, just blown. So once again, if you buy the swan dont come out and fly it on a windy day, i thought i was a pro and i could handle it, but nope it got away from me. I tell you without this controller i would never find it. I would come over here and just look around and just have a field of corn. You know corn field and uh how the heck. Could you see that i cant see anything right now, but according to this im, getting pretty close to it and thats the road right there? You see behind me the road theres cars coming on it, thats, where i could see on the map that it was looking like it was going to land, and i didnt want to do that, so i kept pushing it so it landed over on this field. It says im really close to it now, but uh. Oh, it says i could go this way. This way. Did i pass it? Oh there, it is looks like it over there its on its side, and i recognize it because its got the captain drone logo on it and, in case anybodys wondering no im, not gon na fly it back there. She is oh so, when it hit the corn hus here, look at that it came apart, came apart as it crashed down thats it, so the cameras still intact so ill have video from that, its probably still going if its running ah thats.

Why thats, why its pretty cool look at the battery came out so when it crashed down here, so those arms came off. My guess is it hit on an angle? It just came beaming down through this little runway here. Smash smash, smash, pulled the arms off, and everything like that now, the good thing is its totally. You can put it back together, really easy, like theres, no damage whatsoever. All right so lets see what we have here. Weve got the battery, so that came out the cameras still intact the arms they just pop off. I can pop them back on all right. The battery fits in here ill, just put the battery back in what im going to do is im going to connect the battery just to see if it talks back to the radio to make sure everythings good there we go. So it wont take off on me or anything, but lets see the radio should stop beeping and it should update the information theres. My little cover here put the cover back on. At least they make these things very, very durable, so uh yeah, if youre like me and youre a goofball and you fly it out in terrible weather. Well, there you go its fixed lets, see what it says on the screen now that theyre connected theyre talking to each other. Now i even have look at this. I have a picture of me so there we go. You can probably see on my hat cam here that uh this camera is working and there i am right there, its looking at me, so everything is working back as it should all set to go for another day.

Lets see what the error messages say: uh whats, the error, error message, serious abort, dangerous flight tells you the exact time. Then it says disconnect so thats when it crashed all right to transport. This back we got ta. Take everything apart, im just gon na see. If my little uh were gon na, have some cool footage on here if this camera worked and heres the video from the camera, so this is taken at the point where i lost control over the school now watch. This look at how close it comes to the rooftop of the school. I did not realize that so, as its bouncing around the wind is pushing it very very fast. I have chopped up this video so that it doesnt last the full two minutes in length that it is so im just showing you parts where you can actually see some landscape and orientate yourself to where you are so. The wind knocks it around the schools in the background now now, im heading to the farmers field and up ahead is the road that i want to get over, but i cant see that i can only see it on the map on my remote control, so you Can see its going and it wants to land on that road. For some reason, i dont know why it could be that its at the end of the geofence that i set prior to flying. So here we are going over the road, thankfully glad it didnt land on the road and then ill get her over in the farmers field, and here were going to crash there.

We go take the arms off one arm, the other arm and now and now. Ladies and gentlemen, i do the walk of shame back to my truck here. We go so honestly, thats, not such a bad day. For me. You know i got some exercise today. Yeah, you know i could use exercise. I also discovered a few things about the swan k1 pro. That is that if its super windy out and cold land it land it land it land, it note to self let the swan dont try to be a pro and fly it because yeah thats what happens next thing. I learned to set the swan k1 pro when it lands and crashes its not such a bad thing, because it just falls apart, and then you put it back together and its good to fly again so ill, be out again with the swan k1 pro on a Less windy day and uh yeah so hope you enjoyed this video if you did thumbs up and if you want to get yourself a swan k1 pro or the action 2. The links will be below this video. Now i got, got ta drive home, alright catch.