They rate that one battery will give you 20 minutes of flight, but thats assuming youre going. A third of the speed which is 20 miles per hour, is what theyre assuming youre gon na be flying. But with this fly more bundle, you just hook it up to the original charging, brick there we go and then they just start charging uh one by one. So here are the goggles. Once you get them, you just screw on the antennas. Look like that! You got your recording function and your menu select and you got your eye adjustments down here. It comes with one battery for the headset. I think its about 180 minutes so im fine with one battery and heres the remote control. They give you a usbc cable with a usb and a dongle. I lost the dongle, so i end up using a c to c a c to see which plugs into the goggles down here and hooks up to a phone. So i can live stream. The the flight to whoever wants to watch so when you first get the drone youre gon na take the lid off from the lens and youre gon na put the propellers on. If you notice uh the a propellers or b, i dont know theyre theyre alphabetized, but you can just see that the red ring propeller goes to the red ring and no ring. Propeller goes to the no ring motor. So once you clip them in, you got to make sure that theyre sitting flush and not sticking out.

That means you got them on properly and were going to slide in the battery and take it outside. I got two sd cards: 64 gig im gon na put one into the belly of the drone here it just pops out like that. Oh oh, i got one in there. Nice ill put one into the goggles here and ill see. If i can show you both the views both of the goggles and the drone, so once you slide in the battery Music, there you go and hook it in its ready to go. So when you get this drone, it does not come with any sort of transportation bag or anything, unlike the other dji drones do so. I usually grab my cdc if im gon na show someone else, my flights im gon na share it with somebody put that in my pocket. I have to grab the battery put in my other pocket and you end up having to do a couple trips or being really risky with it, hoping not to drop anything, and then i have to do a second trick to get the 300 fly more bundle. So we can get about um. What was it about 20, more minutes of flight time and to turn it on you press until the lights come on and then you hold it itll make a really scary noise, Music. There we go same thing goes for here, you press and then hold it until your screen comes on so right off the bat.

I get a little notification telling me to check the motors and what i do is i close one eye and get the positioning right for it and then i close the other eye. Until i get a nice view there we go. Oh there we go, you click and hold the camera button. Okie dokie lets try some flying inwards to initiate the propellers right now, when you first start flying, uh youre set in normal mode and what were gon na do is, were gon na flick to sport mode, which turns off uh obstacle avoidance, but it gives us a Lot more speed: did you get some footage? No im just watching you right now all right. Getting a visual warning, saying high wind velocity, it is pretty high. You feel that wind yep Music, okay, i got you on lockdown, okay, i lost you that delay. There almost got me crashed into a tree talking fpv drone Music weve got a lot of wind here, thats a beautiful, beautiful view. Wow. I hear you around 55 miles per hour 60. to go faster than that. You need to disable and go completely manual. Applause, Music.